Case after school

I learned while in school, 10th klase. And I really liked my classmate. But I was very shy girl and she could not tell him first in sympathy. It took somewhere half a year of my feelings for him pougasli, I forgot about what he told me once liked.
It was an ordinary spring day, the sun was shining, the birds are singing in general everything went obychno.Byla change I sat with classmates on the school porch and suddenly he came. He asked me to go away and talk to him and we left.
Well, what do you want? - I asked.
Sasha, come now to me, I have one at home net.- he suggested.
After a brief hesitation, I agreed, and then asked, what do we do ???
Tea popem !!! - he said.
Good! 'Said I
Then, after class, I'll wait for you? 'He asked.
Yeah, well, after the lesson will meet !!!
Lesson quickly went and here we are with Dima (that was his name) went to his home.
Dim, I want to smoke! 'I said.
I have a cigarette at home, 'he said on-so I went to the balcony to smoke!
Soon we were at his house, and smoked, suddenly he says.
Sasha, I love you very much want to! Let's do this ??? And do not think I refuse !!!
Dima, I also want this very sidno !!! - I said
He hugged me around the waist and then his hands slowly began to descend on my ass and rise up, then it is very much squeezed my ass and kissed me. This kiss was sweet and very passionate, Dimka then caressed me with his tongue, then strongly I bite my lips.
At that moment I felt that I already follow from juices. But Dima has already started to unbutton my blouse and then fly of my jeans. Then he went away and told me.
-Bunny shoot bra and panties, because I can no longer tolerate. He sat on a chair in front of me unbuttoned his pants and pulled out from there his penis, he was very big and have probably long been on alert, I quickly undressed and went to him he gave me a very passionate and sweet sucked and slowly began to shove his cock into my pussy. He's a little propihnul his cock in me and what it rested.
- Who is going to hurt the baby, you be patient please. 'he said, and energetic movement drove his penis into me. I screamed, he often entered into me his penis. This went on for about twenty minutes and then he pulled out his penis and finished my feet, from what he saw, and I finished. Then we kissed and collapsed exhausted on the sofa. Lain so about an hour later we got off the couch, I got dressed and I went home and Dima provazhat me.
We were talking on different topics without thinking about what happened when we got to my house, he again embraced me tightly and looked into his eyes asked.
- Did you like it ???
- Yes !!! I replied.
Then he kissed me again but not as much as before but very soft and gently, and again looked me in the eyes asked.
- I hope this is not our last time?
I did not answer smiled sweetly and kissed him on the cheek and ran to the entrance ...