The Turkish bath

I'll start with the fact that I have a young, beautiful wife, whom I love very much (her 26 years, height 178, weight 62, with beautiful breasts third the size, appetizing ass, and gentle, always shaved pussy). So, we have recently come with his wife from Turkey, where one case has occurred. Once we arrived at the hotel, the next day his wife dragged me to a Turkish bath to prepare the skin for tanning (there make peeling the entire body). Room was right at our hotel and visitors but we were not there. We warmly welcomed the bathhouse (Turkish men), all told what to do and we went to change clothes. When we changed clothes, I suddenly really wanted to kiss her, which I started to do, but soon we were interrupted, calling first at the usual steam room, where we were asked to warm up 10 minutes Going into the steam room and laid on the shelves, I noticed that his wife's eyes demonic flame appeared and began gently stroking finger schelochku through panties (obviously affected our actions kiss and embrace, my wife is excited very quickly) .Desyat minutes passed quickly, suddenly opened the door and appeared on the threshold attendant wife even did not have time to remove finger ( which by the way has already been under panties). The attendant course saw all this, but did not let on, and he called in the Turkish room. There his wife offered to remove the top portion of the swimsuit that she once did, and began to wash us.
We lay next to her, I washed one of her attendant washed the other. 5-10 minutes later her attendant, when he reached her ass asked her to remove the heat. She looked at me - I nodded, attendant saw it, he smoothly took off her panties and threw them into the same corner where lay her bra. Mixed feeling enveloped me - on the one hand devouring jealousy, on the other hand swept wild excitement - my naked, defenseless wife devoured two pairs of eyes, a pair of someone's hands crumpling the ass of my wife, and when she turned over, examined her breasts, and then slightly legs spread well have walked on the inside of the thighs, purposely and deliberately touching schёlku my wife. When I looked at that moment on the face of my wife - I realized - it wildly excited (red face, breathing very often). Then I announced that I washed, and I can go to drink tea (it does in the other room). I went into hysterics by the idea that my wife naked there on the table with two Turks. My wife went through about 20 minutes, I'm not giving her to drink tea dragged her into the cloakroom, which threw off her towel to put his dick in her pussy, and knew immediately what my little wife worked there - instead of sweet and tender pussy there was a broken-down hole, and my dick was hanging like a pencil in a glass, but, oddly enough, I finished like never in my life did not finish. The sun, I did not tell her anything, and when I came out of the bath, we were approached by one of the bath attendants and asked my wife to be like different massages. I said that we think. Arriving at the hotel we protrahalis until the evening, and in the morning I sent her a massage, and he stayed in the room to wait!