Autumn is always a little passengers in trains. Therefore, in the compartment №7, which drove a friend of Light and Karina were the only ones. Anticipation of a good holiday trip stained in the joyful tone. They incessantly talking and laughing. Expanding the things the Light went for linens.
- Karina, we have such a conductor something .. - she rolled her eyes.
- Handsome - slyly she asked a friend, taking jumper.
- Vice versa. Ugly, angular, big nose and long arms. More and jokes: "The girls, you're up to the second shelf pulls out? I can help"
- Conky - so passionate - Karina shot sweater and began to pull out of duffle bags, back turned to the light.
- That's tan! That's ass! - Light elastic strings pulled and released. Gum clicked on a round popke.- you that naked sunbathing - Light stared at her friend as if she saw it for the first time.
- So what? - Slyly said Karina. - Look how sexy - she lowered her bra straps and two round as pumpkins, breasts jumped, once free. Smooth white circles around the nipples only emphasized ripeness.
- Um .. let ponosit- Light took her breast as if weighing.
- Bury. I do not feel sorry - proudly said Karina, sticking out his chest. And they laughed.
Suddenly the door of the compartment opened.
- Cooking ...
On the threshold he stood still .He conductor wanted to say something, but I forgot. Without taking his eyes off her breasts, which keep the lights on.
- You probably ischete- tickets levies embarrassment, he said.
- Uh-huh. The man, close the door - Karina said or slightly embarrassed and turned her back.
The conductor slammed the door with a smile.
After some time on the car began to distribute tea.
- We were somehow not carried away. Shy or what? - Karina said, pulling food out of the bag.
- No. He will bring us coffee. Your Tits it directly on smert.- Light took a small bottle of cognac.
There was a cultural knock, the door opened
- Can - said a smiling conductor.
- If carefully. - Karina playfully retorted.
The conductor brought tea and coffee. And do not leave. Girls invited him to the table.
We talked. His name was Karen. Once identified, they Karina namesake. We drank for friendship. Then for the meeting was over and cognac. Karen invited the girls in the restaurant car.
Karen and Karina sat down together, and Light sat opposite. Drank "for the good."
And a good start for Karina. The conductor under the table, put his hand on her knee. In response, Karina smiled. Karen grew bolder and fumbled in the legs and crotch of the girl. Light osolovelo peered under the table, made big eyes. Karina, laughing with his foot, taking off his sneakers, began to drive on light feet. She threw a leg under the table. Everyone laughed.
- Let's go have a smoke? - Suggested the conductor.
- I do not smoke. I think I said poydu- Light and walk unsteadily walked to his car.
-I'll be right back, light. Smoke and pridu- purred Karina.
Explore settled, and they went out into the hallway.
As soon as the door closed, Karen hugged Karina back and hugged her.
She felt hard cock rested against her buttocks.
- Do not, Karen- sluggishly resisted Karina.
- My girl. Do not be afraid . Karen will make you priyatno.- conductor muttered, kissing his neck. Hand quickly climbed into his pants for the girl and gripped wet lubricant buttocks.
Suddenly the door opened. It seemed a fat woman with a child.
- ..- Ashamed to loud rock and she disappeared into the car.
Lovers disengage. Karina hurried to his car. The conductor did not lag behind.
Going into his car, Karen opened the toilet, which was extremely clean and the Karina drew for themselves.
Closed, they embraced again. The guy with the girl began pulling off his pants.
- I myself. Do not rush. - Kareena took off his pants, and wet panties hung on a hook.
Karen did the same, but much faster.
Member Karen stood invitingly, proudly raised his thick head with a drop of grease on the end. They began to kiss. The conductor paste became front girl spread her legs and he entered into it. In a furious pace, they knocked together against each other.
The conductor tried to sink deeper into his penis, and, bending his knees, strung girl.
- Get up to the sink, in a trembling voice he milaya-. She stood up, spread her legs sticking out the ass.
- This work of art. This ass ... - said the conductor, and eagerly kissing the buttocks, thighs licked. His hands tugged at Clitheroe and thrust his fingers into the vagina wet with desire. Then he inserted the member gripping the chest, and again in the crazy pace began to poke between Kareena legs.
She covered the first orgasm. - Oh, blyaaa- she breathed.
- Cut it out, honey, stop, - whispered to Karen, the cut in Karinu.Pomogaya penetrate deeper, she moved to meet him, podmahivala while wagging his back from side to side.
Karina crotch was covered with grease, vagina opened and each time entering the member heard the squish.
- Let's try so, - said the girl smiling and resting his hands on the wall, he raised his right leg and caught on the bars on the window. Scarlet gap framed, curly, wet curls invitingly opened. Karen bent over and licked.
Limp dick easily slipped into the hole, and after a few thrusts become hard and elastic. The pace is speeding up, then slowing down. Explore delayed their orgasm, but long it could not last. Karen jerked, groaned and spray a thick, hot sperm watered battlefield ...
Karina quietly opened the door coupe. Light like sleeping. She took off her shirt and pants. Light came on at the bottom.
- Natrahalsya - Light whispered.
- Yeah ..- languidly breathed Karina.
- All thighs in semen. Unconscionable. Let's wipe. - I took a napkin from the table she began to rub her thighs and buttocks.
- Can I go to bed, and then languidly upadu- Karina said.
She was pleased to show a friend how to love her man, and she saw that the light excited by her appearance. She lay on her back with legs apart. Light knelt and almost nuzzling in wet bosom, gently picking the white drops. The smell was intoxicating her.
- Wow! Rozochka razdolbana.Iz so you still come out. That let in, bastard! - Said Light and pulled the crotch. It rolled out a sperm drop, rolled on the anus. Leaning forward, she sniffed. Her nose touched the labia Karina. To which she responded, raising his ass higher, exposing her pussy.
-Scrub Sveta, all cleanse ... - Karina whispered.
View of the sperm tanned body odor and alcohol took their toll - Light licked her vagina. She shivered with excitement. Karina deep breathing ..
- There still remains - she said. - Lie down on your back. Light fell. Karina sat down on her face, as if about to pee and started to push. From it flowed the last straw directly into the open mouth newfound lesbian.