He came to the capital

Arrived in Moscow early in the morning, I and my childhood friend Boris sitting at the station read the newspapers looking for an apartment or room, we were approached by two boys Sasha and Andrew asked money on the subway had to meet their job and no one came, they know the address.
It is also told that the firm that its employees rent accommodation 3-bedroom apartment for 6 people, and that there urgently trebuyutsya people in connection with dismissal of an entire team. It was just what you need. We went there together, street Academician Yangelya. The ofice were glad the new frames.
- Just be patient until Tuesday the team will get the money and vacate the apartment.
- Borya's lucky to 6 people in 3 rooms per apartment and even pay zarobatki decent. We were happy.
Come to the apartment call or who does not open until the third time we have opened. Sasha enters into the apartment and loud
From the room came a man 40 years
- Th you guys are here and we are waiting for you tomorrow so we 4utra at the station waiting for you in short the whole team observes the future departure of the last three days. Okay, let's Russell you somehow hold out until Tuesday.
Me and Borik have placed in the back room. With us lived Lenya and Volodya, Sanya Andrei to another, there in front of Igor with Roma lived in another room, in the hall sleeping Kirill and Oleg. On the same evening, the whole crowd went to the sauna to wash off the dirt road hath need we decided.
THERE my eyes fell on KIRILL he was covered in headdresses and between the legs of his oars are not natural shape member. This is the area he balls himself and then put vaseline zakochal explained to me SANJA I storalsya not look to look not catch. Returning home, we drank hard guys said that all the office tomorrow for the money. SANJA with Andrea go with them and with us Borik to work only Tuesday only Friday was today.
We woke up to 10hours, I walked around the house there is no one in all the ofice. We had a bite and the last finishing their brandy. Misha asked
- Borik at home is who?
- No, I replied, realizing the depth of the issue
- let's fuck you, and then have a week soon as I fucked you I will pour out of his ears [c Borik I have sex prokticheski 8 years and he is an asset to him like it]
- Come on, I'll miss you.
He sat down at the table, I unbuttoned his pants and took in his mouth Borik popular with girls for its small size is not a member of the length of 25cm and a width 21. Personally pacing. While I sucked it rubbed me the point and asked there. I solved although he would not ask. And he began to fuck me doggy style on the table lying in karidore in the hall in a room on the couch, I screamed with pleasure my spirit intercepted I asked that he did not stop to continue, I have not heard that he had asked claps on my butt nedovali I even stand in exactly an hour 2 we ended up just not proshloi 5 minutes, and the doorbell.
Well, we had time. We open the door and all the guys there with a drink from the snack clearly got paid Now booze until all propyut. Misha invited me to the hall is called Kirill. I went Che called - there was ROMA Borik and Sanya
- Says the order, and then there will be nothing to give to the word said Kirill
- I did not understand che sluchilos - I protested.
Nearby stood a novel - you tell me how you fucked half a day in all the cracks. I got up and stood, I thought it was a dream.
- Misha fucked your mother - shouted CYRIL -vobschem come here he started the tub sit on the chair he ordered.
Immediately went ROMA IGOR SANJA. I sat on a chair and said that it was a misunderstanding.
- as though he was watching the whole day because of the cabinet as a fuck you.
Let me see your point, if everything is normal apologize. I was silent, I'll show him a point I had four months is not healed, and that the five days since it broke again Borik.
- I count to three - said Kirill and then counted.
CYRIL pulled out his penis and sent me a strong stream of urine hit me in the face.
- I preduprezhdal- everyone who was there looked like it is full in my face as I tried to hide - let the shower quickly.
I undressed and got into the bath, and began obmylsya vylazit they went again.
- On your knees 0 commanded KIRILL I got up, he walked in a tight his cock was right in front of my face again obosat or otsosesh?
I lowered my head made it clear that I agree elda he did not want to fit in my mouth. I fight all the balls of the sky, he led me to the kitchen to put the cancer and tried to fuck me, I screamed in pain.
- Do not yell slut, even the whole evening ahead.
Everyone watched as he razvoratil me the ass, and the fifth attempt he has fucked me in all went without problems. I felt like he came at me.
- Go wash up 'he said.
That night I fucked all without exception. CYRIL brought two bottles of cognac.
- to drink and end in say three bundles of Java.
Toward morning hours 5 come in drunk shit Roma and Igor with them some sort of alkashka woman age 30 and two whips from the construction site.
- Misha got up - I woke greets guests as it should one of them came up and then tried to fuck me like something put. Another came from the front and began to push me your stinking cock in her mouth. They fucked me three hours but so efficiently and correctly that I could not resist and had finished with them.
Booze was in full swing. At 8 o'clock in the morning, Igor came up with that woman to me and ROMA him.
- Fold the cancer if it is painful to say.
I felt that something in me that trying to cram suddenly:
- Vidal? when you give?
This Igor Roma argued with me that bottle of vodka will get the afternoon I went over to Cyril and told him everything in detail.
- Take things and we'll move into the room soon as we usually have some girls go to mini skirts.
I did not argue silently changed.
- Now you do not Misha and Masha, come to the mouth sweet.
I began to suck KIRILL from Leni Volodya at the same time who ended up stepping aside.
- And you che Borik asked Lenya and then he also went up, I got up in the middle of the circle to Collin and everyone turns to me to stop. CYRIL kept his word no one touched me. They bought me a beer, brandy, cigarettes, all that need INE. For this, I worked my ass. When they left I called Kirill a word we otshli I silently fell to his knees unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hammer as he could become a good suck. I storalsya and I felt like it a few minutes later I heard the groan again, my mouth was filled with brackish liquid.
- MASHA me better than you no one is sucking