My beautiful girl

One summer Crimean warm evenings I Kul along the shore, and then I saw it on the background of the sea and neba.Kak she was beautiful, small stature not more 155cm with a small elastic breasts and a round ass. I walked closer to her and started a conversation about kakihto trivia, sea, sky and weather. Then I asked her to come with me to my room, and then the beginning of the colder and I was on the current swimsuit and a light skirt. She soglasilas.Skazhu little about myself I am 19 years, growth 187 engaged in football go to the rocking chair so that forces a lot longer and the figure for men than women. Having come to me, I invited her to drink some water while I change clothes. She agreed, she would know that she will be, not that they should not drink. I slipped back a little portsyyu sleeping pills. He waited until she falls asleep, I began to undress her. Then prenesla wet towel and wiped her beautiful body. Dastan from the cabinet two pairs of stockings and prevyazala her arms and legs to the headboard. And just in case, I tied her mouth.
After about half an hour, my dear ochnuas and started with fright to look around. Seeing me, she tried to say something but it turned out the current moo. I walked over to her and held nother between her legs, to my surprise there was all wet. I started kissing her breasts, gently biting and as deeply as possible sucking nipples. At first she tried to throw me from myself but then realized that resisting useless. Then I began to stroke her hands to her belly gradually sinking lower and lower, she froze in anticipation ... I did not bother her too long torturing expectation and dramatically drove into her just three fingers, she bent over in pain, and a muffled groan. I dug his teeth into his mouth and her clitoris and began his Sasana and bite. As she writhed beneath me, my sweet. And then I changed tactics, I began to kiss her very tenderly touching lightly. Five minutes later she had already burned all forgetting about the pain that I gave her, and wanted more. I became more actively her caress, palming off her hands under the buttocks became as deep as possible to enter a reed in her vagina periodically falling to the bottom of its hole. Then completely moved into her anus. I kissed him passionately thrust her back reed.
She did not resist and current wriggled with pleasure. I began to enter her ass in his fingers, first one, as there were narrow, he could hardly overcome the narrow entrance but less than a minute began to walk freely there, then I added a second and then a third. And they began to make rapid reciprocating motion without forgetting the other hand caressing her clitoris. And then she began drazhat and her body covered strongest orgasm. And she passed out. I untied her and opened her mouth and waited when she wakes up gently kissing her pretty face.
A minute later she came to herself, and not a word kissed me a long kiss on the lips. After the kiss was interrupted, she said, but what about you because you do not got nothing you caressed me forget about myself. and I began to cover my neck, shoulders and chest with kisses. I was udevlyus, I was expecting some kind of reaction but not really so, but I really liked this response. My girl was so tiny that I fit on to his full height, and even left me a lot of space. Samozobvenno She was kissing my hand kissing and sucking moipaltsy. Then he switched to the navel and ran her tongue around it periodically diving into his tongue. Then her little head moved to my crotch where there was no hair. it is literally stuck to the clitoris, and her pen began to stroke my lower jaw and then to me, penetrated first one tiny finger then another then another two and then to put me all her pen, and then I realized that I will always depend on it and the initiative never will not return to my hands, the current if it will allow and then for a brief moment. She enjoyed my condition and then she invited me to bind, I meekly obeyed and teper already I was completely defenseless in front of her, I was in front of my sweet girl willing to do anything for her. It is my piglets Leche on his stomach with his pillow under my belly she firmly tied me with the same stockings that just nadavno kept it small and beautiful body. She moved away from me to a closet with things and got out of it, my belt, I realized that I have now punished for my behavior. but she was in no hurry, and came to the table took two bananas with it. and hand cream. and I came up with all this BR.
She gently began to stroke between the buttocks, there is already in all my tech juice, and she began to rub it in the ring of my anus. Then she took a banana and spread it with cream began to introduce him to me in the ass. Then the second followed in my pussy. She toyed lightly then they moved away from me and said that she would smack me now and I vsypet 10 strokes and my every moan, it will add another one-quarter kick. Tying my mouth she privtupila the case. After 7 strike I could not restrain a groan and in addition received another three hits. Her face appeared triumphant smile. She podshla my burning BIN ass and began to kiss her and lick abruptly pulling out of me bananas she began to enter into my poku their lovely fingers and pussy introduced all at once a pen and began to frantically move me handle me start to shake shiver and I rapidly finished .
She untied me and I fell down at her hands in a kiss for prezhitye moments but she took his hand and kissed him on the lips podtyanuvshis, whispering that we baa got exactly what hoteli.My continued our dialogue, and we were equal in everything except height. And my daughter turned 29 years old, but she was so tiny that it seemed a teenager.