Donkey with a baseball bat

I have long thought to go to the party with the intriguing title "zooorgazm". Finally I decided to take it. I casually threw the tiger's skin and went. When I entered, I saw him, he was standing naked and slowly chewed hay in a haystack.
When you first look at it, I experienced an orgasm. He felt it, and rode up to me. Licking my rough tongue, he playfully growled, and then I saw something resembling a baseball bat. The thought of that "this" I will go into my nipples so reared tiger skin came off with me. And my friend uidel my whole body in a negligee. from this it "baseball-bat" She trembled and exploded in orgasm.
Spray flew in all directions, splashing my body and my friend embarrassed began to lick them. It has brought me so chtoya took his mane with all the tenderness, he kissed his warm, wet nose. It has brought us both. We came out of the barn and went to the river, it was winter. We fell to the snow, and he came with all the greed in me. This was spectacular! He moved with such speed and force that orgasm overtook us through the stand of a second. on what was the orgasm! The whole world sowed in bright colors. I woke up on my friend snickered and it was the best expression of his satisfaction.