Grown Ups 2

Ass, ass, ripe berry, juicy peach, apple filler, muffins, donuts! There just diminutive epithets did not come up for this one of the most attractive parts of the body. How much effort is required, which would retain the shape and sex appeal of the center of gravity.
Fitness, jogging in any weather! It is important not to overdo it with pumping muscles to balance form, elasticity and volume. And the legs, thighs! All this is very important, especially when the nature is not supposed to reward your floor like qualities. Then how to hide all these advantages from prying eyes, how to live with it?
And all this for a secret meeting with the beloved, own who were in the gray everyday life moments of our existence. Traffic jams have become, unbearable! On a rainy day off, shaking public transport and cursing forecasters for their next mistake going on a date with a nice body and my heart. Rain messed up all our plans! Skinny dipping in a secluded lake, love among the fragrant grasses on the shore. Sex in rented apartments rather tired, I want romance! Alas, nature rebelled against this.
Stasik was waiting for me for an hour, he filled my phone messages, but I could not pick her panties and stockings. Framing a beautiful figure is necessary, as the rose fragrance. Without fragrance, the flower is not a flower. Finally making his choice, leaving the store. Elevator silently lifted me up on the penultimate floor of high-rise buildings. For the past six months we shoot kopeck piece in this house. While the eyes of neighbors, not corn. Stasik opened the door as soon as my hand touched the bell.
- I've already got exhausted all waiting for you!
- I have nothing to wear, and the choice is big, so I was late!
- Coquette, you're mine, let me kiss you! His lips touched my mouth, two gentle hands firmly pressed me to her breast. A gentle kiss and hug lasted a long time.
- How I miss you, sweetie!
- And you, I have dreamed all last week my elephant!
- Come on, that's what we're standing at the door?
- Lead the Refresh - Stasik said - I, that in vain for so long been waiting for you.
- Then, take a shower first, the body is sticky. The jets of cold water refreshed my body while I was splashing, we have to throw short phrases.
- How are things at work?
- New deputy, or rather assistant manager.
- And how is she?
- Imagine, just got out from under boss is already looking for someone else to go!
- For you are not inciting wedges? What is he jealous, even to the women jealous. Inciting, of course.
- Not until we have enough cute boys!
- And they? - What are they? - Wedges not inciting?
- Well, firstly, not rank them quadrille me, and secondly, I have you, and let's finish this!
- Better say, how's your mom?
- Wait, I'm getting married.
- From you it is crazy!
- Well, finally, my son began to understand people, found himself still a decent friend - quote to you the words of my mom.
- Listen to my mother, she was right! Beautiful and sexy, like me, you will not find!
- Wait, do not jump to conclusions, she'll still ask you to find me a wife! - Think not guessed yet, it is because you have a psychologist?
- And if you guessed that? I'm not small, I want to know myself!
- Do not get excited, important not to puncture!
- Look, she is now in-law you have to, and you're my sister in-law.
- And suited to our situation such ties of kinship?
- In general, it's probably not entirely correct. Just the other names yet.
- Can they not be at all, if you do not invent!
- And whether it is necessary that the name change in our relationship? Never mind!
- You're right, I'm more like the female lead in our relationship, you are male, but you're not my husband, I'm not your wife. It is better not to go into the jungle. We're lovers!
- You know, I think of you as a wife. Oh, sorry, we're not in Holland! - Holland, Netherlands, bat country! Where do you work out, the waves surge! Okay, husband, little wife Bring a towel!
- Allow me to wipe you?
- With pleasure! I take a step forward, my covered with water drops smooth, wet body with a towel wipe soft fragrant gentle, tender hands Stasik. Every touch favorite hands brings bliss. Basking in the hands of a loved one, I forget about everything. - Do not open your eyes - whispers in my favorite voice. Something light and airy falls on my shoulders, envelops me weightless cool. I opened my eyes, on my translucent silk gown.
- You're cute charm! I kiss him on the lips, hug Stas all over, looking for some leg behind him, curled up even tighter to him. Hillock between Stasik feet turns into passion rush a little more and it is a huge pinnacle breaks all barriers and break out. Phallus in your favorite big and thick, not every vagina withstand this! I eerily like this term, I always want it! Ecstasy covers my body when I caress the huge phallus, his head, his thick barrel-shaped, lumpy body. Stasik picks me up, rushing headlong into the bedroom and laid me on the bed.
Convulsively opens a tube of grease, smears his phallus, and my ass. I am casting a foot on his back, sending him a giant between the buttocks. Stasik slowly introduces him to me. Fairy feelings and sensations captures us! - Stasik !! Stasik !! Stasik !! ABOUT! ABOUT! - Kitten! Pretty! Our first time is always short and rapid, spilling impatience, we lie and enjoy the loss of excess testosterone in our blood.
calm down a bit, we lie and wait, when our loins again poured force.
Stasik is lying on his back, his legs apart in hand, mighty sausage resting in this free space. I sit down on the top favorite. Hard hair pubis pleasantly tickles me between the legs and buttocks. Slow motion, swinging her hips to the side, moving up and down the body, be afraid of the pubis Stasik. Wetting, the boy in his mouth and nanoshu moisture on her nipples. Cute little squeezes them, then fingertips barely touching the tops of papillae, leads them. My excitement grows, the mouth of the leaf poured desire. Favorite moisturizes my nipples in my parted lips, I suck his fingers, imagining that it was his hero.
Hot phallus body for my buttocks, passion, energy awakened the sleeping giant. I climb down from Stasik, my mouth dig in a head stand tall giant. Moving his hand over his trunk, lightly clench and I delay to the base of the phallus delicate skin that covers the head. Widely open mouth is placed on the favorite member. Stasik groans, a slight tremor waves rolling through his body. My impatience takes precedence over prudence, my ass is not quite ready to let a giant.
I let go of the phallus beloved mouth, moistens with saliva ass, sit on top of him. member put her head into my mouth, I put pressure on her, she slipped and found himself a member of the back between the buttocks. I lifted my ass, trying to return to the place vyskolznuvshy member. Stasik turned colder than I do. He pushed me onto his stomach, and he began to liberally lubricated his phallus gel. Then he lifted me from the belly with his hand Intermedia my feet, causing the gel to the mouth of my priests. Picking up his thumb and his abundantly, brushing, introduces him to me in the ass, lubricating the passage inside.
I make a circular motion, buttocks extending opening between them. Then he introduces another finger, then another, and then, quite expanding passage, it is the turn tolstyachka. I arch up and down, slowly moving apart mouth popochki. Stasik Hand holding member, preventing it from slipping out of the ass, and the other hand supports the bottom of my ass, not giving her too quickly descend. After a while our joint efforts are bearing fruit, the mouth of the ass is expanded and admits a resilient phallus lover.
- Oh! ABOUT! I stop all movement, do not move for a while. Then I begin to gently rock the ass, extending passage for the phallus .... Member enters me deeper and deeper, I periodically stopped before let a few centimeters next pleasure. Not removing tolstyachka of ass, change posture. We lay on its side, making cautious Stasik friction member, his head is touching my excited prostate, massaging it. I swept my bliss of vivid sensations.
Languor feelings of completeness and fullness ass, punctuated by sudden injections contracting muscles, reacting to weak pain too much tension. This went on for a long time, but our desires are demanding a more energetic and emotional outburst. Stasik ceased to restrain impulses of passion, swooped on him, forcing his body to tremble. I always feel the vibration, they are particularly pleasing when the waves go over his cock. Inside of me a huge vibrating dildo that filled the entire space ass in contact with many nerve endings, increase the pleasure from sex.
Movement in my ass became faster, the favorite is about to finish this long marathon. Normal wood chips for buttock brings me from the state of bliss, an explosion of emotions leads to rapid orgasm. Stasik also ends. We lie down and shake the sensation engulfed us. Gradually, the emotional intensity decreases slowly. Nega and serenity! We dozed off. Awakening took us into each other's arms.
For the pleasures of the flesh, the day passed quickly. The realities of our world rushed through the open transom window, signals of automobiles, streetcars bells and other noise of the big city. It was time to leave. Tomorrow whirlwind affairs and concerns swallow us in a maelstrom of everyday life.