On the morning after the wedding

Morning came. Yesterday, I got married. Looked at the newly-wife, Luda sweetly asleep. I'm careful not to disturb the sleeping favorite, I sat down on the bed. Looked around the room look right before bed on the floor lay a wedding dress, I immediately remembered my hands yesterday, dragged him Lyudochka, freeing her lithe body to my caresses. My cock immediately got up from such memories. Once again, I looked at his wife already is now. I wanted to wake her up now and quench their sexual thirst, but I suppressed this desire, let her sleep, because she had a very rough night. Instead I silently admired wake sleeping Lyudochka. On the one hand quilt ridden by opening my eyes one half appetizing ass and shapely legs, covered in white stockings, yesterday I did not shoot her with no stockings, no belt, in which she looked simply divine sexy.
We met with Lyudmila three years ago. And the last two it was considered my girlfriend. We walked together, went to relax on vacation, went to parties and trips. Luda is very active girl friends and she was much more than I have, but very quickly on all parties and festivities, I met with many of them and very organically joined in their big campaign. We've got to come together with Ludmila as a very smooth and easy, we had a lot of common interests, it was easy and fun together. Somewhere about a year ago, I met with her parents presented her Luda in turn. In general, the issue of our wedding has long been brewing for almost all of our relatives and friends. And so, it happened yesterday. Redemption, the registry office, riding in cars to the sights of the city, then a restaurant with a luxurious feast, lots of competitions, dances, after the restaurant all went to our cottage, where all the fun continued in the end everything went from room to room. We also retired, where indulge in amorous pleasures. Tumbles almost all night. And now I habitually wake up early in the morning enjoying the sight of his sweet sleeping wife.
A little more admiring I slowly got out of bed, dressed, and headed toward the kitchen. I wanted to eat and drink. Besides me still asleep and the house was quiet. When they reached the kitchen and the refrigerator I'm a little mixed satisfy your hunger with thirst and went to the hall where all settled last night, coming from the restaurant. Our wedding filmed, or rather even two. With one camera was invited Sergei me, and on the other - Alex, from among the invited my Luda. And I would like now while everyone is asleep, to see without the interference that was shot yesterday. A little searching I found in the corner of the bag with the camera Alexei. One cassette was inserted into the camera, I quickly looked up there, but it was empty, probably at her yesterday did not have time to write. In a central pocket of the bag were two tapes, one - redemption and registry office, on the second - giving. And where is the restaurant, because most of the fun contests was just there: So, in the side pocket there was one more tape. Making sure that this is the tape that I need, I put the camera back into the bag, and the cassette went into the kitchen, where there was a TV and VCR.
Outside, the sun had already risen, but it was still very, very early. All were still asleep, and I'll be the first to look that was filmed yesterday. And I'm no one will interfere. Insert the cassette, I poured himself a tea and pressed a button "play".
At first everything was fine, everything was as usual at all weddings. True, I noticed that my Luda quickly drunk, in the general, then there was nothing strange in the morning nothing to eat, and then on an empty stomach to drink, albeit slowly, but quite often: in front of the registrar, in registry office, plus is riding around the city. And so it happened that the restaurant Luda was already not weak on the fun. Yesterday, I did not notice, yesterday I possessed so excited that concentrate on the details there was no way, but now I have this fact a little guarded.
The fact that Lyudochka was one feature that I found quite by accident, and not so long ago, and I still hope that I am mistaken. Mistaken in his conjecture that Luda when vypet can not refuse anyone, gives everything. It is something like the heat.
The first time I saw it at a party a year and a half ago. We were at a party at someone's birthday party, the people were many, chetyrёhkomntatnaya apartment. Many drank then danced. Luda good plucked up, began to behave unleashed, beginning to let go of the sebaceous jokes, and even openly flirting with some guys. At first I did not pay attention, I think - flirting in good company it is sometimes nice to flirt. Then one guy Lyudmila, Kirill invited to dance. For a while they were dancing, I noticed that they were about something whispered, and after the dance Luda went to the toilet.
Pyatnadtsat minutes passed, I'm not worried, just in my estimation the toilet could go several times. I decided to go look for Luda, suggesting that it zatusit in the next room. However, in the other rooms it was not, the toilet was busy, maybe she's still out there, I thought. Maybe in the long grab. I went into the kitchen and rummaged in the fridge, took out a new bottle of wine. At this point, the toilet went Cyril on the go zastёgivaya fly. The door to the toilet was visible from the kitchen. But what was my surprise when a minute later from the same toilet got my Lyudochka. I'm just speechless, until the end of the party Luda even two or three times disappeared from my field of vision with different guys, I do not want to think why. But when we got home, I noticed that there are no shorts and blouse and skirt in a couple of places stained with semen on it, I realized pretty strong odor.
And about a year ago, we were on the march. Most of the company, a large fire, the car, a lot of tents. Food, drink. It was dark. In the course went songs. The amount of alcohol consumed tend to start me in a dream. Lyudka also plucked. I suggest taking it to the side, she agreed. We went to our tent. I lay down to sleep, but sleep as an evil disappeared, had only to lie down. Get up back did not want to and I just lay there and listened to the next song played by the campfire. At the time of our departure from the fire had five people, all the rest as well as we have already spread to the tents. After the third or fourth song, the dream still took pity on me. However, in the moment when I almost fell asleep, I was pushed significantly, in the tent turned over, it was chosen out Liudmila. She did not notice that I do not sleep. I do not know what is and what it was thinking. But that night, I saw how she gave herself three or even four.
So I started to make sure that we at parties with Luda, and especially she did not drink a lot. And it seems to work, at least I am more never noticed such incidents.
Watching the tape further. Feast in the restaurant. Send competitions drinking at speed, jumping over the rope, search blindfolded pegs on clothes girlfriends. Yes, there is good we came off.
Yeah, that bride kidnapping. I was distracted by a phone call, but in the meantime I went to the phone and vice versa, the bride hid. This time it was especially fun to watch. I have thirty minutes could not find her, obbegat all around, and in the end, agreed to pay the ransom, after which the bride was returned to me. Sergey times during all this running around with my camera for me, taking my throwing. But Alex has disappeared along with the bride, to film what is happening on the other side.
The kidnapping took part: Luda girlfriend Lena, and she's a witness, our mutual friend Vladimir, well, Alex with a video camera. It turned out that my Lyudmila hid in a pre-stay hotel, which is on the floor above the restaurant. Find her I did not have a chance.
The kidnappers went into the room. Alex with a camera in their hands sat in a chair in the corner of the room so that the whole room is in the frame. Lena Vitali sent down with the instructions, watch for my actions ... and when it comes time to return the bride to call them. Luda was in the middle of the room:
- The boys, - she said, smiling, - I want to use the toilet.
- Go, please, - Vitaly waved - just look at the balcony do not accidentally come out.
A minute later, Luda went back into the room and said that she needed help. It turned out that Lyudmila simply can not go to the toilet. The hotel toilet room was just tiny, and Luda had luxurious domed dress, supported by hoops that just would not fit inside.
- Invent something, - said Luda, laughing - and not what I have described - being drunk, Luda did not shy about their situation and their expressions.
- Pot - suddenly Vitali said.
- It's like this? - Luda surprised by surprises.
- As in kindergarten! Alex, look in the kitchen pan some.
Alex with a camera in hand ran into the kitchen, I saw it as in any three-de-shooter. On a small stove stood a small saucepan.
- There is! - Said Alexey
Vitali put the pan on the middle of the kitchen, and asked Luda to go into it in a pot for children, while they wait for her with Alex in the room. Luda agreed. The boys went into the room. Alex sat back in his chair, he does not turn off the camera for a second. However, three minutes later I came into the room, my Lyudochka, in one hand she held the pan. This time Luda complained that her dress prevents the dome, and she asked the children to hold the hoops dresses shed. I am at this moment just dumbfounded, though my penis too dumbfounded, in the truest sense of the word, so unexpected and exciting was the suggestion of my betrothed. Alex initially did not believe in the reality of such a proposal by Lyudmila, dressed in a wedding dress with a veil, but Vitali apparently realized immediately what it's going. He took Alexei camera and put it on the window sill so that the entire room is well in the frame. Then I put the pan in the center of the room. "All is ready", - He said Luda, and added Alexey: "Come on, help!".
Luda got over a saucepan of guys stood her pobokam, they got down to the hem of her dress and began to pick it up. My eyes slowly opened my bride slender legs, covered in white stockings. When the skirt was raised completely, I saw a translucent white panties which hid most intimate, as well as belt, to which were attached stockings.
- Do not pry - cheerfully said Luda and pulled down her panties to the floor, then sat down over a saucepan. Vitaly with Alexei too fell to the hoops do not interfere with Lyudmila. Zazhurchal trickle. I saw guys looking towards a dress, or rather Vitali just stared, and Alex is clearly embarrassed, but also glances. The first time I saw how to write my Lyudochka, yellow elastic ring jet beat in a pan. I pulled out of his pants his cock and began languishing his podrachiavat, while experiencing an unprecedented pleasure.
When the urine stream dried up, Luda got guys lowered the hem of her dress, and she went away to a chair and turning to him, said: "Have you seen my pussy, now I want to see your cocks!". My jaw dropped, I did not even realize that the finished, cum shot across the kitchen. Men, too, were confused, but the bride waved his hands, as if encouraging them. Vitaly started rastёgivat belt for trousers. Alex did not move, he was as fascinated as I watched the scene.
- Wow! - Said Lyudmila, when a member Vitaly jumped out, a member of his, really, was that it is necessary, much longer and thicker than mine, a real club.
- What a lovely, - playfully said my bride. She went quickly to Vitali, one palm gripped his unit and began to stroke-podrachivat. Then he dropped to his knees, with her dress picturesquely blurred all over the floor. He lifted the veil that covers the face, and looking straight into the eyes Vitaly slowly walked his sharp tongue on the lower side of its members from the scrotum to the head. Vitaly issued a moan of pleasure, my cock nalilsya new force. Luda did mouth letter "about" and a sharp movement of his head planted on a member Vitaly immediately swallowed almost half. Luda has earned the tongue, she sucked and licked. I watched as my bride in her wedding dress on her knees in front of another man and made him a blow job, I could not tear myself away from this spectacle seemed unreal, my hand automatically moved purely on my cock.
Luda suddenly broke away from the body of Vitaly and turned to Alex, still sitting motionless in a chair.
- Well, what about you? - She asked, rising to his feet, - Where is your cock?
Alex stood up, he was still in a stupor. Luda went to him, deftly rastegnula buttons and zipper on the trousers, he has launched to the hand. Alex shuddered when the bride groped his cock and yanked it out. Body Alexei stood upright; he was not very large, the trunk was thin, but long enough. Kneeling now before Alexei, Luda bared head of his cock and licked it. At this point, Alex suddenly twitching, and his phallus began intense bursts of semen splashes whitish clots in the face of my bride. Some of them fell into a half-open mouth, and the rest was flooded her cheeks, chin and neck. Large drops of thick sperm began to fall on the shoulders open with my fiancee zalyapanogo face.
- Perevozbudilsya boy - Luda said, swallowing sperm got into her mouth, she turned, looked up from the floor, her panties and began to wipe them, and Alex had stopped with protruding wet with sperm member. Here Vitali recovered, he stood in front of Ludmila and poked his phallus in her mouth. Double ask Lyudochku did not have to, she covered her mouth penis, Vitaly rocked her hips forward, his trunk moved inland. When he rested against her throat, my bride began to make reciprocating movements of the head. Her mouth stretched thick phallus Vitali, without stopping sliding on his trunk back and forth, like a polishing surface. From time to time Luda squeezed sponge, more tightly clasping their member, and sometimes moonlighted palm. Vitaly moaned, I have almost the same. After five minutes of intense blow job, Vitaly grabbed hands behind my head, and the bride, holding her still, made a few powerful thrusts her hips, with full force will drive a stake into her mouth. I thought it was so he could penetrate the skull Luda, but Vitaly just propihnul its almost dvadtsatisantimetrovuyu edifice her the throat and uttering a savage growl, he began to finish. Lyudmila tried to pull away for air, but Vitali gripped her, keeping her right in the throat. Finally shoot, he pulled out his penis, Luda sighed, coughed, otharknula sperm several times.
At that moment I had finished, once again splashing kitchen floor with his sperm. I picked up a chair tea towel and threw it on the floor, on the TV screen, meanwhile, was seen as Lyudmila, breath, beckoned to Alexei finger and began to suck him. Now she is sucking dick like it was candy, Luda then swallowing it, then released, caressing tongue slightly podrachivala his hand, and drove head on his lips, swallowing again hid it in one cheek, translated for another juicy sucking. Alex threw his head from the received fabulous fun.
Vitaly watched the couple from the side, he jerked, trying to quickly bring your unit in combat-ready status. When he did, he came back to Luda and holding the edge of the dress, threw it together with hoops on her back, thus opening a beautiful view of her elastic ass, juicy thighs. Vitaly knelt pristraivayas behind my fiancee, he ran his hand over her crotch. "M-uh!"- Luda said it, just swallow a member of Alexis. Vitaly licked his hand, only that last for a long time already wet my bosom Lyudochka, then put both hands on her buttocks and began to slowly and gently enter his penis into her vagina ....
While Vitali trunk immersed in it, Lyudmila released from the mouth member Alexei and continuing podrachivat his hand, emit a continuous moan, she almost screamed. But pubis Vitali met ass Luda, and Vitaly began with measured movements quietly fuck my bride. Continuous crushing rhythmic groan pokrikivaniyami that Luda was making when Vitali slapped her ass her pubis, stringing on a long pole. Luda finally remembered the Aleksey member in his hand and swallowed it one fell swoop, continued to suck. Of course it is now replaced by groans inarticulate grunt.
Just magic picture: the bride in her wedding dress sucks one and the other fuck her from behind. However, it is better not to think that this is your bride is a sort nanizanoy carcass on a spit of two phalluses. Otherwise, you may lose the tower. I would not change anything, I could not, it was a video recording of yesterday's events, so I jerked off, imagining that watch porn, porn with my fiancee in the title role.
Vitali pushes her almost made Luda sit down on the penis head Alexei, however, it seems was not against, the truth Alexei soon broke down and poured out into the mouth Lyudmila, very careful to keep his dick in his mouth and swallowed all the sperm to the last drop. Alex slumped into a chair. Vitaly, he saw that the bride's head is free, hand movement threw on her veil and now fucked my bride, whose face was hidden by a veil. Luda now no longer mumbling and moaning, she howled and whined from the resulting buzz, and Vitaly all pumped up and pumped her with his piston, I saw that he was very sweaty, it was not unexpected, given the pace with which it hovered my Lyudochku.
It is a long time to come, but finally threw back his head back, and a member of the contrary is impossible to sticking to the bride, clutching her hips, Vitaly started discharge. Luda paused, biting her lip, she has been a hot semen flows, shoots powerful jets of Vitaly gun. When he finished, Vitaly fell off from my fiancee, his phallus glistened with sperm mixed with secretions of women, he picked up the panties Luda and began to wipe them his unit. Lyudmila has continued to stand on all fours with a veil on his face and zadranym dress, it seems that she is now nothing to think, and she needed time to recover from such a fucked.
Wiping and tucking into the penis pants, Vitaly approached the camera, took her in his arms and began to shoot close-ups of my ottrahanoy bride: her face behind a veil, eyes closed, mouth open, the camera slowly makes a circle around Luda now Rear view: wide-set legs in white stockings, bare ass limits zone, clearly visible reddened lips sex, smeared in sperm abundantly flowing out has not closed down the entrance of the vagina, the sperm is a lot of glass on the floor has a small puddle. Vitali, hold the camera with one hand, aimed at the ass Luda, the second starts to push her vagina her crumpled panties.
It looks like it has returned Luda into reality. She wagged her hips and turned to Vitali, but he still managed to push in the hole razёbannoe panties.
- Instead of a tampon, - said Vitaly.
Ludmila wanted to say something, but at that moment the phone rang, it's Lena reported that it is time to return the bride. Luda got up, too, Alex stood up, tucking his farm in his pants.
By putting the camera back on the windowsill, Vitaly jumped to the bride:
- Give me at least kiss you, - he grinned.
Luda raised her veil and they have merged in a kiss. Then Vitaly asked her when it will be possible popolzovavshis her back door, and then, as he said, it still has not been used and he would not mind being the first Lyudochka said that tomorrow be sure to make time for it, especially if the company they will be Alexey.
Next record ended abruptly, apparently Alex turned off the camera more on the tape was not recorded anything. So, I take the tape itself, let them think that they have lost. And now it is necessary to go fuck my dissolute little wife in the back door until it is done by someone else. With this in mind and with a phallus at the ready, I hurried back to the bedroom to his sleeping wife.