Wife `s friend

It was a rainy winter evening. My wife went on a business trip and after work I decided enough to sit at the computer. It was nine o'clock, and I was going on the side, then the doorbell. I opened, a friend of my wife Lenka.-Come - surprise I suggest ey.-I'm not disturbing you? - She looked questioningly at me.I-course net.Ya helped her undress. Now it is necessary to describe the Lena. Girl 25 years old, in the body. Round attractive face, a third the size of the breast, a little full of waist, hip and cool chubby legs. In general, the lady in the body and have to hold on. She was dressed in a blouse tightly wraps her chest and flared skirt to mid-thigh. I must say that when she wears this skirt, it does not follow for the disposition of its legs, so sometimes from under the skirt open pretty exciting vidy.Tut Lenka gets out of the bag a bottle of champagne and chocolate. I'm a little surprised, so as to visit the girl was pretty late, and even then I was this week one she knew. It turned out that the reason for my visit is rather trivial. Lenka quarreled with her boyfriend, and now that he has decided to take revenge on as late as possible to return home (they lived together in the same apartment) .Slovo for the word she began to cry into my shoulder. Nothing knocks a woman's brain, as a personal problem of half alcohol. Champagne quite hit her in the head and now she runs with tears and snot into the tub, and I wonder what I do with her and that she want from me again. Finally she comes out with tear-stained face of the tub and began to preen in front of the mirror. I go behind her and begin to weave something soothing. Our range is quite close, and sometimes she touches her buttocks my thighs. These touches are becoming more frequent. I do not know whether it inadvertently or deliberately, but a member of the I begins to rise. Still, for a whole week without zhenschiny.Ona babbles something else, do not forget to touch my buttocks. Then she turns to me, her face very close to mine, and asks a stupid question: -I beautiful -Of krasivaya.-So what you still have to something from us here, I decide that it is necessary to stop the snot and say,?: -Now prodemonstriruyu.S these words, I press my Lenka to the wall, I grab her head in her hands and dug a kiss on the lips. She tries to pull away, turns his head away, but I keep it tight. My tongue slowly caresses her pursed lips. Surprisingly, its resistance weakens, mouth ajar and my tongue falls into her mouth with her tongue intertwined. We are so kiss minute, no less. Finally, I take off from it. She looks pretty comical: eyes closed, mouth open, cheeks red, his tongue a little vysunut.Tut I decide, that has nothing to lose and it is necessary to build up the initiative. I take her by the hand and drag into the bedroom. She tries to pull her hand, but does it uncertainly. Finally, we in the bedroom and again I held her to the wall and start to kiss. Lenka again falls into prostration. It responds to my kiss, but now her hands are beginning to embrace me. So we kiss a lot of time until I feel that Lenkina legs relaxed and slightly parted to the side. A sure sign that a girl vozbuzhdena.Ya build up its onslaught. To break away from her lips and a sharp movement upwards lifted up her blouse. It automatically, without opening his eyes, raises his hands and shirt flying to the side. In the light of a street lamp I see her breasts, packaged in a bra. Immediately looking for some hands behind her back, click and bra falls at our feet. Just step back to admire her breasts. They almost drooped down, but continued to maintain its rounded shape of ripe melons. Halos rather large nipples, and pacifiers themselves are like two chasovyh.Naklonyayus and take the right nipple in his mouth. Lenka softly moaning and puffing out his chest to me. Carefully take the breast from the bottom and gently squeezes. The same is done with the second breast. Lenka moaning softly, her hand stroking my head. I at this time frantically looking as unbuttoned skirt. As a result of this, I do not find a cunning mechanism and decide that, and fuck her in a skirt can be. Nipples hardened completely and now any light touch their language, causing Lenka quiet ston.Moi hands fall below and dive under her skirt. Since she flared, then soon my fingers easily find the edge Lenkina tights and pulled them down. I get on my knees and get down to the tights for the ankle and Lenka shifting from one foot to the other gives them off completely. Tights are flying into the corner. Now turn panties and they fly to the same. Lenka now only in a skirt. It must be remembered that I almost did not stop caressing her breasts and hands soski.Moi crawl under her skirt and pressed her hips, ass. all writhing and moaning Lenka. The right hand I post between her legs. Loboc covered with fluffy vegetation and hot as a frying pan. Fingers penetrate into the crevice and stumble on the wet clit, causing shudders and groans Lenka. But then do not climb, his legs still not razvedeny.-Spread your legs wider - I command Helen and she puts down one nogu.-Shire - say - still poses as shire.Lenka "feet shoulder width apart" and now I'm nothing prevents even feel. Naturally it squeak flowed and is now a hot wet hole. My finger easily fell into her vagina and I decided to add two more. But now three of my fingers easily penetrated into its interior. He felt the roughness of the vagina on the front of the machine, I began to massage his pads index and ring fingers. The average finger I used for tangible impacts and strokes on the cervix. Needless to say, that after a while she became Lenka sit down on my hands and moan gromche.Teper my turn to have fun. I got up from his knees, quickly took off his clothes. Lenka slightly open eyes watching me. I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed down. She was quick-witted girl, knelt down and grabbed the head of my penis in her mouth. At first I gave her to lick the entire trunk, and then the head, and only then began to push through it into her mouth. Lenka tried uvernutsya.-not to twitch, bitch - I said, holding her head with both rukami.-I can not, - Lena whispered when my cock for a moment jumped out of her rta.-Open your mouth and do not twitch, and then shove you on most glandy.Nado say that the excitement I have grown so much that I could break it as a heating pad. We had a little bit cool. I twitched a member of Lenkina face, and then he put in his mouth and began trahat.Chtoby spare the girl, I first plunged gently and shallowly. But gradually I became gradually more and more deeply penetrate the mouth Helen. She had not noticed. Her head was pressed back of the head against the wall and held on both sides of my hands. So that she had nowhere to go. Be careful with each thrust I penetrated deep into her mouth. Now each of frictions, I felt her nose to her stomach and head began to fall in Lenkina throat. Frictions were unhurried, so she was when vzdohnut.Teper appeared and sounds. When my head penetrated Lenkina throat she made a sound as if swallowed my cock. From her mouth began to flow drooling and I decided it was time to stop. Having five deep penetrations, at last I got into even more Lenke throat and began to finish. She shuddered, tried to escape. I foresaw it and advance tightened his grip on her head, but come off the member who is in your throat, not so easy. As a result, she had no choice but to swallow my seed. Her throat convulsively swallows sperm, not coping with a new portion. The last two shots I made her face and smeared chlenom.Lenka convulsively breathing, swallowing air mouth open. It is time to help the girl and cum. I grabbed Lenka hair back in a fist and jerk threw her on the bed. She fell face down, skirt rode up, revealing a wide ass with full-yagoditsami. Come wider legs, bitch - I ordered Helen and she immediately podchinilas.Ya lifted her skirt higher and stuck in the vagina Lenka just three fingers. She shuddered, groaned and stuck her ass higher. Now I found it very convenient to move the fingers in her bowels. Slipping ... left hand under the girl's hips, I began to caress and pinch her clit. Fingers of the right hand I was massaging the vaginal walls, sometimes reaching up to the cervix. At such moments, Lena began to moan loudly, and even harder to file the ass towards mne.Bukvalno, a few minutes later, she finished with a loud groan. From the abundance of moisture my fingers literally collapsed into the vagina. Lenka curl in orgazmincheskih convulsions, and I continued to massage her sensitive points. Finally she relaxed and fell into a brief son.Teper I got cock and demanded continuation of the banquet. I stroked Lenka body. It was all wet and hot. I turned back to the girl and she spread her arms limply to the side. Clung to her nipples, I again put them to attention. Lena moaned with displeasure, but I did not pay attention to it. Parting her legs a little wider, I rubbed the penis to the entrance of her body. Reins head up and down, I carefully began to enter into the member. The head began to fall easily into the vagina, and soon all the member fully settled vnutri.Sharkaya oily bath covered member. The walls of the vagina was swollen and very slippery. Taking a member of almost completely, I porezche put it back. When the cock was deep, vagina issued gurgling sound, and Lena moaned. I began to rhythmically drive the member in the girls inside, and she with the same rhythm began to moan. Finally, she more or less came to me and became podmahivat backwards. Now to the moaning sound was added, and a distinct sound of dripping vlagalischa.Pora had to change position, and I turned to one side without taking Lenka member. Now the pace of frictions was sharper and deeper. Lena moaned and arched, trying to take a more advantageous position. I constantly change the direction of a member of the strike, until he found the right. Lenka immediately began to moan loudly, stopped wagging ass and tried to lift up as high as the upper leg. I told her this little help and became a member of the deeper penetrate vlagalische.Naklonivshis slightly forward, I turned on the bedside lamp over the bed and I opened an exciting spectacle. Lenka lay beneath me completely wet. Drops of sweat on her face mixed with clots of dried semen, hair tangled in a wet Koltun, whole body glistened with sweat. Just stretch out his hand, I began to massage her nipples and breasts to knead. Lenka already started to shout and I decided to put her in a pose "dog".Razvernuv Wet body in the stomach, I lifted Lenka hips. She was a smart girl and just got on all fours. Now I have become a member to push as far as possible, but the rate slightly decreased. With each thrust, Lena howled and serve ass towards me. Her full breasts drooped and now dangled back and forth from my tremors. Bending down, I clung to Lenkina back and took hold of her tits. Now, I do not stand on ceremony with them. I began to crush them coarsely and squeeze. Lenka approved my actions increasingly loud stonami.Temp intercourse increased. Since the lubrication of the vagina was very much my cock slid smoothly in the womb. The head almost did not open, so I could move more actively, keeping their level of excitement at the same level. Lenka has become almost cry when I increased the pace of her fucking, became even roughly kneading her nipples. I took her nipples between two fingers and began to twist in opposite directions, alternating it with a strong ottyagivaniem.Tak certainly could not last long. Lenka suddenly strongly arched, howled with laughter and began to finish. Surprisingly, quite a wide vagina, was strongly squeeze my cock. It is either something doilo me. compression wave ran from the base of the penis to the end. Very cool experience. Back Lenka, then bends the arc, then sagged. Breast filled with a watermelon and become dense. The second orgasm Lenka was stronger than the first, but he stepped back. Without power it collapsed chest and head on the bed, and hip remained standing as they were in my nasazhany chlen.Lenka was in full a miss. I gently stroked her buttocks wet, a little shoveling and spreading them apart. Then I opened a great opportunity to witness the anus girl. He was quite wrinkled, had brown circle the size of a five-ruble coin. With a thumb to the back of the hole, I pushed and he fell easily into the intestine. The hole was well lubricated juices and finger easily slid. We see that Lenka enjoyed this hole quite chasto.Uhmylnuvshis I pulled his penis out of the vagina and held it to ring anus. He immediately relaxed and even a little moved towards me. Pushing forward, I plunged head easily into the intestine Lenka. She mumbled something wider and has placed his knees. Now Lena was almost splits wide apart knees and bowed his head and chest on the bed. I slowly sank a member in the ass girls until my balls have not touched the lips of the vagina. Yes, ass Lenka was designed osnovatelno.Udobno catching hands on hips girl, I became actively without fucking her care and compassion. My dick warped in the ass, then taking out almost completely, plunging to the ground. Lenka was the first to moan, then howl, but in the end all to shout out loud when my dick went deep into her body. She tried to rise, but rising to a position with the legs wide apart, it has deprived himself of the opportunity to change it without my help. As you can imagine, such assistance she does not predlagal.Shiroko divorced legs gave me the opportunity to actively and deeply immersed in Lenkin ass. But I did not want to stop there. Now I wanted to play "hide and seek". Pulling a member of the anus Lenka, I immediately drove him into the vagina. Lena moaned with relief, but was glad it was not long. After a few strokes in the vagina, I pulled the penis and sent it into the anus. Again Lenka wailed. Now I'm constantly changing hole. After a few strokes in one hole, I immediately changed it to druguyu.Lenka already wheezed and her cries were already difficult to make out. But sometime around the end comes. From such an active fucking I jumped dramatically the level of excitement and I finished. My cock was at this time in the vagina. Deep stabbed him in the gut Lenka I began to pour out. She felt it, too, cried and finished. Again her vagina massaged my cock, but now he threw it in his seed. Awesome experience. Izlivshis completely, I gently pulled penis from the vagina, moved to the head Lenka and said: -At, lick, and then I'm all ispachkalsya.Lenka obediently turned her head to my cock and took it into his mouth. I watched as she licked my penis with his grease mixed with sperm. She had not forgotten even my scrotum. Here I even came up with a fun idea. While Lenka licking my cock, I plunged two fingers into her vagina. Taking them convinced me that they are completely and densely covered with our "brine". I put them under the nose of Helen and she also oblizala.Togda I ran to the kitchen and brought a glass beaker. Put it to the lips of the vagina, I helped Helen straightened and naturally that was in her bowels spilled over into the glass. As soon as I let go of it again backwards Woman fell into bed exhausted. I flipped her onto her back, dipped his finger in the glass and again brought them to his mouth Lenka. She licked it again without causing any shadow of a doubt. I began to suspect that such a large number of orgasms, Lena no longer understands what he does. Then I pulled the chin with two fingers girl and held the glass to her lips, began to pour the contents into her mouth. Lenka began to swallow cloudy liquid until it is completely drunk.

Putting aside the glass, I looked around the battlefield. Lena lay on her back, limp outstretched arms and legs. All body glistened with sweat. The hairs on the pubic hair stuck together and intertwined. Between sexual sponges could see the cloudy liquid that slowly trickled down. On the chest there were traces of my fingers and the nipple sticking out so far and were the color of strawberries. Carefully turning Lenka on the belly, I spread her buttocks and her ass looked. The anus was red, glittered and was stretched. When I strongly bred buttocks aside, he reveals a small crater of the volcano. In general, the girl was ... zatrahana.Ulozhiv Lenka comfortably on the pillow, I covered her with a blanket, and he lay down to sleep beside. In the morning I was awakened by the lapping of the water in the shower. Lenka is seen cleaning the feathers after last night. When she came out of the bath, it was quite refreshed. Of course she had not slipped on, except for towels on the hair. Needless to say that a few minutes later, she was lying on her back on the bed, and I licked her excitement soon klitor.Dovolno Lena has reached a level where she wanted to feel my cock inside. She took into their own hands. Knocking on my back, a few minutes she was sucking my cock, then climbed higher and giving head inside, sat up. Then began a mad jump. Breast Lenkina jumped up, waved in all directions. I grabbed them by the nipples and began to knead and twist, like last night. Lenka satisfaction groaned and began to sit down even more sharply on my chlen.Vzvizgnuv and sharply down on my cock, Lenka notified me that came. The vagina is again strongly doilo my penis, breast filled with even a little red. Here I have already turned Lenka on his back, lifted her legs on his shoulders and began to grind their deep trunk in this hot and humid inside. From Lenka flowed as from a tube with a gel lubricant. Slipping his hands under her buttocks, I introduced two index fingers into the anus and began massaging it heavily. Then, abruptly pulled the cock from the vagina and inserted it in the ass Lenke.Po old memory, it easily got inside and Lenka only moaned and began to serve his ass to meet me. To massage her ass in such a way, I moved the penis into the vagina. It has responded to this savory squelch. Strolling back and forth between the holes, I decided to finish this time in the anus. Intensely moving in the ass Lenka, last movement, I strongly and deeply penetrated inside. Member became choppy released from sperm, and it seemed to me that he plunged into Lenka body, almost from yaichkami.Kogda we gently disengage, Lenka immediately ran into the bath, and I relaxed lying on the bed. Now Lena got out of the bath in panties and bra. I realized that sex date is over and got out of bed. Dressed and easy breakfast, we parted with Lenka. She probably ran to his missus and I went about his business. I must say that Lenka and then a few more times resorted to me, you know that it is not for advice. As she said that she has no one fucked with the study at the institute. And one day, I invited her to the sauna to warm up in the company of two boys and two girls, but that's another story: