My first time with a guy

Hi, my name is Maxim, I'm 16 years old. It took quite a few times since that moment I realized that I was not attracted to women. In public transport, I always stare at the ass of young boys standing in front of me or next. When, in the locker room before fizre I remained alone with the half-naked guys always found it difficult to hide my standing member. It's good that no one has not yet seen.
Jerking in the bathroom in the morning, I always imagined my neighbor's party Sasha. As I thought, it was straight people, and already half a year met a girl from a parallel class. He had a slim figure and curvy ass. In the locker room, I stare at his pants and saw that they cover a fairly good sized penis. Sometimes he caught my look at their trunks. I was afraid that proslyvu fagot across the school.
One time we went to the class to St. Petersburg for the expedition, we as an evil lodged in one room. Tele stood on the table so that my bed is almost nothing to be seen. Sasha proposed to go up to him and we started together smoret what that series. Returning from the trip, we came to the hotel. Sasha ran to wash immediately, because we are all a lot of walking around the city. He forgot a towel and asked me to bring it. I shiver at the knees bore him a towel. He took it and smiled.
Coming out of the bathroom all red with shame and embarrassment, I noticed that his penis was, apparently, he jerked off to my arrival. Approaching the door Sasha okriknul me and asked if I wanted to join. At first I thought to give up, but then I decided, come what may. I undressed and got him into the shower. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips. I lowered my eyes and began to examine his penis. From this whole situation, emotions and thoughts I stood up too. He took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate me. After a few seconds I was so excited that he could not stand on his feet. Sasha was holding me with one hand around the waist, while the other continued to masturbate me.
Then he paused for a moment, knelt down and took my head in his mouth. Without any movement, after about twenty seconds, he sharply his tongue and I finished with a groan into his mouth. His eyes darkened and I passed out. I woke up in his bed and lay next to Sasha and smiled. I asked him why he did it and he said that he, too, like to look at me when I'm in a bathing suit or without them. I even could not think that he is also gay.
At night we fucked three times. Basically he fucked me. When I tried to change places with him, he expressed his displeasure and slapped me on the ass. He came to me at first in the ass, then forced to suck dick, cumshot in her mouth, then in the chest. It was great, I'm really at a very much. We slept on the floor only three in the morning and after school in Moscow we always ran to him then it to my house and he fucked me, filling my body and gut his sperm.
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