My sweet-bitter mistake

We met in mid-March. First couple of days in chat "ICQ"And then we decided to meet, the more he insisted on the early meeting. Since I have with my boyfriend at the time were quite tense relationship, I decided to meet with Sergei and just see what kind of person. Moreover, that style of writing was enough educated and well-read. In the first meeting we went to play pool. Everything, of course, very good. But it all began exactly at the point where we left the club. Since time was 4 hours of the day, he offered to go to the zoo. I agreed. We went for a walk. A ride on the train on the children's railway, and went back to the door. Passing by horse and then he said that if he had more money, we would ride, and so went to the car. He drove me home, we walked around the neighborhood, I bought him dinner. So ended the first day of our acquaintance. Everything seemed fine, except that I do not really like his self-confidence and a certain elevation of oneself above all others. Then we met the next weekend. He rented an apartment and asked my dad to the perevёz his desk and computer. I think that as a decent man, he had at least something to pay, because they were completely familiar, and we only just met. Well, it all came at my expense, because I kind of gave him the money. On the same day we went to the park. For tickets to pay for everyone. So far, it is quite logical, though he invited me. After a walk, went to his "new" apartment to dinner. On the way we stopped at the store and I bought apples, which made my dinner. then he drove me home. We met again at the weekend.
We went to a little trip - on the town near Moscow. On the way back to Moscow, brought up a peasant, who was late for work. We arrived at his home, drank tea, played in a Chinese puzzle. Let's go watch TV ... And then he started .... pristovat. I do not like it of course, especially because we were absolutely strangers. He began to demand an explanation, why I do not want to join with him in the proximity of, but I just said, I do not want. Reluctantly, he took me home. But I began to demand to call the day before that, when it happens. I do not know what happened to me, probably just shocked by this behavior, and I said that tomorrow. Tomorrow - it was Monday. At work, I felt sick, and I was sent home. Dad brought because there was barely alive. And in the 18 ... 00 at the door it was already black Mercedes Sergey, with things such as the output. I packed up, hoping that everything will cost. but it did not. They came to him, drank tea. He went into the room to prepare the bed. I sat for a long time even in the kitchen. He came and rather rudely said ... "that you need a special invitation? go!". Well ... all the more so that the exit was not ... In bed he was strange ... It does not end like all men, he did not need even vaginal sex. Just rubbed his place on my stomach and finished ...) then I myself felt a little funny. well then, such as taking care of me, fuck (sorry for being rude, but this is the real name of things). In the morning, we had breakfast, and it took me a job. In parting, he said, "happily" and I left. Then everything is repeated again and again. The worst thing was at the end of the relationship, apparently already accumulated ... In the evening, talking, he hinted that his hair began to fall. My advice was to buy a massage comb. Then he and boil ... "that all buy, but to buy, here take it and buy me a comb". In my opinion, it was just arrogance. Yes, I work and normally paid in a foreign company, but to buy a comb, it is too much, especially since before I bought him almost everything. I bought a normal meal, which he was terribly sorry for the money !!!!
I bought detergent, sponges, badminton, t-shirt, which he also felt sorry for the money and I decided to just give it to him. The most annoying was in stores. They walked together, and how to pay for purchases, almost always paid me. He paid only if the amount was not more than 1500 rubles. Somehow we are going to go on the climbing tower, approximately. He offered to go to the store and buy a film for camera down. We went, I say, well, go. Fuck. It should be at the cash register and looks at me. I walked over and he said that he had no money. I had to buy again. Tu entire film I proschёlkala it. My there only 2 pictures, he said, for the record ...). Then one went in Solnechnogorsk. He wanted to I rented a room in a hotel, but a little expensive for me to spend $ 50 per person per night.
We spent the night on the lake, in a tent. Somehow I did not even think to take with food, thought to buy on the way, but he said that he has. So it happened that he was eating, and I looked ...) arrived in Moscow and decided to go to the cafe for lunch. Pay for lunch for two, of course, again, I do. On the way home, at a gas station, I gave him 1000 rubles and told him to refuel at 800. What if I need this money? But no, he has filled in as much as he needed, and brought me a few pennies delivery date. Swallowing saliva, we went home. At home, I fed him, and then he left. Somehow, we started to talk, who are willing to do that for each other. My response was something like that ..."what I can", And his - "all". So I was happy that she had found a man ready to do anything for me ...). but I drove the car to the service and thought that I did not have enough money. Decided to 4 hours for up to how to go to pick up, call Sergey and ask to borrow a couple of days, until Friday. He began to find all sorts of reasons, and I just realized that he does not want. I hung up the phone. But nothing of their money was enough for me ...)
In general, I want to say that behind the mask of the correct, proper, self-confident person, is greedy, around seeking only their own benefit. But I realized it too late, but not too late ...)
The only thing that he has done for me is take me to the feast of the city. They bought a bunch of flowers and ice cream. There was a lot of everything, but the man who did not work and had $ 3500 in the bank dared to say to me, that is some rest (it), let some roam the dump (it's about me), the benefit of the country is. Let me have a small salary, but I honestly earn and treat yourself to the money to the one who gives me work with respect. And demand that the others, especially because I respect him.
I think that the very big trouble this man is that he sees only their desires, but on the other he does not care. In May, it was his birthday and he demanded from his family as a present vacuum cleaner. Money they did not exist and they just wanted to donate money or buy something else. Since Sergei was just furious that he has not presented a vacuum cleaner. When I asked for what the highest total he made gifts to friends, it was found that no more than 500 rubles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! It's just the audacity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not making excuses for myself, but simply to express their point of view.
Thank you for your understanding, hope this will remain between us ................

P.S Not everything is gold that glitters ...