- Well, do not get bored, we soon arrive.
With these words, the door slammed shut behind her parents. Lena looked at the darkened hallway and sighed. The prospect of spending the evening with his brother eight years her not particularly pleased, but she did not see the output. Calls girlfriends were inconclusive: one could not come, the new DVD-nis was not playing computer does not like rain on the street ... "Read a book or something"- She thought listlessly. In its eleven she was pretty well-read child, moreover, it has recently discovered on the shelves of junk collection Maupassant. What she read there filled her with a strange feeling - and frightening at the same time enjoyable. It was a shame, but terribly interesting, it could whisper to discuss with my friends, blushing and horrified. Yes, I read.
- Lena, Nikita gallop rushed into the hall, I'm hungry.
- Swallow! Thee Well just fed.
- I - a young growing organism, it is important to laying the pen behind his back, said Nikita, so Dad says. Let's have some tea.
Rolling his eyes, imitating facial expressions of a mother, Lena went to the kitchen.
- To get bread, stuffed, she demanded, putting the kettle on the stove. Keith skipping raced around the kitchen, like a blond meteor. Girl with displeasure watched his throwing.
- Sit down, and then in the head ... KIT !!!
Late. Keith waved his hands wiped almost a boiling kettle from the stove and doused themselves with hot water, as it seemed to fear of missed Lena, from head to toe. The boy has just opened his mouth to scream, Lena, was surprised to hear someone's cold clear voice:
- Clothing shoot quickly.
Keith shouted. Lena, driving deep soul sprawling panic, suddenly realized that the voice belongs to her. Moreover, it is found that does not stand still, and is next to brother, and, tearing off his shirt and pants, looking straight into his huge, bloodshot horror and pain of the eye, and said: "Do not cry, little, come into the bath. Well!" At the head of the girl flashed phrases randomly gleaned from my mother's medical spravochika taken it to work: "Wet burns ... Remove clothing ... cold water ... Analgesics ... Greases ..." Surface inspection in the bath revealed that things are not so uzhastno. The skin of the chest, abdomen and thighs were red and painful, something which swelled small bubbles, but "epithelium detachment" It was not noticeable. Lena did not know what "epithelium"But she did not see anything delamination whatsoever.
- All shoot, Durikov! - She shouted brother, saying that he had left her panties. Keith continued to cry, but the chilling cry, paralyzing the will and the power supply was replaced by the usual panic cry cry.
China pouring a cold shower, Lena again carefully examined it. No, it's more or less ...
- Helen, I'm cold ... - Keith trembling trembling and whimpering. And sore leg and pussy ...
- Show me where it hurts, Lena demanded, sending a shower on his feet and bottom boy belly.
- Tu u t ... Keith again burst into tears.
Lena leaned closer, gently spread her legs and Keith lifted them up. Leather inner thighs were red, and on the testicles bad bubbled bubble the size of a pea.
Keith tried to close his palm: "Do not look at me! I'm shy"
- I hesitate ... And do not hesitate to turn the kettle?
- I am a case-to-Aino ... Keith had been got up again, crying.
- Shut up! Lena neat lightly bathed crotch and tuck Jagodic brother.
- Get out and come into the bedroom, lay down on the bed.
Lena helped his brother get out of the bathroom, brought him to the bed and began to think what to do next. My parents were in the movie and mobiles povyklyuchali. Bookable was either to call my grandmother, or run to the neighbors or to call an ambulance. Soon she, thinking, swept away. She remembered a drunken gang who came to call to his grandfather, and explains that in addition to korvalola they have nothing. Neighbors? Hmm ... And how they can help? Advise to call an ambulance. Okay, now it is smear ointment, and then come and relatives. If it will be worse, I call 03.
The boy was lying on his back on the bed, under the cover of palms and softly moaned.
- Well, it does not hurt, right?
- Bo-of-flax ...
- Where does it hurt? Let's anoint.
Lena opened a jar of Vaseline, which she picked up from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
- Zde-e-es ...
- Take your hands off. Lena again gently lifted and spread her legs brother. Typing fingers on a bit of Vaseline, she slowly began to lubricate the skin of the inner thighs. Keith stopped whining.
- Well? Better?
- Yeah, through her tears, the boy said.
- So be patient again. Adding vaseline, Lena cautiously lubricate the scrotum and a member of Nikita. He suddenly chuckled.
- That tickles ... Fear is gradually disappearing, being replaced by tenderness and ... interest. Lena suddenly thought pussy brother with a length of approximately the width of her palm.
- A belly like? Does it hurt?
- Not. Not really. Butt hurt a bit.
Lena. Raised foot taller brother.
- Bend them at the knees and hold hands.
Carefully parted brother ass she examined the skin between the buttocks. Reddish, but that's okay. After earning more Vaseline, she slowly greased skin fleetingly surprised, what is China funny pink hole. I wonder if I have the same? Keith fell silent. Having greased all deified skin, she lowered her legs and Nikita suddenly discovered that his pussy became longer and slightly thicker.
- What are you ?? - She asked her brother, he felt a strange emptiness in the stomach, which she sometimes felt, talking to my friends "about it".
Keith chuckled sheepishly.
- And my sausage stands, if I'm playing with her. And if I'm playing with it for a long time, I feel very good. I can not even stand
- he said. And when my mother washing her ass, she also gets up.
Lena careful pussy fingered brother. She was warm and firm.
- And do you know why? - She asked
- Nope. And you?
- I do not know for sure. The girls talked and Mom ... Lena blushed and stopped.
- What you say? Keith looked with interest at his sister.
- Nothing! Still small. Lie down, I'll go in the kitchen'll clean up.
Wiping pool and tidy up the kitchen, Lena returned to the room. Keith was lying with his eyes closed under the sheet and quietly pohnykival.
- Aching, he complained. When my mother come?
- After a couple of hours. What?
- She kissed all Walk-oo ...
- Scarecrow ... Suddenly, Lena leaned over and kissed the pink balls brother.
- ...Well, better?
- Yeah. Helen, and even kiss.
Lena leaned over and, to his own surprise, licked the boy's skin deified. It was hot and slightly sweetish on Vaseline.
From the smell of baby brother and vanilla.
Keith stared at her, then stood up and awkwardly hugged her sister.
- You're good, he whispered, and kissed her on the cheek.
- Durikov ... She patted him on the head. - Where else hurts?
- It is not very ... I will not waving his hands. Only the sausage and buttocks.
Now that the fear of letting go completely, Lena felt the familiar mixture of shame and excitement she felt when playing in the country with the boys "in hospital". Only now did not need to look back and lowering his voice. Lena threw the sheet from brother and stooping, began carefully looking at what she had seen before only in passing in the bush elderberry. Girl gently touched a member of his brother, Keith winced, but lay still, then she gently took him two fingers and pulled the skin down. Corolla sold and drew a small dark head, with a small gap in the middle. Testicles were pink and neat, on the one hand preserving red burn marks. Raising legs Nikita higher, she spread his buttocks and anus carefully examined, touched pink wrinkled hole (Keith chuckled again), ran her fingers through the scrotum and again began to consider it a member.
- Lenka, and you have no sausages, I know - suddenly the brother said.
- No, there are no girls. How do you know?
Keith looked down.
- And I showed Masha. And I told her. Only there it was dark, I did not really saw. Helen, can I see you?
- Here's another!
- Well, not Th-th-estno. You have seen me.
Keith pouted.
- Okay, stuffed, not roar.
Lena got up and went down pantyhose and panties to her knees, lifted her dress.
Keith eagerly looked crotch baby sister. Lena still only beginning to take shape, its outer lips were covered with fine hairs, slowly begins to get dark, delicate skin thighs slightly whitened in the dim light of the room.
- All right, look, and will be!
- Well Le enka, I did not see anything. Turn on the lights.
- Okay, just do not touch!
Lena turned on the light, took off her panties and tights, climbed onto the bed and sat down in front of his brother, legs spread. Keith lay down beside her and carefully considered.
- Oh, Lena, what's this? - He asked, pointing at the small button of the clitoris, shown between the parted labia.
- It's such a little thing ... There you are, when you play with the pussy, you feel good?
- Yeah.
- Here I am...
- What are you? You also play with her? She's small.
- Do you like playing with her?
Keith sat down and, holding the head of his child member in the fingers, he began to twist and rub it.
- And I ... Lena rubbed her clitoris forefinger, making a circular motion. And I feel hot in the belly ...
- Oh, and me too. And you play with her ass?
- No and you?
- And I, yes. I have to thrust a finger, and the other hand with sausage play ...
- Show.
Keith went to the side and, bending your knees, pulled them to his stomach. Licking his finger, he slowly brought him his ass, with the other hand continuing to fumble pussy. His body stood on end, eyes glittering.
- Wait, just uncomfortable, suddenly Lena said. - Take your finger-ka.
Keith obediently vytashil finger and looked with interest at his sister.
- Lie down, you lay.
Girl lay near the little brother, so that her head was next to his crotch, he spread her buttocks and slowly pushed his finger on pink hole anus. Vaselined Lena finger slipped easily inside until the very end. Finger was hot and cramped. Keith squeaked.
- What? Painfully?
- Nope.
- Now play with the pussy.
The boy continued to masturbate, Lena felt he clenched and unclenched her finger muscles of the sphincter.
- Do you do that?
- Uh-huh. And I did take out and insert.
- Completely?
- No, just a little.
Lena began to slowly move your finger in the ass brother. His scrotum were deified Lenin himself in the face, she stuck out her tongue and gently and slowly licked it. Keith squeaked again. The girl moved closer and began to gently lick the injured skin, sometimes blowing at her and licking again. Keith was silent, fingering pussy and occasionally moving her hips to meet Lenin finger, which then entered deeper. From skin Nikita smelled something familiar and clean; Lena's head was empty, and my stomach was born familiar heaviness, which she remembered from the game "in hospital".
- Helen ... Can I kiss you too?
Not waiting for an answer, Keith moved his head closer to her sister kissed her, and covered with gentle fuzz vulva. Lena was startled by surprise, but the boy had already licked her crotch. Lena felt a wave of that same sensation that filled her when she was in the bathroom itself directed jet from the shower between their legs. Silently, she lifted one leg and took her to the side. Tab brother slipped inside.
- Lenka, and here you wet, Keith said.
He stopped masturbating and with interest examining pussy sister, who was a centimeter from his curious nose. Lena did not particularly surprised. This has happened before during "hospital".
- You must be described?
- No, it happens when I'm playing with pussy.
Keith thought.
- And why do I have it does not happen?
- I do not know. Probably only because the girls.
Keith sister again licked the clitoris, then reached out and stroked her ass warm palm.
- Let me see - he demanded.
Lena took her finger from the anus brother knelt down, legs spread slightly, and lay down a breast on a bed. Nikita looked moved closer and began to study it to push the children back.
- Lenka, and you butt in the crease - the boy said.
- And you have. And I have it pink?
- Yeah. And my?
- Also.
Keith had his finger on the hollow between the buttocks, then arms parted lips sex sister and again licked her clitoris.
- Lenka, and what kind of plenochka in your pussy?
- ...Where?
- There, a little deeper, I see her. Even a finger can get. It's so round, and in the middle hole.
Keith put his finger gently into the vagina sister.
- Here, I touch it.
- Mom said it was filling.
- And what is "seal"?
- She said that when I'm big and I want a baby, my husband and break the seal polozhet to the seed from which the baby grows. It will be a little hurt, then nicely.
- And he will break it?
- His pussy.
- I do not want you to get hurt!
Keith looked at his sister with round eyes.
- So do I. I do not know ... Mom said she did not really hurt, just a little more ...
- And such plenochka there in the ass?
- No, no. Kak it may be there? You cocoa, she would have immediately broken.
- Oh, really.
Keith paused, and then slyly looked at Lena.
- Once it there is not present, then there can poke a finger, and you will not be hurt. I do not hurt, but nice.
Keith licked his finger and began to shove him in the ass Lena. Lena shuddered.
- Keith, it hurts.
- Forgive me, darling
Keith guiltily looked at his sister. Suddenly he brought his face to Lena and licked her between her buttocks.
- Now I kiss and let it be.
Lena felt something hot and wet in my ass. Keith spread her wide and stuck her tongue into the anus. The girl had never experienced anything like it. Already familiar wave of abdominal depth, mixed with something new, coming from the tongue brother, and spread throughout the body. Keith, meanwhile, put his finger into her anus, which this time, do not give her any pain, and began to gently move it back and forth.
- You got too hot, he said, as I have.
Lena reached out and began a circular motion to massage her a button.
- No, let me kiss you, Keith asked.
He made his way between the knees apart Lena lay down on his back and began to lick the clitoris sisters, slowly moving his finger in her ass.
- And you give me the finger shove, he demanded.
Trying not to touch his belly burned, Lena gently lifted her legs and spread her brother their elbows so that they were in her armpits, and his little butt parted and sat up, and began to lick his pussy, ass and testicles. Waves of pleasure from the finger and tongue brother grew and flooded her sucking child consciousness. Remembering Keith did, she spread her fingers his ass wider and tried to stick his tongue as far as possible. It is easy to get to about half, but then did not work. Keith shivered and fed to meet her. Slipping his free hand to his sausage, he began to masturbate, but Lena is bad knowing what it does, gently took ee and began to lick the penis. She did not know how to do a blow job and did not know a word, its just filled with love and tenderness to the little brother, sorry for his burns and impossible mixture of sensations, only a small part of which was a sense, already tested it during masturbation. Remembering Keith fumbled head, she took it in her mouth pussy and began to roll it between the tongue and palate, simultaneously moving his head up and down.
The boy groaned and began to pull her toward the pelvis movement, instinctively seeking more friction. His pink ass was disclosed right before the eyes of Lena and the last thing she's done deliberately, it was put in the finger to the full depth. She did not remember very well the next few minutes. A bright flash in my head ... I think her body throbbed and methane unbearable shivers of pleasure that began in the lower abdomen and seized all of its nature, something hot and salty, bryznuvshee in the mouth, throat, and face of the sausage brother, his moaning and feeling compression finger, she herself convulsively compressing fingers ass brother obschigayuschee something like boiling water and a joy pouring out of it at Nikita ...
They were gradually coming to himself.
- Helen, look, you've only got soaked ...
Keith was lying, panting, his face shone. He very carefully took fingers from the ass sister.
- And you did, too. Look ...
Keith looked at whitish streaks on the lips and cheeks Lena.
- And I know I have it pours, when I'm playing with pussy and my tummy becomes hot. Previously, there was poured, and now pours out ... What is it?
- I do not know ... Maybe it's the seed that you plant to his wife in the pussy when you want a baby?
They lay there a little longer, until their breathing evened out.
- Well, what, stuffed - returning it to the commanding tone Lena - let's quickly wash, and the ancestors to come.
- Aha!
Keith jumped on the bed, then I thought, went to his sister and hugged her and kissed her.
- Helen, I love you very much! - Said the boy, looking at his sister round clear eyes.
- Beast ... Lena patted his brother's blond head bent down and kissed him on the nose. Then suddenly he frowned
- If someone blab - kill!
- No, Lena, you! I'm nobody, nobody will say no! Neither mother nor father. Even Vaska from 32nd apartment will not say, of making a visible effort he promised.
Lena smiled.
- Look at me. I did not say that you knocked over tea.
Keith beamed.
- Lenka, pulling on clean panties he asked, and we still play well?
He washed, Lena thought.
- And when? When the ancestors of the same can not be ...
- And when they fall asleep, you see me come into the room, with a conspiratorial view of the boy whispered.
- We'll see how you behave.
- I'll behave. Fair! Oh, and there still want to ...
- Just no tea - strictly said Lena
Keith slyly looked at her and chuckled. The castle grated key.