Natasha: My dear Natasha: Student Punch's time: How long has it been!
We were in one group, and it's me. She was one of the girls, which can not be called beautiful, but which at the same time manages to be surprisingly nice. Butch, hidden behind wide lens glasses huge luminous eyes, nose a button, a little gentle mouth, just the beginning rounded angular figure of a teenager: in her appearance was not unusual, the girl like a girl, but at the same time it is you want - you do not want, and attracted the eye. Her whole being radiated some touching naivety and helplessness, before which it was impossible to resist. I look at her for a long time, but I have in mind was not to try to fit in with her better or worse, make vulgar affair. Her childlike appearance was so bright and clear, that the usual carnal love towards her seemed almost sacrilegious.
It all started with the fact that after a not very nice stories to college came to me "cart". Drew proceedings: In the end, who played in the lofty ideals YCL raised the question of whether such a person may, like me, to be a member of the Komsomol. This I did not expect. The punishment for those times was clearly too harsh, but to my great surprise, the group voted "behind". She raised her hand and Natasha:
Some days I could not get over it, but even then, already cooled down, a long walk is not himself, tried to stay aloof, to no one came, no one was talking. It is unknown how much would it lasted, if not Natasha. One day, going home after school, I ran into her at the entrance of the nose-to-nose. Usually in such situations, I would add a step. He wanted to do so at this time, but already ahead of her, suddenly heard:
- Wait for me please.
It was like a bolt from the blue. She and before me is not often addressed it, and now I slowed down and in silence, not looking at her, went next.
- You're somewhere in a hurry? - Natasha asked hesitantly.
- Well no.
- In general, do you busy today? - After a pause she continued timidly.
- Yeah, like, nothing special.
- And now you're back home?
- Where else would? - I smiled so much puzzled barrage of questions.
- Can I travel: with you?
- To me?! - I stopped in surprise. Natasha, too.
- Yes - blushing deeply and trying not to look me in the eye, she forced a.
We were standing in the middle of a narrow track on which a dense flow, one home, one in the institute, the students hurried. We have every now and then someone came across. could be heard "helpful" advice and shouts of righteous indignation.
- Well, if you want - completely taken aback, I stammered. - Only my parents house.
- Come to me. I now have one - finally relegating eyes from the asphalt, Natasha looked pleadingly at me.
Little by little I came to and now stared curiously at her. At this moment she looked like a child nashkodivshego. I wonder what she was? Ask me about it, of course, could not.
- Well, go, if you so wish - strained smile, I walked up the path. Natasha went silently nearby.
Feeling some uneasiness, we tried all the way not to look at each other and did not speak. Upon arrival, Natasha immediately took me into a room and apologized, had disappeared by itself. While waiting for her, I dropped into one of the chairs and looked at the poster hanging on the wall with Ornella Muti:
Suddenly my neck wound affectionate girl's hands. I turned around and froze, stricken. Really, it was by then. Natasha was standing in front of me only in panties and bra, more on it was nothing! She was trembling, her quickened heaving breasts, chubby baby cheeks glowed. Stunned and has absolutely nothing to understand, I stared stupidly eyes in the place where, under the thin silk panties were showing lush pile of dark brown hair, if it is capable of piquant spectacle was any way to clarify the situation.
Natasha, my stupid opinion clearly hit the spot, but nevertheless she continued resolutely begun. He snapped the bra clasp, and a second later he was lying on the floor, revealing the quivering breasts. More instant - and Natasha froze in front of me already completely naked. Her cheeks glowed more than ever, my eyes were burning.
- Listen - do not think of anything more intelligent, mentor tone I said, - you give yourself a report:
I wanted to say something else in the same spirit, but Natasha interrupted me.
- It is not necessary, - almost inaudibly she whispered. - I beg you, do not be so:
Our embrace was passionate and chaste. My hands slid along her covered with a golden fuzz young body, my lips gently and tenderly entwined with her lips. These were beautiful moments, we were good as ever. Fully themselves at my disposal, Natasha, her eyes closed, silently listened to my caresses:
Time passed, and I still could not decide on the most important, delayed, delayed. It may seem ridiculous, but I was overcome by remorse. In the end, Natasha took the initiative in their hands. Her hand was closed in circle round my penis. A moment later, leaning against my lips, as a source of healing, it is one impulse drove him into tight moved apart slit her virginal womb. At the same time Natasha did not even cry, even though the way involuntarily shook her whole body, I realized that it was very painful:
Unfortunately, I was not up to par and, unable to control himself, he immediately had finished, completely forgetting about Natasha. But it is nevertheless just glowed with happiness and frozen on her cheeks, tears shone illumined smile, just like a puddle in the rising sun:
Our relationship did not last long. Very soon she realized that my sense of it is quite different in character than her to me, but continued to hope for something, until I found one in the arms of her best friend. Since then, I have not seen her again. The Institute is occurring, the calls are not answered. Several times I went to her home, but I always said that it does not exist. But I soon learned that she married some nerd, ten years older than her. Seven months later she had a son. Healthy a toddler. His name is also like me.
May - June 1984
Edit: August 1985 - October 1990