Short stories: I, two members are cleaned with a neighbor, three boys and a girl for one day

I have two members.
Author: Dual Reception
Since birth. My parents were with me the problem. The first problem is that I was born with two members. When my mother told about it. She fainted. Then he called his father. It is, for me, is turned on signs. And when the doctors told me that the one cut off. He was against it. I Said I was a child of the new generation "Indigo".
I, until now, thought he was crazy. But, as the time. I have read on this site, a story about the guardians. I was shocked. So, my father was right.
In general, I was left alone with my members. There have been many incidents with me.
For example, when I, as an infant urinated. Mom, changing panties, did not even know that I'm not totally pissed. And I had to write on her hand, with the second term. When his father died. Mommy, I saw this as a sign and ran away with what that guy in another country. Me, she left with my grandparents. I, as a child hurt her, for this act. Now she is grateful. Since the apartment in Moscow, he left me. My first orgasm, as well as at all the boys went into the bathroom, with a magazine naked girls. But, unlike the others. I was two orgasms in a row. Initially, he finished the first term, then the second.
At school, in our class were two idiot. Bob and Peter. They scoffed at all. Including home-based (it's good that they did not know that I have two members), and that in any way is to increase their self-esteem. I called their members, their names. Bob first, the second, which is four centimeters below Petya.
My first experience with a woman, was in the hallway, her home. She is from a neighboring class. I happened to meet her in the park. We walked and I offered to accompany her home. I was shy, and yet thought that I spend and go home. But it was not there. At the entrance, I hugged her. I kiss on the cheek. She, as she reached out to my lips, and her hands went down. By the way, I forgot to say that I look, beautiful. Tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired, but with green eyes.
A sort of green-haired green-eyed glazik or black hair.
Her hand went down. I stopped the movement of her hands.
- It may not have to - I said.
- Why? - She asked.
And really, why?
- Simply, I do not like everything - I said, and immediately added - I have two members.
She paused for a few seconds. But, then he laughed and said:
- Well, then I have two pussy.
- I'm not kidding - I said.
- I, too, - she said, still laughing.
And it is not noticeable to me sharply, stuck his hand in my pants.
Kick-Ass, you should have seen her face. She, at first blush. Then, the eyes, and her lips widened.
She pulled her hand. And she began to run from one wall to another.
Then, abruptly stopped and said:
- Show.
This I did not expect. And as I stood uncertainly, she undid the belt and pulled off her pants and underwear.
She sat down and began to look at Vasya and Petya.
Sponges she were in the form of "ABOUT". - Do you, or anyone not told about this? - She asked.
- No, - I said - Oh, what?
- Do not say, but the fact of you will scoff.
I liked her concern, but I realized eventually. It was greed. She did not want to share, it is good with others.
- I'm not going to - I said.
She touched her hand to Vasya, and before and after Petit.
- 3nachit, you end at the same time?
- No, in turn.
- Class - she said.
He reached out and licked Petya. Then, the same thing done, and Vasya.
This was my first experience. I can tell you that it is much better than jerking off in the bathroom.
Gradually, she began to behave more boldly.
She sucked it in full Vasya, the Petya. Holding in one hand a member, the second in the other hand. She moaned, enjoying two hot clubs. By the way, my testicles are not four, but two. However, they are larger than. When she licked them, I was in seventh heaven.
Her tongue was doing such magical pas that I could hardly contain myself, so as not to come. At some point, she tried to take by mouth, just two members. Her mouth was small, and I have a good-sized members. So that it did not work. Reluctantly broke away, she rose. He took off his pants. Leaned on the banister, she lifted her skirt.
- Come with me or I'm going to die.
I stood like a statue. In porn films, I know what and where to poke. But I somehow confused.
And therefore, she took up Petya (lower member) and slipped into his peep.
There, it was so crowded and hot.
I began to move as if, from that solved my life.
All my life I jerked off, but here is hot and wet silk. One can not help thinking, as I do not sleep .li.
Vasya, top my cock rested in her ass. When driving, bridle, rubbed against it.
Just a couple of movements. And Peter, began to fill her pussy, a powerful stream of semen.
- Oh, yes - she moaned - You're a monster.
Move your ass, she asked:
- You only finished one?
- Yes - I replied.
Immediately, she dropped to her knees and took in his mouth Vasya.
She is so fast and with such skill sucked my upper member, and soon her mouth, filled with sperm. And at this moment. Me dawned. I suddenly realized what kind of power over the woman, gave me the Most High. With two members, I could put any old woman in bed.
Could, destroy the city, being a lover of the Queen of England. For seventeen year old boy, it was a great discovery. But, in reality, it was much more difficult. And as it turned out, not all women is important, what is your cock and in what quantities. Some, like ears.
Here, there is something and helped me file my father. By studying it, I understood more and more. How and what to say to women. And finally convinced. As far as my father was sober. Me, confused, sometimes talking and belief in the mystical.
But the story about the keepers, reading me on this site. Everything in its place.
But more on that another time. . .
Cleaning with a neighbor
Story Author: Damon
I xx years ... this time in front of the apartment next door to instill young couple. Aunt Jack quickly became pregnant by Uncle Adar, and after 9 months they had a son Alex.
I'm often at night to masturbate pictures of Aunt Jenny, made the holidays at home even when I was still 13. Now her baby Alex grew up, he was 8 months and I often I go to nurse him.
One day I went to visit my aunt wife and saw her changing diapers Alik. A young mother in the bathroom and washed away her son brought a baby into the bedroom to wipe. Aunt Zhenya why then knelt down by the bed, which put Alik, and began to suck him a small tip, wherein when it is good to have bulked up and was like a small stick, she asked me - I do not know why her son and so everything fell, and smiled. I shrugged and left the room, because my dick was already hard.
I am a long time did not go to visit her, I felt ashamed. And Adar uncle was not at home for 4 months - he flew abroad. But she came to us like that and asked my mother to give me what it is to help. Of course, I went. Aunt and Uncle Eugene divorced Adar, and decided to take my sorrow cleaning. We have removed and cleaned the entire apartment. But left to wash the air vents in the bathroom and I climbed up to remove them. Aunt Zhenya decided to wash them in the bathtub and began their drait.Ona bent over the tub so that I was barely seen her narrow white stripes pants ... and I realized that resigned to their oppression. My friend bulge in your pants very much, and I waited for Aunt Zhenya turn and accidentally see it .. but it is carefully rubbed vents. I stood and watched her for a short T-shirt five minutes, and then suddenly, she turned to me and asked me to hang the washed air vent in place. I got to the bath, and Aunt Jack took me to hold. I hung up the vent, but Aunt Zhenya how it has changed in their behavior. She became terse and quiet. I was taken aback, and realized that she noticed ....
I have not been with a woman at that time, never, but I like all potsanov was a collection of different porn which I masturbate. I myself could have any woman to talk about any position and whatnot.
Aunt Zhenya had a very nice body and nice face. I often masturbate, recalling her image.
At this time a neighbor was dressed very easy: T-shirt and thong - summer yet. And I stood in the bathroom and stared at her ass - I really liked it.
Suddenly Aunt Zhenya stopped to wash the air vent and went to the bathroom, then came back with even greater force continued to wash the air vent. She stood at the side of the bathroom, then bent more, leaning on the bottom of the tub by hand, and slightly spread her legs. and then I saw that the strap panties between her legs shifted to the left, I see I forgot to correct after urinated. My cock was already sticking to the pain, and the eggs can be inserted into the cell instead of the vibrator. I thought that I fancy buggy and went to the kitchen to drink water, sat for a while and went back to the bathroom. I had not even noticed that the door to the bathroom was closed and went in. It turned out that Aunt Eugene was already in the bathroom and washed.
Through the transparent plastic curtain, I saw her body sideways ... I did not even notice how dropped his pants and began to masturbate on her neighbor. Suddenly she pushed the curtain and stood in front of me with a question in his eyes, and I finished it this time on foot. We have long stood facing each other, she looked at me, and I watched as my sperm flowed down her legs. My cock was still standing like crazy and Aunt Jack said:"Did you like it?" I answered yes. She sat down suddenly took my hand cock and sucked all remnants of sperm from him. Then she said that I took off his clothes and climbed into the tub, then turned his back to me, bent down and sat my penis to her vagina, it was not necessary to teach dalsche me. I finished it, and she was at the last moment zahlyupala some very warm liquid ...
To be continued....
Three guys and a girl for one day
Story Author: Trymka
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Personal story - a short story about the adventures of the day.
I was one day three guys ebalo, and then a neighbor reassured
Che-I felt sad and I went to the ex-husband to visit. We divorced a long time, but still fuck with pleasure. He is a master in this case.
Beauty - and fuck jock quality. And me, a beautiful, slender, but with the usual by a pussy fucking loves. Boring, of course, but skillfully brings to orgasm. However, when met at this time to talk is not reached - not bent undressing right in the hallway and vdul so that did not seem enough. Only when he had finished - I sent in the shower. Once I knocked on his back and licked all. I love it when tongue caress pussy. And he has a magic tongue and in a minute I started to cry and asks him to me fucked doggy style. Arched cat pussy and offered under his clever dick.
Banged by her ex-husband to take me to a colleague arrived. Boy with arthritis, but with a huge by a dick. With him, we too often fuck. Right on the job - in the hallway or on the stairs or in his car. At this time fucked in the back seat. But before I took the trachea into his mouth. But his dick is so big that the head barely fit my cheek. But I have a sip of a trained - not the first time and I almost eggs in her mouth sucked with the member. However, in his mouth, he did not want to stop - parted my thighs, slapped his hand on the pussy and put on the most nebaluysya. I do slap on some finished - so was a wound, and while he tore my pussy his huge member just writhing in the throes of orgasm. And when his sperm into me I ebnulas bumped his head on the glass, and lost consciousness. So, scantily clad, izebannuyu and semi-consciousness he had me up and drove home.
This concludes my sex Today is not over - only pomylas-spoofing both the flowers and Champagne said the new fancy man. He was with me spud week and then I have decided to bestow on him, too - to give. This dog however, was sophisticated. First, long milking my breasts, and then while I licked his ass thrust his fingers into my pussy. First one, then three, and then the whole fist - as much as I howled. But my hole was thoroughly razebana per day and I asked more and more. As a result, he fucked me a bottle of champagne which we drank at that time. And to finish himself - and even in the ass fuck me. Cancer, so deep, so my second hole was not hurt. As the door closed behind him - I do not remember.
Later in the afternoon I looked neighbor - blond girl with a third the size of boobs. When she went - me already smelled of sex. So she became jealous. It was necessary to appease the girlfriend - the shower looked away, her pussy tongue caressed - the magical lumps walked hundreds of times, so it came.