Sister Best Friend

Today I suddenly rang my best friend's sister - Lena. She said that I urgently need to come to their home, they have there, something happened. I was surprised that I was not called Dima (this is my friend) and she. But said he'll be back. We live with them in the same building but in different entrances. I got dressed and ran ran to their house to find out what happened. I called on the intercom, and I Lena said again.
-Who's there? - She asked.
-It Kostya. - I replied.
-Come on.
She opened the door, and I went to the entrance. I called the elevator and waited. Walking on the twelfth floor climb was difficult, and it was there that live Dima and Lena, well, not alone, of course, but with his mother.
Dima, like me 17 years, we have been friends since kindergarten, that is ten years. Lena his older sister, she is older than four years, she now twenty-one years. Relations have strained, so to me it almost does not communicate. In the meantime, I called the apartment door, opened my Lena.
-Hello, and Dima. - I asked her.
-He is not.
-So do you have any problems? - Nothing, not realizing I asked.
-I would say that the problems you have. - Her voice sounded threatening.
-What's the matter?
-You walk, come to the hall, nothing is on the verge of discussing.
-What's to discuss? - I asked her, taking off his shoes.
-Come on. - Once again, she said, and she went into the hall.
Taking off shoes, I went after her, Lena was sitting on the couch.
-Sit down. - She said, pointing to a chair.
I sat down on a chair, for the third time wanted to ask what was happening, but Lena turned on the TV and what I saw there made me blush so that I forgot all the words and language to the palate prisoh. On the screen it was displayed their bathroom, and then I went back fumbled in a pile of dirty clothes, pulled the light Lena panties and began to sniff them. After that I put the pants on your face, pulled out his penis and began to masturbate. I breathed in her scent, until I came, and when he had finished, I kissed the cowards, and laid back. This actually happened when I stayed for the night, Dima and Lena, and his mother, somewhere left. It's hard to put into words what a shock I experienced when I saw it. Lena sat quietly on the couch and smiling, looking at me.
-Well, what I am now understood you have a problem, vile pervert? - With sarcasm she said. - You do not want to see this film your parents, and that it was posted on the Internet for everyone to see?
-No, not that, please do not, I'll do anything you say, but do not show it to anyone. - I panicked, I realized that I am now completely at her mercy, and if I do not want problems, I have to do whatever she says.
-I know I do. - Very she said confidently. - Now you will always do what I command you, you understand?
-Yes, I understood.
-That's good. On his knees, quickly. - Dramatically she commanded.
I fell off the chair and stood in front of her.
-Wait here. - She ordered. And she got up and gone somewhere.
So I was on my knees, not daring even to move.
-Here. - Behind me, said Lena. - Do you like my pants, so lick them.
She threw on the floor in front of me your dirty panties, and she sat down on the sofa and began to look at me. I worked very diligently tongue, licking them. Lena looked at me and rubbed his hand between her legs. So it took about ten minutes, her panties were already soaking wet from my saliva.
-Enough. - Lena said. She got up from the couch and ordered. - Take off my jeans.
I'm not getting up from his knees and crawled to her, he unfastened the clasp, two fingers unzipped his fly, and very carefully began to remove her those jeans. When I took them off, hit me in the nose wonderful smell of the female perineum, I breathed it in deeply, trying to infuse yourself as much as possible.
-What do you like? - Smiling, Lena asked. - Nothing, now that you will inhale the smell permanently. Take off my pants on this time, do it your nasty mouth.
I grabbed the edge of his teeth and panties pulled down, it was not difficult. When I did this, Lena sat on the chair and spread her legs. I first saw in the life of a female cat, she was so beautiful, much better than in the pictures.
-Come lick creature quickly. - Lenin sharp voice brought me out of torpor into which I fell at the sight of such beauty.
I crawled over to her and plunged his tongue into her pussy, it all flowed, I diligently worked tongue, licking her juices. I do not know how to do cunnilingus, but once read some tips about this and something learned. I licked her for about fifteen minutes, and then, finally, she came abundantly spilling their juice, but I continued to lick her, as there was no order to finish, and it gave me indescribable pleasure.
-Enough. - Lena said. - Now, lie on your back.
I did as she said. Lena sat on my face from the top so that her ass was in my face.
-Now you vylezhu my ass.
I became tongue to lick her hole.
-Deeper cattle deeper shoved his filthy language. - Lena shouted at me.
I tried to get his tongue as deep as possible, and even got to crap it is very unpleasant to the taste. After some time, Lena finished again and got off me. She sat in a chair and I knelt in front of her.
-Now you fully become my slave, you do whatever I command now going to call me either Lady or Mistress, hear me bastard?
-Yes, Madam, I understood perfectly.
-That's good, I'm glad you're so clever, but now grab your ass and get out of here soon mom should come and I do not want it caught me in a society of such a worm like you. But be ready to come to me at the first request, otherwise I do not envy you.
Lena stood up and left the room, and I quickly got dressed and went home.
-Damn, how I was, I always dreamed of a Lady, but it was only a dream, I would never have thought that this could happen to me, and yet it happened. - Such thoughts assailed me when I returned home.
The next day was Sunday, Lena did not call me, it's not surprising, knowing that she was not alone at home, and with his mother and possibly his brother. I kept returning to the thoughts of what happened yesterday, and I was terribly excited, one day I had to masturbate seven times. On Monday, I went as usual to the school, but could not concentrate on lessons and eventually got two pairs, for chemistry and algebra. In the middle of the fifth lesson in my cell phone rang, I looked at the room, it was Lena Now, my Lady, I asked to go out in the hallway and said.
-It's me. For ten minutes you were mine.
-But I am not…
She hung up, and there were still twenty minutes, and it was a warning, I could not leave until the end of the lesson. With difficulty, dosidev until the end of the lesson, I grabbed my stuff and ran home, from home to school, it was fifteen minutes go, but I got over that distance in seven, and is not coming immediately rushed home to Lady. Fortunately entrance door was open, I called the elevator reached the twelfth floor and rang the bell Mistress. She revealed to me almost immediately.
-Where have you wandered, cattle, then late for twenty minutes, well, come on.
I went into the apartment, and immediately fell to his knees.
-Madam, I could not come earlier, I was in the control school, I did not let go.
-Shut up, I'm not allowed to tell you why you could not come, it's just your problem, I spit on them, like you.
It is juicy spat in my face.
-So, you understand? ... You belong to me, or forgot about the film?
-No, I remember.
-You must fulfill all my orders, this should be the meaning of your life, do you understand that?
-The purpose of my life to serve you, Madam.
-That's right, and for your being late, I will punish you, as well, to undress quickly.
I took off all my clothes in an instant, and was on his knees in front of my Mistress.
-Behind me. - Sharp tone she commanded, and went into the hall.
I crawled on my knees behind her. Lena took the belt from the shelves.
-Now I uplift you so that next time you will not dare to violate my orders.
I saw this leather, army belt buckle with a giant, and prayed.
-Madam, I beg you, please do not, I will be obedient, just do not hit me.
-I'm not going to beat you, I'll teach you quickly, Arise cancer, puffed out her ass and push the arms to the legs.
I did what she ordered. Lena took some belts and tied my hands to the feet, so that I could not move. Madame stood over me, and hit. ... Such a pain I have never in my life had seemed to me that the blow off my skin, I shouted that it's probably heard even on the first floor.
-Madame ... no more ... I beg you.
-Well shut up, get over it, plus five strokes, and to not shout here.
She took off her panties and stuffed in my mouth.
-And now continue.
The blow followed blow, I have lost count of them, I could not scream because of the gag in his mouth, and only groaned loudly after each stroke.
I was placed facing the entrance to the hall, and Lena back, so I saw her mother first, she entered the room even in street clothes, probably only from the street.
-What are you doing here?
Lena glanced sharply.
-And, Mom, so here I bring up this slut, he dared not execute my orders.
-Come on, Come on, show me what you've done with it.
Natalia Petrovna (is slender, beautiful woman of forty-five, still has not lost its appeal.) I went around me and looked at my ass.
-Well done, my daughter, a slave should know his place. You finished punishment, or I interrupted you?
-No, Mom, what are you, I have finished.
-Well, right, but then inadvertently kill this schmuck. By the way, you name it invented?
-No, I have not had time.
-Release him, I want to see what he is fit, while I go and get changed.
It was too painful for me to wonder something. Lena came up to me and untied the knots, I immediately stretched out on the floor, ass hurt just awful, so surrendered pain throughout the body. I could hardly move. Lena kicked me in the ribs.
-Come get the cattle, which collapsed. Or do you want more of this punishment?
I struggled to his knees, I understand that once again bear it, I can not.
Lena sat down in a chair and put his feet on my back.
- And now I have something to tell you. You're probably surprised at how my mother accepted the whole situation? There is nothing to be surprised before she was mistress to her came all sorts of money bags and paying money to be at her feet. It is this very well earned, not even fucking with them, and just giving them to satisfy themselves, their tendency to dominate. But it has never been true servants, those who are forced to serve her not by choice, but by its whim, it's completely different things, and totally different feeling. And enslave you it was her idea, so you it should be grateful for it.
At this time, I entered the room Natalia Petrovna, wearing a black bra, black thong panties and fishnet stockings, when I saw her my cock immediately got up, despite all the pain that I felt.
-Well, my daughter, now I'll teach you how to deal with such as he. And you sit there and watch closely. Well, then, bitch. - She said to me. - While Lena did not come up with your nickname, I'll call you in this way. Now you're going to do everything I'll have you for the slightest mistake, you will be punished, the greater will be your fault, the more severe will be punished. The fact that you have just occurred, this is minor compared to that which can still occur. Since you already have a Mistress, and this is my daughter, then I'll call it, simply Mistress.
-By foot. - She commanded.
Lena took her foot off my back and pushed me toward the mother, I quickly crawled to the Mistress.
-Kiss my feet. - Ordered Natalia Petrovna.
I began to violently kissing her feet, and kissed as, long as it is not ordered me to stop.
-And now I want to hear your thanks, bitch.
-The hostess, thank you for letting such a pathetic bitch like me, kiss your lovely legs, they are simply delicious, I'm happy that I was at your feet.
-Well, well, that's enough. And then it starts to sound insincere, and I do not like being deceived.
The hostess suddenly hit me on the cheek, went and sat down on the sofa. I stood on the spot
-And what do you got there? Well come here, you have already earned the first punishment, do you want another?
-But, Mistress, for what?
-Another penalty try just one more time to say anything without my permission, and you'll get five more. And you. - She turned to her daughter. - What, she could not tell him how to behave, when it refers to the Lady?
-I do not have time, but that he should be silent and not speak without the permission of its owner, I said.
-Even so? Then two more penalties. And now I'm a bitch, explain something. When Ms. appeals to you, you must stand on his knees, his head bowed down and listen carefully. If you want to say something you've got to hit the head on the floor, asking, so permission for something to express their thoughts, and if Madam, you are not allowed to speak, then you should remain silent.
You should never look at the face of the Lady, or punishment. In the presence of the Lady you have to move only on the knees, if there were no other orders. You have to worship their Mistress, you have should not be other intentions but to the desires of Mistress ... Something I swing, and I wanted to check because you, Come on, bitch, pulling Mistress pleasure.
She stood up, took off her panties and sat on the sofa, legs wide apart. I crawled over to her and plunged his tongue into her bosom. I licked the clitoris, put tongue deep in pussy, move it there. The hostess has already moaning. I licked every crease of the labia, the clitoris began to suck.
Natalia Petrovna grabbed me by the hair and pressed his right still in your pussy, I could not stop working language, trying to bring as much pleasure this beautiful woman. And twenty minutes later she finally finished, roughly pushing me to the floor, I crawled back to her, but was sensitive heel kick in the face, and put down his venture. I got up in the slave position, licking highlight Mistress on his lips. A few minutes later, when she came to, after orgasm, she said:
-And it works not bad language, I liked it, that he be able to please you, especially after a few workouts, and if you do not mind, I'll help you in his upbringing. - She turned to her daughter
-No, Mom, I'll be very glad of your help. Bitch, and now satisfy me, I'm very nervous. I crawled to her mistress, and again earned the tongue. When Lena came, it allowed me to get out themselves dryness.
-And now, bitch, continue your education. - Said Natalia Petrovna. - Well, me.
I crawled to the Mistress.
-So, bitch, you must not only meet his mistress, but also to perform various chores. From dusting, washing and finishing underwear his Mistress ... is, I hope you understand? From tomorrow you will proceed to their direct responsibilities.
I hit my head against the floor, asking for permission to speak.
-Speak. - Allow me Natalia Petrovna.
-Mistress, I'm still in school studying, when I have time to do all this?
-It's your problem. Get away from the school. You are a slave, you have to fulfill all the orders of her mistress, it should be a sense of your life. But that's not all. You should become his mistress for a bit of a toilet. After all, the toilet will not always be on hand, as a slave, always with her. And why go to the toilet, where it can be done in a slave? I'm not going to teach you, there are sausages his Lady, but it piss you simply must drink. Therefore, at the back, quickly.
I lay back and tried to get comfortable, it was difficult, given the scrapes on the belt. Natalia Petrovna came and stood over me.
-Open your mouth. - She commanded.
I immediately fulfilled the order, and she began to sit down on my face.
-I warn you all that spill, then you slizhesh from the floor, not only I will even punish for it.
She sat me straight slit his face and began to write. At first it was a trickle, it filled my mouth and I began to swallow, but the pressure was still intensifying, and I do not have time, a little spilled urine on the floor. When the hostess finished, I licked her pussy with urine. She stood up and sat down on the sofa, I wanted to get up, to get out urine from the floor, but Lena ordered me to lie down.
-Mom, can I try so too? - Asked Lena.
-Well, of course, it's your slave, do with it what you want. - Answered Natalya Petrovna.
Lena stood up, walked over to me and sat down, comfortably ensconced on my face, and began to write, jet she was weaker and more pleasant taste than her mother, I swallowed it easily. Also giving me a lick with her urine, Lena stood up.
-You're still a little shed on the floor, quickly lick. - Ordered Natalia Petrovna.
I knelt down and licked urine off the floor at this time Elena and Natalia Petrovna began to dress. When they put on garments, Natalya Petrovna said: "Get out of here. We need to go, whether it is ready to come on the first call "
I wanted was to put on, but they did not let me do it, throwing my stuff to the site, and forcing me to go out into the stairwell naked. They went after him, got into the elevator and left. I quickly got dressed and went down on foot. I had to make many more humiliations, serving my lady, but that's another story.
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