I was 15 ...

That summer, when I was sent to the country to his aunt's parents I just turned 15 years old. All my thoughts at that time were around sex: I bought a calendar with naked women, went to the video parlor on pornushnye sessions if there were money, sex! Spied on the beach and her sister in the bathroom (it was almost 17). While I was riding on a bus in the direction of cottages all my thoughts were about how great it will be to turn around: it was full of wild beaches where they like to swim beggar and there is a bath with a window and bushes around - what could be better!
In the country was my 32 year old aunt and her children: Dimka 12 years and Lena my age. I have long not seen them, and therefore very surprised how great it has changed my cousin - she was awesome figure, discernible wonderful breasts under the shirt, and when she squatted the bulging ass so that my cock almost tore the buttons on the fly.
Aunt looked remarkably well and while we greet, I realized that I would have two main object for observation. Dima, though it was 12 years old but he is also vymahal good so I did not recognize him at first. It turned out that my uncle went to work in the city and come back in 3 days.
The first thing that we have done so with Dima is rushed to the river, Lena went with us and prevented me to discuss with them urgent problems. But when she undressed on the beach, I realized that this is a good thing that she went. Her swimsuit was so small as if it did not exist. Dimka told me that she already bears his third year and during that time her breasts increased so that it barely covered the nipples. Panties is almost completely bared buttocks that had great from burning in the sun. Seeing as I stare at her, she immediately ran to the water.
Dima was a strange and not really want to talk with me all sorts of topics. Well, to hell with it, I decided - even conversations.
After the river we had lunch, and I began to wander around the garden. I wanted to apples from the tree and I climbed to the very large and thick apple. What I saw there just was not the cause of my fall: on the balcony lay Lena in shorts from the swimsuit and to substitute his bare chest to the sun. I held my breath and watched my fellow has almost no fit in shorts. Her chest was the most beautiful in the world for me, and then it was obvious that she did not sunbathe for the first time since tan smooth. She stirred and opened her legs, her panties almost strayed into a single string, and it was seen as the sun shines on rare hairs. More I could not help, I took my friend and began to masturbate furiously. But the finish I was not destiny - right beneath me was my aunt, looking up at me. Startled, I nearly fell over and hid a member of the fast.
She ordered to get off, when I went down it was all red as a lobster. I tried to apologize but she told me to go for it.
We came into my room.
- Aunt ask, do not repeat - I was trying to justify himself.
- Stop - to my surprise she said quite calmly. - At this age, you boys just think about it.
I followed her gaze and almost fell through the ground - my cock was sticking like Leaning Tower of Pisa in shorts.
- I do not tell your mother if you do everything as I say, - she said.
- Yes, I promise - I was ready for anything.
- You see your coming few changes our way of life, - she said. - We used to not be shy of each other and there is always sunbathe naked, not ashamed of each other.
- And Dimka with you? - I blurted out.
- And he, too, so at least we got rid of the neighbors complaints for which he is spying. Now a woman's body is not so great is the mystery of his eye - the answer that surprised me even more. - Therefore, from now on you should not be surprised if you see me, and Lena naked and he can quite easily walk there naked. I got it?
- Y ... yes, - I barely uttered.
- Well, that's fine - she said. - Take off the shorts.
- N-no, - I mumbled, Ninny by this turn.
- We agreed - she raised her eyebrows in surprise. - Or do you want to have an unpleasant conversation with his mother.
Here it's worth noting that my mother was very strict and never anything like this could not wait.
- But I can not - I squeezed out of myself again. - I am ashamed.
- Are you ashamed of me? - She asked.
- Yes.
- But how is it ... we are with you, and then you have agreed that no one here is not shy.
- But ... it's worth - I tried to fight back again.
- So what - she smiled. - Soon you will get used to us, and will not react violently. Take off and today I send you back !!!
- Well, - I said.
Trying not to look at her, I pulled the shorts and covered himself with his hands.
- Get hands - she ordered.
- Hmm .... Yes, you really perevozbudilsya - she smiled when he saw my cock with a red head sticking out 17 centimeters forward. - So you can not go scare Lena. Finish what you were doing on the tree.
- No! - I cried.
- Do you want me to help you? - She asked suddenly.
- Ka-ah-to? - I was shocked.
She walked over to me and knelt. I almost went crazy with happiness when her hand touched my penis - it was very nice, but at the same time I was terribly ashamed.
- Do not be afraid - she said quietly.
Her languid eyes rapidly leaped to my imagination and to his own surprise, I said that would never have said, had I not been so discouraged and nervous.
- Remove swimsuit .... please.
- Hmm ... - to my surprise, she smiled. - You quickly get used to the new environment.
- But you said that you would walk naked - I was justified, blissfully happy from a sense of her warm fingers on his penis.
- Well - to my surprise, she agreed (!!!).
She got up from her knees, undid the bra and swung it just as I did not hesitate, as if she were alone in the room. Then when I thought about it I thought that here the situation was if someone came into the room, I stand naked with protruding quivering member and aunt standing in front of me some batches. But then I was not before.
I devoured her eyes developed breasts and dark nipples and my dick twitched involuntarily. She put her bra on the bed and stared questioningly at me smiling.
- Do you want me to continue, - she smiled.
- D..d..da - I barely audible sigh.
- Well, - she said, and quite naturally pulled down her panties down.
I nearly fainted with excitement, I was just shaking and she caught my mood. Carefully I sat on the bed in front of me and spread her legs. God !!! I dreamed about it all my life - I've seen this female flesh. And then something happened that was going to happen for a long time. My cock jerked and pulled away from his jet of sperm. Then another and another - I smeared floor. Horrified, I grabbed a towel and began to close them. She was laughing and looking at my confused manipulation. All red with shame I pulled the shower and stood under the warm water, which is heated for a day in the tank on the roof.
I bathed and dumbfounded recalled what had just happened.
Suddenly the door opened and entered a naked aunt with a bathing suit in his hands, I immediately closed hands.
- Come, - she said. - After all, we like you agreed on everything.
I reluctantly removed his hands, my cock wilted and hanging down.
- Well, - she smiled. - Now, you're okay.
She was wearing swimming trunks and bra hung on the rope and left without looking back. "Now she will go to testify without a bra"- I guess that's why she has such tanned chest.
I went down to the kitchen after 15 minutes, when calmed down and put on shorts. Towards I came Lena, she was in some batches, which lay at the top of the sun. Her breasts were so close to me that I could safely touch their hand .... She calmly walked past and it seemed to me, smiled slightly. The kitchen Dimka eating soup, and aunt stood at the stove, she was in shorts.
- Will you have dinner, - she asked me, as if nothing had happened.
The entire second half of the day for me was like a fairy tale. After dinner we all gathered at the top of Dimka lay in the shade of vines that twined balcony and Aunt Lena and I were lying in the sun completely naked. My shorts just bursting in all directions as I stared at the little covered with sparse hairs pubis his cousin and half an hour later, I ran a bullet to his room because he could not tolerate. I finished instantly, and throwing shorts on the bed slouched in a shower of peace and quiet. There's something me and found my aunt when I was washing my dick.
- Again accident - she smiled.
- I'm sorry - I mumbled.
- Come, - she said. - Do not worry, you get used to it. Come to sunbathe only mind you do not take shorts.
- I can not.
- You embarrass Lenya?
- Yes.
- You're too shy about her when she lies naked and you sit in shorts and staring at her. Come hang back and go as is. You can not even wipe - vysohnesh the sun.
I trailed behind her watching her cheeks. Lena lay and read a magazine.
- Well, here we nudists was more - said the aunt.
Lena raised her head and looked at me. I involuntarily recoiled, but the aunt pushed me back and said:
- Lie down and sunbathe it will walk all winter with white ass.
- Ma and his more than dimkin, - had no qualms Lena said. - Do not be afraid to sit next to.
From such a turn in the end, I was blown away and flopped down beside her on the blanket.
We sat there for 2 hours, until the sun we have not got. All this time my cock then got up, the force of will, I forced him to settle down. Then came Dimka and we all went to the river to bathe. When approaching the river, I noticed that my aunt turned to the side and not headed to the beach. A vague hunch made my dick twitch up again.
We walked through the woods for about 10 minutes and went on a little deserted place by the river on all sides were the bushes and only where it was possible to stay as it is on a small island of sand that borders the river. Aunt a bed quilt, Dima had no qualms pulled the shorts and ran to the water. When Lena with her mother pulled her sundresses, I realized that was the only one who pinned here in batches.
Not paying attention to me, they also went to the water.
We swam there naked, sunbathing and swimming again. I'm completely used to this unusual society and sometimes only when I saw Lena and her mother lying on the sun legs spread wide my cock started to get up, then I saved the river.
When we came home we Dimka priparili sink bath. It was made by my uncle tasteful and reminiscent of a good Finnish sauna in that I like it went with his father. For two hours she warmed up and you could bathe in it. Dima began to moan the mother to wash in the evening as it did not like the heat in the bath and also agreed with the guys to drive football. As a result of 10 minutes of whining, he was released on the half hour.
- Go wash up while you while there is fever, - said Aunt and added. - Lena and now also come and how to hover.
I forced myself not to beg and undressed immediately climbed on the farthest shelf sauna. A few minutes later the door opened and the steam room completely naked Lenka appeared in the doorway. She rested and whined that she was fed up with a sauna and she wants to watch KVN. Behind her aunt she was pushed without clothes too.
- Come on - she said sternly daughter. - Propoteesh almost anything you would not and then go watch a KVN.
Aunt of the village is also on the top and I had to move. Lenka sat still at the bottom with an injured views. I longingly looked from her naked crotch that her virgin breasts. My cock began to brawl again. Lena jumped a minute later, it was heard as she quickly rinsed in the shower and turned on the TV in the room.
Meanwhile, my dick completely stopped me to obey and become quite noticeable bulge forward. My aunt noticed it and to my surprise she smiled.
- Problems again? - She asked.
- No, - I mumbled, and went down to the lower shelf.
Now I was sitting across from her, and my eyes were right in front of her feet spaced. It was visible through the hair of her flesh, and I realized my mistake "nothing moved" - My cock immediately shot up and I covered it with his hands.
- Get your hands - I heard the voice of Aunt.
- What for? - I asked, but the hand removed. My cock was sticking like a huge cucumber.
- It will be so stuck will then get sick - instructive she said, smiling, and suddenly, quite unexpectedly proposed - Make yourself cum.
From this offer I almost stunned and desperately shook his head in protest. She smiled again and slowly spread her legs so that was clearly visible pink bud of her labia. It was just fantastic, my penis has reached its maximum size and began to shake. I wanted to get up and get out but she caught my movement.
- Wait - I heard.
- Come on come on, - she said.
- I can not - I choked.
- Do you want me to do with his hand - whether suddenly suggested that if she asked, and without waiting downstairs.
I sat on the middle shelf, and my cock was right in front of her chest. She gently took his two hands, and I twitched nervously ran through the body of the discharge.
- Quiet, do not worry - she said and began to gently stroke my dick.
Given the fact that on that day I have been masturbating 3 times, I realized that the harsh isolation as the last time in the bedroom is not. I looked at her breasts and enjoy her gentle fingers slowly caressed my cock. She caught my eye and said:
- Touch, well, do not be afraid because you want to touch them.
- Yes - I said, and held out his hand touched her breast. You can not experience what I felt at that moment!
She gently stroked my testicles with his left hand and caressed the right barrel member not rush things, and I gently touched her nipple and began to crumple. Her chest was heaving, and then I realized that she too can see excited (!!!). I did not care that she was my aunt - she was just a woman who caressed my cock and I realized that I wanted it.
- You're good, - she said, pulling back a little from me.
- Yes, - I whispered.
- You never no one is caressed, - she smiled stroking my trunk.
- Yes - I felt that a little, and I finish it, but I would like to extend this torture longer.
- Do you want me to continue to caress you, - she went on smiling.
- Yes! - I groaned.
- Then close your eyes - she ordered. - Come on!
I immediately complied with her request, fearing that she would stop stroking my dick. Sitting with my eyes closed, I felt The as her hands caress my cock my balls, run through the crotch. Decoupling was close. Suddenly I felt her caresses became more tender and moist that it touched my penis start to lay it on top, causing a storm of emotions in me. I opened my eyes and was stunned by what he saw. Aunt bowed her head to me and my cock was almost entirely in her mouth. From the thrills, I almost fainted, and I would like to make it absorbed me as far as possible. It was enough to swallow me twice myself and I understand that the cry began to finish.
She firmly holding my buttocks and did not allow to move away. Such feelings I had never experienced orgasm lasted a minute and it seemed to me that I poured into it a whole bucket of sperm. When I calmed down she gently released my cock, her lips were my sperm, her eyes shone, and she smiled at me.
- You are very pleasant to the taste. Did you like it? - She asked.
- Yes, - I breathed, feeling on top of the world.
- Will you ... now I always listen, understand?
- Yes.
- You promise?
- Yes - I was ready to do anything for her.
- That's good, - she said, and slipped into the shower.
I spent a few more minutes, coming to himself, and then went out, too. In the shower there was no one and I quietly having washed, came into the room. Aunt Lena talked about something, but when I came in, they were silent and aunt smiled at me.
I have had no qualms Lenka went and sat down on the sofa next to her - went on TV KVN. Came Dimka, football was canceled, he began to undress, intending to go warm up. Lena followed him to the sauna. I gratefully looked at her aunt. She smiled at me and said:
- What you now hear should not learn from you one, okay?
- Yes - I said in surprise, what I thought I was still waiting.
- The fact that your mother and I are somewhat different, and our family is brought up in a different spirit as you understand. My husband as you know the doctor-sexologist and scholar, he learned a lot, and insisted that we had children not as accepted, as well as will be useful to them. When Lena was 13 years old he became once a week on the weekends to caress her vagina language, thus developing her genitals and allowing to remove the sexual tension.
Yes, do not be surprised, this is a mystery in our family so keep your mouth shut.
I nodded my head and immediately felt that my penis started to come alive again. Damn, well, how can. And she continued:
- A year later, Dima was 11 years old and already felt that he is interested in sex. Here already I had to get over the prejudices and I began to caress it just like you today. But I do it 2 times a week, and six months later Lena also began to demand to and she did it 2 times a week. You know that my husband is a busy man, I also often work until midnight and here we had him step over the taboo again. We began to fondle Dima and Lena at the same time in the same room so that they can learn to caress each other. A week later, they were already doing it to each other do under our supervision. Since my husband and I rarely caress them - they are quite satisfied with each other, but we strictly forbade them to do it more than 3 times a week.
I sat and listened to it with wide staring eyes, my cock reared up, but I did not notice it. I could not believe what he heard, but what I saw there told me that's how it was.
- I'll explain later why I told you, and yet went to the steam room, - she said, looking at my protruding member. - Do not worry about anything and do not be surprised.
I got up and followed her own staring look in her buttocks. The door to the steam room was ajar, and there it was not hot, Lena argued about something with Dima. When we entered it with interest looked at my standing member, in Dima is also a member of the standing and was clearly more than the average 12-year-old boy, were clearly lessons for him.
- What is it, - said my aunt. My daughter looked at me, then at his mother. - Do not be afraid to say, - soothed her aunt.
- He does not want me to do this, I first wanted to do to him, and now it is his turn to do the first, - said Lena, and I suddenly realized what is there to it.
- Dima stop to argue and then I'll make you herself - aunt said.
We see Dima liked it better when I did blow his mother and so he immediately got down from the middle shelf. Aunt sat down and sat next to me, I was fascinated watching for those that happened a meter away from me. Lena lay down on the middle shelf and widely spread her legs and Dima began to caress her tongue. I watched his every move and trying to remember how to make a woman nice, my dick twitching from the ensuing action. Lena opened her legs wider and began to move her hips, letting out soft moans. It was clear that Dima knew well how to bring my sister and at the same time he did it with obvious pleasure he incensed.
Finally came the denouement, Lena shuddered several times gave out a low moan and suddenly huddled in hysterics screaming and pulling his hips. Dima pulled away from her, his lips were in the lubricant, which flowed abundantly from the womb of his sister, and a member of the protruded almost like mine. He went into the shower, Lena was still lying legs wide apart and moaning softly, I madly wanted priniknut to its disclosure as a rosebud bosom and aunt knew it in my view. She complimentary nodded to me and I do not wait for the repeat lunged forward and plunged his tongue gently in the bosom of her cousin, inhaling her intoxicating scent. Lena shuddered and raised her head and met my gaze longingly she suddenly smiled and leaned back again. I've never done it and so stupidly poked tongue, licking the grease.
My aunt came up to us and gently pushed me. I regretfully got up and saw that Lena is also not particularly pleased mother intervention.
- Enough is today, - said my aunt. - All in the shower.
Lena and I stood under the shower, and Dima again went to the steam room. Through the open door I saw as he sat on the middle shelf, came up to him and his mother to say something, he leaned against the wall and she leaned over him. My cock was almost snikshy shower immediately he took firing position and I timidly walked into the steam room. I climbed to the opposite middle shelf and legs dangling looked at what was happening in front of me. Mother swallowing a member of his son and again released him, then he licked, down to the testicles and gently took them into his mouth. Dimka was moaning with pleasure. Aunt ass sticking out back and I could see her crotch.
I looked into my eyes and my cock trembled at the sight. In the steam room Lena came, looked at her mother and brother, she stared at my cock and came close to me. I turned up at her and realized that now is. Without waiting for an invitation she gently took my cock and began to stroke. At this time in front of Dima she jerked and groaned began to lower sperm in the mouth of his mother they were both shaking and I realized that my aunt was excited not less than it. We're all already received a discharge and she is not. Lena heard his brother scream even ear does not lead, it sank finally my cock into his mouth and began to lick, I was on the verge of bliss - her little mouth zyal my penis in a tight ring, and she began to move her head rhythmically did not conceding in this art to his mother. Dima and aunt looked at us, and I saw that the eyes of my aunt lit the fire of passion, on the contrary, Dima was relaxed. Less than half a minute Lena has made her, and I began to violently finish in her mouth. It is contrary to my expectations are not pulled and sucked me until I stopped twitching.
- Are you a completely different taste, - she said with a smile. - Not like Dima.
I stood under the shower stunned and devastated, standing next to almost the same state Dimka.
- I like when my mom does, - he said. - Lenka Philo frequently.
- I honestly on the drum, - I replied. - Do it all for the first time for me. And you do not accidentally with the Lena fucked?
- No, you - he grinned. - We do this strictly. It is generally still virgin, and I was quite satisfied with the blowjob.
- And Mom did you do since Helen, - I did not let up.
- No - they are a father yourself doing this without us. - I just peeped a couple of times they fucked all.
We went into the room, Lena somewhere washed off and aunt sat alone in front of industry, one leg bent so that it was clear disclosure womb, which glistened with moisture. Dima picked up his things and went upstairs.
- Well, did you like? - Smiling aunt asked.
- Yes - I said, and sat down opposite her. - Lenka so sweet there, I never thought that the girls are in the taste.
- All tastes are different - she smiled. - It is obvious that you are doing it for the first time.
- Well, yes - I said sadly. - How am I able to like Dimka?
- Do you want I'll teach you? - She asked.
- Yes - I said, realizing that she was excited for all this time ... and now wants to get me to discharge.
- Come to my upstairs - she said, getting up.
In the room she lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide.
- Well, do not be afraid - she invited me. - Begin to gently caress the edges first, then plunging tongue in me and do not forget to caress the clitoris.
I placed between her legs and inhaled her scent plunged into her womb. She immediately moaned affected excitement accumulated during the day. Sometimes she told me how best to caress her, I was quite capable and within five minutes she began to moan louder and voluptuous, she began to move her hips to meet me. My cock began to rise again, and I fixed his lips to her clitoris.
She jerked and writhed in ecstasy. The grease splattered from it into my mouth and I swallowed it much thought. Her orgasm was violent and prolonged, she moaned and cried out bouncing, rotating buttocks. When she calmed down a bit, I left her alone in the bosom rose and she looked at me with gratitude and love. "Come here" - She whispered. I lay down on her and she began to lick my face with grease leaked out of her womb. I felt like my rampant dick rested against her damp crotch and pleasure closed his eyes. She kissed me passionately and then I felt her hand took my penis and sent directly to the fold. I jerked forward and fell into her flushed wet womb.
She cried not expecting such a hurried from me, and in me as a demon possessed, I sit down it faster and deeper, and felt that is about to faint at the thought only about what finally mastered the woman. She lifted her legs allowing me to get into it as far as possible and dug into my neck with his lips. We are mad for three or four minutes until finally my haggard today is not a member twitched inside her and began spewing semen. I cried, embraced the wave of orgasm and felt that her vagina is also shaking orgasm. Soon it was all over and I fell exhausted on her luxurious body. She hugged me and said:
- I never thought that young body can deliver so much fun.
- I shall go mad, - I said. - Most of all I am afraid that this is just a dream and I was about to wake up.
- Do not worry it's not a dream - she reassured me. - But remember, all this no one word.
- Yes, I'm the enemy of yourself or what? - I was offended and clinging to her asked. - Aunt and you and Dima do not do it?
- No, - she laughed. - He was actually a bit early even though he had already told me a couple of times that it wants it to me and asked me not to give it to his father.
- And you'll do it with him? - Trembling with emotion, I asked.
- You're too curious - she said with a smile. - Let's see, at least not inconsistent with my principles as you can see we have a kind of family, but he was still too young. It's late so that the march to him, while the 11th hour of the night.
- I leave? - Sorry I asked.
- Yes, - she said. - And do not order me here orphan Kazan today so you have overdone it.
- And we will be more .... Well, it's .... - I asked.
- Wow some - she laughed. - We'll see, most importantly do not talk about this with Dima realized? Well, let's all go to sleep.