I returned early from the university. The mood was zero, I fall into bed and sleep for a long time. Coming home to start trying to do something, but nothing happened. To kill a little time and decided to go out for a smoke on the landing.
To my surprise, my solitude was broken by my neighbor below. It was a pleasant, inflated man, 25 years old I had suspicions about him, since he lived a man 40 years his father did not like, however, some evidence I had.
- Hello, you probably my neighbor ... My name is Oleg.
- Misha - I replied.
He was a pleasant velvety voice. And indeed it was a very personal ... Through polurastegnutuyu shirt could be seen a strong tanned torso, hands .. Well maintained inflated fingers gently holding expensive cigarettes. And as it sat his ass jeans .... Cushioning coarse cloth very, very appetizing.
We even exchanged a few words, he smiled sweetly, and I thought, why not ... Ostensibly, accidentally dropping the lighter I had to bend over at the waist level. Oh, what a surprise! I slipped and fell on his knees his nose buried in his crotch! Oh my God! I felt it! For zipper jeans hiding a beast! I'm in no hurry to remove the head, and Oleg somehow not in a hurry to depart ....
I slowly began to unbutton his belt ... not received sorotivleniya undid the button on his trousers and zipper ... Oleg, apparently was not wearing underwear ... His cock jumped out "cell", Slapping me on the lips.
- Suck, bitch, suck!
With what pleasure I began to execute this order. How do I get turned on to suck the number directly on the landing. His head inlet and outlet of my throat, Oleg stuck your dick to the entire length so that I had hardly taken. I changed tactics and began to suck the head, running her tongue along it and at the same time nadrachival his penis.
- Oh, yes ... you're a good nipple ...
I dutifully licked every millimeter of his cock, but he grabbed my head and started fucking my head. I put my mouth at the mercy of his Coke, and very soon was rewarded with a portion of sweet and sour sperm that I drank to the end.
- Well suck-I Heard
- And if you're good? The bed ... - I asked with a sneer in his voice and taking the hand of his trahalschikov led to his ...
Tearing off his back in the hallway all the clothes we came into the bedroom. As he was mighty ... I immediately realized will fucking right now.
Lubricants were not very many, I own all the tech impatience ... I was lying on his back, legs wide apart, and Oleg was trying to enter my ass his incredible member. It was painful, very painful, but I was able to accept it, he began to move inside me ... I felt his every centimeter. How sweet it is to fuck me. His cock went in and out ... Soon, I could not restrain myself. Not pulling his dick, I threw him on his back, even though it was not easy, and began to ride him.
- Yes, Oleg, yeah !! I'm your bitch, call me a whore !!
- A whore, you're a whore !!
Oleg did not forget podmahivat hips to the beat of my ass ..
A few minutes of furious racing and I'm tired, so Oleg put me with cancer and began to drive his cock in me myself. With each thrust his power increased
- Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes!!!! Yes fuck !! YES !!!!
I began to finish !! Not seeing or feeling more than anything I poured his sperm ... And all Oleg fucked me .... Plop! Painful blow to my ass .. Plop! Plop! and now I feel his hot juice flowing inside me, burning .....
When Oleg dressed and left something in my ass tells me ... This is not the end
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