And this is my story I was 16, he 36, he was a director in the theater where they played the boys at the age of 11 to the army itself.
Well, now I will not talk about their creative talents.
Quite simply the fall it's time to accompany the boys to the army well, as usual in such cases, indoor theater drink began to have fun well and so I certainly do not lag behind the other I also had to grow up quickly and of matured alcohol gave me in the head so I do not remembered and I woke up in bed just did not understand began to think what had happened and immediately noticed that I was not alone and someone is trying something in my groin do I let the brains include my hand as I realized on someone is a member who was a stake his hand he held my fist that I did not let him pepper well, and led them up and down the second hand he had to support his mouth, and he was trying to put my pepper.
All this to me lightning struck in the head at first I was scared, and lay like lying but my end I gave it let up, and now I have the full program riser he realized that I woke up turned to face me smile so cleverly and what it zavoroshilsya and then I saw in front of a spectacle huge blue smooth head and everything else I must say impressed me is all surprisingly contradictory I both admired and feared in all of this but it was probably experienced in these matters so that he took his end and stared me in the mouth and then rolled his head on his lips are parted then he twitched on the serried teeth as well as it has been accompanied by a blow job for me, I was so excited that the resistance could not have a general, my mouth opened and his cock entered me by the throat and he began carefully they drive in my mouth I'll put my hand on his penis and began to help him though he twitched a couple of times because I suck and clumsily touched his head teeth.
It lasted less than a minute I had finished rapidly and much he drank, and when I tried to get it out of his mouth his dick, he did not give me to do this and just started to accelerate the movement I had to learn to control his tremors so as not to choke and he finished in my mouth, I do not doubt I need to swallow or not, I just swallowed a few mouthfuls.
This is my first experience so I remember that after a runoff years, I remember everything as if it happened yesterday.