Boss Bitch

This happened five years ago. I then worked for a commercial company, selling all sorts of things. The owner Mahmood was a local crime boss, and thanks to this and relations with the authorities in the case of the company were bad. Money flowed and I could not resist and organized a small stream, flowing away in the direction of my pocket. I thought I did everything smoothly, what was the shock when one morning the chief of my department tabled copies of documents showing my machinations. "Visit me" - He said briefly.
With trembling legs I walked into his office.
- Lock the door with the key - the conversation was going to be serious - you realize what you've done and what you will do? - The move he started.
- Do not tell anyone, I'll give you half ... do anything! - I was really scared, Mahmoud was steep for punishment to those who crossed his path.
- No, if I touch this money, you'll be an accomplice, and I live hunting.
- Then what do you want?
- Suck me - he said, lounging in a chair.
Sergey was a short bit fat man of about forty-five, married and I am in my life would not have thought him such inclinations.
- Are you joking?
- I am not kidding. Or you suck or Mahmoud unscrews your balls - he leaned back and unzipped his fly.
He obviously was not joking and choice I did not have - or humiliation or death.
- Fast!
I stood in front of him on his knees. I was so shocked by the change of the situation - 5 minutes ago I was pleased with himself came to work and now I'm on my knees to the head and has to suck his dick. Running his hand in his pants, I pulled out was not the smallest member. The first time I was holding someone else's hairy balls and I will not say that I was pleased. Uncertainly took in his mouth a head, it was warm and velvety, sucked into his mouth the whole sausage. Sergei closed his eyes. From hair in the groin smelled of staleness, and I continued to suck and let go of his cock, which suddenly began to swell in my mouth. Now he did not fit there and I slid down the barrel mouth. I wanted this nightmare was over quickly, and I frantically remembered how I did blow a woman. I tried not to touch a member of the teeth, and squeezed his hand swollen hairy balls. Chief put his hand on my neck and began to guide my movements, planting dick deeper. He rested against me in the sky and climbed into his throat, I was sick and suddenly the boss groaned, sagged and began to finish. Sperm thrusts filled my mouth, flowed down his chin. I did not know what to do, she did not and I ended up swallowing semen.
After about 15 minutes after I proudly walked into the office, I stood in front of the boss on his knees in front of me fall off his dick in his mouth was the taste of semen, which trickle dripping down his chin - oil painting. "I've been better ... well .... Linger after work ... we will work on quarterly report" - Mockingly said Sergei Ivanovich. And I realized that this is just the beginning of my new life.
The whole time I sat on pins and needles, many times wrong, but the chief did not scold me. I fear waited six hours, knowing that this was not the last blow in my life. After the end of the day the people began to disperse, and here there was none. After a while, the boss opened the door of his office, and I waved dejectedly trudged out for more humiliation.
He locked the door behind me and put his hand on my ass. "Are you in the morning was well done, I tried, but it was felt that the experience is not enough, we train" - With these words he dropped me to my knees. Already familiar to fly was before my eyes, and I knew what to do. Unbuttoned his trousers took cock in her mouth. "Familiar feeling" - I realized with horror and wanted to fall in place. I have always despised the blue sincerely hated them and that's how I'll suck dick fag. After a few minutes of his cock he was standing like a glove. "Good girl, good work" - For some reason he turned to me as a woman. Suddenly the chief grabbed my hair and put on his feet, one hand he grabbed my ass and the other began to unbutton my pants. I began to fight back, but he pulled me: "Yes you ohrenela, bitch, or what? I forgot who you are and that you can be !?".
I went limp and lost the will - come what may. He turned my face to the table and leaned on him, then pulled off my pants and underpants. Poslyunyavil finger, introduced him to me in the ass, it was unpleasant. Reins them there, he introduced a second - it hurt. Move them to the pope boss took his fingers and put them in my mouth: "suck". It smelled of feces, but nothing to do, and I began to lick them. With his other hand, he continued to lubricate my ass with saliva, then something more massive boils down to my ass. "Relax, girl, will be painful". Member pressed harder and gradually penetrated inside. I felt like the head has passed the sphincter and short, but decisive thrusts penetrated deeper and deeper. I tried once to curve, find a position that was not so painful, but it did not help - everything inside burned. His movements became more widely, amplitude increased - grabbed by the waist, he skewer me on his trunk. And now he has penetrated the entire length of the penis - eggs splashed on my buttocks. It seemed to me that everything burns inside. I looked sideways and saw the reflection in the window - I was lying on the table, pulled down his pants, and behind me a hammer in a man's ass for the whole length of its piston - I was crushed. I had hoped that after some time will be easier, but it does not get so moaning in pain in rhythm frictions, and Sergei moaned with pleasure.
After a while he had accelerated the movement became more sweeping, and then he screamed, fell on me and something scorching was filling my ass. Every cell in your anus I felt gouging member tremors, spits in my semen. Boss pinning me to the table wet and panting in my ear. After some time, he pulled back and with a member of the champ came out of my broken-ass, something warm trickled down the thigh. The chief turned me over and pointed at your dick, I knew without a word that has to do, fell to his knees and began to lick the penis. When I finished, he loudly slapped me on the ass and sent to the output. "Go home bitch, repeat tomorrow. Remember - now you are my bitch and do according to all that I'll have you, okay?". "clear" - I mumbled. He slapped me on the cheek: "Yes my Lord!". "Yes my Lord" - I said, and made his way to the door, buttoning his pants. I walked vraskoryaku as ass badly hurt, in his underpants was sticky and damp. I went to the bathroom, locked himself in a cubicle and began to wipe his ass. At the touch point it turned into a hole, oozing out the sperm, but there was no blood. She was oozing and dripping, not stopping, I sat on the toilet and cried from humiliation and powerlessness.
Advancing the weekend two days of respite. I thought about his position - it was hopeless, dismissal or transfer to another city would have saved me from the boss of harassment, but to life, head probably would not have saved my frauds reported to Mahmoud, and he would find me anywhere. However, quiet weekend failed. On Saturday morning the chief called on a cell and ordered to go down quickly. It was his car, I got into it, and we started right hand boss instantly found myself in my pants and started to knead member who suddenly to my surprise began to rise. "Uh, you're a hot girl and you like it! What, then scrap?" - Said the head with a laugh. We drove to a vacant lot. "How's your ass - ache?" - He asked. "Aching". "Then the job today mouth, my papilla" - He leaned back in the seat and unbuttoned his pants. I bent over his cock and began to suck. This time he did not finish for a long time, so I had to work pretty tired neck. But he groaned and filled my mouth with cum, I swallowed it all without saying a drop. "Good girl, you're able to, you each time it turns out better" ...- Praised me happy host, again running my hand in his pants. "Only I do not like these your hair there, I love girls Gorny that by Monday it was all clear, you can only leave a narrow strip of pubic".
In the evening I locked myself in the bathroom and carefully shaved pubis, eggs, ass, thinking how to explain these changes to his girlfriend.
On Monday morning, the chief called me to his office, put his back to the door and stared at the lips, tongue thrusting into my mouth. With one hand he squeezed my ass and the other unbuttoned his pants and grabbed his balls. "Oh how gladenko as well, which you're done! Whether it is now always so sentimental, my Lala, so I am now calling you. And this is a gift for you". He took from the table the package and shook out the contents - a few lacy panties, fishnet tights in different colors. "Now is Always wear a suit to work" - He ordered. Then he locked the door and forced to do blowjob. In the evening, of course, I had to stay for "Work on the report".
Now, almost every morning began for me with a portion of sperm in the mouth, and at night he fucked me in his office, pre-stripped to their underwear. I was hoping that once he pall this game, but he was tireless of invention. One day prior to the meeting drove me under the table and I spent two hours there and quietly sucking dick podrachival him until he propesochival subordinates. The truth was that all of some use to justify my frequent visits to his office the boss made me his deputy - so his ass I made a career. Before the new year to decide who will play the role of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Sergei offered for originality to his grandfather played the girl, and Snow White man ... of course, it turned out that I was the Snow Maiden. The girls in the department sincerely tried to me to be a very sexy Snow Maiden - a white dress with a short full skirt, fishnet stockings, a belt, wig, make-up - in the mirror looked at me, if not a beautiful woman, it is successfully arranged a transvestite. At the corporate celebration chef tore me a few times.
I gradually got used to the role, doing blowjob like I never did, and my ass is designed and anal sex was no longer painful, and even pleasant when the boss to reward my podrachival smoothly embossed member. Of course, all the trips we flew together. . because I was his deputy, as colleagues thought, but in fact I was his whore, as it was in reality.
But somewhere in a year Sergei Ivanovich went to another job in an international corporation in Moscow, and I took his office. My life has become calmer without a morning blowjob, rubber members in the ass (sometimes it makes me so go the whole day), handcuffs and whipping in hotel rooms, sex "by bystrenkomu" in the back seat of his car when he suddenly impatient, and he stopped at my house, pulling out "Lialechka her for half an hour". From sex slave, I became a whore Housewife, t. To. Periodically arriving in our city Sergei certainly found time to again disturb my ass begins to settle down.
Several years passed, Mahmoud sold the company to the Germans, are someone else, I found a new job, married, had a child, but my former boss when here arrives necessarily calls me, reminds about the documents that he has and brings to his room hotels. I dutifully shave pubis and eggs, wearing erotic lingerie and food in the hotel to serve his master. I did not tell him that the documents that he is blackmailing me, do not play any role, why? After all, I love being a slut!