Head - 2

continuation of the story headmistress - 5
- Come to me. Fast. Do not keep waiting. - Tom, not waiting for an answer subordinate Katherine dropped the phone. - You'll see, you'll like it. - Now he turned to Marilyn, who was in the office.
- We will see. - Marilyn mannered released a ball of smoke.
When she entered the room, he closed the door, Tom. Catherine stood in the middle of the cabinet, his arms down. Marilyn walked around her, watching. Standing with his back to her, she turned to Tom:
- A good bitch. And she knows how?
- All. All that you ask. You want it lick you now?
- Let's try.
Tom pointed glance to Marilyn got her knees on the couch, and lifting her skirt, lifted her ass up.
- On knees. - He ordered Catherine.
She dutifully obeyed, becoming the knees on the floor and put his hand on the buttocks Marilyn.
- Act. - Tom nodded to Kathryn Marilyn ass.
Catherine, face close to the ass, Marilyn sniffed it. She kissed her thighs and buttocks, closed his eyes and rests in the back of the sofa girl. Then she gently licked the tip of the back of the hip language, gradually rising to the perineum. When a person Katherine was already in the vicinity of pussy Marilyn and she could see how moist her panties, she licked her through the fabric. Light tremor swept through standing "shrimp." Realizing that she was on the right track, Katherine pushed the thin panties and kissed pussy Marilyn felt a pleasant taste and feeling the sweet smell of excreta. Her tongue penetrated between the genital lips and began to lick their inner sides.
Marilyn, is completely losing control and succumbing to the enjoyment, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, moaning softly. She even slightly swaying, moving towards pussy tongue Katherine, who is already pushing it deep into the vagina Marilyn, played them with the muscles of her vagina. Hands Kathryn stroked the outer sides of the thighs Marilyn.
Feeling his lips clitoris Marilyn Catherine enveloped him and gently sucked. When he rose, and almost cured, Catherine fingered his tongue. Licking clit, Catherine put her nose to the tip of the anal hole Marilyn. Having started to caress her lips sex fingers, lips caress Catherine switched to ass hole. Walking rough tongue between the buttocks Marilyn and thereby causing her an easy shaking, it is applied to the hole and sucked her lips, enjoying the ensuing therefrom juices.
The pussy Marilyn already deeply entered two fingers Catherine and fucked her.
Enough to enjoy kissing and licking ass, mouth Katherine again switched to the pussy. Becoming a lick and kiss her, she put in a wet and softened Marilyn ass finger and slid it deep. From all the fondling girl Marilyn sank in stormy orgasm, shaking and splashing out in the wide open mouth Kathryn their allocation.
While the girls were engaged in lesbian sex, Tom did not waste time. He happily watching them, he lowered his pants and underpants. Booty leaning on the table, he jerked off his dick. Painting with lesbian sex was so captivating that his penis was like a string. His head was wet with sperm preyakulyanta and was ready to explode. Tom and masturbate with a grin looked like Katherine indulges Marilyn.
After Marilyn had finished, she turned and sat down on the couch ass and caught her breath. He lit a cigarette and releasing smoke, Marilyn watched as sitting between her legs Catherine continued to cover her legs with kisses. She kissed her knees and shins, she also caressed her hands. Seeing as Tom fingering herself, Marilyn with a twinkle in his eyes, nod invited to join them. Tom approached.
- Suck it. - Marilyn commanded Kathryn, showing her finger at member Tom.
When she stood up, and took in her mouth a member of the men began to suck at the same time caressing the eggs by hand, Marilyn put her shoulder his leg, dressed in a black shoe with stiletto heels. First shoes just lay on his shoulder, but then Marilyn put her sharp heel to shoulder the girl and began to apply pressure, feeling that causes her pain. But she endured, and how even seemed to enjoy a little of the pain. She closed her eyes and moved his head on the penis Tom, clasping his lips.
The man, too, was greatly excited. He pulled out a member of his mouth and took the shoes in the second Marilyn and lifting it finished right at him, splashing lacquer surface.
Cum on shoe introduced Marilyn to the wild delight, and she pointed to the sparkling eyes Katherine sperm:
- Slizhov it. Only slowly. I want to see everything.
Catherine gently removed her shoe with Marilyn legs, and deliberately, so that it is clearly visible to all, he began to lick the sperm Tom overspread tip shoes. Her tongue polished smooth surface, collecting the semen clots and sending them into his mouth. She swallows it, and again taken a lick. When semen was all lapped, Katherine was just a kiss and lick the shoes of Marilyn. She switched to the second shoe is not removed, kissing her. Taking sharp heels lips, Katherine sucked it as if it was a member.
The picture that unfolded before the eyes of Tom and Marilyn opened them again. Tom pushed himself between Catherine and Marilyn legs. After inserting his cock in her pussy, the man began to fuck her hard. He put his feet up and Marilyn put her shoes on his shoulders. Holding her hips in stockings fuck he bit her in the pussy, then he stopped and pulled out a member, drove it in the ass girls.
- Lick her clit. - He ordered Catherine himself while actively Marilyn fucking in the ass.
Tom. Claws dug her fingers into a bun ass Katherine. Unconsciously, Marilyn stronger and stronger squeezing his hand, bringing a sharp pain piercing skin and Catherine buttocks. But Catherine liked it, and she just wagged her ass with satisfaction, even when it stood out drops of blood.
Feral Marilyn, she became a member of her ass to sit down on Tom, causing their swinging ball, looked pretty energetic. Marilyn became violently thrash palm ass Catherine, leaving a bright red marks from blows. She was in constant twitching orgasm, not realizing what he was doing. Second hand she grabbed Katherine's hair and strongly pressed to his crotch. It seemed that she was about to come off her hair. A fucking ass Marilyn Tom already poured directly into it, which added to her orgasm even more passion.
When he had finished, Tom leaned back, Catherine bullet flew off the couch and sat down under the feet of Merlin as subservient servant began to lick ass housewife arising from sperm, slightly brown. She kept extending from orgasm Catherine's hips, lifting them up and carefully licking Marilyn ass hole.
When it gradually silenced Marilyn asked:
- You then even finished?
- And she does not finish. - Tom interjected. - She likes the pain.
- Pain? And how does it doest thou?
- Now you see.
Tom, no dressing and wandering around the room naked, opened the cupboard. He took out a few pieces of thick rope, stick, whip and a few artificial members, collars and leather handcuffs, thrown on the floor next to Catherine. Sitting side by side, he started the moment the girl lying on his stomach hands behind his back and bound them to the elbows. Legs Katherine he tightly bound at the feet and tied them to the palm of the girl's hands. Knees Catherine Tom tied to the ends of the sticks, which were spread on the seventy centimeters. Hair girl he also twisted in a knot and tied with a rope. Tom missed the rope between the legs Catherine, putting to her crotch, so that it lay between the labia. Then, putting the rope between her breasts, she passed through the ring on the collar women, and led in the opposite direction. As can be pulled, the rope made another knot in the hair Catherine. Curled up in a ball, she could not move.
Taking the thickest piece of rope, Tom did it a few turns around the intertwining palms and soles Catherine ... pulled them strong knot. The free end of the rope he missed through the large ring on the ceiling and pulling for him, made up his hands and legs up girl, even though she still belly lying on the floor. The end of the rope gave Tom sitting on the couch Marilyn, who watched with interest what is happening, and smoked. She pulled the rope and removing the slack, pinned Catherine movement.
- Painfully! - Katherine moaned.
- Really? - Tom sat down next to her and took the hand under the chin brought her face to his. Second hand, he quietly took the couch fat dildo.
Tom kissed Catherine's lips. When she yielded to his tricks and melted away from the kiss, he asked her to put out her tongue. Once the language of the girls leaned out to its full length, Tom abruptly shoved into his mouth Katherine dildo, inserting it as deeply as possible into his throat. Tries have resisted girl twitched, but the rope tightly restrict its movement. She was wide-eyed, mumbling with a protruding mouth dildo.
- Shut up! - A strong slap on the cheek lay Katherine.
Tom slapped slap, took from the hands of Marilyn rope and pulling for her, Katherine lifted from the floor. Raised hands and feet of the girl is now dangling from the floor at seventy centimeters. She rocked slightly from side to side, trying to break free from the shackles, but, realizing that her futile attempts to limp.
Tom, winding the rope by the leg of the sofa, and now could easily come to Katherine. He noticed that his dick is already standing, inserted it into the vagina of the girl and began to fuck her. But fuck it simple is not enough, and he began to slap his hand on the ass and thighs Catherine pleasure watching the skin defenseless girls appear traces of his hands.
From the sofa stood Marilyn, who also wanted to participate in the torture, and took the whip with all his might hit it back at Catherine, from which she strongly shook and howled. But that Marilyn was a little, by the fact that it follows the movement slapped a powerful slap on the cheek, the second Catherine, twitching on the rope.
- In the bitch. See how flows. - Tom took out a member of the current recording Katherine River.
Isolation Catherine was so much that they are draining a member, and between the labia, stringy saliva dragged down.
- Get away. - Tom asked Catherine.
She rinsed her fingers clit and pussy girls, then put in her two fingers and slid them deeply. Katherine fuck with two fingers, she first added to them a third, then a fourth. When her whole hand was already in the lubricant, because she fucks her, Marilyn tried to insert pussy Kathryn entire palm. Lingered at the entrance, the cam Marilyn tried to squeeze into Katherine. Marilyn all presses and Catherine pisya not let her hand.
Helped Tom standing near. A kick in the stomach, he shifted attention to Katherine from recording, and at that moment Marilyn palm penetrated the girl.
- we'll otimeem bitch now. - Tom, becoming the front Katherine, pulled out of her mouth dildo and then drove into her mouth his cock.
Grabbing the girl's hair, he began furiously fuck her in the mouth. And Marilyn turning inside Katherine hand, began to fuck her vagina. Traffic volumes were sharp and quick. He was breathing hard and spewing saliva. When the flow of sperm gushed into her throat Catherine, the girl shook in orgasm. Her seizures were so severe long that Marilyn and Tom, fearing untied the rope and lowered the girl on the floor.
When she ceased to twitch, they untied all the ropes. Karin limp body lay on the floor. Her hands and feet, with traces of a rope, were scattered in different directions. The whole body was a red spot, but sex lips and clitoris were particularly burgundy. From the half-open mouth on the floor dripping sperm. Catherine seemed lifeless.
- Do you think she ochuhaetsya? - I asked the wearer and is pressed against the body of Tom Marilyn.
- This is not the first time. Checked. She's just a strong ecstasy.
He turned to her friend and merged with it in a passionate kiss. They kissed for a long time. Marilyn put her neck Tom's hands, and he squeezed her ass hands. As soon as their lips parted, and eyes fell on the face of Catherine, they heard her whisper:
- Thank you!
- What did I tell you. - Tom smiling, he turned to Marilyn.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]