Denis and Helen

"I do not know what to do with my Lena!", Complained about the neighbor on giving his sobesebnitse, "This is the third day did not go in the large. I tried to give marijuana, pills, but no laxative does not help!" "Like what?", He said in amazement neighbor "gave her an enema and prokaketsya how cute!" "Easy to say - put! Do you think it will help? Most already - 6 years! Not bylby husband went on a business trip together, we would have coped, and one I can not win it. Besides it, I do not have balonchika for enemas, I stayed at an apartment in the city!" "Well, it's not a problem! I've got this thing once again there! And to put Lena enema you help my grandson Denis. He is a master of this case!" "Neuzh something! He is only 10 years old!"She exclaimed the mother Lena. "So what! This summer, he has twice held the mug, when I, too, was constipated and had to do an enema! So I think he will cope with your Lena!" "Okay, so, let him come to me with "equipment"!.
Mama Lena went to her home, and her neighbor shouted: "Denis, come here, we need your help as a doctor!". The boy instantly jumped up from the couch where he lay and read a book, and ran to her grandmother: "Baba Manya, you that constipated again?"He asked happily. "This time not with me! It should help to make an enema daughter's neighbor Lena!" "Ah well!"Dennis wondered, "and her mother that she can not?" "She has no balonchika for enemas, to the same, she is afraid that her daughter will soprotivlyatsya.Poetomu and asks for your help - hold Lena if nadobudet." "Figushki!"Denis snapped, "let her hold her, and I will put an enema! Otherwise, I do not agree!" "Okay, you do agree with it, who is going to do!"Grandmother said. She opened the locker, get out balonchik for enemas and gave it to Dima: "On hold and go to Aunt Vale!". The boy quickly crossed 50 meters separating two adjacent house and knocked on the front door neighbor's garden."Come on, Dennis!"Said Aunt Val, "you must be brought to an enema Lenka?" "Yes"He replied potsan and went into the kitchen, where a neighbor on the gas stove has warmed half-liter mug of water. The room smelled of vaseline and sunflower oil, which is my mother Lena was added to water enema. "That done, and the
Helen-the poor thing is suffering, the third day can not poop, and I have nothing to her proklizmovat. Now we'll help her!"
"And it will not resisting?"Dennis asked. "It may be, therefore I besought priti you hold her when I'm gonna put her an enema!" "No, Auntie Valya!", Said Denis, "you better hold it, and I will put an enema!" "Do you know how to do it?" "What is there not to know! Stick in the ass and squeeze!"Bravo said the boy. "Well, if you're a master of this case!"He laughed neighbor. She fingered the water finger, recognized that she was warm enough, turned off the gas, then he took from the hands Deniska enema, squeezed it and plunged "nose" in a mug. Balonchike slowly filled, sucked about half of the heated water."Excellent!"Said Aunt Val, "there is enough water for one another enema!" Then she smeared tip "pears" Vaseline lightly squeezed it and as soon as a "spout" balonchika appeared water, tutzhe released. "Well, let's go to Lena!"She said, and opened the door to a large room, the boy rushed after her. He saw the daughter of a neighbor, sitting on the pot, blue girls dress was Zadran up, white panties pulled down to his knees. Lena's face was sweaty and take red lips from strong tuzheniya bitten and cracked. "Come on, Helen, do not suffer any more!"Said her mother, "Now we'll make you klizmochku pokakaesh and easily!" "No, Mom, do not, I do not want an enema!", Roared Lena jumped out of the pot and rushed to escape, but Aunt Val would not let her do it. She quickly handed balonchik Deniska, and she grabbed the daughter of his pocket and dragged onto the bed. Lena screamed terribly, and resisted, but after a brief struggle mother managed to put it on your left side and squeeze the legs to the tummy. "Getting to the point, Denis!"Aunt Valya said the boy. He hesitantly approached the girl (he was the first time he was doing someone an enema to Kn then he had to just hold the mug Esmarch, while his grandmother stood on his haunches and took an enema and a couple of times to see how an enema of balonchika other children), left hand spread her buttocks, put right into the anal hole Lena tip, shoved it all the way, then looked at his neighbor: "Compress?" "To compress faster, Denis, and then I find it hard to keep it!"The answer followed. The boy took balonchik both hands and squeezed it hard. Water gurgling entered into the intestine girls. "Ok, now, hold Balon, remove the tip and fill "pear" again! I'm afraid that one enema for it will not be enough to prokakatsya!"Valya said.
"Enough of one, Mom, I'm now much like crap!", Lena screamed, but no one would listen to her. Verulam Denis back to the kitchen, wiped with a cloth smeared with feces Lena tip, and again filled the enema water remaining in the circle. Then he ran to her aunt Vale, which has already called: "Faster, Dennis, I hold Lena last strength, she is about to break!". Boy moslenostnym movement planted the tip of a girl in the ass again and squeezed Balon. In the intestine Lena joined is the second portsyya water."Oh, Mom, I can not, I immediately Wait a crap one's pants!", Roared girl. "Good for you, Dennis, take balonchik Now to the kitchen and put it out there in the sink!"Was following orders aunt Wali, Dennis was barely izvlekshi tip. When Denis, follow him, returned to the room, Lena has again sat on the pot and noisy squeezed softened feces. The room was filled with a pungent, disgusting smell. "Thank you, Dennis!"You helped us cool!"He said his aunt Valya and gave a farewell chocolate bar.