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To begin to tell about themselves. I am 17 years old, I have a beautiful athletic body, 4 breast size, full lips and huge round eyes. This happened recently. I rested in a club, everything was as usual until I saw him.
It was a very (190 is) a tall young man of 25 years, with a beautiful manly face. He was a big, broad, square chin, a very smooth face of regular shape, beautiful blue eyes, light brown thick hair of medium length stood on end. In general, these beauties I have not seen him very sexy stood podkachenny torso, and sinewy arms. He, too, saw me, he was a self-confident, powerful, manly look ... I felt exhilaration her pussy.
I decided to act, came to him and offered a drink, he smiled back at me, and I took him to the table. We were drinking pink wine, I tried to have a conversation with him about the club, something about music, and he was silent and watched me as if knows everything about me. But then he asked me to dance, during the dance, he strongly pressed me to her, his strong, big hands on my buttocks, fingers, he gently lifted my short skirt ... at this moment, my pussy very wet, I was ready to fall on his knees in front of him right seychas.Tut kissed me, squeezed my ass even more, his tongue deep into me, it was such a long kiss, I felt like my swollen clit, I'm really like it. And then he said to me, "go, then on the other hand there is a stunning hotel." And he took me to this hotel, so I wanted something he would have fucked me in the mouth, I was ready to do everything for him, I just could not wait.
He took off for the night room, they gave us the keys and we went to the elevator to the 15th floor in the elevator, he again kissed me strongly biting my lip, and turned back to her, bent down and lifted my skirt, put in my pussy soaked to the skin pussy their two fingers, and then the elevator doors opened, and he went ahead of me, I was brutalized with excitement, pulled her skirt and went after him, the door was already open, he stood in the middle of the bedroom and looked at me, chewing gum and rastёgival his belt, then he beckoned me, took off my jacket and unleashed my big round tits tightened, then he lifted my skirt that impact my ass and pulled the string to the middle of ass. Then he pressed the hands brazenly put my head on my knees, and looked at my ass protruding under which expires pussy juices.
I started to pull off his pants, and then freed his cock hit my nose on the raising of. It was incredible chto-to, it was a good 23 centimeters, very similar to a sausage member, all sinewy tense released with a huge red head, I immediately took this miracle in my mouth and sucked him as hard as she could, under it hung heavy huge eggs, which I also really wanted to sucked. I pulled the head of his cock from her mouth and began kissing passionately his pubis, trunk, trying not to miss a millimeter. Then he pulled me out of his cock and thrust it in my nose, then began breathing heavily rub it on my face, pushing her lips, shoved it down my throat with all the dope, and started to ride so my face, his dick was so wide that I could not get into my throat but he still pressed and squeezed to breaking.
I gasped but I liked it, my eyes terribly watered, hands I caressed his lovely testicles, he gave me poschёchenu and this greatly excited me, I began to suck his huge cock ebya himself to them in his mouth, then it is strongly shook he wrapped in his fist my hair started to fuck my mouth faster and faster, until the sperm filled me ... it so much that I ended underachieving swallow the sperm of the merged namoyu chest, he had a very tasty salty cum, I swallowed it greedily gulps, sucking his dick a little, and then he took it out of my mouth and smeared them cum on my face and then he wiped it with my hair. I smeared his semen on her standing tits, wanting more, I began to lick the inside of his trunk, closer to the eggs, which he had a huge egg, I sucked every centimeter of his eggs in itself, especially, I sucked the part between his by a dick and eggs.
He is so cute groaned, took off his shirt and lay in pastel, I continued passionately kissing his dick and balls. I sucked his dick dumped her tits on his balls. Then he put me on my back and sat on me, started vyёbyvat my tits, I squeezed his dick tits that he ate of them broke ... fucking mouth, how nice to feel his hot Bulo eggs on his stomach, he fucked as the horse my tits, I was in pain but pleasure was stronger. Then he finished a long time on my face and hair, and in his mouth. I took him another half-hour blowjob. Then he gently turned me put it under my pillow pussy widely spread my legs pussy so swollen that I almost squeaked thirst hard fucked. He lay on top of me, his dick ridges on my ass that once clung to him, he began to kiss my neck, then the shoulders, forearms, back, he then passionately kissed my tailbone turned me on even more and began kissing my buttocks, caressing fingers my clit, and licking the entire section of my elastic lush popochki, sucking my anus, licking the anus to the sides, as it were tongue fucked me in the ass, my ass enjoyed rubbing his stubble warm on my delicate skin.
And then he began to smear my ass grease, gentle fingers smeared all my hole under my ass sticking iztekayuschy bump pussy, and then he pressed his head on my anus and slowly insert it, I've never had sex in the ass, and my hole was very narrow, especially for such a baggy dick. But, but pressed so hard that hole beginning to give in, but it was so painful that I screamed but he pressed his hand to my face pastel and continued to push his dick into my busy anusik the most eggs ... I gasped a recessed face in pastel and felt that my ass is about to be broken off, dick entered so deeply that I felt it in his stomach, and his hairy balls clung to reveal my swollen pussy. He ruthlessly began to fuck me in the ass, began a wild leap he drilled his dick my rectum which dragged him and slapped me on the eggs Mande, I started to get to enjoy it, even the pain was pleasant to me, gradually took place. He let go of my head continuing rapidly with all the dope to fuck me, I began to move toward him in rhythm, I so much screaming and moaning, he could not contain his delight and gratitude ...
sex was fantastic, I did not feel any pain, only a huge baggy dick on which I sit down, he fucked me faster and faster, and the bed writhing against the wall loudly knocking, I cried the mad buzz, felt that I would die, and then he grabbing my hair and lifted so I knelt strongly sticking to his ass beat her about it in tact, it must be mounted on my dick pulling by the hair, I felt a lot of pain and pleasure, then he let go of my hair, and I fell caved face down on the bed, and he frantically shaking finished right in my ass ... he filled me with his hot cum, and pulled out of my anus his dick, and poured out the rest of a semen on my buttocks, I wiped his dick on my ass and made the cut wiping his dick with eggs by sperm, I gladly complied with the order. His sperm flowed out of my ass on a cut to my unbuttoned Mande, I experienced a double pleasure, licking his balls and sperm merge my pussy.
Then he put the cancer me and rudely drove his dick started hard to fuck my pussy, hit his head on my uterus, such a thrill, it is impossible to describe, he beat my pussy every tolchek as stroke, dick so wide that I very well feel his on the sides, how can I then screamed, and he ruthlessly naёbyval me as a horse. After that filled me with sperm that flowed down my thighs down .... I was not able to get up ..., all hurt, but such a thrill that you can not hold out, even though he had wiped his dick on my hair, I continued to moan. I would like to thank him and began to lick his balls and asshole dick, I licked and sucked as hard as she could, he Konchin me a part in the mouth part of the face and hair. Then he got up and started to get dressed and left. I was lying under a huge buzz for another hour, when she left his card found on his bra. Since then, we ebёmsya regularly, going to live together and ebatsya clock, love group sex. On the other stories will write later, soon he will come to me and I'll have to suck it at the entrance.