I became acquainted with it by accident, went to the cafe for lunch, and just next to it turned out to be an empty seat and asked permission and sat down.
Met, it turned out that it works in the next to my office, as it was just a stunning brunette with a gorgeous figure, I naturally asked telefonchik and oddly enough she gave him. In general not to describe all I can say that courted me for it for almost a year, but then kisses it did not go, she somehow always finds a reason to refuse sex, in the end I do not know how it has come to the topic of sex, when suddenly she invited me to her, I came in the evening with a large bouquet of flowers and a liter bottle of brandy with the mere thought of her drink and then we try to get sex.
I came a little before the appointed time, and while she was busy in the kitchen dodelyvaya dinner. He took a magazine from the table, was his view, and found it a great article about transgender and began to read, there were beautiful pictures on them is simply impossible to distinguish an ordinary girl from a trance. Suddenly a voice behind my girlfriend she asked
- Well, if you will fall so that you do?
- Like what? If you got such as in these photos is naturally not refuse to have sex with her, it's not a man, a woman and a member of, but with a man I could not have had.
She and I laughed and sat down to eat, we persuaded shorter brandy pretty quickly and I started as a planned to molest her. It is surprising, but it quickly gave removed from her blouse and my eyes opened a great chest that I began kissing saying - and this beauty you're hiding from me, and shame on you. It is at this time took off my shirt and knelt beside the couch became over pants Iron-on transfer my dick, he already stood like a soldier on guard near the Kremlin, she slowly unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down with shorts.
She took my penis in his hand and slowly pulled the skin down freeing head of it stood out clear droplet and she finger began to rub it on the head of the penis, the tongue at the time she was playing with my testicles beating them in a circle, it began to take them one by one in her mouth and gently suck, then moved to a member of the lips and the tongue beginning to handle stem. I almost did not control myself, I abandoned himself to the feeling, closed his eyes, and only feels understood what she was doing, but it was gone left only a feeling of euphoria.
So I realized that now I finish, and suddenly it was all over, my friend said - which stop going - still early, and she rose to her feet began to unbutton his pants, turned his back to me she slowly took them off and stayed in shorts, strap thong went into the incision popochki , a figure she was simply stunned. I was restrained with great difficulty that would not pounce on it. Slowly, she began to pull her panties down and then I could not stand took her hips and turned to her, at first I did not even realize what it boils down to my mouth. Looking down I saw a clean-shaven member with eggs, no wondering picked eggs in his hand and lifted them that I wanted to see it do not know.
- Well, there was the voice of my friend, you've not been to such a stand?
Yeah one thing fancy another thing I thought in reality, although I vykobenivayus another such chance may never be.
He put her on the couch and spread his legs began to gently lick the testicles, she moaned and her dick started twitching to grow in size, sucking and licking balls, I watched as it grows, it was longer than my penis, although a little thinner. It was very dark and strongly curved arc was obtained which started from the bottom and ended somewhere near the navel.
Taking his hand, I began to lick the barrel, pulling the skin I released head of the penis, it was twice the size of the barrel is smooth and looked like a mushroom, but what surprised me the most, it was almost peaked. The language I started to handle the reins and lick the whole head in a circle, and then I took it and swallowed a dick in your mouth, head of the penis immediately put her in my palate. I tried to suck at the same time, work the tongue and move his head. Shish there is nothing, tongue pressed against the head of a lip all the time jumped out of my teeth, because I could not bend the member able to move his head.
Theoretically, any man should know how to do a good blowjob, but in practice, I am now no one has read me a story I will not believe that the first time someone has sucked great, whether man or woman. My friend moaning and taking my hands behind head start rhythmically podmahivat in my mouth, I tried as best I could, but very fast neck stiff, the language has become like wood and I just gave my friend who was moving faster and faster. But the groans intensified, a member of the mouth began to twitch in my throat hit jet then another and another.
That quickly became a member of the decrease in size and I sucked the last drops out of it, I did not swallow a drop of even keep the sperm in the mouth was very hard, it was just too much. Releasing a member from his mouth, I looked everywhere and spit at this time girlfriend kissed me, had nowhere to go, and I swallowed. The taste will not say that nasty, but quite unusual about the protein of raw egg, but spicy-sweet-salty. Looking up from my lips she asked
- Well I do not regret that I tried this?
- No regret that, only I'm afraid that I could not even suck you.
- Nothing will learn with time, as you want to continue or finish a sly squint she asked.
- Of course we will continue.
- Then went to the bathroom I'll shave and do not like when the hair crawl into your mouth.
There she shaved all my hair on the crotch and we went into the bedroom. She put me on the bed and stood over me in position 69 began to lick my dick, and I looked at the dangling in front of my face with a lingering member eggs and taking them into the hand began cautiously stroking and kneading. She swallowed my dick on the eggs and I at the same time finished. She sucked every last drop took his penis in his hand and pointed it in my mouth, clasping his lips, I began to gently handle his tongue thrusting it under the skin on the head while trying to suck it up, and she at this time raised my legs and began to latch handle my ass.
in my mouth Her cock slowly trembling began to grow in size, it was a wonderful feeling when the velvety and soft, tender dick starts to fill your mouth becoming more solid and more, I have thought that a woman can deceive that excited, but this has never not disappoint. My ass just fucked tongue and then I also found myself thinking - God knows that, and because I like it. My cock from such unusual for me already again caresses stood Ostankino Tower and then I felt like my ass gets more than the tongue. She introduced another finger into my virgin ass, but judging by her activities she will be a virgin for long.
Releasing a member of the friends of his mouth, I listened to their feelings ready at any time to cancel the whole thing. For some time I have sex with a finger she stuck it deep and I was scared, I do not know what she was doing in there, but there was a feeling that somewhere in the groin began to grow com pleasure and it fills me more and more. I groaned and did not know what to do, it felt that is about to finish and lacking quite a bit. It lasted for a long time and this was the place I was all wet and he could not understand.
A friend pulled out my popochki two fingers, and when the time to bury the second, said
- Do not think that you're so like the first time, it is a pity that it is not finished, nothing will eventually stop only on this and added with a smile - he wants that I fucked her in the ass and then the first tab member stronger. She stood crustaceans turning to me his gorgeous ass and I stared at her hole ... his tongue, and he at me long and sharp, all my friends with whom I was asleep before saying that I could make money on Cooney.
And circling tongue her hole, I slowly began to push him into this dark and elastic hole and now entering the tab on how many could become a fucking tongue her ass, his hand took her dick in his hand and podrachival it slowly, girlfriend vygnuvshis moaning and clutching my head with his hand just I thrust it myself in the ass. And when they began to stand out droplets I understood the lubrication of its members, it's time and brought his cock to her hole, she lay breasts on the bed, and his hands spread her buttocks, my eyes appeared a brown ring anus, slightly open and wet from my saliva, obviously waiting for when it will introduce a member.
Put his head to the hole became a member of the dent is slowly, but surely head heavily penetrated deep into, and I like watching spellbound as it slowly disappears. Here she went completely, I stopped to wait for her holes get used to, but she was just a crawl his ass on my cock, before reaching the end of the member she began to make her ass a circular motion and moan, move it, I began at once to the entire length of his penis with the force will drive it back hitting the pubis of her buttocks. Moaning girlfriend became almost incessant, pillows just flew off the bed in an unknown direction, the sheet crumpled, and suddenly my cock was literally hamstrung just at the moment when he entered her completely.
Girlfriend whether whispered, whether moaned
- Let me top.
Those guys own the muscle in her ass - I thought, and lay on his back, she sat on top of the face to me and immediately sat down on my cock completely, leaning toward me she began to lick and nibble on my nipples at the same time the beginning of the movement of the pelvis, gradually increasing the tempo, it He reached breakneck speed. Breast she lay on me, but it looks like ass broke loose, her term with the same speed lapping on my stomach, this rate never betrayed none of my girlfriend, I even raised his head and looked to be seen whether the smoke.
But the pace has slowed down and she sat on my right, and then I felt like my penis at the base covers and squeezes her ass, as the compression ratio is raised on a limb and at the top when he was ready to jump let go of muscle and fell back on all Member . If I did not see how it does, it feels very similar to how it was doing deep blowjob. I was just shocked, I never would have thought that the parrot can deliver such a pleasure. Everything was done so slowly and it was evident that she is a delight. For a long time I could not endure this and groaned -'ll finish, she immediately stopped, broken off all the buzz infection, and whispered - not now darling.
After a short while she got off me and pushed me on the bed so that my head hung down, and the whole body on his back lying on the bed.
- Now I'll show you how my little friend should be, and most importantly comfortable doing mnyam-mnyam, with these words, she got off the bed and stood over my head. Slightly crouching she put in my mouth its soft velvet testicles, I sucked on them and gently licked. Her slightly faded member lying on my chin, and when he began twitching lifted it replaced testicles in my mouth on his penis, she moved her head first on the lips, then leaned on the sofa arms slipped quite a fungus got stronger in my mouth.
Sucking and licking the head, I thought - so really convenient, it is not a member of the bend in the way, and even helped to slide on my tongue. Stop me are present in the mouth and who is a member? My same friend and I .......... and suddenly all these thoughts flew girlfriend just started slowly fucking me in the mouth, her head was so large that not even reached the throat, rested somewhere before. On leaving she almost pulled a fungus, and only her lips, I kept it. At the same time she was kissing my stomach and arms Iron-on transfer my testicles.
I watched her move balls to the top to the bottom over my face and suddenly felt like she lifts my legs introduces a finger in my ass, fuck me with it a bit, it introduced a second finger, and again on a wave of bliss I felt a wave of growing somewhere inside me. Here it is again reached the point where even a little bit, and I finish, that this little - just not enough, it was a sweet torture, I would like crazy and could not finish. Suddenly she pulled his dick out of my mouth and asked - How do you feel, and I want to finish, of course I want answered. I'll explode or burst of swollen eggs in their sperm, do what you want just let me finish asked, or rather I demanded.
My friend climbed onto the bed and lifting my legs became tongue handle my hole, as it was previously developed her fingers then ёё tongue easily penetrates deep inside it was very pleasant, and here she looked up from my priests, and put to hole your fungus, your mother, my legs on her shoulders, she is going to shove his cock in my ass, and I'm not strange keen on this, it turns out that the woman feels strong institutions, I thought.
And that, I felt like a member of Podrugina began gently penetrate my hole, I pierced a sharp pain and then stopped, waiting for a little friend continued. I felt like I was inside fills something big and hot and now she entered fully into my ass, it was a little painful and very nice at the same time. She pressed my legs to my chest and began to move in me at once on the entire length of his penis, he immediately returned the feeling that I'll finish, but again is not enough quite a bit, but as a member of the movement acceleration in my ass that feeling passed on a new level. It seems to become brighter and stronger and then I almost disconnected from reality, began to try podmahivat, moaning.
And he orgasm, I did not finish once in my life. I was just shaking, it seemed that in my body there was an explosion of pleasure, and the exit was through the penis and every sperm splash explosion repeated, so long orgasm I have ever had, I almost lost consciousness and that's bombings have become weaker and stop. I kind of came down from heaven to earth, and only then realized that her friend still fucks me. I looked at her and saw her coming to the peak of pleasure, her face flushed and covered with sweat, his eyes covered, and there she stopped crying out, and I felt like a member of her inside me twitch and throws hot jet over and over again.
It seemed that byot volcano inside me, and hot lava spreads filling me everything. He pulled his dick out of me and release my legs, it just fell on me, I stroked her back and think - that's my ass is no longer a virgin, but damn it I liked it, and how! and are also in the life of such turns.
Girlfriend otlipnuv from me, we were both in my sperm, slapped me on the ass and sent me to the bathroom to wash. Getting up, I felt like in my holes legs flowed Podrugina sperm.
Cleaning up, I realized that for some time I have an ass will hurt reminding about tonight. After a shower, a friend sent me home with the words - Do not worry about your cute ass will take a couple of days, if you did not call me for a week, then you no longer want to meet with me. I wanted to protest, but she covered my mouth with his palm and added - go and think, if I'm not offended.
The next day I called an old friend, we had had a great a night, but orgasm has become somehow faded or something, even though I was convinced that the interest of the women did not lose, but again with a friend who has a surprise between her legs like and on the third day I called her .........
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