Female story about losing virginity

I was at that time 15 years old, I was in 10th grade, and walked with Volodka of 11 "A". However, "walking" he with me, and I was in love with him in the present, for a long time, since the 8th grade. I'm terribly jealous of him, constantly crying because of the fact that he's not looking, do not talk to me, dreaming that we are after school, get married!
And he, of course, was far from such lofty sentiments, and met with me because I was the most beautiful girl in school. I had a luxurious braid and already quite girlish figure with advanced breast. His love for Volodya, I hid, disbosom only one neighbor, Aunt Natasha. She was an adult, 35 years old, very beautiful and spiritual woman.
Meet Volodka we started in September, and by January mired in problems. Actually, the problem was one - Volodya wanted us to have sex. Most of our classmates fucking vengeance, Volodya himself lost innocence in the summer in the village, so the thought of himself as an experienced man, who had to face with a girl just walking. Until now, we only kissed Volodya, and I liked it, but I was afraid of sex crazy. I thought that would be very painful, very ashamed, besides, I was afraid that my friend will tell everyone how I behaved in bed, and the place where to retire, there was sex ... what then? But I was very afraid of losing Volodya, just to horror. We had to go to some concessions.
One of these concessions had permission to touch my breasts. Now our visits took place in a certain way: first we kissed, then he unbuttoned my jacket on and started! I do not find that word "milk" me. My breasts really liked him and he could squeeze them for hours. He cheat my nipples with your fingers, and rubbed himself against me the lower part of the body! I did not yet understand that in this way he managed to stop a couple of times a night. For me, these sessions were flour. Piles of his hands caused terrible pain, nipples ached for days afterwards, it was painful to wear a bra. Because of the constant pain in the chest, I even began to avoid meeting: to only Vova paw me every day. All this exacerbated my fear of sex: if it hurt even to touch the breasts, what can we say about the rest? It's probably all a nightmare! Girls in one voice saying that touching the breast-terribly pleasant, but they were just awful for me! conclusion? So something is wrong with my breasts!
All these concerns I shared with my roommate-sovetchitsey. She gave two good advice: be lubricated with petroleum jelly nipples, as well as cause it Vovchik that she taught him obraschastsya with women's breasts. That, I certainly did not do so was sure that Vova mortally offended, because he thought he was superman. Vaseline smeared nipples become less sick, but Vova did not like that the chest was skolzkovatoy and I stopped it lubricated. His teeth suffered agonizing affection, only not to lose the guy!
One went to a neighbor in the evening, as she sat in the kitchen a guest - an imposing man in his forties, he was introduced as Uncle Andrew. We drank tea together, suddenly Uncle Andrew asked:
- So, my child, you are still plagued by pain in the chest?
I have tears streamed from his eyes. How could Aunt Natasha to tell someone about my breasts? Traitor!
- Do not cry, laponka. Just Uncle Andrew - a doctor, it can do you have any advice!
- Yes, you should not be embarrassed. You know how much I in my life seen naked women?
I sat red as a lobster, and painfully thought. Problems with the breast by the time reached its climax. I even now to a neighbor came in soft robe, without a bra, but this is not facilitated my suffering. Can! this doctor! He is able to do something?
- You want me to examine you?
I smelled robe tighter and said hoarsely.
- I'm afraid that my breast that is not right!
- In what sense?
- Well, maybe there is some kind of tumor? Why do all the girls nice when they touch his chest, and it hurts me?
- I can not tell anything until you will search your chest. - The man smiled. He was pretty cute.
- Andrew, do you have with him is the miraculous ointment? I think in this case it just fits. - My neighbor also smiled.
- Yes, I have it in the bag. Bring her, Natasha, and we are ready. - He said, as if I had already agreed.
However, chest hurt, and there was nothing. I unbuttoned her gown, the doctor told to sit closer to the light, stood behind me and gently touched my breasts, large hands covered both hemispheres. Then he smeared his hands brought the ointment and began to gently massage my breasts noyushie!
Strange to say, but the pain was gone. Easy, gentle movements doctor rubbed ointment into the base of my breasts, fingers slowly touched gentle hollows between them.
His hands were so warm and soft, carrying such a relief that I closed my eyes. At this time, the doctor had already made it to the nipples and sliding movements rubbed ointment in them. They themselves have become tense and hard, that I was incredibly surprised: Vova sought the same effect simply pulling their fingers. The doctor went on confidently stroking my breasts another ten minutes, and I was just bliss. Finally he finished, smelled my robe and said,
- Well Well, thank God, no you do not have a tumor. Lovely, developed chest. But on the nipple, of course, there is irritation. So I would recommend you to just three such sessions as they are today. Come every night, I'll rub you the ointment. I now live with Aunt Natasha.
I quietly thanked him and left. I ran to his grandfather Andrew, who rubbed me the magic ointment in the next three days after the torment with Vovchik. And then the worst happened - Vova left parents and three days of his apartment was at our disposal. On the first evening he brought me to the master bedroom with a huge mirror and a huge bed, the type of which I trembled. Neither words nor speak. Vova began to kiss me, and then began to touch my breasts as usual. And then he took out a condom and said:
- All girlfriend's not wriggle. Or are you now give me, or we run away. Choose.
What could I choose? I loved him, and saw that he was not joking.
- Good. - Only I whispered.
- Cool! Then take off your clothes. - He told himself taking off his clothes. As in the haze, I saw his strong body, his penis gets up, which seemed huge.
Trembling with terror, I took off my clothes and stayed in shorts.
- Cowards, too. - Vova told, eyeing me appraisingly. I obeyed, took them off, all red with shame and tried to cover up his hands pubis. Vova pulled me down on the bed and I closed her eyes and prepared to endure the pain. Vova meanwhile lay down beside him and started active than usual, kneading my breasts. It was unbearable, but I suffered only once could not resist and moaned. And then he felt sorry that I did it: Vova pulled away from my breasts, leaned on my whole body.
- Spreading feet, it's time. - He hissed and forcefully pulled apart my knees.
Now his rampant penis is very close to ... my dry, fearful compressed gap. Escape was impossible. A second later, I felt like he pushed inside, and I felt so painful that I screamed. Vova clamped my mouth with his hand and angrily hissed:
- Shut up, bitch, that yelling? It hurts to be as expected, and everything! Shut up! - And again I began to shove me. I was very scared and hurt, I tried to throw it. I did not succeed, but the member is slightly shifted and slid on my stomach.
- Oh, you bitch! - I hoisted Vova - You're out of me impotent to do! Okay, so let's! - He sat down on his knees, spread my legs apart and hold them so, again began to poke a member in my bosom.
Such torture lasted at least an hour: Vovichk put me on all fours, put on the edge of the bed, endlessly trying to shove his penis. He had nothing left, he simply rest against a blank wall. It seemed, I do not have holes in which you can enter. In the end he held his penis between my breasts bruised, and released a portion of sperm.
- Well, then, listen to me, frigid bitch. - He said, putting on. - Heifer without pussy I do not need. Tomorrow ancestors not to be. Come here with petroleum jelly and let fuck yourself otherwise! otherwise you will not see me anymore.
I cried all night. The next day we Vovchik did not go to school, but instead I'm extremely humbled, I came to his home. With Vaseline.
- Lie down, spread your legs and smazh there yourself all. - He said by way of greeting. I did so, and he was watching me, playing with his swollen member. Then lay down on me and pointed a weapon at a target.
Alas. Vaseline has played a cruel joke with us. Member slipped, but not where it is necessary. Vova twice finished on my belly and ass, but take away my innocence and could not. So proclaimed that we are parting forever, since I "worthless whore ". I was close to suicide when he comes home crying for two hours. The whole body ached, washing in the shower, I noticed at a lot of bruises on the fingers grasping Vovchik. How will I live without him?
I had to talk to someone and I ran to a neighbor. Aunt Natasha was not home, so I sobbed, all told Uncle Andrew. It is comforting to pat me on the head and say all sorts of platitudes, and then asked:
- So he broke you play the virgin, or not?
- I do not know, it seems! It seems that I have at all no play the virgin, as you say, well, no, that hole, in that -!!! I did not know what to call it, and very embarrassed.
- The vagina? It can not be. This pathology is very rare.
Then I was struck by a brilliant idea:
- Can you see? ! - Vova after the torment I do not seem so terrible to spread her legs in front of the doctor. Although I am still terribly embarrassed.
- View your vagina? Of course, it should be done. Why do not you lie down here on the table.
I got a table in the living room. Uncle Andrew rubbed and washed his hands, then walked over and gently spread the sides of my knees.
- Do not strain yourself, I will not hurt you. - He said, and started inspection.
At first I felt his fingers stroking my ass. Then, very smooth movements, he began to stroke my whole bosom, slowly, gently. From stress and what else I'm all drenched and felt surprised that my cave moistened.
Uncle Andrew meanwhile, said:
- I grease the your chest, they are angry - and his fingers moved on my nipples. While he routinely massaged them, I'm just thrilled, without feeling any embarrassment from their nakedness. Then Uncle Andrew lowered one hand to my cave and became easy to move his fingers in it. A wave of pleasure came at me, I involuntarily twitched and pushed his knees.
- I have not finished, push the legs. - I said the doctor gently parted my legs.
His fingers began again to massage my wet slit, and I thought how unlike my legs parted the two men: Vova bore the pain, and Uncle Andrew - enjoy! Meanwhile, I became more pleasant, giddy with delight, not to moan, I began to nibble on her lips.
- Why are you biting lips? You're hurt - asked the doctor.
- No, I'm not hurt. - Trembling, I said.
- Then chtozhe? - He was persistent.
- I am very pleased, and I am afraid that scream with pleasure. - Honestly, I admitted, blushing.
- When you want to do it, you still can not help it. And it is not necessary. - The doctor said quietly. And he began to fondle a tiny circular motion mound between my sexual sponges! Mother dear! All my body twitched from the incredible pleasure. I groaned, and Uncle Andrew wider spread my knees bent and tightened his fingers clit! here I screamed in pleasure and roughly finished.
- Excuse me! - He whispered almost inaudibly, ashamed of his behavior.
- Do not apologize, you have quite a normal reaction. By the way, I must say that your vagina all right. And, fortunately, your friend is not broke you play the virgin. Apparently, he was aiming bad! rubbed you all around, and the target did not hit. I recommend that you be sure to pass the course of treatment, otherwise the infection can get into.
- What is the treatment? - I asked, sitting naked on a table.
- Again rubbing of the ointment. Only wound you got serious than on the chest, so you need to rub four times a day, and so at least four days. You're lucky, I'll sit at home on sick leave, I can help you.
- And how! four times a day, if I have half a day in school?
- I'll write you a certificate. And by the way, this will not you meet your boyfriend pridurochnym.
I thought that my mother put before the patient, it will not be difficult! And how well Uncle Andrew came up with this!
- Thank you! - I said sincerely.
- This is my medical debt. - He smiled. - So when do you want to start?
- Maybe right now? - I asked timidly. - Or are you tired?
- I? - He grinned. - No, I'm not tired. And you ?
- I want to quickly recover. - I lied. Actually, I just wanted to feel again his fingers in his cave!
- Then I'll bring the ointment and start. Just will not do it on the table, and there on the couch, if you do not mind.
Five minutes later we were attached on a narrow couch in front of a mirror in a bizarre position. Uncle Andrew gave me so that I was lying on his stomach knee, my knees were spread apart, and the ass was reflected in the mirror. At first it seemed to me not very comfortable, but when he began to rub my ass, I realized that this is a great, comfortable posture. Soon the doctor hand slipped between my legs and I involuntarily shrank whole again.
- Baby Do not pinch. - I told Uncle Andrew. - To relax her pussy!
When I heard this word, I felt even more ashamed, and I just curled up into a ball.
- Come on, baby, do not be shy. - Deftly worked his fingers and when he was able to touch the clitoris ... my muscles relaxed a little. - There is nothing wrong in the fact that you have a pussy. That's what it is you gentle, wonderful! pussy! pussy! Here klitorok! I let him massage !. Like this!
From his words and hands, I became terribly excited, and could not help readability bosom against his delicate fingers.
- Good for you, baby, podmahivat! like this! Now I have scoop ointment. - He took his hand away for a moment and then again touched me with cold cream. From this feeling, I immediately had finished, but he seemed not to notice and continued to massage. - No, no, do not try to move the legs. Not all. - With these words he gripped my fingers clit and nearly pulled! - ABOUT
ABOUT!. As I screamed as sudorgi huddled in orgasm! Already a third of today!
When I came home, everything that happened today with Vovchik seemed event many years ago. I could think only of tomorrow's meeting with Uncle Andrew and his magic ointment!
In the morning, barely having washed, I went to the session. Uncle Andrew met me in a robe and we almost immediately started to massage. Again on the sofa in front of a mirror, I experienced two orgasms one after the other. Prior to the second session I had stayed away from the neighbors, and we talked with Uncle Andrew, like old friends. With him I could say what no one said the other, even with Aunt Natasha.
She told him that very afraid of sex, to which he replied that when I meet a man whom I want, that sex no longer seem scary to me. But I loved Vovchik and sex did not want to! So, it's just not the same man, said Uncle Andrew and I just believed him. Then I asked him to tell me some words I heard from Vova and meaning which is not understood. His explanation I was very surprised.
- Damn - it's a normal woman who likes men. When she was like someone, she immediately gives him, it is not necessary to persuade. - he said. - A pussy - pussy is a grown woman. Here you are still not having sex, so you do not pussy only pussy. And you will become given to men - is pussy. I think you're a very passionate woman, you'll love the fucking! then I'll tell you how it is called earnest.
Back in the day there were three massages, two on the table, and one in front of the mirror. At night I slept like a log, and in the morning I realized that I could not live without his uncle Andrew. I love him, I want to have sex with him!
I ran to him joyfully held up the ass for massage and is no longer afraid, when he thrust his hand between my legs. On the contrary, I have wider spreads her legs and supplied to meet him, to succumb to the hips, and a few times with a cry came. And then he, to my horror, said more massages will not.
- How why? - I almost cried.
- You have no more wounds! - He said, lowering his eyes.
- Tell the truth! - Tearfully asked me.
- The truth? Oh well. The thing is! that I really like you. You excite me. And if you continue to push the legs in front of me! I did not keep and rape you.
- But! Uncle Andrew, I love you! I want us to do with love!
- Baby, it's impossible. You're only 15 years old. I go to jail if I sleep with you.
- But I will not tell anyone! And in the summer I will be 16! - I ran up to him and began kissing. He first soprotivlyalsya.no then responded to my kisses. Soon he put his arm around me and we went to bed, I was naked, he was fully dressed.
- This is your friend taught you to kiss like? - he asked.
- Yes! - I was so happy.
- I want you so much. - he said. - My dick aching pain.
- You can paste it to me right now. I have it. - I said bravely. Not enough yet to lose Andrew, just as I lost Vova!
- Fool. - He laughed. - You will be pleased! Out of the light is nothing better than when a woman enters the male member. But until we do, you're not ready yet. But maybe you do not refuse him pat?
- Of course! I can pet him! - I'm glad it did not seem dangerous to me.
- Then I'll take off pants?
The doctor took off his trousers and I saw his penis. God, he was two times greater than that of Vova! The brownish, thick, very solid, he stood straight up, and hairy balls throbbed beneath. I puzzled touched their hand.
- What is it you have a huge !. - I whispered, and Uncle Andrew fairly laughed and said:
- Play with it! pat!
He was stretched on the bed, and I began to eagerly met with a member. I gently massaging the testicles, he pushes back the foreskin and head stroked. It struck me that a member of a large, and at the same time so delicate and fragile.
- Can I kiss him? - I asked timidly. Uncle Andrew nodded. Then I covered the entire trunk light kisses, licked balls, finally lips instinctively closed around the head and began to suck it! Uncle Andrew groaned. He pulled back slightly and said hoarsely:
- Baby, if you go on like this, I finish. You do not get scared if my sperm hit you in the mouth?
I said that I will not be afraid, that want him finished and leaned against a member. The next half hour Uncle Andrew has lost control of himself: he groaned loudly, cried, sometimes began to rummage through my body and strength to massage the bosom! Finally he twisted and shouted, and the seed of the jet hit me in the mouth. I swallowed, but the sperm all flowed and flowed. I had to make a few large gulps. Finally Uncle Andrew came to his senses.
- Baby, how good it was to me. My sweet, come here! - He pulled me to him and began to kiss passionately. Then his lips went down to my chest and he began to kiss and lick my nipples. It was even nicer than the hands caress, especially when it is with the power of sucking my breasts. So he licked all over my body, and then his tongue slipped between my legs! such pleasure I have not experienced ever before. When he captured his lips clitoris and began to suck him, I seemed to have skyrocketed. After a couple of seconds, I came into his mouth as rapidly as he told me, and he just gently sucked my juices. Then put on all fours and began to caress especially elegant: one arm rough crumpling my tight nipples, and the other expertly massaging the clitoris and the vagina, his sturdy legs would not let me move the knees. Neither the peak of orgasm, I felt that my gap pressed his penis already tense again. I fearfully cringed, but then he began to caress the clitoris intense and saying:
- Baby., Do not pinch. Let me stroke your pussy! - From the familiar words and finished, and leaned toward the penis. - This is how .. do not be afraid! you will not be hurt! I thoroughly stretched your hole! you will be fine! Come on, let me fuck you! - At the same time he knew how traffic squeezed my clit, I felt the approach of orgasm! and at this moment he entered with force!
For a moment it was painful, but then! blissful feeling of fullness captured me.
I realized that there was nothing more beautiful than experienced. I especially liked that Uncle
... Andrei gripped me, I could neither escape nor move his legs or jump off a member, or take some other position! I was entirely at his mercy. He silently, powerfully, even more parted my legs and literally crucified on his penis, so that I could feel his balls flattened against my bosom. Then his hand again began to caress the clitoris:
- Now I want to pat not pussy innocent girl and a real woman's pussy. - He said, and I felt proud that it has become an adult woman. From pride I finished and felt my muscles tightened embraced the male member. - And you're hot! - Uncle Andrew responded. - My girl is already finished! the first time finished on such a large member! clever! - And he was furiously fuck me, will drive member and rough fingers squeezing my nipples.
The next two days we did not get out of bed. Uncle Andrew taught me everything he knew himself, and of course, fucking in different poses. He was able to teach me to swear words, he forced me to ask "Insert dick in pussy" and other indecent things that I have, but even more excited. He loved to explain to me that in our relations there is nothing special, and I can experience the same feeling with any other man. But I was a jerk remembered Vova and I did not believe his grandfather Andrey.
One day he said to take me to a gynecologist, because it is not sure that I fit those birth control pills, which he had bought. I did not suspect anything wrong, she went to the clinic. The study had two doctors, I was asked to sit in a chair, privyazali feet and hands, and then I thought, not bad, because Uncle Andrew was there. And suddenly both of these doctors began unceremoniously to feel me! I stared in disbelief at his friend, and doctors caressed my nipples, then began to stroke between the wide-open legs, massaging the clitoris and saying:
- Pretty! boobs strong, wet pussy! Now we'll fuck you! - And taken out of the pants stronger members.
I of course, their caresses flowed strongly, but fuck them, not going so I started to protest and struggled. They continued to Iron-on transfer me, and Uncle Andrew said quietly:
- Baby, we can go now, I do not force you to fuck with them. But suddenly you like it? If we leave now, you'll never know as it could terminate their membership!
- But I do not want them!
- You wet excited pussy! she wants them! You're a real little whore and you can finish from any dick. Or are you a little girl, and now we go home?
- No, we're staying! - I said.
- Well done. Guys, she agreed.
One of the doctors immediately fell in between my legs and in one motion drove a member, and the other expertly twisted my nipples. Uncle Andrew was right, the feeling of his complete dependence on foreign men, their legs tied, from the confident movement of their fingers and members, I experienced an incredible pleasure, finished five times. Then we went out happy and Uncle Andrew made me suck it straight on a bench in Central Park. I do not know, as soon as the citizens have not called the police!
Then our relationship changed. He provoked me that I fucked with different fellows, and then told him. So I seduced idiot Vova (fuck with him turned out to be not at all interested) and our school chemistry teacher who had a small penis. Uncle Andrew, we were friends for life and continued to fuck, even when I got married. Now he has grown old order, it is always required a good blowjob to excite, but it's not a problem, because it taught me to do it very well!