Sex is the most beautiful thing that can be in adult life. You can not have it a lot. This is a cure-all, the elixir of youth and health. Discover previously unexplored - the meaning of each sexual encounter. Search yourself new sensations motivates me.
Sex with two men at the same time - that's what I would like to try. I began searching for candidates. It was not so easy, some were too zakompleksovanny, some selfish, and when I had already lost hope to realize his dream, to my close friends came to visit a twin brother. I invited them to tea. Tea changed over spirits. Communication was easy and relaxed. One of the brothers started a phrase, the second picking, continued, and I gnaw thought, the same can be coordinated their union in bed?
We listened to music, I danced in turn with both gentlemen. They seemed so to me the same, but what are they really? My desire grew with each passing minute, strained and male organs from very close dance. With one of the brothers have previously been intimate experience, I do not hesitate dancing, he unbuttoned his jeans, and began to caress his hand already the strained member. Easy moan escaped from his lips, he offered to retire, but I went on, beautiful, squatted down, took his boy in the mouth. And then I caught sight of bro. His eyes sparkled, tongue licking his lips parted, hands unbuckling the belt pants. Oh, he pulls out his unit, exciting! With even greater pleasure I suck dick, but the one I have enough, I invite brother to join, and here are their tools for the pleasure in my power, I in turn lick of comparing the taste, size, elasticity and can not determine what to me more pleasant. Meanwhile, two pairs of hands caressing my body, none uchastochek was not left without attention. Hair, breasts, buttocks, ass ... I languished with excitement. My girl was not just wet, it flowed. My twins are finished in my mouth somehow very quickly and at the same time. After drinking a double dose of love nectar, I longed to continue.
The boys took off himself and me the remains of clothes, and laid me on the bed. I gave into their hands like a rubber doll, from which all fantasy can be realized. The widely parted my slender legs, one of the brothers pressed his lips to the clitoris. Instantly I felt the strongest orgasm, but the excitement was growing stronger. Then the second, turning my stomach, buttocks apart began to lick ass. Eagerly, humid, deeply penetrating the language, and then inserting a finger and tongue caressing the lips, he skillfully brought me to the top of bliss.
Closing my eyes, I stayed where -That the clouds and descended to "ground"And I saw that the boys, looking at me again ready to continue. Putting one on his back, sat down on his cock deep, I did not move fast, push-fit on all depth, at the same time felt the language of another boy who caressed my ass, I have not experienced ever .tak buzz. There were only one wish - what would it never ends! And then in my wet ass I walked very carefully the second wizard. It was wonderful! I felt the two members are separated only by thin barriers according. We turned into a lump of pleasure. Groans could not deter anyone, and this time we have an orgasm at the same time the three of us.
Waking up in the morning before the little brothers, as if I fell through the looking glass. On both sides of me were in the same poses two beautiful boys. Yes, it was the best sex of my life ... at the time.
The children woke at the same time, the same sly lustful smile played at the corners of their lips, but their wonderful hands, how many of them ...... !!!