Parenting Alesha - 3

Hello, I decided to publish part of the diary.
July 16.
Mom told me to get on my knees and to write about today. I am very guilty at the cottage. There of course I always go naked and barefoot, as befits a boy. And I am a pussy was strong, and I was ashamed to go, because you can not hide behind. And to my mother's nieces came two more friends, the first time they have seen me and a lot of fun, that I go naked and bald entire bottom, little sister also tried to show power over me, by fiat tone Vel do one or the other.
Girlfriends them very amused that I listen to them without question, they even forced me to tell them where and for what I have scars on the priest and legs. I obediently stood there at attention, hands at his sides, and told who and what I punished. And they are very amused my pussy constantly standing.
When I asked to use the toilet, I dare not make good that would reassure pussy. Toilet at the cottage on the street, door forbid me to lock the hook, but I thought that have time to masturbate, and just then a younger girlfriend, too, went to the bathroom, opened the door, she saw that I was in the first place do not sit (and me and pisit also put just sitting that would not touch the segment), and here I have a pussy in his hand and I rub it.
She laughed at the entire cottage, and called rather rest and told me not to move and to stay as it is. I was very ashamed, but I listened to the girl, because I need to listen to all the girls. So, come the rest, plenty to laugh at me, but of course it's not over.
They have 5 minutes to decide how to punish me, and have decided that now punish my pussy and Krapivko testicles, and then when he comes mom, flogged with rods by the pope and the legs properly. They told me to bring the rod, I quickly ran, flashing bare ass. And we nettle grows only near the road at the gate already, so that I had not seen naked and striped, barefoot, I have tried to tell a lie faster nettle.
When brought, she said that girls are not happy with me and that we should bring further nettle. I was upset and ran even faster through the gate to gain more, of course with their bare hands, all hands tore immediately. Pussy at me all the same, and stood, and it was from this more embarrassing, especially to go to the road. Bringing them more nettles, they have long chastised me for what I dared to do, and ordered that I understood more guilt, masturbate right in front of them on the table, topped with plastic. The first time I masturbate in front of others, and even girls, who will punish me for it. With some difficulty, but I still finished. I was very ashamed.
They made me part of the sperm in the face to smear themselves and backward lick clean the table. I obeyed without question, even though the first time tasted the taste of semen on her, and even smeared all over his face, they said - this is something that would be all that you have seen drochunishka. I burned with shame. Then they put me on the grass, was ordered to put his feet up and to the sides, and very long and whipped my pussy and testicles Krapivko. It was very painful, and prickly, and I cried like a little boy, and it amused them even more, and my face smeared with semen.
Pussy and testicles, legs and crotch of course all swollen from the nettle and very scratched, but the girls told me not to touch and scratch their course, and ordered to kneel in front of a gazebo where they played, and keep your hands behind your head.
An hour probably came back my mother, not particularly surprised that I'm on my knees, because the girls quite often I punished, but it is very surprised and upset my pussy swollen and his face smeared girls immediately ran to her mother and began to outage to tell what happened.
But my mother told me to tell me everything. Then she scolded me for a long time and said that very upset and did not expect this from me, even said that now in the toilet, I'll go only under the supervision of the girls, and pisit and crap that I did not dare to engage in unseemly things. Then she told me to get up off your knees and bring home bench for flogging and rods .. When I carried out the order, she put me on the bench, and very ripped, each rod pronouncing with notation.
I tried on the crease under the ass to get as much as possible, and not a few got legs. At first I cried, trying to endure, especially since there watching almost unknown girl, but still then I forgot about it and started screaming and asking for forgiveness, hail the tears flowed, but the mother herself knows when to finish whipping.
Deciding that enough, my mother told me to say thank you for spanking (although I do not always do this reminder), and ask for forgiveness from the girls, kissing them all legs, dropping to his knees. Then, like in this form and send smeared face of the store, but I regretted then not sent, not a little upset than girls who were about to accompany me. Mom said that next time I will not spare, and will order that the girl asked.
Then the evening I played with girls, fulfilling all of their orders, and they slapped my palms on the wounded pope if necessary. And then my mother allowed me to wash, right here in the yard under the supervision of the girls, and wash finally sperm from her face, which was held all day. I'll try harder not to upset my mother and the girls never masturbate pussy.
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