Genia (stories on the photos from an album)

Each person has a photo album. This whole story in photos. There is such an album and my wife Zhenya. Recently, I learned that it is a storehouse of sexual histories. Accidentally. Therefore, I tell stories, breaking history. This is a photo of the birth of the cheerful company at the banquet table I in the center.
The first story. I found someone in the photo.
22 years Zhenya noted as always fun. Guests are welcome to it. With the institute's group of friends from the old company. A lover of dance Genia was the center of attention. Since most of the reviews I knew bad, but I did not know at all, it chose to pay attention to a nice bottle of Italian wine stockpiled for this case. Some reviews I found on a photo from the album. Here Sergei from the old company, and Acne Vita with the institute's group at them it was best man at the wedding. In the midst of a party long into the night, I quietly left the bedroom and went to sleep. Therefore I hear bad when dispersed, and guests who remained, as always, on the couch in the living room. Then out of mischief pretended to be asleep when the bedroom quickly changed into a T-shirt Genia to the skin and lay side by side, but not for long povertevshis, minutes, five and making sure that I was fast "sleep" He slipped out of the bedroom. In other matters not far when in the corridor behind the glass door of the bedroom rang savory aspirated sounds, I realized that not in vain pretending. Behind the glass two silhouettes passionately squeezed each other's shirt Zhenya was raised at the throat, revealing full breasts. Who are the guests kissed passionately, Genia I did not see, sorry, the door was covered. But the idyll did not last long shadow flashed on the glass doors and angry voice he said:
- Bitch, again with her!
Skirmish ensued, which ended in a loud slamming the front door. Again there was silence, and in the bedroom there was Genia and history repeated itself. Checking how hard I "sleep" she came out of the bedroom. Only now the door has not been covered, and I saw Sergei from the old company. Genia hotly whispered panting: - Gone, well, to hell with it - and passionately he dug into his mouth!. Hastily pulling his hips melting. In the dim light of the lantern, falls out of the window was laid bare hefty rampant member, who immediately embraced the fingers and began to move quickly, rolling up with a skin head. She pulled away from his lips and slid down grabbed a member of the lips, plunging deep into her throat took out his lips almost to the thick hair on his pubes. Sergei stiffened and pressed his shoulders against the wall, moved his ass, immersing and taking out a member of up to half of the greedy lips Zhenya. Suddenly Sergei stiffened and recoiled Genia lips and cheeks slapped a thick jet of sperm flowing down to the chin. She rose from her knees and pulling through the head t-shirt wiping her face.
- Sergei wait - she whispered and looked into the bedroom touched my shoulder, I "I slept" tight.
- He sleeps go here and there Vitalik Vika - she gestured toward the living room.
Now, when they went into the bedroom, I could see Sergei in all its glory. Even the fallen member struck by its size. "Yes, this all went bad in yaldu"I thought .- .. Genia became the knees on the bed, raising his ass her clean-shaven pussy was near the mouth of Sergei, and he immediately spent on them the language and then opened them to penetrate the language .. Nearly beside me panting Genia her full breasts flattened on the bed. Sergey also stuck two fingers into the vagina, continuing to hungrily licking the clitoris. She jerked and moaned loudly. ABOUT! I realized Sergei had found in her vagina familiar point "G", But of course now it is clear to me that point showed Genia and her Seryozha with a big dick. At this time in the bedroom door appeared Acne completely naked. His rampant member protruding from a thick bush of black hair long, that they were getting, almost half the member, trembling with tension, and he immediately drove him into the wide-open mouth Zhenya. Sergei looked up from her pussy.
- Do not stop - croaked Acne moving member -Trahnem its two thrust at my wedding it ripped three of us.
- I know I have it sucked when there was Tselkov - responded Sergey - She kissed in our company all said "kissing passionately".
But Sergei member a moment ago began to rise limp and clearly he does not fucking threesome and knocked his presence Vitalik.
- Let's switch 'he said brusquely Acne and climbed over me so that his dick wet head on my chest frayed at the end of my chest fell a drop of hot sperm and pressed his hand to his lips Zhenya member who just had left Vitalik rampant member, who immediately a sucking sound came to Genia. He abruptly drives the dick in her that was heard a sound like a clap hands. She intensely moved by hand and mouth member Sergei still 5 minutes, but it was not raised.
- I can not! I've never so do not fuck, he said taking out a member of her mouth and then climbing over me. - Acne you fuck my girlfriend. I will go. I try with Vika?
- Well, now it is not yours - without stopping the rhythm answered Vitalik.- But Vic there.
Sergei came to hear what's going on in the living room, I could not have been prevented noise rhythmically twitches bed .. But then he stopped: - Genia you obvaflil Serega and pussy wet, I can not come to finish in the ass.
- Vitaly, he did not finish there did not, you came - whispered Zhenechka- I want with him, please call him.
Here's to, but I refused, saying unpleasant hurt. But Acne is not listening to her. His face flushed with excitement, breathing break on wheeze.
She playfully privernulas back rose high legs pinning them to his ass that has risen again. Standing on the floor Acne pressed member to her ass, but he slipped and again penetrated into the vagina, and he was quickly moving deep rampant flesh will drive in the wet vagina. Pulling wet cock he gently pressed it to his anus Zhenya and now abruptly drove the head there. She stiffened and gasped, but a member of the movement stopped, entering only the head. Acne bent down and found her lips hungrily dug into them. Then he hoarsely whispered:
- Well, my little I'm only with you fucked in the ass. Vic does not want, but remember you, how cool we are landing near the reservoir fucked.
Speaking Acne is deeply immersed member and began to massage the clitoris Genia fingers loudly and panting. Soon the pace became so as before, but Vitaly trembled, made a guttural sound and a hot jet of sperm filled in the rectum, forcing Genia and shudder of orgasm she called yelp like a cat and almost fell on me. Her body was hot and humid Acne lay down on her and bit her lips, but a member of his singed after orgasm, and he drove it back to the vagina, moving wildly back and forth gradually loses its elasticity flesh
- How well you cool giant Acne, but I no longer finish - wheezed Genia.
- But you also nice, yes. Yes? - I muttered Vitaly will drive member in the wide-open sex lips.
Finally member finally fell out with pussy Zhenya and breath Acne sat on the edge of the bed.
- During a long time we have not fucked.
- But you chose to Vick. Call Sergei, and he asked obiditsya.- Genia.
- Good. I've come up with something.
- Acne well, you're at the wrong time - Sergei said, coming into the bedroom .... His cock again stuck with excitement affecting its size, even Acne could not resist a comment
- Well, you and Yalda after all the pussy I bet Vick sprained.
- Well, I just put in Vick, and came tutions.
- Word imeninetsy legitimate joked Acne - It tells you it is fucked.
- You did not come in time.
He leaned on Genia podsunuv hand under her knees and threw his legs and shoulders and entered her pussy sharp push the bed creaked. He moved frantically sharply and quickly. Acne member pressed to his lips Zhenya plunging it into his mouth up to the eggs.
- Oh! - And only escaped from her lips.
- Sergei wait come I'll come to it in the ass, and you're hoarse speredi.- he suggested.
Sergei tears with Zhenya and lay on his back, sat on him Genia member Sergei went into the wet pussy. Acne grabbed her from behind, pressing his cock to her little ass and slowly brought it inside. Froze for a second, they began to move rhythmically.
- Oh! Boys you delaete.Oy! Genia groaned.
Two moving member therein. Sergei first issued a guttural groan and twitch.
- How cool I finished - legs Zhenya ran hot cum almost immediately joined him, and Acne. He jumped up and flew hot cum on her back pushing Sergey he drove a member in the wet cunt moving rapidly backwards. Now Sergei member pressed to her mouth. But a member of his fast he went down and sat on the bed, squeezing his chest Zhenya. At this moment it appeared in the doorway Vita. High slightly plump blonde with heavy breasts. She wore only tight white panties tango
- Acne you promised that more will not fuck with her - she said, looking at her husband scurried Genia - enough for you at our wedding with her fucked Boyar in the bathroom. And now, it all led Sergei.
Acne, breathing abruptly sat down on the bed. All three of stunned staring at each other. The first was found Genia:
- Vick, join us and let's go into the living room, and then he wakes up - and jabbed a finger in my direction.
They came out of the bedroom, and I touched his penis and reared by the touch sperm flooded the sheets and I fell asleep.