Quenching sperm. "Descent 666."

How not cool, but the big penis in men - it excites. Here even say nothing. I would place the men would be engaged in the development of his body, because long been established that the penis increase in size gives in, and vice versa, if they do not use it, this body, as well as all others can atrophy.
My girlfriend Angelina '32 in one of the sunny days in August with her husband sunbathed on the beach, in one of the suburban ponds. People were not much - a man 30 The pond is not very clear, so that people more than sunbathing than swimming. The husband of Angelina fell asleep, lying on his stomach, and Angelina considered neighbors on the beach. And that's what happened ...
On the smart foreign car drove up a slender young man. He got out of the car, stripped, and views beachgoers unwittingly approached him. Tanned, inflated, simpftichny young man apparently knew that all eyes are on his body, and, therefore, slowly walked along the beach and stopped in a visible position. He took out a pack of imported cigarettes and lit it, enjoying the fact that the whole nation is considering resting his tanned athletic body.
Suddenly, the situation on the beach has changed dramatically: from a neighboring grove came a short, one might even say the diminutive little man of forty-five. He hobbled to the pond and paused, as if thinking, and whether to plunge? The emergence of the peasant produced a revival on the beach, everything is already forgotten about the slender young guys and switched his attention to stocky. Poperevorachivalis even those that are asleep.
On the beach swept sly. The fact was that the peasant was in swimming trunks something unimaginably huge - a member like a stallion!
A peasant for a few minutes plunged into a muddy pond, and went ashore. Angelina looked around the beach and noticed that many of the guests all also carefully look at this miracle of nature - a huge dick swimming trunks under ordinary citizen. Meanwhile, this citizen went straight to the slender young man who has lost his confidence and stateliness. He even began to cover his groin with a towel when a member of the owner of the giant went up to him and asked for a cigarette. Inflated tanned athlete effaced and even somehow ingratiating offered a cigarette and a lighter carrier horse penis. "That's what makes the men with their natural manhood" - thought Angelina and secretly continued to watch the muzhik inseminator.
He went to a couple of some young ladies, apparently, they were familiar with, and lay down next to them on the sand. Angelina was distracted for a while and thought about the theory of relativity, but damn do not understand it. Then he turned back toward osemenitelya. After a brief conversation with the girls, muzhichek rose, and with him went up and the girls. They were laughing and talking about something, Trinity slowly walked down the path to a nearby grove, with muzhichek walked in the middle, holding the waist of the two girls age 18-20 who were above him, at least half a head. "And they were led to the penis this idiot" - Angelina sighed and looked at her husband's ass, lying side by side. "Nothing, my ass though beautiful," - concluded the woman mentally, but something about it all the time, forced to watch the departing trio.
- I'll go buy ice cream - Angelina pushed to the side of her husband. He grunted in response and went to sleep.
Angelina came to the beach kiosk, which sold drinks, beer and ice cream. She picked up with only a mobile phone. I bought myself a portion in a waffle cup. Once in the Soviet times, the ice cream is sold for 19 cents. The very well I kept looking toward the trio hiding behind trees. Some curiosity stimulated confusing sexual feelings and tickling between the buttocks, pulling the woman after penis-stallion. Angelina slowly, like walking, went on a footpath in the grove, where the girls disappeared from the muzhik-inseminator.
Finally it disappeared behind the trees from prying eyes rest on the beach and listened. From somewhere behind the bushes came a girlish laughter and vulgar jokes in the address of the penis. Angelina ducked, crept among the bushes close to the meadow, where the main events were developed, for which it hunted. Crouching in the bushes, so that it is not to be seen, Angelina has calmed down and gently parted the branches. In a small clearing in the trees were resting two girls with their bare asses.
A peasant inseminator-fucked one of them back with enthusiasm and gusto, the other waiting for their turn, laughing at ohayuschey friend and cheered swearing stud. Here is the first and obviously zaohala zaorgazmirovala, ending pleasure of penetration of the stud into the vagina. Then the little man, big dick pulled out first and moved to the second, which had already whimpered in anticipation of pleasure and bit her lip in anticipation.
Angelina herself excited by the contemplation of this scene. He missed his hand between her legs and began to stroke himself through smelting. Suddenly before her hearing came a some strange wheezing. She looked to the side and saw the bushes on the head guy for 20 years, which also looked at the clearing, watching the mystery of the Trinity intercourse. He rhythmically rocking and moaning. "Fingering" - Angelina realized. Something mischievous maiden of the past life has played in it, and she whistled softly.
The guy stopped and cautiously turned his head toward her. Before him, it was about five meters. Angelina saw his frightened face and laughed. She beckoned Man hand and inserting a finger in the mouth itself, pushes them back and forth. The guy was quick-witted and began to break through the bushes to Angelina, squatting among the vegetation. Here he had stood in front of her and turned his penis in Angelininy sponge. "Oh, it was was not - remember the youth" - flashed through the mind of our heroine, and she began to caress the tongue and lips, the proposed instrument.
However, teasing it captures the tip of the head and gently let go of her sucking, licking tongue. The guy has gone from impatience and snorted. Then Angelina opened her mouth and put her lips a member. He began to move his head, almost swallowing the penis and nuzzling in the stomach of a new lover. She dropped her cell phone, grabbed with both hands Man's ass and felt rolls orgasm. The guy also does not lag behind, and soon began to finish Angelina directly into the mouth.
She sucked every drop and licked prick. Then the guy jabbed her in the shoulder and handed levoё: "Everything is clear ..." The left shoulder was tattooed Angelina. She's a child involved in playing the violin, I was very fond of this tool, so that has made a tattoo on his shoulder in a little-known masters of the tattoo: the violin with the bow.
Suddenly, the road Man called out: "Sasha, what are you stuck?"
Sasha, some all excited after he saw Angelininu tattoo, waved the boys from the path by hand - they say, come here. Such developments Angelina did not expect it all went limp with surprise and even tried to get up, but Sasha held her two hands. Behind him came two more guy. They stared at Angelinino shoulder, which indicated their friend, and without talking lowered his pants with shorts, stood close to Angelina. She did not understand why they reacted to a tattoo on her shoulder, she tried to break out of young guys, but they firmly put it back on his knees and was ordered to suck.
Then Angelina remembered her husband who somewhere close to sleeping on the beach, but now, gripped and lowered her nothing to do but only to open his mouth. She took two guys dicks in her hands, and podrachivaya, beginning at a time to make them a blowjob. Another guy was standing slightly to the side and pulled his dick kneaded it waiting for their turn. Boys Do not parted on the joke and trying to seize the initiative, poked their penises ... Angelina's face.
Then she opened her mouth wider and took just two dick, especially since they were not as healthy. Men began to fuck her mouth at once together. They moaned loudly and forget that they are among the bushes in the lost forest in the Moscow region of the Russian Federation. When they had finished almost simultaneously, Angelina caught the corner of my eye that Sasha, who was the first of the rapists, raised Angelinin phone and takes it everything that happens with his owner. Catching sight of women, he smiled and said: "Will you at the memory."
Just finished the two, came third. This cock was thicker and pomatёrestee, some with a hump. Angelina had no choice but to take it into their obtrahannye sponge. This lover was the most venturesome of all four. He firmly took a woman with both hands behind his head and ordered: "Headers tits!"
When Angelina prispustila bathing bra and dumped outside their breasts with pink nipples swollen with excitement, man moaned with pleasure and began to fuck her mouth Angelinin with an unusual rhythm. He once deeply vstalyal his penis in her mouth and then made two sharp reciprocating motion. On the bill: raaaz-one-two, raaz-one-two. "Like any composer sets the rhythm," - thought Angelina.
Meanwhile, the last guy completely forgot himself and raised a lot of noise, shouting at Angelina swearing, calling her bazaar names, such as "slut", "whore", "slut" and so on.
This perhaps was his fault! Behind him came a shout: "Well young! Enough to tear adult women! "
Apparently frightened by the boy sharply squirted semen in her mouth Angelina and immediately thereafter dumped somewhere to the side.
Then Angelina in front of his nose, saw the black trunks, under which housed the huge horse cock. "A peasant inseminator," - immediately realized it and looked up. She saw the face of a peasant owner of a giant penis. He looked interested her arm with a tattoo, and then added: "Well, everything is clear, mistress blowjob, then you had to chop a brass band, since you are an expert on wind instruments."
Then Angelina was waiting for a little shock, because the little man lowered melting and fell a giant tool to its nose. "Well, try as you get?" - Asked the owner of a horse's penis. Angelina all speechless according nodded. And then gradually I began to recover, and earned his mouth. In fact, in her mouth could accommodate only the head, so that the woman grabbed the trunk of his hand and began to masturbate vigorously. She did not even notice as a member of the smells the secretions of young girls, which is the only member of that tore at the nearby meadow.
"You fool, because you yourself wanted it", - says Angelina, until her unexpected lover with a giant penis enjoyed her oral sex. He was got more and more and Angelina grasping hands over his ears, began real hard deep stick it on his penis, saying thus: "This is a virtuoso violinist, so you and another and another, and another!"
Suddenly Angelina shuddered and everything inside her went cold: she poked the nose stud in the groin, which were gouged three digits "666".
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA's" - stallion tensed his body and began splashes cum without removing a member from the mouth of Angelina. All the same three sixes looked at her at point blank range, looking out at the black curly hair.
"Why is the number of the beast" - women worried mind: "Why?"
Peasant panting and moving away from the orgasm, as if catching thought Angelina concluded: "For a member, like a beast!"
Angelina has not been able to recover zavalishis supine on a bed next to her husband at the suburban beach. The jaws ached, her husband and all continued to doze and did not react to the environment. "Oh, something I have gone too far", - matured thought in her head. But she felt the fist of his right hand her cell phone and held it to his eyes. Start video and spun - 666.
Already home Angelina got into the Internet and began to search for the answer to the riddle of his tattoos - a violin with the bow. The answer is found in the library on Klubizmen.ru site and then it all became clear. In the next story I tell about the Sudanese method of penis enlargement. When I was in Sudan, where Arabs have a very warm welcome ...