My wife and dog

Not so long ago I came to work I have a headache and I was asked to go home early, where I waited for my beloved wife Julia. After unlocking the door to the apartment and went in I heard coming from behind a closed bedroom door noise. as well as any man in the shower podozrevayushy that his wife is cheating on him, I slowly crept to the door and opened slightly. My fears were partially realized, but only partially.
What I saw made me okanemet. My wife was on all fours with his face in the carpet gown was bullied on the back opening of its highly lifted her round ass. And on top of it wrapped around her waist legs I was ... Dick. Our German shepherd. The dog was fucking my wife. I saw his huge cock rammed her vlagalishe fully entering into it, only a thick red ball about the size of my fist at the end of the member remained outside. DICK visible from Exciter hoarse breathing. and the wife of the powerful shocks caving quietly reminding poskulivat real bitch. She Lyashkov emerging from the vagina flowed dog sperm. This went on for several minutes. Finally the dog jumped off her and stood side by side, while his wife remained in toyzhe pose postannyvaya and povilivaya backwards, she wanted to continue in sight. The dog stood for a moment beside her, his penis became first a huge decrease rapidly disappearing under the skin. Then DIC repeatedly licked her crotch why JULIA moaned.
I did not know what to do. drop into the room and kill them both and watch to the end. I vvybral second ... lick pussy of my wife DICK again ran into her. Member of the few times in tknuvshis Lyashkov skhlyupanem disappeared layer interior. This time the ball on the dog's penis is not slapped on the clitoris, and with chvyakanem then entered into the pussy, then pokzzyvalsya out. Julia is no longer whines, she squealed. dog stopped on it finally stood there for a moment, then jumped, pytyyas pull member, but this had not happened, prevented the ball jammed into the vagina. Dick began to twitch Julia dragging on the floor. Unable to withstand the more I jumped out of the apartment and a few hours wandering aimlessly around the city. When I returned yavsezhe vchem whatever had happened in the hallway met Dick cheerfully wagging his tail, and kissed his wife came out of the kitchen. Of course I'm not satisfied with the scandal, and not how it is shown that I know everything. Let it be her secret, INE is to ruin because of this family. It is not known what secrets will be on you in your second wife.