It was in the sauna

It is not the writer's imagination, but a real case occurred not so long ago, namely 23 February 2004 goda.Ya been married for more than 20 years and during that time we have tried a lot that his wife, with regard to sex. And we had an unfulfilled dream - to try group sex. Couples tried, and that's when a lot of different parties - not the case predstavlyalsya.Predstavlyus to start ... Oleg, 44 years old, still in uniform, working in commerce, wife Lena, 40 years old, black hair, medium length hair, 168 cm, slightly overweight , especially in the hips, chest size with 5 big and dark soskami.Ochen sexy and temperamental, and quite nice to lichiko.Nu, so here February 23, come to me my business associates from out of town and offered to celebrate the holiday in a purely male company. We decided to go to the sauna. Their four and I gained a drink and feast "I went".Spustya A couple of hours, when it wanted to "spectacles"Mikhail Viktorovich asked me, as we have here with the girls? I said not really, except "trassovschits" and one will not find. And then I realized that this is a chance! There is our wife zhelanie.Govoryu ... Is here in my "proven girlfriend"Certainly not a girl, but too good! Michael V. said ... Call and see what it can ... Oh, I forgot to say, Mikhail Viktorovich, this is my direct boss "from the center"Already in years 60, but about the women - an eagle! Valera, Sergey and Dima, his deputies in different directions, the boys quite young in comparison with us, about 25-30 years. I called Lena, say because they say so, do you agree? She little thought reshilas.Zhdem. 30 minutes later, the door opens and my wife comes. Mikhail Viktorovich brightened ...- Come dear, what is the name - Lena. And it throws off from itself shubu..Odelas it is quite sexy, translucent white blouse, red bra, short, black skirt and black stockings ... One of the guys said ...- What's in this town was not found anything better, except this old woman? what Michael V. said ...- you snotty idiots that you understand to women ... it is make sure your nipples and can not imagine. However, my dear - True. Lena smiled and sat down for stol.Ey poured vodka and given a drink. She drank, and not having time to eat Valera poured another, and she drank this one. I just sat and watched what would happen next? Michael V. said ...- Well, show me baby that is capable of ... Lena came up to him, sat on his knees, threw back the sheet with the boss and took the flaccid penis into her mouth. Member quickly began to rise in her mouth skillful zheny.Rebyata watched this picture and their members, too, began to take "firing position".Valera Approached her from behind and began to pull off her odezhdu.Rebyata began to advise him ...- You just do not shoot everything with it, and it will not kayf.- Leave panties and stockings, it will be removed from it kruto.On bra and full breasts fell naruzhu.Dima wife (he was the youngest in appearance) just obadel from such vida.- Mikhail Viktorovich, let me blow in between her boobs, I have not such bylo.- you wait, Wait I suck and incident ... Lena sucking long time but the chief would not blow, so he offered another drink and peredyhnut on stopochke.Vse sat down, poured a glass of Lena (she was so much never saw) and given a drink. I realized that it now "razvezet"What principle the guys achieved. She reached for a snack, but the chief said ...- You che Court invited eat free then? Spent over ... Climb under the table and suck everyone in turn until the end, and then at the table and sadis.Lena looked at me ... and that I could in this situation? If we started, we have to go through. She reached under the table and the first began to suck my cock. I quickly finished, did not want her to suck my still half an hour, then she went on sucking krugu.Pervym turned Dima ...- Cool bitch sucks, I took so long I can not, he said, and ended in her rot.U Valera it I sucked longer and he always tried to stick to it for the most yaytsa.Ya saw that Lena and so is not good anymore, but this made the situation even huzhe.Vskore and he finished in nee.Sergey said he did not want his cock was already in "ispachkonom"mouth, and decided to masturbate and cum on her litso.Do Mikhail Viktorovich queue is not reached, as Lena was no longer able to stand on his feet. Guys laid her on the couch, spread her legs ...- I wonder what the old women pussy? Asked Dima and ripped pants with Leny.- beautiful, shaved just like in devochki..Valera spread his lips and put two paltsa.- only raebanaya hole has probably not only hubby tries, someone else helps ..skazal Mikhail Viktorovich. .. Okay guys, lift her legs, I point vduyu.I swung planted it in the ass. Lena barely reacted, it was already too pyana.Rebyata watched and kayfovat. All too would like to fuck the adult woman in the ass. A few minutes later Lena began to moan under the chief. Valera said she still wants to do certain things in his mouth. He took a glass of vodka, he poured over and stuck his dick in my mouth Lena. She began to suck even felt that the term vodka. Dima and Sergey also wanted to try so. And they have three fun this way. In addition, they have poured vodka from glasses into her mouth and it seemed to me that his wife was turned off at all times and nothing chuvstvovala.Nakonets, Mikhail Viktorovich finished it in the ass, and asked the children to deal with this whore ... They took turns fucking her steel in the mouth, in the ass, in the pussy. I did not see who, how many times and where it finished, but it lasted quite dolgo.Mihail Viktorovich passed out with Sergei and Valera and Dima all "experimented". Shoves in her pussy hands, tried to do it in the ass, but it was impossible. Poured into her vodka, water, juice, squeezed her nipples, ass sit on the face. In the end decided to piss on it is they liked the most. I do not know when all this konchitsya.Esche drinking too otklyuchilis.Ya they called a taxi, I threw a coat Lena and we drove it domoy.Othodila three days after such priklyucheniya.Vot so it was. Sorry if that, to me, no writer, but not the essence of the matter. The main thing that all this is true life!
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