Between the devil and the deep sea

My name is Maxim, I'm 18 years old, live in Moscow. This story happened to me a month ago.
Dima and Masha, I met one December day, on his way home from the institute. It all started with some very minor issues with which we started talking and became fast friends - people they were sociable and quite lovely.
Dima was 25, tall guy with pleasant features, Masha slightly lower, too cute. She then had tight jeans and a short jacket, opening her eyes biting the ass, it was another argument in favor of love. Bazaar nothing, when suddenly my cell phone rang. I had just read the name of the caller, as my tube squeaked and passed out. Cursing himself for forgetting, I asked his new friends to lend me the phone. However, no one he was not, which is quite strange for our time. Maria Dima took a moment to one side and threw him a couple of sentences. He came to me and offered to drop them home for a call, the benefit they are not far lived, I, without hesitation, agreed.
House them quite clean, well maintained, the concierge at the entrance of harmful met. Up the elevator for long, Masha with Dima took off cloak and I decided to follow their example. Finally, the jacket did not hesitate to familiar her body and opened my eyes not weak chest third the size, pent-thin jacket. Dima caught my eye, but his face was not visible jealousy rather proud.
Upon entering the apartment, the owners dropped the jacket on the floor. Then, paying no attention to me, took off jeans and a sweater. Seeing my confusion, Masha playfully threw "At our house too hot, so we used to walk. I hope you have not embarrassed? "What is there. As I expected, she went topless, wearing only silk shorts, tight her ass. Involuntarily and I looked at Dima. He was quite well-developed musculature, wearing the same tight pants shorts. I hesitated a little, too undressed. At the sight of my pretty slim body Man, both looked at each other strangely, winking at each other. Maria showed me where the phone, she went into another room, where Dima disappeared. I quickly made the call, as expected, nothing serious. He went behind the masters, thank and get out of here - I was quite embarrassing.
They both sat on the leather couch and watched some filmets. Dima suggested to postpone care and to join them. Basically, I'm not in a hurry, so he agreed. I was about to sit down on the empty chair standing in the corner, but Masha suddenly said that there I would look rather awkward and invited to sit on the couch next to Dima. I obediently plopped down on the specified location, it was pretty crowded and I had to pull over to a friend.
Meanwhile, the on-screen sex scene started, and not a standard Hollywood with two or three kisses and the subsequent dimming and frank Gang bang. Only then did I notice the absence of the screen logo - the owners have put a cassette, well, or DVD. Pay attention to it, I could not, because it was involuntarily drawn to the genitalia Dima, his penis is rapidly gaining volume, and soon Crimson head appeared out of cowards. His cock in my estimation has already reached 15 centimeters, but not going to stop. Masha jokes are about my interest. Dima, allegedly continued invited me to hold him, and hold there, believe me, there was, in the end of 20 centimeters, not less. Well, I urged on them by gently pulled his pants, put his penis and bit vzdrachnul, exposing the head.
-Go on - Dima asked, pulling the panties completely. I'm starting himself terribly excited by the groans in the TV set and the realization that guy masturbate. To make it more convenient, I sat down in front of him on his haunches, intercepting member and continued to caress him. Dima, with a satisfied smile, only to spread his legs and offered a free hand to caress his balls, which I also agree. His cock smelled exciting, painfully, not disgusting, gnilosno seems, he paid due attention to hygiene. Masha, meanwhile, she pulled off her panties and began to fondle her pussy, watching us.
- Lick it, - she said.
I braked sharply.
- What are you afraid of? Lick - she said emphatically.
Dima looked at me with interest, expecting that I will take. Masha is finally tired, she sat down beside him and gently kissed me on the lips.
- You do nice? - She asked. Of course, I nodded. Then she wrapped her lips a member of her boyfriend and a couple of times swallowed it. Releasing a member, she kissed me again, trying to keep her tongue penetrated as deep as possible into my mouth, bringing in addition to taste the taste of her saliva Dima member. I was pulled back, but I suddenly liked.
- Come on, taste it, - she nodded at the head.
I shrugged and took a member of Dima in the mouth. Taste it I really liked. I closed his eyes and moved his head slightly back and forth.
- You cool it turns out - the owner of a handsome praised me.
I tried to make Dima blowjob just like he makes the girl, caressing tongue and lips head, sometimes going to the eggs. It is quite groaned and put his hand on my head, well, go on. Masha joined me and together we wrapped around his cock, sometimes touching tongues. Sometimes Dima member produced tasteless grease that we Masha instantly swallowed.
Suddenly, the girl walked away, leaving me to fully enjoy the member of her boyfriend. For a while I continued to suck Dima, until he heard a languid voice Masha:
- Maxim, lick me too.
I looked around. She sat on the couch, masturbating on my blowjob Dime. He asked me not to force the girl to wait and I, releasing the same from his mouth his cock went to the vagina Masha. Dima was out when I brought down on the clitoris girl petting the sea. He tried to deliver the greatest possible pleasure to her, she, his feet, grabbed my head, pulling him. Corner of my eye I noticed Dima, was already a condom on his penis. Somehow I thought belatedly, why is it he can come in handy. Familiar pulled off my pants and looked with a smile on my 14-inch dick.
- Now that you have a little, you will have to serve a large, - he said. - It looks like you are not in the first, - he said, massaging my shaved ass. No sex with a guy I did not, but his anus, I did not hesitate to caress and even shaved his hair to make it easier. At the same time, and after using the toilet much more comfortable.
I decided not to disturb him, I wanted to feel the wild cock in the ass. And Masha strongly pressed her head to him, perhaps hoping that can hold me.
Dima spat and smeared saliva on my hole. With each thrust his fingers went deeper and deeper, extending passage. Finally, when he decided that the hole is wide enough, he firmly grasped my hands, that I do not pulled out and began to enter. I at one point even looked up from the vagina, being in euphoria as a member for the first time got into me. Having reached a certain length, Dima stopped, slightly moved his member back and forth, and then slowly pulled it out. Then he went again. And again and again. Each time, moving faster and faster. At this point, Mary, wildly moaned and came, her juices drained into my mouth, Dima is kept plowing my ass. Each stroke of his pelvis on my ass was accompanied by a loud slap and then flash a sweet pain. All this went on for a long time, Mary had finished again and they decided to change the position.
I lay back on the chair, put his head on the pillow. Dima threw my legs over his shoulders and once again stuck in my not yet came an ass. Masha just settled in front of my face, again offering me otlizat her than I do. I fucked in the ass a guy with a huge cock in my mouth juices to start up his girlfriend while they sucked each other somewhere above. When he had finished two more times, Masha got off me, Dima just pulling my cock out of ass and pulling a condom ... she approached me and asked to open his mouth. I obeyed and closed his eyes, anticipating the taste of semen. He came straight into my mouth spray seed struck me on the cheek, and the first time I tasted the sperm.
- That's right, a member of the small, drink someone else finish - satisfaction moaned Dima.
She was not so little, if guys should abstain from sex for three days. I swallowed all released Dima good and caressed member of the exhaust end.
I left them in an hour somewhere, we exchanged phone numbers and promised that necessarily all repeat. It all happened because of the rather banal reasons. Dima wanted to try anal sex, but Masha in any did not agree. The fact that Dima will fuck her too strange girl does not like it, then she invited him to fuck a guy and he decided to try. As a result, all liked. I have not once met with this pair, and each time I was waiting for a wild two to three-hour fuck followed by hot portion of sperm. I was lucky, I think. It has long wanted to try something unusual, and it was just what you need. And now I live in the hope that a couple seeking a similar meeting and such participation.
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