I'm 14, she 17

I want to tell you a story that happened to me this summer 2008. I rested in the village and I was not two months to 15 years. I have in the village a lot of beautiful girls. And almost all of them are older than me in the 1.5 years. Only a few of my peers. Most of all I liked in the village of Masha.
She lived at the other end of the village. I met her when we had time to harvest the grass for the winter. She and her friends rakes hay, and we are transported to the stack. I am in the day said that she is particularly looking at me. Although it was far lass though but could repel adult men. Then it was Saturday, and when we went after the hay into the river to wash, I noticed that she, too, comes with us. Near the shore began to undress all including me and Masha. When she took off her sundress I saw her in her underwear, and as I stood by WHO of its three meters then she saw my cock and he is excited to become a little room in his underpants.
Seeing this, she smiled and reached into the river. I, too, after a few seconds to takeoff flew into the river. I did not like to wash where everything and so sailed somewhere in the 300 meters all on Peremel in zatonchik. There was constant hot water. After a while I crept to Masha. I do not even notice how she swam. It is wrong to know that I can not hear, and especially hit his palm on the water. I turned around and there was a real mermaid in front of me. She was loose red hair and breasts were lovely size. Through her swimsuit were prominent dark brown nipples. A few minutes later we looked into each other's eyes.
But then she asked me:
- What's your name?
- Sasha.
- Very nice Masha me.
- Me too.
She smiled because I was looking at her breasts.
- Sasha could you rub my back?
- May - "I replied with embarrassment"
- And then it is almost in front of me took off her swimsuit and turned back to me.
After a few minutes I was completely soaped her back. She put on her swimsuit again and said:
- Thank you
- It's my pleasure
Soon we showered. And they began to go to Peremel. She asked me on the way
- What do you look at me when you started to get up member.
A few seconds later, I paused and then said:
- Why are you looking at me like haymaking.
I then noticed that Masha blushed. And she said with a grain of salt:
- Like you me, Sasha.
- And now you answer why you have got when I undressed.
- I like you too.
When we arrived to the shore all have already begun to emerge from the water and dress. I Masha, too, got out and walked to the clothes I took it slowly went home along the path but after a few meters I caught up with Maria and hugged said
- What's going to do in the evening.
- Nothing. What?
- Come now to the club in seven hours.
- Good will come.
And after my words she kissed me on the cheek and was off to the right. I did not understand ran on. The club from us is 50 meters. But from it if you walk through the village, somewhere, 1 km. But after years of 500 meters. In the evening I went to the club Masha has not been, and I decided to wait for her outside the club. But I came here how it goes.
- It has long been waiting for?
- No. Just came.
- Okay, go sit down.
She went ahead and behind it. we started talking Sitting on the bench. But then I have asked her:
- And what exactly do you like me. After all around you guys so much torque.
- I'm tired of them.
- Masha say honestly how old are you?
- 17 and you
- I am 14 soon 15
- Okay, go to the club. And we went to the club. The club began to dance. And so I went ballad. I decided priglosit Masha. She agreed. I put her two hands on the lower back, and we started to dance but she clung to me and said, after a few seconds:
- Put your hands below.
I listened to her and put his hands more nizhi her ass. She said that I drove her hands over her ass. And I obeyed and started to drive, and she slowly and quietly moaned. When it was over began to lingering usual dancing and then we danced late into the night with her. It is time to go home. We went out into the street She said to me:
- Sasha is so dark not take me home. I'm afraid to go alone.
And the street was really dark.
- Good but only go so near the forest.
Then Masha smiled and skozat:
- Well let's go forest.
And we went to the forest it. After passing 100 meters, she took me by the hand. Having more so a few meters was over forest and meadow began. In the meadow stood a stack of hay. She led me to the haystack and turned to face me.
- Sasha ...
- What?
- And you know how to kiss?
- No
- Do you want to learn?
- Want
And before I could say a word to the end of it I was pushed under a haystack. Masha took my head began to kiss. I did not have time to recover both her hot tongue was in my mouth. I lied to her then I do not know how. And we have merged in a hot kiss. Then she took my hand and held between his legs. My fingers felt that there is in her wet and my cock began to swell. I took a few minutes from its pants and suddenly dared to touch her breasts. Tearing himself away from keeping his hand between my legs, I took one hand her breasts. It was hard and elastic.
Feeling the end of her blouse, I decided to climb to her under lirfichk. And she told me this is allowed. Under the bra, I began to knead her breasts lightly, and she began to moan. Then I took two fingers of her nipple and began to compress and decompress. And she began to moan. Then after a few minutes I looked up and wanted to climb between her legs. But she said:
- Sasha enough it was time to go home.
And then we exchanged phone numbers. And they went from house to house. I have not been able to forget what happened. It took a few days but I have not seen Masha.
It was Thursday and I wanted to go to the city that would buy myself something. With me gone, my friend Petka. What would go to the city we had to drive to the next village 5 km. And only then take a bus. We went to a place chatted about this and that, and after 1 km. we saw that the two men are talking. Arriving at the saw Masha and her friend Lenka.
- A lift to the village.
I asked Maria with a smile and looked at me. I looked at Petka and said:
- Yes drove. Masha sit down with me and you in Lena Petka.
Masha sat on my bicycle frame and we went with it and Petya with Lenka stayed behind to ride. But then I asked Masha:
- Did you enjoy the evening?
- Yes. Why did not you gave to climb under your pants.
- A bit embarrassing.
- Nevermind.
On the way we chatted about this and that. When we arrived, I put the bike at a friend and we went to the place. They sat on the bus and I'm more Masha, Lena, Petka seen.
When I came back to the village, I went for a bike. In the courtyard was only my bike. Petya was not. Passing a hundred meters I saw that Mary goes. I then took her back to his frame and povёz back. I asked where she Petka said that he went with the universe. On the way back we were silent. I watched all the way to her breast from a height. Near the intersection where the road comes to my house, she said,
- Wait. I'll send you something on the phone but you do not pass anyone.
- Good
She sent me to 12 images and one sms. I did not watch them. Home when I arrived, I decided to look at the photos of naked was Masha. A sms has been written on the "Sasha come to the river to 5 hours will be waiting.". I looked at the clock it was already without five 15 I then changed instantly and ran to the river. When ran on the bank of the river sat Masha.
- Come buy.
- Come on.
We swam and besilis somewhere in half an hour. Then Mary said:
- I vylazhu what do you want.
- So do I.
We got out and took out waving a towel to wipe the package beginning. She asked me what I would have held the towel, and she is disguise. When she was changing, I saw her breasts and nipples are slightly protruding downward. And when she took off her panties ... then I saw the triangle between her legs. But she did not hesitate, and I have done everything in his underpants closer and closer. But then she asked:
- You're not going to change that?
- Dudu.
- So why not change clothes.
- I told you keep a towel.
- And yes. Now I will wear shorts and you pereodeneshsya
- Good
When she was dressed, she took a towel and began to hold. I took off my pants and she saw the intense pain to my cock. And he smiled slightly. After the river, we went to her home. At home, we watched her various films. It was 7:00 and she told me:
- You do not want to see a funny movie while their parents have not returned?
- Let's plug.
She got up from the bed and asked me to stand up. I got up and she took out from under the bed box with wheels and get out the cross drive. She inserted it into the drive and sat beside me. I hugged her. I did not know that she put a porn movie. After a while she soaked panties. After half an hour we went to the street but before going she took her purse.
- Sasha hotish something to show?
- Yes
- Then we climbed on the barn.
She turned me into a barn and we have got to the barn at the site. There was a smell of hay and the dried grass. When I climbed I asked what she wanted to show me, and she said that we should still go to the end of the barn. I went after her.
- Well, you wanted to show me.
- Wait, hold on
And she dumped me on the hay and sat on me. We have merged in a kiss. After a while Mary looked up and took off her bra in a place with a dress and my shirt. And she remained in his shorts. I stared hungrily at her nipples. She moaned softly. The pants I had closely and she is swept out. Masha stood with me and pulled off my shorts with shorts in place. Seeing my dick gets up to the limit, she began to suck, while I moaned. After some time, I withdrew it from my cock and we swapped. She was now at the bottom, and I'm at the top.
I took off her panties in front of me and had a lovely picture. I then no teryayuchi stared at her clitoris. She began to moan. Less than 10 minutes it began to spin as the eel and began to tremble. And from her pussy flowed grease. It is a few minutes lying motionless. But then she said:
- Lyazh back.
I lay down on his back. My cock was excited to the limit. She then took out her bag of condoms. It prints out one. Gritting his polchikami end she put a condom on my cock and said:
- I want you
After these words she began to squat so that her pussy was hanging over my cock. And slowly began to sink. First came the head, and then a few more centimeters 3-4 and my cock rested in something. It was a hymen. Masha sharply relaxed leg muscles and hymen tore itself. And then I start to jump. Less than 10 minutes she felt a second orgasm. She skozat that I put her cancer. I agreed and she got off me and became a cancer. I did about it on his knees and began to introduce his penis. She began to moan. I quickened the pace and accelerated. After some time, Maria began to shake and scream.
It was already 3 orgasm. I stopped. When she came to the feelings I pulled out his penis and brought him into her rear opening she cried. Increasing the pace, she began to scream. And at that moment I had the condom broke. She said that I picked up another in her purse. I then took another. When I wore it, it was lying on his back. I went. She scored her legs on his shoulders and began to type. She began to moan. After a while I start it after orgasm then lift your pelvis is lowered. And after these movements I began an orgasm. I then pulled his dick out of her pussy, took a condom. And all the sperm hit her in the chest, and the other half fell in rat. She licked her lips and my cock. And I collapsed beside her.
We lay motionless somewhere for 10 minutes and then it is the tale:
- You are wonderful
- You too.
I then dressed and went home was already 1 am. The next day I went into the city. I'm waiting and can not wait for the school holidays and when I go back to the village.
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