Infernal Slumber Party

Igor studied at the Institute of Humanities and was an ordinary, simple man, who loved devushek.Chestno speaking, this was the main reason for his admission to the institution (and its a tragedy, probably), because as an institution was 80% of the girls. And in the group, he was the one to seventeen devchenok.
Each time, coming home from the institute, Igor masturbate, posing as a girl from his group are making love with each other and with the teacher. His excited every girl from the group, but he was indifferent to them, they do not even notice it. How - that once, after zdachi summer session, girls have decided to throw a party at the home of Larissa, and Igor was invited to it. At the party, he ran his eyes on the beautiful legs in a mini - skirts and heels. After the feast all went dancing. Vick put the disc "TATTOO"And girls in each other's arms, began erotic dancing. Igor was boiling, with excitement and resentment. He wanted all peretrahat devchenok, but they did not pay attention to him. Masha and Oksana have merged in a kiss, Lola sat on the lap of Kathy and caressed her breasts, kissing Mila Irina. Unseasoned, this erotic lesbian - show, Igor pounced on Vick, which is closely embraced, kissed Larochka. Vic screamed and struggled struck pin him in the shin. He cringed, and Vic Lara nachili beating him, summoning other devchenok help them defuse the rapist. After beating him, the girls began to decide what to do with it. Vick offered to piss him to throw into the street. The girls smiled enthusiastically and began to kiss Vick as a sign of female solidarity. The girls dragged him into the bathroom, and started flogging, the essence of which was that the girls took turns urinating on Igor. Then Mila all pleasantly surprised, telling the girls that Igor has a large amount of money from the sale of the apartment, after which they demanded that the accident, each of them thousands of dollars immediately, and sent it for the money. Returning to the party, the girls shared his money, but instead of gratitude, knocking him to the floor, and was told that he would be their dance floor.
The scene was indescribable. Loud music, dancing girls - lesbian, and under their beautiful legs, writhing in pain and humiliation muzhik.Posle this party for a long time Igor was lying in blnitse, then took the documents from the institute and went to the army. And the girls continue to love one another, for humiliating - the possibility of goats (men).