In this story, it's about how I had sex with her teacher in English Anya. First, a little about myself: my name is Yuri, I am a second-year student of a certain Moscow institution. I am fond of computer, basketball (the sport I love at all), learning is not bad and not good as an ordinary modern student learns.
And in early 2005, we contracted our former Oksanka Englishwoman, though she, too, was not bad himself. But as it is not to my taste. And they gave us a new teacher Anya.
Anya, the type of 24-25 years, the average growth of the female, married (it was visible from the ring on her hand, but then, when talking on the fourth session, she told us that she was afraid to fly on airplanes, and mentioned there is her husband). Slim, ass what is called in the juice, but the main thing in my taste. And medium-sized chest, just below the palm, maybe a little more. In general, I liked it immediately, especially her mouth, I often imagined how she sucks me, her plump lips run in my pal here and there. It was just a miracle. I could look at her the whole training a couple of not taking his eyes, I fell in love with her by the ears. Looking at her, I began to imagine in their fantasies, it is given completely in my power "I put her on the bed, unbuttoning the rest on the body of the bra, and my eyes are opened for them, I begin to gradually descend from the language of the neck to the abdomen, not missing a single millimeter. Her nipples sticking up and asking for affection", Then there was her voice, my turn came to respond, it is good that we have in English not taken up during the response. And that my friend was ready to fight for a long time.
I do not stay in one place, and then decided! In that no matter what, I have to get it, possess it. Select the appropriate denёk advance bought a bottle of wine, prepared as it should, it has been steadily adjusted. On that day, the English have been the last of the fifth pair of fifth pair have rarely happens, but that's who's suffered, and English was the fifth pair. Therefore, not every student, even if he dobrosovestnym- would be the last of the fifth pair, which does not play an important role. I attended all the classes of the English language, although I scores were between 3 and 4. Well, it's English only 4 people employed went as usual, again, I did not take his eyes off her stunning figure, the perfect breast shape. That day she was wearing a blouse with a small cut under her blouse was, there was no bra, and tight jeans. When the session ended, and all came out, I decided; Anya came to and said he did not understand how to do their homework. There was a pause of a few seconds, after which she said: "Take a chair and sit down next to!", The chair I had been ready, so I did not even have to do and step. I began to question her about some issue, it took about 10 minutes, she explained to me the times I have paid no attention, and then I decided to act. I casually touched her hand, at a time when she was on the book, it took probably another 20 seconds and my arm took her palm is already much she wanted it clean, but I squeezed it with confidence, not giving her the slightest chance. Then she looked into my eyes, look at her I did not understand why. My other hand was on her hip. I tried not to act rapidly, but persistently, my hand was rising higher and higher, so she was already on her crotch, after a short strokes through the jeans, began to unbutton them, at the same time kissing her, I felt reciprocity, her warm tongue so quickly rummaged in my mouth that I did not have time for him. My fantasies coming true. I managed to lower a little with her jeans, then I entered into her panties, and felt that she was ready.
Immediately put her two fingers in the pussy, she arched her back and took a few deep breaths. At this time, I took off her blouse with a blouse and covered with kisses her breasts, protruding nipples, neck, tummy. At the same time I was preparing to entering her anus, rubbing his thumb and moving slowly inside. Then I abruptly put her thumb in the ass, is not taking two of her vagina. From this grip so she began to squirm and sharply breathe that I very nearly finished. Then I bent it on the table and put out for wider legs and began kissing her ass, a smooth transition to the thigh on the inside, I was ready to explode, he could not stand it any longer, took his friend, put it to the entrance of her juicy pussy and thrust it full-length, fixed for some time, feeling the warmth and firmness of her bosom, and began blurred motion. Anya beginning I podmahivat his popochkoy, I gradually accelerating its movement was already on the brink, she abruptly pulled away, lay on her back on the table, beckoned me to her, she took my dick and sent it to the entrance of her ass. Gradually, I began to go there, but expect resistance I felt, so she was ready for it, what caused my surprise. Thus, my body went on full-length, I stopped and began to move sharply to her, then I felt another orgasm Anichkin. Finally it was my turn, I would like to finish, I kept a last effort, and here it is, a moment of pleasure. Cum with my movements flowed from her ass, Anya looked at me with eyes satisfied, this view I was expecting from it throughout the semester.
After I helped her dry off, freshen up, we sat with her for some time, drank harvested me a bottle of wine (I had hoped that it will need before, but I have everything worked out and so). I started to kiss her again, and could not stop, so I was pleased with it. But approaching the end of the working day, on duty in the department was to start checking audience (it always happens at the end of the sixth pair). We Anya out from the institute, I kissed her again, but since it had to meet her husband, to stop we went separately.
Then she got into her car and drove away, I take the bus decided not to go, and went to take a walk, and everything was going and did not believe that my fantasies finally come true, really, that all happened a few hours ago is indeed true, I got close to his dream. Yes, I did, yes, it's true.
Everything written above is a fictional story, but I do have an English teacher, whose name is Anya, do I have a fantasy in which I am engaged in sex with her, but it is all and remains fantasies [email protected]