A neighbor, who lived in an apartment on the contrary, have long wanted to teach me of the constant rudeness and smoking in the stairwell. She always said: "You must be well flogged"But I did not pay attention to it. But one day, when I once threw a cigarette butt, he landed right on her door mat, and she at that time was part of the street.
- Well, all she said, and now you really should teach a lesson, you'll get a spanking!
I do not know, but I said, "Yes I agree". Her eyes lit up and she said:
- You'll get it right now, I just whip Narva good!
I stood on the stairs, I drove the stomach, and my penis hardened, to be honest, I never got a spanking, but I was wondering, I even myself sometimes dabbled smack, but nothing worked. A few minutes later she returned with three long, about 60cm., Rods. She rang the doorbell, the door opened her thirteen-year daughter, unlike her mother, she was a beauty.
My neighbor was about 45, medium height, black short hair, and very always very angry facial expression.
I went into the hallway, the neighbor said her daughter was going to flog me. I took off my shoes, a neighbor said that I went into the room, I walked, then entered her and her daughter.
- You deserve a spanking, I will not feel sorry for you, and I'll whip until your ass will not remain alive place, she said it is a very stern voice. Bared ass, get up on the couch on her knees, and leaned on the back!
I obeyed, but very worried about his penis, which I could not control, I was in sweat pants, pulled them, then pants, exposing only the buttocks.
- Get down below! - She cried.
I was scared.
- You'll have to endure the punishment, if you dare turn and stop me, I will increase the number of beats. After every five you will ask for forgiveness! My daughter, stand so that he saw you, that he was ashamed.
Then she turned to me:
- Dont you want to say me something?
I'm on the machine, at a loss replied:
- I misbehaved, I'm not listening to you, and rude to you, I deserve a spanking, teach me a lesson.
She went to her side, took a twig and held it up.
There was a short whistle and rod down on my half.
A-ah, I issued a scream, not even thinking that the pain is so strong and sharp!
Clap, ah-ah-ah - do not, I beg, I'll be good! Clap, ah-ah-ah, I cried, clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, she got into a rhythm, dropping the rod again and again. I cried: "I beg you, enough, please!"
I seemed to have merged with the sofa together.
Clap, clap, clap,
- Well, what are you saying? - She said to me.
I turned to her, took her hand with the rod, kissing and pleaded: "Excuse me, please, no more, please!"
- There is still not enough!
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap
- I'm listening to!
- I beg, I will not
- No, this is only the first rod, I will continue whipping. While you can rest.
All the time of execution of her daughter intently watch the action, after the first shock, I realized that everything that happens to her is definitely like, it is often detached from my face and looked to the penis, which is rubbed on the back of the sofa, covered at this point has already managed to get wet, I it was terribly ashamed.
- Well continue.
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.
Almost every hit she was accompanied by the word "Get".
She changed the rod: "And a little more to be sure!"
Clap, clap, clap, clap, I have not even cried and moaned after each short whistle and clap.
- Enough, she said.
My cock ball in the sperm, not the ass was not a living space. I knelt in front of her.
- You got a good lesson and remember it for a long time, and now get out of here!
I pulled his pants and shuffled out of the apartment.