We have been married for about 6 years. We were 30 at that time, as expected for this year, the ardor of our passions became gradually fade. I was not a supporter of links on the side (I mean sex) and preferred to get all that from what I enjoy in the immediate neighborhood. We tried a lot with her, anal, a variety of toys, making love in unconventional places - all this has become commonplace for us, it was our nightmare, that we are on to throughout our life together obydennosti.Koroche tried to avoid saying.. we started up in bed talking on the 3rd party in our games. It is still on for a while decorate our intimate partner. Later, seriously engaged in the search, but it was not such a simple matter, something she did not like, I do. With the help of the Internet we have held several meetings, but they are also not led to nothing, although these meetings were not lost, under strong excitement exciting, after we had with sshibatelny seks.No feet here once we have decided to go on nature, we decided to leave the child with her grandmother. We got in the car and drove aimlessly, not negotiating the advance of our trip. Already getting dark, and we noticed the dirt track leading to the house is not frail enough. This house was like Gest-House, we are pretty tired and were glad of such a find in this wilderness. On reaching the house, we saw that a couple of the windows are illuminated on the first floor and was heading in our direction coca a man aged 45-50. Coming to us, he greeted me and asked how he could help. Having learned from him that this house is a cottage of one of the members of the ruling party, we're a little depressed, but when we found out that the nearest hotel is 50 km from here, we do a bloody. Boris also was the name of a man without hesitation, invited us to stay for the night, my wife and I looked at each other and readily agreed. The house looked like inside and robust design, as well as from the outside, there was everything to come off the whole hog. Pool table standing in the middle of the living rooms, a bar with a bar and a 10-mi kinds of drinks, a sauna, and so on. D.My sat in the chair for a coffee table Boris brought a bottle of rum and a bottle with Amoretti zakuson. In general, it does not look bad for the Provincial in 45 years. He began to talk about what is here all winter bezvylazno and not see a soul except for his neighbor, who works as a watchman in the neighboring country. After an hour we were a pleasant hops, but still the weather was cool and Boris proposed to continue the evening in the already-heated bath, we followed him. In the sauna, we drank more beer bottle. We have not been to a bath and wardrobe, we wrapped the sheets, followed by the steam room. Lena sat on the topmost shelf, and we are located right under it, her knees were right behind our necks and we are talking about something turning heads, detained view of the virtues of the Lena. We raised Bory sheet in the belt, which we noticed with Lena. Lena began to increasingly push the legs, and Boris is already stroking her eyes, lips sex. A few minutes later Boris stood up and, without covering his penis came out, I think cool. Member was a huge 22-25 cm and very tolstyy.- Well. - I asked in neё.- Well, a fig yourself chlen.- him to realize nalshu imagination - he's Serge tear changing turned to her and she climbed under the sheet. When he reached it completely wet vagina, I began to lick her tongue penetrating ever deeper. I heard behind me the door creaked, and my wife's legs closed clutching my head, but I did not stop, even after a couple of minutes, I again heard the creak of the door. I lowered fragrant bosom of my wife and obernulsya.- He stood podrachil his penis and left. - Said Lena.Ya looked at her, her breasts were bare. Coming out of the steam room I went into the dressing room and see how Boris, sitting in a chair, fingering his huge dick. I went back to my wife and said that when he saw. She was very excited and asked me to stay here, and she will help him. I agreed. But for a long time I could not endure, and went after her, coming closer, I stood behind the screen. I saw how he pulled her head to his dick, otherwise this unit or does not call, so he came, filling her entire mouth with his sperm, the sperm was not only in the mouth, but also on the entire face. I wanted to go, but I saw how he grabbed her again and put on his nesodivshiysya member yet she hesitated. He entered into it as soon as it is already the most eggs vskriknula.Zatem after putting it on his stomach he began to introduce it in her ass, she began to scream in pain but he did not stop, and I did not approach realizing that the feeling she liked. He finished with a shout in her ass for a long time. When I still was able to join them, and we fucked my wife until the morning, but together, and a little later the three of them have already joined the watchman neighboring cottages. But more about that next time.