Zombie Confessions

former friend, her husband's former lover.
History in the epistolary genre.

Hello, Pash!

I realize of course, you can throw the letter without reading, to read it, in order to hear another pile of lies, a legend, polished to the smallest detail, accusations of lack of confidence, etc., etc.: And yet - write! That's how: until vyplesnu all down on paper, I shall place no point on i, can not get rid of the nightmare: From 9-year-old glamor ..!

Think of it as a confession, repentance, a part of the story, which he promised to write to her! ..

This is not bliss away and so did I hurt anybody and never. NEVER!! She did it!!

I broke up with her when he realized that she simply enjoyed me all the time, in between times, secretly arranging themselves long or short "holidays" with others, always waiting at the ready:

Why it took so long kept me current "lifesaver"? .. This is ask her, though, and so is not difficult to guess. But you should know her golden principle is to have one - a permanent replacement and weight and a variety of options:

: Only now clearly I understand that it had to happen by definition! It has been programmed in the first minute of our relations, which are based on a lie and she put cynicism !! With only one amendment: the next "odd player"As the vast majority of her lovers, if not all, I did not want to stay!

Here it is - class gold medalist, an excellent pupil university !! Manipulative genius, representing the new partner a fabulous and romantic world of its triviality, cheap fornication !!!

I understand and know that you are her absolute property, the thing to the last atom, with which she can do anything you want (as, indeed, with all the others, including the time, and to me, with your cousin brother, dozens of other :). Therefore, and I have no idea that you leave it, the more - the children she has had time to thoroughly spoil. : Take, for example, the most severe setting 14-year-old son, not to ask, we are not interested, do not lyubopytnichat who, when, why and what turned out to be next to her (her, it).

Naturally, he did not dare to disobey, even more so, getting gifts required, interspersed with a thrashing:

Sorry if some places will be cynical, but forced everything to be as it was in reality:

The story began in the memorable wedding day Vanik daughter, remember - in 1995?

In the evening were some neighbors. We danced and talked. "had stayed" there she is. I dance only with me. For many it is even struck. It soon became clear that he wants me (a little later that he wanted for a long time). We agreed that rises to the top and leave the door open - an entrance and a bedroom. Your home was in the village, you are my sister and I, as usual, spent his time in the hall: About ten minutes later I was in a thief, slipped to her.

: I was surprised that her cunt was so tight that I could hardly penetrated her. She explained that four months is not fucking. About as much as we are familiar with: special pleasure I certainly did not get:

Then, as if nothing had happened, we in turn went down:

It took 7-8 days. The phone rings. She is. He said one, asked to climb over the balcony and unlock the lock jammed. Naturally, I went up to you to help. In the hallway, she hugged me and announced that he wanted sex: Honestly, I truhnul. And my family and neighbors saw me up to you and it would be strange if I stayed and started to dig not in the door, but something else: To view I posheburshil in the castle, which is at all and has not been broken and left .

It has been since the week. One encounters (catch) she had me on the landing and asked point-blank: "When I will be "be in love" it next time?" I am, they say: "We need a place, conspiracy, etc.". The answer was succinct: "Place there, but conspiracy is": So we agreed to meet a couple of days in your current apartment in Zeytun.

AT "conspiracy" conditions of course, I tried to show the best of their abilities. I was surprised that it's a bit complexed "cancer" and then I did not do blowjob:

When leaving, said that in Moscow I have awesome mistress, which, by the way, come this summer, and at home - a lovely wife, and that maybe we is not meaningful to meet .. How could he know that, as a classic predator,? she possessed all costs in what he wants, even if it belongs to someone else for a long time: it does not matter, will enjoy this day or ten years, but - hold of!

Then we have a couple of times occurred in the same apartment. Questions from the blow job and "cancer" disappear by themselves - all included in the "normal" direction.

I became increasingly - with or without - to visit you: It was found that a very good haircut, do massage and other: So, we quite openly went into the bedroom, under the guise of massage - 2-3 times a day. Everything looked so natural, "legitimately"That did not reflect: "O Lord, from all the same and can see everything. And you - in the first place!" But it has given carte blanche and I like the last scoundrel, used it.

Believe me, a lot of time told her that it would be necessary to carefully hide our relationship. Do not interrupt (I myself got a taste), but did not show so openly that we are lovers. Where there! The sea was her foot! Well, respectively, and I was, too:

Then it's time to "Infocom". She convinced you (no, ordered!), I needed your enterprise. And, accordingly, it does not hurt a little work in the same department with me:

We had to be the last idiot to not see, and the company soon everything about everyone guessed. But there was a feeling that you "do not care"You're above it all cattle, and thus, why not, we are also:

Not a chance, not a single second, we did not miss, so as not to fuck. As a fuck, when a woman sat and worked for a thin partition of "Russian society"I do not remember her name. On another occasion, when there was no one (on the day she was wearing a long white dress) in the room, and the doors were open, she came, lifted the dress, and I entered it. So, in her lap, I had it ... and the people were along the corridor:

This was our favorite "entertainment" bars and cafes: fuck in front of everybody, pretending to be a woman sitting on the lap of the man:

If it was not possible in the office, out, walked to the tunnel or in some bar and fuck there.

Can you remember? Somehow, the three of us, we were driving home from work. Along the way, it was necessary to drop in cases in the press club. He was near the House of Chamber Music. She stayed in the car, we went to the office. Some time later I was called. I left - it is! Proposed fuck right on the landing of the second floor ... We "down to business" in the lighted stairwell window, starting from the floor. We could see from the street below, someone could climb, someone down: Has done: I finished and came back, she came down to the car. But at me from such extreme knees were shaking all the way home.

Needless to say almost nightly gatherings in cafes and bars, always ends trachoma: Somehow, after another "programs"You arrived to take her home, we also itch again. We went into the bushes by the roadside, where you could see the car, and do "deed": And the people were in the subway:

In this city, at least 30 entrances, where we fucked ... and I think that is not less than 150, in which she did it with others, I am not talking about the hotels, bars and so on.

: Once logged into some institution in the center. Secretly went down the stairs to the basement, which was not locked (later we visited more than once in the basement). "Have worked" I 45 minutes without a break, finished three times, but could not stop until she was on the verge of losing consciousness, he collapsed into dust and debris basement: This to me befall the first time - be on the eve of the fourth orgasm without leaving the women!

On another occasion, after drinking with friends called and said that I was going home. She answered: "I love it when you're drunk. The doors, as always, will be open, be sure to visit." I habitually went to her bedroom. Castle was not on the door so that the door was not even locked. At home, as usual after the summer season, it was all your family. Without removing the jacket, he went to work. More than 50 minutes it lasted - and either way. I could not finish. Vzoprel ... When rolled and killed sprawled on the bed, went to you, Do not even know you've heard seen this whole process? I think yes. But that was to take us? ..

For a long time she refused, fuck in the ass. Like any husband or former "favorite", This is not allowed: But it's time has come.

It was winter, everyone was your home, money was not enough bars, in doorways - a cold, so she took the keys to the empty apartment of her husband's sister on the 13th floor and we went there.

Elevators in the city had not worked, and we climbed on foot: Once, before reaching the apartments, we started to fuck right on the stairwell 9 or 10 floors. Again, you could go down or up people, but we did not care:

So, one day in the apartment she "ripe" and I turned her on her stomach began to gently introduce a member of her ass. When more than half was in it, she tried to escape, stop the act. But where is it? .. I wound up, and did not care what she is experiencing. Pull over to the bed, went all the way and began to frictions ... she screamed as incised. It seemed that the whole house would meet at the door of the apartment. Carried. Gradually, the screams gave way to a satisfied growl:

For the first time she got "new type of" orgasm! And she recognized that it was a completely different feeling.

After a few days we will try again, this time without shouting. And she discovered with astonishment that fucking so loses control. It's not like it terribly (and all must always be under her control!). However, a new kind of sex gradually became commonplace and in cafes and bars.

Sometimes, in the cockpit of the bar she began to scream and customers, of course, it was not difficult to guess what the two men were engaged there. And we, again, did not care!

Soon after "full program" I had it, and you have a home, and in the dark streets and alleys - everywhere.

Once we walked past Radio House, wanted to fuck. On the playground next to or in the garden behind the school we were doing it repeatedly. This time we will - for the school.

But I brought a member of the anus, starting as from the corner were two with lanterns and began to approach, until we came up against the light to the face. We barely had time to recover clothing. It turned out - the cops bypass the territory. Naturally, I offered to go with them. Explaining that they wanted to write a girlfriend, of course, did not believe, and offered to drive to the station.

She was calm, like an iceberg, just horror took. In general, I had to introduce myself and hardly disengaged from them. We went up the street. The act remained unfinished, it was necessary to finish. We went down to the House of Chamber Music, and in a dark corner, I continued progress, ignoring the passing on, people on the sidewalk:

Conversations about lovers she did not for a long time began. For the first time asked: "How much do you think I've had men?" at "Infocom". I figured: 6-7 people (although even then it is safely possible to speak of 26-27). She said nothing. This then I began to understand, if she does not answer, then, or I got to the point, or very close to the truth. Thus, in January-February this year, twice physically felt like an hour and a half ago she was with someone fucked, including in the ass, of course, told her about it, the answer was silence: So apparently poraskinuv brains and, knowing me is not bad, then she decided to tell his legend spent that in addition to her husband she was only one man - her great love ever since his student years - Karen.

In the future, never, no matter it is an iota of this tale did not deviate: "Who among us is not the first - that we have a second !!! Or, in extreme cases - the third!" Classic!

By the way, I suspect that you still do not have it in the ass. It's a shame, if so:

You know of course she can not help but talk about some "small" stories and special cases with sequels associated with her school tutor and friend of the family, a German student who came to the Faculty of sisters, with Arsene, Gore, with the same Karen, Garik, the guys from the course and classmate Araiakom, with occasional fellow travelers - on the way to Tbilisi and just a football coach Babken, who had the audacity to come in "Infocom" and treat us pizza, with a nice driver, stopped beside the car, which then turned out to be ... KGB men (another golden rule of harlots - have on hand a couple of defenders of the law enforcement agencies, payment of course - kind!) with ensign military office, which, after it was rejected, for quite some time came and peeing on your door, and she "I wondered": Where to have it, etc., etc.: In all its "stories" - 3, a maximum of 5 percent of the truth, so much, that then it was impossible to invent, to reconstruct the whole story: On many of the same things as, for example, trips "the side" Mariam, Anna, Azniv and some others, she did not tell all, avoiding this dull silence, even when asked a question on the forehead, it does not tell about his adventures at a youth camp near Minsk ...

Skillfully manipulating "stories from life", Building a coherent picture of his "beautiful" world - with fast friends, close friends, loving family, with exquisite French perfume, original belongings, linen, etc., - it is thus artfully zombiruet partner, enters it into a surreal, fantastic country with "beautiful princess" middle, and makes it so "sincerely"That the great sin not to believe her. Moreover, using false promises and outright lies, gradually, imperceptibly lover easily adjusts his mind or another - even a close friend, even a loved one - thus, taking from his own world ... To do this, as you know, are required also to daily brainwashing (!) - at least on the phone.

How many times, tired of her head, offered to make a break for 7-10 days. Not once she agreed! Now I know why - hypnosis and sex must be continuous, so that you never for a moment he could not escape, to think, analyze the situation:

The eyes of all this I closed completely. It belonged to her to the bone. He lived in the euphoria that it is mine, I can have it at any time, where and as they please: Typical zombies!

You remember my wife's conflict with her, suspecting treachery, where, in general, and began the cold in the relationship of our families? But I have to know about the conflict and the wife of your cousin Arsene her, halls them in place "developments"Of beating mother Miriam daughter of seduction.

There was probably a lot of other scandals, because of which interrupted its contacts with another lover. Now here is a new "constant friend", Rustic fellow Garik, the younger brother of her classmate Artak who had settled in France, "abstract artist"She patronizes and protects even from his student years: But sooner or later will burst, and the conflict with his relatives! You know whether or not, in the past year, she has upset his marriage with a clever and rich woman who teaches in the UAE, very loved him? I upset, as she enjoyed it! : Although, I think, his brother, and he was interested in this regard, and very aware of what is happening, as he once enjoyed its services, along with other fellow students: You Do not Know - Garik is 7 years younger than her !!

Or what is it "innocent" a lie that as many as 5 (!!!) years, you do not touch it. That even in the sea, in the past year, not fucked neither you nor is it in the evening did not go on blyadki with your knowledge and permission ... For what purpose hammered into my head this idea? Yes, very simple, that I - no, no - do not dare to sleep with his wife or anyone else, they say, you see how I'm correct, the pay in the same coin! Do I look like a sucker? But before that, when you "rare, but having sex"I, in order not to feel a complete bastard and thief begged her to be with you more often! Naive simplicity:

For many reasons (mainly because of the Treasury), starting from a year ago "depart" from me, she even brought the information on Misery to saying that only the children and doing. Silent about your December visit to Austria. Apparently, these days (and nights) and "scored again stormy fountain" her amorous intrigues with Garik and Tigran.

Remember how she made you a scandal that did not bring gifts. And why? It's very simple. When Baba scandals? When a finger in the pie !! To my husband, feeling guilty, God forbid, not suspect anything else. And fuck at a time with three (four? Five?)!

I see, "reconstruction" her life took an obsessive, compulsive character, but I can not help it: The blinders have fallen away and opened the disgusting picture of lies and cynicism, in which I played a role!

: One of the last meetings, knowing that her second cousin's nephew, green-eyed handsome Tigran, for several months, 5 days a week, staying with you, he asked, how often you spend the night, she said, that with the new year - three times. Revelation is not true !! I asked further: where you put him to bed, being aware that he was asleep in the room? Without batting, says in the nursery, they say in the Hall husband moved out: utter lie!

Very nice examining me, she has not considered just a little - my professional training: verify information from multiple sources and never to the end of any one of them not to trust.

And now the question: why is it so blatantly lied that at the fair, in the music and a secondary school have not seen it with Garik and Tigran asleep in the nursery? Why hold back that began with "your artist" often visited by friends and family (as it once to me)? Incredibly perversion and falsehood! Unique hypocrisy and cynicism, has one goal: to nothing and no one interfered with her "holiday" with anyone else, nor to Garik, nor even with the 19-year-old, but judging by its fragmentary stories are very experienced in the Americas kid with whom she spends the time (and even some !!!) than with his own son !

Moreover, many of her relatives and relatives all think that she just "Woo" Garik for his niece - a pure, innocent and talented Ani! Obviously, he wants to marry his niece, and use it openly, having free "access to the body": Even a relative. This vicious sophistication and names it has !!!

I caught myself thinking that he was crazy about her, and because he is no less perverted. Or as if she said: FREE! From public morality, from the obligations of filial and parental feelings. Ready for pleasure, "holiday"As it is, to walk on all, even by his own family .. And here - punished! Cruelest way!

After parting with it, with the meat to tear it out yourself (and after she hinted that we can continue the relationship with the condition not to get down to the truth, but he believed a lie), I realized what a deep and hopeless abyss I was and how a blind fanatic, for her and her family went through fire and water. He lost his head because of a perversion, lying, heartless woman! Bitter lesson, my friend! The unexpected and bitter lesson !!!

With her ... and like her any truth like water off a duck. Their only concrete principle: not caught - not a thief! And even though the whole world cries about it.)

I would like to stay your friend, honestly. But she's bones lie, do not allow: So it remains to wish you patience, health and prudence, for when the time comes and you, like all of me, to throw, how to use toilet paper, it will do so without doubting for a second.

I suspect even he knows exactly how and when this happens!
Your former friend, George.

P.S. I Wrote. Cooled down. A day read - was horrified!

My God, she's not one had me all these years, but you - for a couple! You're not the one I "threw" with the grant, but you - together (urgent need was proven to you in the new company, to make a contribution - no matter how and at whose expense - so that in a year to roll it into a foreign car and score her own apartment, which neither you nor even your children are not registered, appliances and junk)!

Obviously, you knew and know about all her adventures, in all its details - and with me, and with the rest! And not a carte blanche, it gives the partners, but you are!

Who's turn after the artist and Tigran? Your boss, one of the neighbors, relatives? However, this is not important:

Family in a row, and only! Fantastic!!! With our mentality is! As I was blind!
An incredible story, worthy of the pen a better writer!

Well, thanks for the story. We can only be patient and write a full version of this "epic".

(P.P.S. Three months later, after the letter of the story.)

No, it does not give rest to the whole "epopee":

Without a doubt, you freak, pimp his wife, the mother of their children, you come to this site and does the reading corrections and additions to this nightmare: So, know and other details!

During those tumultuous showdown, when I called and met with everyone and on several times (quite unexpectedly for her), trying to figure out: what, how, when, and why, after its thorough conversation - shameless lies, to deceive - Anna - napersnitsey- podrugoy- kompanenshey again called Anna and ran not just a tantrum on nesusvetny monologue, saying 9 (!!!) years I have hurt your children, and in general - all of a so-and-so! Children who still love me! Children, who are always in awe waiting for a meeting with me, my gifts and my caresses !! The children I gave to a Russian school, and to strive for the music! To whom did more than their own!

: Remember, with some pale and frightened faces met me you and your betrothed last my coming to your home, when I was still trying to carry on a dialogue: And how joyfully greeted me your son (I suspect, to a large extent also because he felt - uncle Gev came perverse stir the nest, in which he is forced to live and from which it is very stupid and have adult boy turns back :).

In the initial period "debriefing"When she had no idea that I'll go so far, calling late at night to your home, the phone fits daughter. I ask to speak to my mother. The girl tearfully says she Tigran came to the city: And he continues: "Jig (you know perfectly well to me it is an appeal and that the appeal so only to a very favorite people, but not for you !!!), why did you call so seldom? Can I myself will you call?" It is impossible to convey resentment and loneliness of a child, abandoned "loving" mother for the sake of buzz with cunning college boy on the side (though few nights, "sleeps" the next, for stenochkoy): I answer: "Yes, of course, my dear, you can always call me and I will always wait for your call, but the call will not already!" "Why Jig ?!"- Describe its tone will not: "Your mother has a new boyfriend - Garik - and I have it to anything!"- I say baby. "No, you do not know her other friend, not Garik !!"- Escaped poor thing language (not hard to guess that meant it was Tigranes, which terribly jealous mother).

I did not know and could not imagine a child, what a terrific fantasy problyad her mother: days with full twist "fresh" young lover - Garik, nights with college boy, "nephew" - Tigran, breaks out with me - with the jig, in the spaces - with old clients (not free, of course), and of once a month - in a hurry in a kitchenette - with you !!! What?

By the way, the TV in the hall rug you bought is not the case for a joint viewing porn "aunt and nephew"? And that too pornushnaya her pubic hair now? (I wonder who she so carefully trim Probably - Tigran the morning, when you "sleep"And the children in the school, but it is possible that the artist! Although, now in the city there were a specialist in hair removal is not only the face but also the anus and other parts of the body :) And this despite the fact that it does not have a washing machine in the bathroom (as I left it unfinished, so it stays) No tile on the walls: to a lot of things there! An, full of happiness need a home theater: you out of your role - as always, in agreement with it creates a home atmosphere, and it allows you to spy on its pleasures, as once happened to me: And laughter, and sin: Most - abomination incredible !! And she even dared to throw me to the phrase: "Does not spoil me!"That can be formulated more precisely: "Do not tear off my mask!"

In short, as you and she also injure their own children, uroduete their mentality and life, no man, no bastard unable to do !! You do not have to dump all the blame on others, nobody is !!

On the wall - daub mediocre:
And a gift - a trinket from Swarovski -
on the neck.
You're always afraid
become the matron of fatty,
For redneck, filthy paint,
easier to become a fairy:
Even with cigarette
Pubic hair -
feast for the eyes:
How beautiful -
laugh - new teeth
And underwear -
to the delight of fancy man - excellent!
Fresh "celebration"
will long, short,
Do not care about the essence of your
dissolute ...
Many are always ready
Pay for your services

Your spouse - Lohamei goof -
(Live with you,
every day the same time with this
And it does not suffer
more than
And wherein
to tremble at the knees,
loving :)
He promised in between times -
by the river:
Waves of muddy
the enemy's body
will carry:
I have seen sheep,
he -
brainless sheep:
Mountains of corpses
all the planets of the river
bear !!!

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||

(Appendix 1 N)

From a letter to Moscow's mistress, Read "CONFESSION OF ZOMBIES" and became interested in the history of an old friend:
"And why are you so sure she's nephew? And sucks him in the morning:

But sexual life she really stormy, time has not yet been returned.

And she'll often sucked?"

"So you know exactly what she sucks and fucks him? Gee! But, on the other hand, here's a nice fucking as a young girl. The young strong body ...

I think that she, too, Kaifu was this experience with a young guy.

Frankly, I myself have not tried, do not know. But many of my friends are much younger lovers themselves. However, almost all stories end badly.

One friend of mine said that suck young lover gives her pleasure for the full program. And then therefore it s.

I do not know, maybe something I do not understand ..."

"I terribly want to come. Moreover, I'm interested in sex and only sex. I am personally tired of all the mentally-amorous relationship. I do not want nobody to make excuses, do not want to wait, do not want to be waiting for me. I want to relax, I want you to fuck me day and night, without presenting any claims.

Promise me that you'll be able to so. I want you, I remember your cock, I remember how you kissed my nipples. I am writing this, but at the very goose bumps all over my body."

"I'm home alone. I sit in a stunningly beautiful underwear, which had bought an hour ago. So here I would like to now get on your lap. Just the thought made me immediately excited clitoris."

From an interview with hereditary prostitute.

- Art love you taught a mother and grandmother?
- No, Mom. Mom still, by the way, sometimes, no, no, yes, and I will shake the old days, though she was sixty. My grandmother once taught my mother "on fingers" - Then take it, grab it, and then opened his mouth. Now everything is different - there is the same video. I do not even remember when I first saw porn ... probably still in a wheelchair. Mom never tried to hide from me the way of life and childhood taught everything that can be useful: gymnastics, English language.
- And what can you surprise a man in bed?
- This is for me easier.
For example, I can at the taste of semen to determine how long the man was with a woman. Or even steeper. I can learn in the same way that a man was drinking - wine, beer or vodka, and how much.
- Do you know some unique techniques of love?
- A lot ... I can prolong the male orgasm to five minutes. Any man will go mad and be sure to come back to me.
- And you yourself get pleasure? Orgasm feel?
- Only with regular customers, who get used to. In general, if a prostitute will tell you that it is always a thrill to catch, you do not believe. They're just for show off. As the mother, man - it's a piece of meat in his pants than finished sooner the better. In 99 per cent of prostitutes only thought - not to forget the money on the table to leave. That earn more money - with this tie. Baby face, and maybe leave Italy to live ... I like it very much.
- And if my daughter will become teach her the oldest profession?
- No way! - Natasha makes a long pause, then he says softly: - at grandmother and mother also said so ...

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||

Alas, the hope to eradicate it has ever been in prostitution - the first of the oldest professions - almost non-existent ... Is that the second coming of Christ !!!

Women free behavior stoned, burned at the stake as witches, quartered, hanged, drowned ... And they flourish and prosper!

Today it is not just a category nasleniya but differentiated, systematic, "ordered" and quite a significant part of the inhabitants of the republic.

How many of our compatriots, confusing to foreign countries? 10 thousand, 20, 30? No one can give an exact figure. How many professional prostitutes today serves "the powerful"As moths to the streets of our cities? And this statistic is not present:

One thing is certain, Yerevan (and not only he) has turned into one big conglomerate prostitute, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, taken together:

Category, status and position of prostitutes in our society is dependent on a wide range of circumstances and factors - from intelligence "free" woman, her education, cultural level, external data, life situations, many ... other.

The most prestigious category are not on this path - women who have chosen this profession because of the lack of means of subsistence. Forced feeding elderly parents, younger brothers and sisters, and often parasitic relatives, they agree to pay penny. These are the cheapest prostitutes, as well as the most unprotected and marginalized category that causes only compassion and participation.

Many of them are not even secondary education. In this group, a lot of single mothers, divorcees or women who lost her husband. The main army penny prostitutes flooded the Middle East and the Balkans, they make up.

Elite prostitutes - women who have chosen this profession as subsistence in bloom "young beauty". They are very well-built, attractive, beautiful. Among them there are also very stupid not to. Using external data, find one or two or more of the rich (pot-bellied) permanent uncles who pay them monthly, stable and high "salary" regardless of the number of sexual contacts. Do not shun those girls in your free time and go to the panel (excess earnings would not want :).

Activity of these girls do not hide, even on the contrary - in a narrow range widely advertise themselves.

Men often fall in love with them, and such a beauty-putana spins at maximum. For local marry very rarely, although this happens when love, knowing who she is, does not promise to remember the past and cherish her until death.

In an occasion, and appropriate safeguards elite prostitutes often go "work" at "prestigious" brothels in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, America. Typically, these beauties are imported groom, who are not interested in their past and settle in Paris, Dublin, London and New York, causing envy among decent and modest friends and relatives:

A special category - working in various factories and offices "hidden" prostitutes operating production not onerous duties, but in fact, receive a salary for their true profession of a prostitute.

Basically, they serve the host institution, his friends and colleagues. In this group there are students, married and not married women, person with higher education and without it at all. Here, we collected the most motley company.

Many prostitutes in the intermediate and mixed categories.

In the story "CONFESSION OF ZOMBIES" It describes the most typical kind of prostitutes - "domestic"There have always been, at all times - and totalitarian, and at any other time.

This harlot by birth, from childhood, the nature of knowing that they can and should conquer, possess a large number of men (age, understand that this must be done, of course, is not free of charge).

Often without being beauties, they are very feminine, flirtatious, attractive, something to work constantly. All of them are aimed at seduction, conquest, and in the end the enslavement of men ...

The school, as a rule, leaders, an excellent pupil and, often, the gold medalist. Often they are the best and the Institute ...

Lovely psychologists, they know how to achieve recognition and respect in the legal, "legally" field, in order to use it for selfish - active help (preferably the expense of others) and is not lagging very fortunate companions, neighbors, relatives. In his circle they achieve specific, exceptional status and empowerment, receive a kind "indulgence"That gives them some protection from the outside, "alien" world.

Knowing that they are outside of conventional morality and norms, and at any moment can be condemned, spat upon, dishonored, this kind of prostitutes is extremely careful. In any situation they harvested alibi, explanation, finally, a deadly remark: "Are you holding a candle?". They never, under any circumstances, lose their composure, because otherwise lose. Very quiet, but aggressive in defense. Vengeful and vindictive, anyone and never forgive insults inflicted. Occasionally someone may want to expose them. Ordinary townsfolk kept away from them - spat will always be a moralist.

Of these women obtain ideal scouts and diplomats:

Thus, the fact that for ordinary women a shame and dishonor to them - the lifestyle and the highest pleasure, envy and admiration for the environment: "Wow, well done! And eating fish, and in his hand - a pole!" What gives a reasonable prospect for men - on occasion he borrowed FREEDOM "the original" familiar and, therefore, not to judge its nature!

Having a good education, intelligence, vision, intuition, they easily fall in love artfully another sucker-sweet tooth. It is very important for them to convince the chosen one that loved him blindly carried away by them, that sex for them has absolutely no meaning - only feelings and soul ... For this they are capable of the most extravagant and desperate acts, of which stay overnight in lover, without notifying the family - the most harmless.

Depending on the profession "challenger"His hobby, they begin to wonder "live" his work, and being a very well-read, very soon become not just experts but advisers sovetchitsa, connoisseurs works "favorite". Especially if chosen - a man of art.

They are improved in this lifetime, from partner to partner, gaining "most valuable" experience.

Knowing the essence of his original, such person is fast and easy enough to find an appropriate Loja husband who becomes for them a respectable guise, provides focus, finance, food, clothes, shoes, and sometimes indirectly, finds and new lovers. And yet - for a rare and awkward sex with "better half":

To consolidate its legal status, such prostitutes, usually give birth to one, and preferably two children. It is important that the children of her husband was born, were similar to him in life - is the most important and powerful of their trump card!

These prostitutes - the most cunning, clever and dangerous, because hidden behind the image of respectable wives and caring mothers. This classic "vampires", Sucking all the juice out of the men - both material and spiritual and then passing to another fresh one client.

Cleverly, profitable and at the right time for yourself furnished parting with another "lover"They never burn bridges, making it clear "waste materials"... It is better to remain friends, because in the future, why not, can not be excluded and sex, on occasion: They do it in the first place, in order not to make enemies in the face of the rejected of men:

One of the most important features of their character, sometimes reaching up to exhibitionism - the demonstration itself. Shocking the public, they are inspired and nurtured arising from people's emotions, it is vitally necessary. But everything is done within certain limits, so as not to be substituted for the criticism:

So, organizing reliable protection for another lover - "just friend". "one husband". "playfellow". "relative". "fellow student". "nearest neighbor". "husband driver" and so on, they begin to appear with him wherever possible. At first - together with her husband (the nephew, niece, friend), that finally "legalize" the presence of a lover close, and then and "independent" pair. Caulking, thus, most mouths "notorious spiteful critics".

Being "housewives", Their abode - which would not be worth it to them - they are kept in perfect order. Women these extremely clean, both in terms of the environment, and personally. 2-3 times a day is mandatory shower (even under severe water stress), in the arsenal - the best and the most expensive imported cosmetics:

In short, surrender "favorite"Or someone else from the list, they are ready at any moment and in any place convenient or not very fit place, regardless of the situation. Thus, they create in "user" the illusion that it is the chosen one of the second and was waiting impatiently, and therefore was ready for "amorous pleasures"!!

Often, this can go a prostitute and with a stranger, who had come up, or drive up on the street. With outstanding, acute intuition, she instantly evaluates the person and talked for five minutes, find out all the information and decides whether it will come in handy in the future, this frame or not:

Author pamphlet argues that "letter" It appeared on his desk as the unknown. But it does not matter, as there is no doubt that this is a real, experienced by someone the story.

Naturally, the author had, as far as I know, to change names - on conformable, cut and edit the text, but this story has not become less realistic and topical.

The transient, temporary conditions and rampant immorality of sale and all in all, imposed from outside the ideology of national thinking devaluation of the national psychology of disfigurement "letter"It may make many people think about what is happening in our society: