I want to tell of her own life. The story does not claim the prize for literature, but, on the other hand, it took place at the dele.Ya live with his mother, sister and a dog of medium size. My name, nickname, and the dog breed is not important, but I'll call my sister, for example, Lena (name I have changed). I then bylo15 sister one year older. We went to the same shkole.Teper a few words about the dog. His character is distinguished by the fact that he was some sort, constantly horny. Very often, he jumped on my leg, placing foot on my chest, his penis is slightly protruded, and he began poёbyvat my nogu.Vot so it was at that time. I ran away from the last two lessons, because the subject of ignorance and fear of the control work. Came home, got undressed. My doggie came up to me, and stood in a favorite pose. I looked at him leaning member, felt some tension in his thought: "But I'm still a virgin! How would I ever fucked you, whether you're a bitch". And then in the head flashed a strange, but increasingly gaining momentum thought: "And can substitute him my ass, can I get a new experience, than from the simple drocheniya"? These thoughts became a member of the scary pants bursting."Mother at work late, my sister is still in school for two hours"- Ya.Ya thought away from him dog pants flew to the floor, followed by socks, shirt, pants. Left in a t-shirt, I got up on all fours, caved in, sticking out the ass to the top. Doggie without changing their habit, jumped on me from behind, a member of his former leaned even more and began to poke in yagoditsy.Odno gesture - I helped him find the entrance - and the first time his cock rested not firm leg and slipped into the right to fucking hole. Several strong aftershocks, and I felt it in himself at full length! Head continued. And then I felt the hot jet, followed by my ass raspёrlo inside something incredibly thick. My cock just torn, and I wonder how I have not konchil.Potyanuvshis forward a little, I discovered that the dog moves me. His dick stuck in the ass, swollen just below the base. Here it is kicking in, and turned 180 degrees. I realized that I had to wait, and have already started to try to get his hand his penis, to finish as there was a click of the lock input dveri.Peredo me was my own sister, who was also washed off from the last lesson. Then followed the silent scene. I did not know what was supposed to fall in shame. His face was burning, the member is still torn by desire. The dog, as if nothing had happened, stood back to me, barely poёrzyvaya member inside me. Lena left the room and returned a moment later. I was blown away: she was completely naked Not saying a word, sister gently podlezla under me and took in his mouth! Needless to say, I immediately discharged in her glotku.- And now, - she said, me stretched out every last drop of getting out and getting cancer, right in front of my nose, - deliver and I udovolstvie.Malo that wondering, I glared his lips and tongue in a wonderful pink bud, salty taste. The tongue slid over her clit, then upward, on sexual lips to the anus and back. My lips merged with it in a passionate sexual potselue.I then I felt movement in the rectum. Yes, you read that right, the dog let go of me. Unsuspecting Lenka, moaning softly. I repeated the route of his tongue, licked anus, went further, spine, moved closer, his left hand directing its movement again jumped member. A second sister gasped lightly, and my phallus burst into razdrochennuyu flesh."All! I am no longer a virgin!" - Flashed through my mind, and then I saw the swaying rhythmically to the beat of our movements breasts second size. 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