Fir bouquet

There was a Saturday, and trekked around eleven Julia's eyes turned to me and started rubbing her ass on my cock. I was asleep, but sleep was already shallow, and I quickly felt the touch. However, my penis yet again managed to get ahead of me, and at the time of waking up persistently sought protruding ass. What is happiness, to wake up ready to get her ass, which itself is so challenging for it arises.
I hugged her, kissed her neck, squeezed his chest .. "Say, do you want that he slipped in your ass?" I whispered. "Yes, Zhenya, I'm quite relaxed, and my hole will not fight back, finished in my ass " - Said Julia a little embarrassed. I was excited even more blood rushed through his veins, and his hands began to fornicate her body, squeezing the chest, stomach and plucking hairs on her pubic hair. My arm hugged member and head tightly against the small hole. Lying on her side, embracing Julia under the belly, I pressed his whole body jerked sharply and drove his cock into a narrow prohodik. Easy shout stopped me, I was moving quickly and dramatically, and her ass took my penis in yourself and relaxed, and quickly moved into sobs easy postanyvanie. She stroked my arms around her and squeezed them tightly. My breath hot on her neck, I sucked his lips and a white neck under the hair remained small red print my love. Movement became faster - lust prevailed, eggs tyazhelel Shchekotov inside and pushing the sperm, which pushes the way on a swollen to the limit and are clamped in the ass favorite member. I twitched a couple of times and is deeply immersed, threw first, and then the second and third batch of his sperm. Member remained in the ass and slowly shrank. I quietly whispered sweet words, closed his eyes and almost fell into a doze.
But then Julia moved. Member slipped easily blown away and flopped on my leg, and Julia got up and left. "Probably in the bathroom" - I thought, and closed his eyes again. And then I felt the coolness descends on me. Yulchik wiped my face with a wet towel, I finally woke up, but it was a nice return on a sunny June day and I wanted to go to swim in the lake. As I made plans Yulchik wiped my penis and began to lick it gently sucking, then it is the eggs. Excitement was not only pleasure from her lustful affection for my dignity. I told about his plans to go to swim, Julia gladly agreed, and looked up from my penis went to cook breakfast, and I stumbled into the shower.
At breakfast, Julia offered to go somewhere far away from human eyes, and I enthusiastically accepted the offer.
Gathering, we got into the car and quickly as possible, pushing his way among the cars left the city. Unwind many kilometers we turned off the road into the woods and got to a small quiet lake. The sun beat down, the smell of pine needles raised from the ground and as a steam bath fills our lungs.
Julia, looking around and realizing that we are the only ones in the world, said it was a great place and asked what I would have brought her a pair of beautiful fir branches. I cut off a hunting knife a couple of branches, immediately picked some forest flowers that remained for me forever nameless, and gave her the bouquet. She laughed and began to undress.
Her naked body excited me, and I quickly took off his clothes. She knelt down and kissed my dick. I rose and I saw in her eyes all the thoughts which she carefully concealed from me since the moment when I told her about our trip. Julia strictly told me to turn around and kneel. She sat on my horse and wished to ride through the woods. I dutifully fulfilled her orders. Wood was merciless toward me, hands were pricked, his knees rubbed against the sand, needles and cones. A member of relentlessly sticking. By order of his Lady, I picked up his teeth from the ground rod and now she was running out, lashing rod on my ass. "Enough! Stop!" - She got off me, looked at my ass and began to dig the tip of the rod in the hole, undisguised by her gaze. She told me to push the legs wider and quiet, just scaring me, took me in the balls and hit the bar. I was trembling inside, afraid to get hit harder, but she took pity and put down the rod. But then he fell on my butt blows bouquet that I brought her. Needles pricked and pierced the branches hurt my skin. I have not moaned and cried out, and at some time thought that it was time to stop, but the pain excited me, and I continued to suffer this humiliation. Suddenly she stopped, I felt relieved, but at this moment it sank into my ass dildo and told him to lie on his back on the sand. "Yes, Mistress!" - I unconditionally fulfilled all that she ordered. "I love you " - Spinning the words in my head, but I did not dare to say it, not now, now I was only a slave. Julia walked over and casually stretched my legs with his own. I sat down on the protruding member and .. but no! she sat on it, just touching her intimate lips began to write to me, dousing hot and fragrant spray. Later, she moved to my face and let lick her wet pussy. I licked and enjoy this beauty, this harmony with nature and for a moment forgot about the nagging pain and itching on the back and the Priest and squashing me phallus. After that, my lady mercilessly began to whip me in the balls with fir branches and members, the pain would be bearable, but the needle was burned and cut, all scratched, and it seemed to me that the groans are heard from there. penis swollen from the injections, each hit moves me, recalling the presence of the phallus in me, I could not stand. And at this moment on his aching head irritated girl dropped my Lady, and began jumping on me! I screamed in pain, or pleasure, or joy, that my torture is over. Within a minute I had finished my Julia slowly slipped from me and kissed me.
Now I could say to her: "I love you sweet!" It is very carefully removed the dildo from my priests, and we went into the water. Cool water gave me easy, cool and soothing my itchy. We got out of the water, Julia got sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. I was ready to swallow everything! Happiness over me.
But then I began to dress, panties rubbing reddened needles eggs, I stroked them ... Then we got in the car and that's how to pull off his pants down and cover with a wet towel irritated eggs, occasionally scratching them, I drove the car.
On reaching home, I still put on his pants already on the protruding member and the fast, but his legs wide apart, went up to the apartment. She undressed and douse his bogatstvoprohladnym shower, and then, outstretched legs, lay down on the bed. Julia jumped all night around me, fed me with a spoon, doing massage, licked balls and cock, and I have a couple more times finished in her mouth.
For this I am willing to endure all! And not only for the sake of it, but because I like it.