Reckless night

In fact, short skirt, black stockings and painted lips is not a sign of sexual promiscuity, but men always understand everything on his own. That evening I went to a cafe to meet with his girlfriend, which as it turned out, did not think to come.
In the meantime, I was sitting alone at a table, smoking a long cigarette and thought about their failures at work. Bad luck, which lasted for a month, did not pass and did not think through.
A nice young man sitting in front of and something talked with his kompanenom occasionally throwing a glance at me. Apparently my legs and bust gave him no peace. I to this view have already got used and did not pay any attention to him.
It took twenty minutes, I kept looking at the clock and was nervous. I was beginning to understand what my expectations are probably in vain - the promised meeting did not take place. It seems to understand, and the guy at the next table. Whenever I zasmotretsya the picture on the wall of the cafe as suddenly he was beside me.
- Hello! My name is Sergey. - He said, and without waiting for my response to his invasion, poured into my glass of wine from the bottle, which is picked up from his table. His glass was already full. It was a kind of arrogance, but a big smile and beautiful black eyes shone not insolent aggression, and I did not make a fuss.
What to do? My, already battered latest troubles and vain nerves demanded discharge. I smiled and took the glass. Silently guarding
dignity, I lifted my glass and we checked with a slight ringing.
In the morning I had not eaten and drunk from a glass in my head buzzing quickly. I was hot and good, it seems for the first time all day I relaxed and stopped thinking about their problems. By Sergey now I felt gratitude for the opportunity to relax and forget. There was a pause.
- How beautiful is your name? - Peace and quiet, he asked me.
- Light - I said, still staring at the empty glass.
Sergei did not pester me talk, rasprosy and other nonsense, the tranquility and calmness impressed me. That is as simple and unobtrusive, he poured me wine and leisurely asked questions. I answered tersely and without details, that is telling me he is. The content of the conversation did not take me, I liked the atmosphere of the evening, I liked him and Sergey. Soon we were sitting side by side, and he held me by the shoulders. I'm not afraid of him and did not resist his touch. After another glass of his hand was on my knee. I was drunk, and his bold courtship I have liked.
The prospect of spending the night I did not frighten him. Sergei such a beautiful, strong and brave was my savior this evening. I was just neplevat to their problems. He invited me to his home and I agreed without hesitation. As it was my fault or not? I did not care...
We went to his house. It was a great apartment in the heart of the city, elegantly furnished. Sergey struck me the luxury and wealth. I thought that all his property, which I was a fool then. We continued to drink and have fun, come to his friends and it was night. It was late, I was drunk and happy. But it ended quite differently ...
I stood in the bathroom and tried to fix her makeup, her eyes all blurred considerably from the wine, came the murmur of voices and laughter from the room. Finally my head spin and I leaned against the wall. Someone went in, but neither the strength nor the desire to turn around and see who it is, I have debts. That someone came up to me with Zadie, and suddenly I felt a strong man's hands gripped my waist and lifted. I instinctively stood up and looked around - it was Sergei. He smiled broadly and something told me. Then I was not good at all and I went limp in his arms.
Sergei put me on a low chair standing beside the wall I oblokatilas and consciousness left me. I do not know how much time passed, five minutes or half an hour, but it opened my eyes I found myself lying down on the couch in the room. And only then I realized in what form am: my already short skirt was Zadran on his stomach, on his feet was stockings, but had no panties on me, legs wide apart and bent at the knees, unbuttoned jacket and chest fully open.
I sat up, covering her breasts with one hand, and the other looked down between his legs. Here is my hand felt the crotch flooded slippery moisture with a characteristic odor. It was a sperm. Sperm dripping out of my vagina on his legs and dripping on the sheet, which has already formed a wet spot. Strong and short thought flashed in my head "Bastard, he raped me". The legs were numb and I could hardly, painfully pushed them.
Then the door opened and a stranger entered the room. I looked at him with eyes full of hatred, like a bud against my will cry of "You bastard, you bastard I will answer for everything ...".I Was silent and lowered her eyes, I was at a loss. He came to me and sat down on the sofa, I looked at him and waited for what would happen next. He looked at me with a grin, and then ran his hand up my leg. I slapped him on the cheek. Then he slammed me in the face. The blow was so strong that I have sparks of an eye and I collapsed on the sofa. So silently and briefly he explained to me the seriousness of their nemerenno. I lay there afraid to move. He stood beside me on my knees and began to chat over my face to unbutton his fly jeans. I watched the thought in my mind is messed up and turned into a continuous hum, I do not believe that this is happening to me.
- Where is Sergey? - I did not recognize his voice strangled. All with the same grin replied the stranger
- "Sergei was the first, and now it's my turn. Let us cater for my girl, you're all umeesh. His voice was quiet and even affectionate. From his pants fell out of his big dick, he had not quite got up and hung like a rubber hose.
He took me by the head and pulled her to his penis. The head has touched my lips. I pressed her lips together, but he held my cheek and his strong rough hand, and I realized that one more strike me escape. What to do? He was much stronger than me. Greater choice in I did not have, or resist and be beaten and raped, either to satisfy the lust of the villain, and quickly get out of this damned place. I chose the latter. I said a resigned voice "Just let us quickly and do let me go", Exhaled air, closed her eyes and opened her mouth ...
Once, when I was seventeen, with me already had something similar. I was traveling from Moscow to the sleeping car and pretty drunk with his young and talkative friends, neighbors ... In general, taking advantage of my helpless condition, they raped me in turns. First, they let me in a circle, and then began to entertain the full program. They put me on my knees and forced to suck and jerk their limbs, and then swallow cum, raped in the anus, causing incredible pain.
It lasted half the night, and then I ran into the hallway and cried there until morning ... And now I made the same mistake. As soon as I opened my mouth, a member immediately got in and began to penetrate deeper and deeper. I felt like it swells and increases in size. Suddenly member penetrated so deeply that I choked. Dodging ... I said in a whisper, and plaintively "But please. Do not be so deep"And he took in his mouth again.
Now I did not have exit and only had to submit to this male and I decided to help him, that he would soon finished and released me. I began to suck his head, making a reciprocating motion, massaging with your fingertips testicles. The man groaned softly, became a member of the firm as a rubber truncheon, balls tightened. I began to increase the frequency of progressive movements, knowing that, how quickly will end now depends only on me. Time passed, I do not know how many minutes passed in this crazy shaking. Member of the input and output, input and output, the voltage fell ill in my neck. I got on all fours and the man lay down in front of me. After changing position, it became a little easier. I tried as best she could.
Finally testicles began to rise and the man stiffened more and more, his movements became sharper and rougher. I'm tired to keep your mouth so wide open that the teeth do not interfere with the movement of the member. Now I began to help her hands and masturbate member, holding the tip of the head in his mouth. "Come on, come on, stop"I noticed that became excited and agitated. At the tip of the head performed a liquid which I constantly licking tongue.
Excitation and I grew as if involuntarily, began to moan and whisper hoarsely "Come on though, boy, stop" and she could not believe what I'm saying is. But it was already all the same. Well, when will he finish?
The jet of sperm hit my throat suddenly. The man groaned, stiffened and went limp. My mouth filled with sperm and sperm became draining from the open mouth. I began to lick and swallow cum, swallow until she ceased to come out of the penis. Finally he finished, I licked the head and lay down on the couch. That's it, I closed my eyes. The blood pounded in his head, I'm tired and relaxed. Now he's gone and I'll go home. My God, what did I tell Andrei?
The man stood up, buttoned his jeans and patted me on the thigh. "Good girl, you just superb" I said, and left.
There is no way! At the door, three men entered. They're crazy! What's going on here? I jumped up on the bed, grabbed a pillow and pressed it close to the back of the sofa.
These guys were all healthy and strong, as the selection. One of them came up to me and took the pillow. So I sat in front of them - in stockings, panties and without open-chest. Skirt I persistently tried to pull up to the knees. My face still remained the sperm of the male, I simply have not had time to wipe.
"Nothing Devchenka" - Playfully said one of them - "Come on my dear do not be shy". He came to me and pressing on his shoulders put on the couch. I weakly resisted, rather formally. All this was too much and I was looking at what is happening kakby side. Throwing off his clothes, they sat on the couch around me and began to paw frankly hands. They grabbed me, one chest, one thigh. Finally one of them beztseremonno put me with cancer and put a member into the vagina. I closed my eyes, relaxing-fought, come what may, I do not care.
The second took my chin and lifted my head and I obediently opened her mouth. Member entered into his mouth and began to walk slowly back and forth.
It was painfully slow, and at the same time exciting. They fucked me as they wanted. It was especially hurt by a member of the anus, and I had to endure. Three members were part of me and tortured my body. I moaned and screamed, I was in pain and pleased at the same time. I felt full ssuchkoy. I suck dick and stick out the ass, licking balls, I asked them to leave me and then substitutes. I was in complete ecstasy. I was a woman, whore, slut, I was ...
Raging shaking continued, I was in some kind of unbelievable position, trying to be substituted everything. The end was approaching, I felt it in a hurried and rough movements of their strong bodies. They got into me, I'm exhausted and moaning. I had finished, I cried - "Boys, cute, let, take me to fuck". Before my face, I saw the eggs of males who fucked me in the mouth. They have already started to rise to the top member. Now he had finished, I furiously sucked his cock, and he furiously paced up and down. Finally he finished and I swallowed his sperm. When he tried to take out a member of my mouth I was a little bit of his teeth for some reason I did not want to let him go. He hit me on the cheek and I let go.
Consciousness left me and came back. Finally it ended. I lay outstretched arms and legs. Skirt I was wearing torn stockings slipped to his knees. Takla sperm from the vagina, on the thighs and face. I was exhausted ...
They left, and I kind of afterthought, leaped out of bed, found his shoes and vybezhela from the apartment into the hallway. Almost I do not remember how to get home at the brightly lit streets. The views of passers-by did not care about me, after all it was just spit on them ...