Her name was Svetsik. It was a little thin blonde with beautiful blue eyes, a girl 19 years. She studied at the Pedagogical University, madly loved the English language in all its manifestations. Her mother was going to go with his father on a vacation to the Caribbean, but were afraid to leave the girl alone doma.Kak Sveta did not try to explain to them that it is no longer a little, my father insisted on her, and called her daughter to look after his trainee by the name of Michael . He was nice-looking man of about twenty shesti.Vecherom before departure, when his mother's father were about to leave, he called at the door. Sveta ran to open the door, opened the door I saw a young guy with long (at the shoulders), curly hair, black eyes and jet rather attractive figuroy.Misha entered and shook hands ottsu.- see Bear, you trust your daughter. God forbid that it will happen, blame yourself. - With a smile in his voice he said otets.- not worry Fyodor Ivanovich, it'll be fine. - Michael looked at Svetka and added. - Why did not you tell that you have it so beautiful. I would even flowers kupil.Svetka blushed and quickly washed off to his room, closed with a key, and waited, and when the parents leave. Strange, but for some reason she did not expect that it will come to a handsome young man. It is both feared and wanted to leave the room, but something obviously did not want to let her. So she sat in a room somewhere in the hour when finally plucked up courage and decided to go. When she came to the door, she seized a desire that already trotted legs. She plucked up courage and opened the door. But when she opened it, then swallowed it stifling embarrassment. Michael was standing right in front of her door with a bottle of champagne, and smiled and said: - I've thought you were there all night protorchish.Svetka again blushed. And he, in turn, said: - Yes, you have enough to blush, yet his."Oh, if it was so"- Thought Sveta.- Let's better we have some champagne with you, there will your fear. I'm not biting sobirayus.Eti words did not reassure the light, but on the contrary, it was all filled with such euphoric adrenaline that will let her, she would have to show everyone where zimuyut.Oni cancers went down into the living room and sat down on the couch right in front of TV . Misha somewhere got hold of the center console and included quiet music. He poured champagne by the glass and said: - Svetik, let's drink to znakomstvo.Svetka nodded, and they drank a full glass of champagne. Sveta generally not used to drinking, so she very quickly became fun, so Misha did not even have to make any effort to talk with her. She's chattered and chattered incessantly, and Mike continued to pour. When they finished their third bottle, Mike offered a drink brotherhood. Sveta thickly said: - Yes - and they crossed this ruki.Posle Misha clung to her lips. He thought that she now must otlynut from him, but she asks remained in the position in which Bear kissed her."Well. - Misha thought. - It's time to act".He Embraced Svetka's waist and held her close, and she is not a bit resisted. Their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. As revealed Svetka kissed very well, so that Michael could not tear myself away from it. Sveta did not understand what makes or understand, but it was so good that she was spit on everything. They sat on the couch and kissed when she asks suddenly said she wanted to dance. Mike said that he does not like to dance, maybe he is purposely skazal.- Then, - said Sveta, - sit and smotri.Ona included his favorite slow song and began to dance. Her small figure was just adorable in this dim light. Her large breasts swayed to the beat of her movements, her hips as if taken out different figures. She was wearing a white translucent blouse, beneath which was a translucent white bra, panties, gently emphasized that all the contours of her body. She turned back to Misha and began to twist his ass, meanwhile Misha just did not sit: he quietly undid his pants, freeing the way to his friend. Light came to Misha and sat down in front of him on his knees. She gently took his hands in the direction of his dignity and began to push his legs, Misha's eyes burned with a bright flame, it is obviously lead to impotence Svetka. She stood up and sat booty on his dignity. Continuing the gentle motion of his booty, she is clearly beginning to imagine what will happen next, because she saw her body tense with excitement and anticipation. Mischa hugged her to his chest, but then he got a slap on the wrist. He had to feel her breasts and hardened nipples. Sveta got up and began to take off her blouse. She did it slowly, without ignoring every bit of his body, causing Misha to anticipate what will happen next. And now, unbuttoned buttons of the latter. Sveta turned and slipped off her blouse, she threw it in the face of Misha. He caught her and began stroking, and eat the smell Svety.Sveta already well warmed happening now saw clearly that it wants to Misha, and does not just want, but longs. She turned her back on him and began to take off her panties. Misha could not sit still, it seemed to him that the chair beneath him just burns. Sveta remained in shorts and bust. She gently start to take off her bra. She lowered her arms and Mike finally saw what I wanted for so long. Her third the size of the breast was so beautiful that any fashion model resting. Sveta went to Misha and sat down next to him. He pulled her closer to him and began to kiss her lips, her neck. He put Svetka under him and began to descend below. He kissed her beautiful breasts, her body, without ignoring any portion of her being. Finally, he got to this very, Sveta was startled by the touch of hands. Bear looked at her predatory eyes Svetka liked this look, she spread her legs and helped him remove her panties. And then he saw a small neat bush, wonderful fragrance came from this part of the body. It would have eaten him if it were possible, he dug his lips in her little clit. She moaned with pleasure and grabbed his head. First he stroked it gently with his tongue, then gently sucked, and then, finally, he began to caress her pussy. Svetka's eyes rolled back, and Bear entered the hole his tongue. He worked long and hard at it, so she asks pressed his head that he could not breathe, but he still continued to please her. And then she asks huddled in convulsions lungs - she had finished. Member Bears have long been burned with fire, and finally a chance. He went upstairs to the body Amy, kissing her belly, her breasts, her neck, her lips. He passionately kissed the Light that dizzy from some kisses. He stared at her lips and whispered in her ear: - You're a virgin I guess this is a strange question for a girl nineteen years old, but Sveta was raised in a family aristocrat, so it is quite normal vopros.- Yes, - said Svetka.- Then there will be little hurt - Misha said. - Tolerate ...- Yes, - he said ona.Misha again slowly began to enter into it his cock. Then, when he felt an obstacle, it is with the force pushed his dick in Svetke vlagalische.- Aaaaaaa - piercing issued Svetka.- patient, now the pain proydёt.I exactly the pain subsided after a few seconds, and Sveta already well feel his huge cock at in organism. When her breathing calmed, Mishka began to slowly drive his cock in the vagina. Svetka liked it, and she began to moan softly. Making sure that everything is in order, Mischa came out of it and walked the entire length. Light again issued a piercing cry, but this time not from the pain and pleasure. Misha began to move back and forth, that is urine, he could not take it anymore. Faster and faster, he stepped up the pace, but then she asks knocking him to the floor with the couch and turned on. Her posture like this anymore. She first moved slowly on his cock as if planted by the count, then faster, then again slowly, then she started wagging her hips and move quickly. Mike could no longer stand it and, turning Svetku for themselves, he began to fuck her with all his might. And then he sees how it is beating in great ecstasy of orgasm itself ends. Exhausted, he falls down next to her. A few minutes later, they were silent. Then Sveta got up and gone somewhere. After a few minutes of her perfect body appeared with a bottle of champagne in hand. She leaned against him for his hot body, and it was already relaxed, nipples again stood by order. She went to Misha and said: - Open your mouth. - Her voice sounded Now uverenno.Misha obeyed and opened his mouth. She doused his body with champagne and poured what was left in his mouth, and then said: - I want it She got on all fours, his pisey to face Misha and his face to his dignity!. Misha began to lick her pussy, she was incredibly nice and more because just drunk more champagne remained on the lips of Misha and small bubbles very well felt. Sveta never did blow, so it is first carefully examined Bears dignity and then kissed his head. Bear shuddered for a moment stopped its movement, but then recovered and continued. She licked his head, and then she wanted to lick the message to the base member. She did, and now she wanted to get it all. She settled back and at first slowly began to swallow his huge advantage. Bear took Svetka hips and planted on his fingers, Sveta trembled and somehow it turned out that the whole dick in her mouth climbed. She was really happy to be able to please him, too. She began to suck it up very slowly, playing with the head latch. Then faster and faster, then again slowly, then faster again. Then she heard the voice of Misha: - Now I can not stand. I do not mogu.I in truth his cock was ready to throw out all the accumulated semen. Sveta began to move her head faster, and then faster and faster, Misha caressed her clitoris and tongue caressed her vagina his skillful fingers. Sveta felt his cock is now cast out, raised his head, and he finished right on her face. At the same moment of ejaculation and this work Misha Light also konchila.Oni Misha lay motionless for about thirty minutes. Then he picked her up in his arms and dragged him into the shower. He turned on the cold water, and their bodies immediately napryaglis.Ona turned her ass and began to rub it on his penis. After some time, he was in full readiness. She asks herself, without further ado opёrlas handles on the bathtub edge. Misha and think it was not necessary. He grabbed her hips and hands entered her ass for the most eggs. Sveta cried, but it was a pleasure. He bent closer to her neck, thus providing an even greater penetration of his penis, put his arm around her breasts and began to fondle her nipples, then simply crushed his chest, and all fast moving his pelvis. She asks no more moaning, she just cried, she would like even faster. Bear stood up and began to drive her in his penis that there are forces and as quickly as possible. A couple more moves and everything he came straight into her anus, she did not have enough air, so he stuck two fingers in her pussy, she breathed, and they have merged in a passionate kiss. Then Bear bore her to her bedroom. There they went to bed and slept soundly sleeping child until the morning, until the father called to ask how they Svetka case. It was only the beginning roditeley..Pishite holiday, share your impressions. All answer. [email protected]