School Theatre

ATTENTION !!! ATTENTION! THIS WORK is based on fictional events and to write in the genre of teenage sex (LOLITA SEX) Everyone who rejection of teenage sex, please do not read the works. All matches by chance.
Thick and heavy-set man of 45 walked down the corridor of high school N134. He had small dark eyes. His face, especially the forehead, was almost crimson. Grimace expressed explicit curiosity and pleasure in darting past the school. In general, a cheerful sort of fat. A sudden movement he opened the door to direktoru.- And here I am, - he said, like some actor tsirka.- And, Yes, Yes, go, - said the Soviet type headmistress, without lifting the face from the papers - it's you seems Arkady L., directed by a young theater actor. Let's get to the point, we can not identify you auditorium for rehearsals, but there is a perfectly renovated attic - our small assembly zal.- It is quite enough - said sulkily our geroy.- As I recall, the children will rehearse three times a week? - Yes, yes, all agreed with the parents. Today the third floor you can spend the first rehearsal. By the way, that will put the - you know, it is necessary to inculcate the children a good taste, something from Greek mythology. And the children of the right age? I said to reveal talent ideal age 10-12 years.- I remember everything, I listen to a lot of things, after half an hour the children will rehearse. You need to climb to the 4th floor and walk down the hallway to the end. And most importantly - let us, as I warned in a Parent Meeting in two weeks that would have been ready predstavlenie.- Konechno.Vse clear. Vsego.Na fact, Helena - headmistress, not like the bulky, bohemian kind of style, but it has long been accused of kondovoj shovels, and the complete absence of art in school. And then I turned up the director, also agreed to a paltry money.
* * * * *
Expanding their belongings Arkady L. was sitting on the bench the unpleasant dusty attic. Belatedly, Children - 5g disciples began to go. The class was small - only 17 people. Most of the boys. However, for the undertaking that he was going to take place in parallel with the rehearsals it was not important. When they met, he divided all into two groups, male and female. Boys did not interest him, they will be assigned on Friday. He has already agreed that they will put some stupid battles-ing scene of Hercules, with toy swords. But these juvenile popsy ... Today was just Monday, wishing good luck to the guys Ark Lion closed the door behind them. Girls have got to be extremely tasty and there were five: petite, tanned blonde, very beautiful attractive face - Julia 10-11 years; Brunette-Anne, taller, with dark eyes and well the outlined very young tubercles breasts, popsy Christina, whose hair colored strands, light make-up on her face, manicure, jewelry and very brief miniyubochka. She had the most simpotichnyh face, - a sort of model -nimfetka. Usually in such Krivlyak I love all the boys in the class. Then another blonde above the rest, very slim girl, very young, only 11 years, and the growth of pulling all 14. On behalf of the IRA. Closes the series of little Kate with two braids, she was barely give 10 years.- Mother! - I began to tutor gentle creatures - we are going to put zamechatelny performance - the ancient Greek myth of zhenschinoy wars kalduni and the poor girl. Entitled "Antide" Now, let's not waste time, It is for this shirmochka, he pointed to the pathetic faded curtain you need to change into a suit naryady.Tut three warriors, they probably will Anya, Ira and Christina. He pulled out his big red bohemian sacks Korotenko semi-dress tunic-half and three pairs of small and red boots. Three lessons from other bags, repainted in red plastic dagger, symbolizing the fiery swords of fearless warriors. Blue tunic prenadlezhat witches, as well as whimsically painted pointer. The latter was a long dress beggar korichnivogo tsveta.- general way, Julia, you're a magician, and the poor girl Katya. No objection - It's not fair - made small Katya, - why I beggar. I will not ...- Do not chew, his play at the end you find yourself a princess - Arkady L. wriggled. All right, he slapped lodoshi, march to change clothes, so a lot of time lost, by the way, because you want to be the heroine of the myths - provocatively asked on.Pochti all the girls said in unison da.- Here sings obyazaelno put clothes on the naked telo.- How and shorts can leave ?, scared Anya.- Panties course leave, the word -trusiki- he felt terrible excitement vnizu.Devochki went behind the curtain and there was a sweet heart of our tolstyachka clothes rustling and whispering stupid. Quietly, he got up from his director's "throne" And tsipochkah approached the curtains. Barely noticeable, he pulled the cloth and watched: Oh! Many would like to be there and see what he saw. Three of them have already been completed, and before the spinning-showing outfits at each other, and two yet. Julia just took off his jeans revealing a beautiful zagarelye legs. She stood back to our nablyudatelyu.Zatem bent down to take the floor with his tunic, exposing a round ass fitted by snow-white panties with pink hearts. Red Dress For nearly put Anya, but left to remove the t-shirt. She pulled up the edge and seemed milky-white skin, beautiful white tummy and finally jumped two gentle, young sisechki with pale pink nipples. Very small - each with a half orange. The girl finally donned his costume. Slightly sweaty seen from the director, carefully he returned to his seat. Actresses reached the dusty podmostki.- Well, then today we put a little scene. You, - he pointed to wars girls - come in a rundown Greek village. And you, Katyusha - the poor girl. You stripped before his house and plachesh.- Where is my home - asked bednyazhka.- scenery then now fulfill the role. You, - he said to the three daggers, - come to the village. And wonder why such zapustenie.- Voobshche in his play all distribute the text. Said Kristina.- Yes my child all the way, but our performance - a feature we find come up with the dialogue. Well, let's be surprised - why no one in the village? Where is everybody? What happened? Why Some houses have been destroyed? And you answer them, - he says, - Grief has come to our village, we lived well and happily until we are not attacked by a terrible monster Zorus, this thing has killed men who tried to protect the village, and kidnapped women and children, It is a great and terrible much more you fire the war, I was saved, ukryvshes in a haystack. Can you summarize your words Katya - the main point. And so the warrior come to the ruined village. Poehali.Nash Stanislavsky sat comfortably. Three girls came on stage and quite artistically began to look around him. Kate carried out all right. However, the attention of the brilliant director ... was not chained to the babble of youngsters, and to the beautiful legs girls. If Christina and Anna tunics were getting half the thighs, the bashful blonde Ira due to its growth outfit barely covered panties. She kept trying to pull down the tunic, but it turned out badly. When, during the conversations she was fascinated by and let the bottom of the Suit, the material to spring back slightly and opened eyes, slim hips, then flashed almost bare pinkish strong ass, O my God! Her panties were in the form of a bikini! Arkady L. feverishly blotted the sweat from his forehead. Finally, the poor girl in a long dress told her sad istoriyu.- So you played well, and now the monster !! Wearing a hat on the head with horns, depicting animal roar thick Maestro climbed onto the stage, girls zaulybalis.- Now this story, - he began directing remark , I'm trying to catch someone of the soldiers, peasant hidden side of the stage, and you froze in horror. Then I'll tell you what to do. Nachali.On terrible voice began: - I, the great Zorus, Oh, you warriors of fire, I catch and eat you !! He crouched began to catch the girls on what they became hihikat.Snachala he grabbed Christina's waist, making her pout slightly. I tried to push him away, but a new actor in a playful manner, pushed her and began fighting, biting pen beautiful girl: - You do not will consult with me! Bloodthirsty he muttered, going down the mouth below and now a little bit-kissed nezhnuyuLyazhechku but vybrazhale Christine not like the game, krehtya, it is lying on his back, began to push two legs Arkady L. and then looked down, he saw a very sexy picture - Christina's legs strained trying push it and exactly at the bottom of his face was visibly soaked with the effort pisya girl covered with black panties, in the second he could smell the young koketki.Ponyav that girl can cry, our actor fell behind her, with terrible words - no, it I can not do it, but you RRRRRRRuuuaa !! Zorus growled and grabbed Anya gently, struggling, he dumped her a little farther away from her friends, the girls giggled, watching them, but the director put it so that he was sitting on his knees between the legs divorced smeyuschaysya girls and the others could not see the details because monster was back to them. "This suchechku I remember more"- Teacher thought aktris.- I will destroy you !! scary he said, and having rested for a floor with one hand began to kiss the girl into the inner part of the thigh, brunette Anya just shook her head and laughing said she was tickled at this time he top groped hand belly and then started to squeeze through a red tunic young sisechki, head he completely got under podol.O YES! These white panties kids. With murderous growl, he began to lick pussy Ani through a narrow white stripes, the girl began to quickly breathe, catching the moment, he quickly moved the panties on Picea, and he opened a young pubis, with barely hatched black hair and pink razrezik against the backdrop of snow-white skin, licking tongue and on Picea little clit he pochuvsvoval seizures girl, realizing that it is necessary to interrupt, unnecessarily. his dick in his pants already swollen to the limit and will soon simply bursting, he took himself in hand, he broke away from devochki.- And what you stand, he defused the situation, I am suffering here and you do not save her friend-warrior - And you did not tell ! Ira.- argue you should try to stab me with your fiery swords - he said, getting up and moving to devochkam.- Here you! Here! They began to poke his sabelkami.- But the worst! He said he had as a director - at Zorusa no effect your weapon! And then shall appear you Julia, come on! Do not be afraid of the warrior, I have magic, I will stop him! - Say it to me prikosatsya magic wand Julia all vypolnila.- AAAAAA any pain - he said growling voice. So for nearly four. We lingered. You played well, but there is an important condition, you want to surprise everyone with a perfect performance - Yes! Yes! - Responded oni.- Then do not tell the parents - a great pessa should be a surprise. Otherwise, one of you will not produce is a current actress. All clear - Da.Konechno it was weak guarantee, however, the game that started Arkady L. was risky. Girls dressed back and started popraschavshes uhodit.- Good luck! By the way, Anya, you have to stay. You have to really get into rol.- But I have to go ...- Wait! I do not otnemu lot of time from you. Total 20 minutok.- Well we have a good result? Asked another devochki.- Yes, you are free to follow-ing zanyatiy.- Well .. What should I do to change clothes again - No, no. Arkady L. girls closed the door and locked it shvabroy.- It is that no one would interfere with rehearsals. Come on, I'm all you obyasnyu.Pokladistaya Anya went for the director. Here, behind the scenes they were back in the cubbyhole cherdaka.- Well, what do I do - You see Annie, the main thing is to be able to relax, these actresses are able to truly relax. Then the role vygljadet estestvennoy.- How is it -? You know, when I was playing today with you the role, then you could a little rasslabitsya.- Well, I do not know ... shy girl remembering how then, imperceptibly from the trampling-girlfriends lyala trusiki.- I will explain everything to you now - quietly went on stage master, with these words he drew the brunette to her, and gently sat on koleno.Devochka not resist. Holding her by the waist, he began to bear some nonsense about a Hollywood actress, a large theater, downloading brains girls. And he became one arm to climb under her blouse. She sat there and did not react. At the same time he began boltavney slightly compress the breast through the shirt. Anya began to breathe more deeply, he realized that she liked. Then seducer moved his hands under the shirt, feeling the gentle tummy, he raised his hands thrusting them into small breasts and began to kiss a girl in the head. The delicate skin on her chest drove him crazy. Already a hoarse voice with lust, he said: - Let's drugomu.S these words, he proipodnyal girl and turned to face him again, sat on his knees You relax - Da.Ona she was excited?. Arkady L. began to gently lift the T-shirt. And finally, the dream of his day - two milky young sisechki in front of his mouth. He began sucking on his left hand holding the other. Then he put his hands on his hips and began to caress the beauty of them. This went on for ten minutes. Member rushed out like a mad bull. All. it was above an experienced male strength. Lifting the girl he got excited he gently placed it back on the table and began to kiss passionately .... Small boobs, tummy - the girl moaned closing her eyes. Lifting her legs on his shoulders, he was holding a white gum panties began to pull them. Gum was already on the thighs, when Anya if ochnulas.- Do not! I really can not! The truth is - And we do wrong will not do, do not be afraid! I promise you! Whispered affected in istupleniya rezhisser.Navernoe excitement girl wanted so much repetition of the recent sensations at the rehearsal, she still took her hands would remove the last barrier. He again pulled the rubber band on the hips and gently removed the white panties. Well, the picture! In front of him with raised long legs lying nymphet in a tee shirt Zadranoy navrh. Delicate white skin milk sisenki with transparent pink nipples, navel and a little young virgin pisya between the legs. He bent down and happily started to lick her treasure, absorbing the gentle smell. The girl shook her head with passion."It seems that the time has come - he decided. - I caressing a young bitch enough." He unbuttoned and lowered his pants, underwear, and now in his hand a powerful pulsating veins Tols member. Slipping one hand under the ass under the other, he began to attach his hero to crack. When most Bogrov head touched the young girl Picea opened his eyes and raised his head begged: - Oh! Arkady L.! Pretty! I'm afraid! It hurts to be! I can not! - A little hurt, then nicely. Well, fear not! - Oh, no! I'm afraid - not afraid And with a heavy sigh, clutched in one hand and half our ass hypocrite Stuck powerful member of the pussy girl was very narrowly passed only half of the head, the girls began to shake his head and a muffled whine, biting her lip in pain!. Exhausted natenut a young brunette on your agrigat he made a powerful movement of his hips forward sticking petrified member of the middle. The girl screamed, and the mad man began powerfully batter Anya. Even when the virgin burst Anya continued to shout. The director continued strongly to fuck the girl subdued. Recording cave was narrow, and the sight of long, slender legs, feeling schelkovistoy half ass in his hands and the kind of flinches sisichek made their busi- he not have lasted five minutes. With groans and cries had her, he began to shoot powerful jets of semen in pussy schoolgirl. After sex, he took out a squishing sound member, brushed it from virgin blood and standing in front of a girl on her knees began to lick reimburse uscherb- protrahanuyu slot girly. Then he raised his head, he kissed her newly made woman. Anna calmed down in tears, and even now you uybalas.- vsovsem adult. - Teatral.- said I know - smiled ona.- Listen, about what happened do not tell anyone this week. After this time, you can tell. Otherwise, parents are sure to lead you to opiratsiyu. There will be terribly hurt! And if you will not tell anyone, not lead. It is clear - Well da.Anya was obviously the most good from these girls. Gently he took her farewell. Thus ended the first day of rehearsal.
Returning to a removable 1-room apartment, our priest love first thing in rasslablyuschuyu took a bath, he laundered tchatelno member of the girl's blood. The head krutilos- will give not give a man ... then discharged tightly supper. Sitting in a comfortable chair, he turned on the news, in which the announcer told tedious extradition of some tycoon. Turn down the sound it comfortably lit a fat cigar. In this large, we can say smug cigar in mitaforicheskom sense, the meaning of his life the last 12 years. Our hero was not always nymphomania, accompanied by a look of young girls. His favorite age 11-13 years - the girl is no longer puffy child but not an adult. Unexpectedly, he pondered over the question of morality. Is he smart and kind person, the most monstrous maniac pedophile trap children in the candy? No, it's definitely not about me. He thought. After all, those raped children, and I seduce nymphets and very successfully. Let's think logically, he began an internal monologue with an imaginary appanentom. Girls aged 12 years in today's society neprekosnovenny child, so by law, but in fact there were the old days, when the 13 years old girls already could be someone else's wives, in a society that was not immoral. And now? After all, if you give the old and impotent hypocrites write laws, even 18 is too early ?! That is, it all depends on the moral attitudes of society. Well, if I love the young ass, pussy, sex with them, then now, on trial for me? No Sir, I - not a pedophile. These nasty bastards raped, bullied, and often killed these children - 5 and 7 years. No Sympathy and understanding to them I do not feel. And if the 11-12 year old flirt already has quite feminine form, all but full breasts? Yes, I am absolutely prav.Odnako, self-hypnosis still did not give him complete peace of mind. Hell, I'm in the race for a long time, until one major misfire. But the theory of probability does not come up with fools! Yes, this is another school, a maximum of two times ... He remembered the time of entry into Anya ... yes, for the sake of those moments I live. But how many of them were ... Veronica, Tanya Lera, Sasha, Masha All ... and I do not remember. He suddenly remembered my first time, not the one showing off in front of boys in 16 years: "And I fucked chick"And the other - a real first time, turning - in 32. It was in a small provincial town, where he is a PhD on batanike destistepenny arrived at the seminar of experts on sel.hoz problems. in Soviet Union. Who knew that after this trip trivial to the people, it will change your life. After the meeting, at dusk, he went to his shack, which zdaval 3 days old one. He remembered the girl, brown-haired woman in a summer sundress and sparkling young legs, kaku-the outskirts of the nearby village, haystack, moaning nymphet, ladnost young pdrostkovoy figures. He dozed off. So I passed the first day.
* * * * * *
On Wednesday, 13 hours a cheerful and already shaved Arkady L. dialed headmistress shkoly.- Denmark This is your director, Arch L. you have everything in order - Yes, yes - of course, come today. How is the dress rehearsal - All right parents do not razacharuyutsya.- It - Yes yes it is, I just wanted to find out whether not izmeniles plany.- No come and work. Before Vse.- svidaniya.Raschet was simple, if the parents have already raised Ani scandal because vyebanoy girls that headmistress gave to understand that. Of course she could pretend and if the school made a police ambush. But it was not very likely. The director was a wonderful mood. The man was about to leave, I almost forgot something very important. It was a jar, store in the refrigerator, inside the super cocktail. Alcohol, sweet syrup, strong exciter and harmless, very rare Indian extracts. This powerful tool has been used in complex situations. "Perhaps in handy." He went to school. Opened assembly zal.- pylischa Well, there seems to be no ubiraetsya.Poka girl has not yet come, he decided to look for a memorable place, ascended to the pathetic scene, he went backstage. Here she is. Commemorative worktop ... and a pile of school stuff. Arkady L. approached her, looked at divorce zamyty they last traces of joy. One can not help remembering quivering with each thrust dairy sisechki Ani he blushed. Yes. That day passed correctly. "Oh, it's time to go back to the entrance"He thought he heard the voices of schoolgirls. Girls poprevetstvovali pedogoga and started settling in the attic, there was a change, they talked some nonsense about pop music and some games. Going to Ana, he quietly asked: - It's okay - Da.Devochka slightly smiled and blushed?. Directed friendly wink Ey.- way my colleagues, and where is our fairy Julia? She segdnya important part of the statement, there will be many fairy segdnya uchastvovat.- Oh and you know, the beginning of Natasha, she is now in the classroom, on the 2nd floor. She now ubiraetsya.- What rehearsal? - You know we have a very cleaning strogo.- Well, I'll find her and think of something, and you do not get bored, and rehearse and costs. I linger and come. Costumes in the bag. Take sami.- well. The girls were obviously happy to give himself an air of importance sebe.S man went to the second floor looking into a couple of rooms, he finally opened the door to 5g. Girl standing on a stepladder wiped top stilazha. It was in a beautiful dress and elegant thin pantyhose. She had to be sure to support! - Oh, hello, I'm here ubirayus.- See upadi.On not approached carefully and gently held her by the hips, hands on her dress. Seeing that Julia continues to carefully wipe stilazh, he slipped his hands took her just under the buttocks. When he prekosnulsya to it, it struck like a current: the director was holding and gripping round a strong ass, covered with opaque tights. Oh, the day has just begun, and he was about to unceremoniously master blondinochkoy.- Arkady L. Incidentally, the boy ran away and I still have 3 chairs from the warehouse to drag! Here they are goats, though - Listen and let me help you Yulia - You are so kind. Come on. They are light and Boghos vyshli.- Listen, in a warehouse keeper there yes - No. I have a key, warehouse here on vtorom.- It prekrasno.Nash hero could hardly hide his joy, because it is in an empty closet at least a good pomnetsya girl. She unlocked the door and they entered the warehouse a little semi-dark pomeschenie- These chairs we need - it showed, taking odin.- Wait - stopped her uchitel.On closed the door locked from the inside, then sat down on a chair. The girl looked at him with her blue eyes ispuganno.- But we have to carry chairs ..- Yes, but first I have to explain to you something. He took the girl by the hand and gently pulled her to him. - You're a magician, you should have nothing to fear. You know - you want to be cool Da.- actress or a singer - Yes! Highly! I want to be like Madonna! She's so cool! - But Madonna brightened ona.- nothing boitsya.- Me too! - A little you remove the tights or slaughter -? Nah! But why -? Just here it is very stuffy. And I want to show you the special rol.- okay. Only you close your eyes - Horosho.Poslyshalos rustling. Opening his eyes he saw a blonde in a dress to get it to mid-thigh and lower Kripen'ka slender tanned legs in sandals. He took the girl by the toliyu and priblizil.- You have to relax, which would be ready to volshebnitsy.On Rolet took one by the leg and started kissing istuplenno zagareluyu tender knee. The result was such a picture: an overweight man sitting on a chair with his legs apart, and between them there is a fair-haired nymphet, substituting the raised leg to potseluev.- tickles! She giggled flushed devochka.- will be more pleasant - he pulled the girl under the ass to him and lifted the hem climbed to litsom.V dusk under the hem of her dress on the background of tanned thighs were white girls panties. He began eagerly to kiss thigh and Pip Julia through her panties. The girl breathed gromche.- you like - Aga.Prosunuv hand under her panties on her ass, he felt a gentle touch on the strong half. Mash them while kissing her, he decided to steal her panties. This time, he abruptly pulled down and white little obstacle was already schikolotkah.- Oh do not -! Quiet quiet! It will be nice to put his fallen hem and examined the girl down to the navel was stunned: slender tanned legs, hips Kripen'ka, tanned tummy with pupochke and gentle little pisya. The girl was less mature than Anya - pubic there was no hint of the hairs, and silk was even smaller. Crafty seducer began furiously licking pussy little girl, holding her by the naked ass-she obviously does not stand on her feet. Julia started strongly stonat.- Hush! With these words, he lifted the hem of her dress and began to shoot him through the head. She pyadnyala hands pomagite him. Now excited blonde girl standing in front of him in a blue T-shirt and sandals. Because breasts she was not, he decided to leave brief futbolku.- And now look! He said, unbuttoning the pants of which are PETON, swinging in the air jumped powerful standing chlen.- Wow! This offer large! Malchik have much less, I saw my brother! - Do you like! Touch! Excited Julia little hand began to touch the powerful pulsating agrigat.- Now sit down on my knees. He sat her down on his knees to face him, then he lifted one hand on the ass, and the other led swollen penis to a small pisi.- That do not need to! Agitated girl looked down, there was something to be frightened: the head of the powerful instruments of hairy male cook in a small log devtvennuyu pisyu.- You want me to fuck! Do not! My mother does not allow! Oh, it is not necessary, but the contract ooooooo !!! objections it did not have time, it prirvalos lingering squeal, not vyderzhevshey longer fondling the male grabbed her by the waist and buttocks tight, jerk Yulia planted on a powerful piston. Having a strong jerk, he saw as a powerful head, trunk, and then disappear into the Expanded Picea beauty. This is the first jerk, he ripped hymen and member climbed halfway. Girl sit down on the trunk still screaming. In the eyes of the tears were the first time. His hips began to pour warm virgin blood. He continued in the animal istupleniya stick Julia. The Picea was so narrow that the hard cock was as if trapped in tiski.Cherez some time ... Julia, through the pain, it was nice. She moaned and uperevshis handles his shoulders began to bounce on the penis itself. Finally, with terrible hoarse sighs He began powerfully to inject sperm deep into pisyu.Oni, both exploded in orgasm. With strong smacking sound he took the girl from her trunk. Both were sweating heavily. The director began to gently kiss her on the lips neck, gently whispering: - I'm sorry, my dear, I'm sorry - he was lowered gently kissing pupochek ate standing on their feet girly, then became vylizovat schelku.On gladly licked from her schoolgirl juices, and warm krovku remnants of spilled spermy.- You do not take offense at me! Just you are so beautiful that I could not resist. He spoke vskhlipovayuschey devochke.- Why you! Mum would kill me! I was very sick !! - I'm sorry dear! And do not tell my mother, and that's all. He helped her to dress. Well you it was nice, and then - But it is very painful! I now it hurts! - Honey, tomorrow all will begin to live, do not worry! Well, all played and enough discharged environment director. - Now, go take a walk, home is not necessary right away, and then narugayut. Well - they Ladno.Vyydya from the warehouse, as if nothing had happened walked on koridoru.Do the end of the lesson was 15 minutes. She had rubbed his face and looked fine in principle, but the gait she had protrahanoy kids: barely crossed the legs, and places them wider than usual. Looking out the window he saw the teacher gentle shower in front of the building miletseyskuyu car. One cop was standing nearby, apparently others have already entered the school! Oh no! It is very dangerous! It seems they have found me! Frantically remembering that gym on the ground floor opens for ventilation and a door out to the back yard of the school, our James Bond ran there. The rest of the kids are canceled! -I think it is. Heck! Maybe it blows over! Spustivshes to the first floor, he immediately changed his haste to respectable behavior. Then he came out of the school through the gym, leaving a rehearsal with costumes bag. I must say that was a false alarm. Police came to the school about bullies broken the window of the neighboring house. However, thick Epicurean, to play it safe, I was sitting at home. He thought that the day was not in vain. Yes, perhaps I will miss these girls and N134 school. Member ached slightly from the close Julia's recording. He dozed off. He remembered one of his friend - Oleg Loginov. For friends Oleg-pantuha. Yes. Unusual man. Indeed. Oleg was a young guy 27 years younger-looking. The complete opposite of Arkady Lvovich. Rezhisser- old, thick, not attractive and not rich, and Oleg young, muscular, tall, beautiful brunette with light blue eyes of the oligarchic families. However, they were General- their passion for youngsters.
* * * *
Share it necessary to detail. Father Oleg, Alex Loginov, a former prominent Soviet official who worked in the field of oil production. Since the beginning of modern times, he managed to create a powerful partner benzakolonok extensive network in Moscow and several other cities. Having control of gasoline production business run like clockwork. And it was the very beginning of the 90s. Major players in the oil business have not vydelelis. At the time of privatization the capital had already Loginov, then he and his partners bought undervalued their control petro-nomic enterprise. By the mid-90s sotoyanii Loginova estimated at more than 1 billion. $ Not really believing in Russia, he preobrel two promising American bank and went abroad. Pick up with a young wife and little Sasha, second son. And the first son from his first marriage, and was Oleg. Father and son maintained an excellent relationship. Oleg is always raised as a prince, he was all pozvolino. However, he quickly gluttoned usual idleness, in the middle of the 80s became a lot obschatsya in golden youth circles, in general, at the time of the story, he tried everything in life: 16 years, he was an inveterate philanderer, crashed many Devchy hearts, then sated with all possible beauties, became drinking lots of water, then I tried a new for himself - homosexuality. However, bysro lost interest in it, leaving it incredibly vleblennogo boy. Again, all complete satiety. Dipressii. Again, drunkenness, then, "smart" people are offered a new thrill - cocaine, but not normal, to get a lot of money, even for hard - White Chinese purest variety, only for the very wealthy. Then forced crease in the best clinics in the world, the cries of his father, and torzhesvennye oath pope: - All I zavyazalOdnazhdy he, in Moscow, by chance met a beautiful 12 year old kid, it was on one Bykovskaya disco, where he rolled on his posh coupe Mercedes-lurinser. As usual, the club of his guard. Then he took her to a restaurant, then was a luxury apartment with a view of the President-hotel. Girl, never in my life not even sitting in a simple foreign cars, homes slyshevshaya constant complaints neschitu mother, was shocked. The evening ended with a powerful sex with a young virgin squeals. Something clicked in my head with the rich nothingness! He found a new, huge craze. But more about that in the next chapter.