So in 1992 the eve of the May holidays. I sit on the train, and there is not more than 10 people (most likely, all sitting at home and celebrated great zdnik. I went into the compartment at the table sits a pretty lady for 10 years older than I am slim, nice-dressed, generally attractive, the train starts to move and we Left alone in the compartment. I was with a bottle of homemade liquor 20 degrees sweet, tasty, strawberry-but to explore and conversations need to organize the table. The first toast to the acquaintance, Luda she introduced herself. The second toast to the beautiful ladies, etc. So we get to know, and the time to midnight, the bed and lay down on the lower shelves at each other. Easy lighting, we were looking at each other I am timid but felt in her eyes, she likes me, I had to take the first step, and I took her hand dangling c shelves under the table and began to stroke his fingers inside of her palm, then began stroking rising higher and higher to the shoulder, and she was halfway svisala off the shelf and wanted to me.
So I quickly moved on her shelf, and here are my hands stroked her neck, the skin silky soft, my boyfriend is about to sever heat. But you can not rush and now my lips stick into her delicate neck, and his hands caress his chest through clothing, gradually penetrating beneath it. Her eyes closed and she was moaning with pleasure. I take her soft little hand and admit to his pants, she begins to fondle my penis handle and hand stroking her pussy is already wet. Unable to restrain myself take off her panties with tights, she does the same with me. And now my friend is part of her womb, unable to restrain myself we end.
Leaning we lie, experiencing pleasure. It takes no more than 10 minutes, and her lips and mouth require continued glaring at my boyfriend and sucking his balls and my boyfriend loves this attention and is already in full readiness. Only now I was in control of the situation, setting the pace, then increasing, then decreasing. It comes, I do not give her a break n we end together. I had to go back to the table. The body requires calories compensation, it is necessary to get a second bubble. We are sitting naked, turn on the light, and I see her great tan with white stripes on a bathing suit. We hug each other. It takes 15 minutes, and my boyfriend is ready to fight. I really liked her mouth, but I want the top, and she agreed, lies on his back, and I get up on her knees, in giving her mouth his cock. Her soft sponge make my boyfriend solidify. And I start to motion them in her mouth, she quickly swallows every drop and lick the head. Even without a break, I go to the bottom, and she nasazhyvaetsya on my boyfriend. My hands caress her breasts and belly, get to her clitoris and start to masturbate, which leads her to the insane pleasure. Half an hour of racing, for which she cums several times, and the final finish me. Now I needed a break. It would be desirable at least for a moment to relax. She was sympathetic to this. Villages at my bedside, and laid on his lap my head, and I fell into a pleasant dream. I woke up from that one hand stroked his head, and the second dealt with my member, become a stake. I gently sent its head of his friend, and she seemed to be only waiting for this. She quickly took my cock and caressed it with all the tenderness, and again she wiped everything down to the bottom. After a small break (from my mouth was dry), my noble friend was in it, bringing her pleasure. And so we fell asleep exhausted in each other's arms.
Wake up an hour before the arrival in Minsk. She wears a skin-tight skirt and sweater, which underlines its awesome figure, and as it conducts nechayno hand, and my friend in full combat readiness. I close the door of the castle. I unbutton his trousers and pants, and now he was on the outside. I sit on the shelf to turn it back to him, takes off her panties, and in that position, sit down her pussy on my cock, and she closed his eyes, he starts to move. It is already starting to moan as the lock clicks and the compartment enters the conductor, (she thought that no one in the compartment as the passengers descended, not reaching to Minsk, and she decided to change clothes quickly put things in order). You should have seen her face, at first staring eyes, then paint on the face, and at that moment, Luda violently ends, the conductor, recovering from the embarrassment, pops up and closes the door from the outside with his own key again. But most importantly, my Ludmila finished and got great pleasure. Luda went to Minsk, on a business trip, ostanailas in the hotel where we lunch until the evening continued our studies. But that is another story as well as our meetings in the hotel already in Moscow, she herself hails from the Ukraine.