One day, I watched a wonderful male piss.Kak Once I was walking with Sanka (very simpatishny with soft brown, always well-groomed hair almost to his shoulders and dark brown eyes, his super-duper figure, especially a nice round ass inflated).
We have half a day strolling around the city, of course drinking beer. I somehow did not particularly like, because vyhlestala just half a bottle, but Sanya drank quite a lot (if memory serves three banks plus drank the remaining contents of my bottle). After he finished the drink I offered to go with me.
Sanka agreed, we sat down in the nearest subway. We hugged, marketplace, pinned ... I was surprised that he did not still want to piss (I'm always hunting after the beer is quite strong and almost immediately). So we safely arrived at my station and went to wait for the bus (which, I must say, we do not go very often, but we seem to be lucky at the bus stop crowded for many people, the bus is clearly no longer there, so he soon had to drive). At the stop Sanka behaved a little strangely. He could not stand still, instead he walked around me and tried not to let on that something is wrong. I did not question him, pretending not to notice anything. Then he embraced me and asked for something to tell him, because he had to wait zadolbalsya contrary bus and stand in the same place he was tired. A good way argument ... I liked it.
I kissed his cheek and leaned into him, then I noticed. he began to breathe more often and louder. I had no idea what to tell him, to help escape. I usually tell something wildly funny, but now it would be risky - Sanya could Uss laughing. So I start to flog the first thing that came to my mind, about his time at the cottage last weekend of cucumbers, tomatoes, greenhouses, tractors, hay, Cows and all of the picturesque surroundings of my dacha. Sanya was do not care what I say there. He pretended to be listening with great interest, but did not understand.
Yes, it distracts him clearly failed. Noticing that he does not listen to me, I began to flog a complete nonsense, I do not remember what it is, is completely focusing on the observation of Sanya. He stood in front of me and gently bites his lower lip. Generally Sanka very smooth and quiet.
He almost never get angry or offended. And it is almost impossible to ruffle. But biting his lips was a clear sign of anxiety.
I tried to imagine what he was feeling at that moment. And immediately excited at the thought. Wandering through an Internet, I have often found stories about pissing. It is always very exciting to me (I'm still beseksualka, but the guys that I met Sani od did not know about it).
Several times I worked with a friend pissing. And now I am overcome with a wild curiosity, what would happen if I'll have a little patience Sanka. I turned away from Sanka, look, is not whether the bus and slightly smiled slyly. The bus just came. Sanka was genuinely excited about his arrival. The bus immediately filled with jam. And we, as an evil were in the middle. We have crushed the front and back, so that one could not even breathe. Poor Sanka, wondering what he was at that moment. Fortunately, after three stops the bulk of the people had already left, and the bus remains no more than a dozen people. We Sanka flopped on the rear seats. We had to go for another fifteen minutes.
Sanka fidgeted in his seat and constantly rubbed his hands. I asked what happened to him, but he stubbornly hiding the truth from me, answering that everything is fine. He shifted another five minutes and anxiously asked how many minutes we still have to go. I replied that for another ten minutes. The next five minutes he looked very busy and he kept looking at his watch.
- What, afraid to miss your favorite TV series? I grinned.
- No, just, in my opinion, we have an eternity to get your apartment +
- Do not worry, soon will come two more stops, and then arrange a + + I think you'll like.
I undid a few buttons on the blouse to lightly looked through red lace bra and smiled slyly. My hint was clear. Sanka smiled. It seems that it is a bit helped him escape. Then, fearing to bring it to an erection again, I buttoned blouse. I knew that my next stop, but felt like Sanya quickened breathing, I decided to torture him a little. I put my head on his shoulder and pretended to doze off. At the bus stop, he was trying to wake me up, but I murmured under his breath something unintelligible, so Sanka decided that we go to the next one. I feigned a wonderful awakening with horror and told him that we passed my stop. Here Sanka quite angry (at least, he had never looked more indignant). He said loudly ... Well f * (and so on)! . Two pensioners, who were sitting in front of us and looked frightened zasoveschalis. We got out at the next stop. To go from her to my house was only seven minutes long is not more, but Sanya this way did not seem short. He tried to go faster, but I'm the opposite, walked slowly. Sanya increasingly angry, because for a long time much like piss, but he still did not know where I live, and would not leave me, so he had to wait for me, such a slowpoke. Then he abruptly said ...
- Damn now obossus.
He took a fancy to a pretty nice cellar of the nearest house and wanted to go down it, I took his hand and told me that before my very close. And it was true, he was in the neighborhood. I (again, slowly) pulled the magnetic key from the entrance, and we entered. Elevator, to my chagrin, came immediately. Sanka has gripped the hand between his legs and praying that we do not get stuck, but + had passed. They went out on my floor, where the unfortunate attempted to cast in the garbage disposal, but he was categorically denied, suddenly someone from the neighbors see. I've been rummaging in her purse, trying to find the keys of the apartment (in fact, I felt for them almost immediately, but would slightly delay the long-awaited date Sani are sorted, because he is now excited me like no one ever.
I even wanted to portray that lost them somewhere along the way, but decided it would be too much. Now in view of Sani I was so helpless. He bend and unbend my door and was not able to take his hands from the member. The poor, he was so concerned about the problem, he did not even notice that can alleviate their suffering, if at least loosen the belt on his jeans. Then I finally pulled the keys out of the bag. Sanya was delighted. He flew with incredible stress on the door and yelled ... Where's your toilet? . I quietly pulled out of the closet soft but durable belt-strap and took off his shoes. For Sani remove his shoes had great difficulty as to unlace them, he had for some time to remove his hands from the member. Then I said that I spend it in the toilet and asked. Does he mind. If I can help him pee. He looked at me, but so much like the toilet, which was agreed to everything. I tied his eyes, took my hand and led her into the room (not actually in the toilet, and the living room, which was renovated and was on the stage stripping of wallpaper + linoleum was still intact). I led him to the battery quickly and skillfully tied his belt to her. Sanka yelled ...
- What the *** of *** are you doing? Let me go.
- Hush, Sanya. Do not strain yourself, leave the power to endure.
- What are you up to?
- ...You just excites me in this condition.
- Are you sdurela we drown Well, if I can not stand.
- You can stand, honey, you are my strong.
I kissed him on the lips. Then he took off his blindfold and sat down on the floor, bedraggled whitewash, poured from the ceiling. I watched him. Poor Sanka writhed on the battery (the benefit of not drowning) as a stripper. Since Sanya was tied hands, he could not squeeze them between his legs, so he had to keep moving. Kind of dance accompanied by deep sighs and postanovaniem. Sanya said. With his bladder is probably already full, since so much pain. But I knew. That is not the limit. I ran to the kitchen and returned with a glass of mineral water. At the sight of this picture, Sanya nearly fainted and cried ...
- You what? Kill me want! No, I'm not for that he would not drink!
- Only half, Sanya Well, well, for me, please.
- Leave me alone, you little that uf + + + I'm damn sure your neighbors are flooded + can not anymore.
He crossed his legs and held his breath. Then he pried them softly cried out in great pain and could not keep a few drops. This was evidenced by a small wet spot on his jeans. But Sani enough strength to cope with them and hold. Then I myself drank half a glass. Slowly and beautifully. Then again unbuttoned blouse and the rest of the water in a thin stream lila his neck, where she ran on the chest, stomach, legs and dripping on the floor. It's insanely exciting Sanka. Despite the fact that he was already suffer unbearable, I wanted more. Then I ran into the bathroom and brought out a bowl. In a wondrous object management, Sanya smile shone on his face. He had already decided that I finally give him piss. But it was not there. I myself already quite like piss. I unbuttoned her blouse to the end, then took off her skirt. So I stood in front of him in an elegant lingerie (stockings I wear rarely). Then I slowly removed her bra and threw it into the Sanka. The sight of my gorgeous breasts third dimension, he is so excited that a member was willing to break the jeans. I took pity on the unfortunate Sanya and unbuttoned his jeans belt. Then I took off her panties and sat down over a basin. Poor Sanya and is excited and irritated.
He squeaked (he could not much strain the vocal cords, or could wet his pants), I'm sadistic. I started to piss most common jet. What it was torture for him. When I finished he was no longer able to tolerate (stain on jeans grew, and I could not understand, he pisses or ends). Outside I beat out a small jet, he tried to stop, he had it for a few seconds, but then again he let trickle. I decided to torment him more, unzipped his pants, pulled out a member of the family plaid pants and then he began to piss with such pressure that the floor creaked, and spray flew in all directions. Ssali he long + Oh, sorry no spotted. A puddle formed decent. I offered him to stop, but Sanka could not do it. Then, when Sanya finished, he slumped exhausted on asshole zassal floor and sighed with relief ...
- What ka-ah-d-f!
- You see, I told you that you liked it. Maybe somehow we repeat?
- No, I'm afraid that for me too. Next time, I'll tie you.
- Ladnenko, I think I get better. + Although unlikely someone will surpass you in a sexual attraction.
- Hmm, is it?
- Yes.
After an exchange of courtesies, so I untied Sanya battery and led into the shower. Pozabavlyavshis there for half an hour, we wiped swamp in the living room and my bed for a long time experienced in the spring properties and durability. Here's a story here.