Lucinschi sitting comfortably in a chair in front of the TV in anticipation of the beginning of the basketball match CSKA - "Taugres". On the coffee table was a steaming cup of coffee, prepared in the Eastern ... Suddenly the doorbell rang."Heck! Who else is brought in as the wrong hour!" - I cursed Lucinschi and walked to the front dveri.Posmotrel in the eye and was surprised: Alina Shmelev person. Alina was proud to college and round student."That she needed me to wonder!"Continuing swear, the teacher let the young lady in his apartment. Alina proud and important marched into the room, looked at Lucinschi as it seemed irresistible, but it turned arrogant. Cold smile flitted across her gubam.Chto say, nice to look at this girl! Fashionable hairstyle, beautiful oval face, big beautiful eyes emerald green, though, impartial and cold brilliance, magnificent long eyelashes, beautifully arched eyebrows, sexy bright red lips. Not a bad figure, beautiful thighs, ass thing! From under the short snow-white t-shirts with the English flag peeking neat sexy tummy. The SILVER navel ring. It is evident that it is without a bra, her nipples standing literally tear through the fabric. The girl blue Denim Jeans, and from under the jeans looks a narrow strip of white panties with pink flowers. Purposeful, strong, beautiful but haughty girl. Lucinschi tried to hit on her, but she cut off at the root of his proclivities. It was said that her cool boyfriend, son of a well-known Duma bonzy.U Lucinschi at the sight of her panties stirred chlen.- Something happened, Shmelev - Good evening, Andrey Mikhailovich! - Greeted the girl. - No, nothing happened, just that I urgently need to pass the exam on your predmetu.- So there is nothing easier Shmelev. Come back in three days to the college, where I would appreciate your znaniya.Alina flashed angry eyes and pouted. Irritating said: - I can not on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I have to go to Paris with my friend. Deliver me, please, exam, I passed the rest of the machine. Here you go, - she held the king's gesture teacher gradebook. It stuck out three notes at 100 dollarov.Uchitel wound. Eli would not arrogance Alina, her condescending gesture, he would take the money - and that's that! But there is another matter. Some snotty girl wipes it on the feet! Suddenly Lucinschi somehow wildly wanted her, this inaccessible, serious, lomlivuyu swell. would fuck her with cruelty! In all conceivable opening. The teacher took a strict view and returned to her zachetku.- Shmelev! I do not need money. My answer: "No".ee Green icicles sparkled beshenstvom.- enough for you? As you want? Now I'll call a friend, and he uladit.- not have anywhere to call, no need and money. There is only one solution to your problem: you pay me ... kind ...- You're crazy, Andrew M., offer me that! Are you sure you crazy! No, no, I do not agree! And I can call a friend and then ... Furious Shmelev went to vyhodu.- Wait, ALINA, listen ... Shmelev momentarily paused. - Why do you think I'm an abnormal man. After all, I am offering you an ordinary deal, and this is absolutely normal. Business we are engaged in many of the country and there is nothing in this shameful or abnormal. Look, Shmelev, everything is simple. You get a benefit from the transaction, namely: saving three hundred bucks, you get five for the exam, you go on tour, and I get my, I just clear and desired benefits. You win a lot more from the deal than I am. That's for sure. Moreover, I do not want sex from you directly, but only cunnilingus. I hope you know what it is. It only takes ten minutes. That's all. I'm glad you're happy. You get what you need, and in its katishsya France, besides, I guarantee that whatever happens in this apartment will remain in complete secrecy, I promise. So, think about it, Shmelev. If my offer does not suit you, then good-bye. This is my final otvet.Alina seething with indignation, her eyes flashed green violent lightning in the teacher, but the choice she did not. Either accept or walk away empty-handed. And in Paris, she was so anxious! It is there never was. In addition, if the teacher asked her to do a blowjob, to do with genital or anal sex, she would certainly have refused. But then cunnilingus ... Once Alina cream smeared my crack and forced to lick her cat Vaska. Pet doing is not good enough and skillfully, and discharge does not occur, Aline had to bring themselves to orgasm by hand ... And it cool one considers perversion of cunnilingus and therefore never indulges Alina orally, but it forces us to make him a blowjob. What if ... Alina will close their eyes and imagine a cat in place Lucinschi, that's all. Ten minutes of shame - and Paris in your pocket! Shmelev minute thought, then emphatically asked: - Where are you here en Master happily nodded toward the hallway?. Yes, it took! Lucinschi manhood hardened and eager to fight .... She went in shorts and t-shirt, lay down on the sofa. Arrogant looked, looked away, closed her eyes and froze like a mannequin, even legs squeezed together - only faster, I spotted while."Well, hold on, baby! In the arena there are masters of their craft!"Lucinschi without haste down to business ... He spread his legs Aline, although she resisted a little, and began to kiss the belly and the inside of the thighs. Kissing, it narrows the range of exposure, approaching his goal. He felt at involuntary twitching and sighs Alina, that that was beginning to like this procedure. The mannequin comes to life. It's only the beginning! Lucinschi became through the thin material of kissing her pubis, sinking lower and lower. He pulled the edge material, and thrust into a blazing tongue and pharynx moist love. A sigh of relief escaped from the breast unwittingly Szmielew. She has spread her legs wide, eager to caress her pussy, even for a second without stopping! It turns out, cunnilingus - this is so cool! Lucinschi expertly fiddling flaming lips and hardened clitoris, caressing the tip of his tongue, sucking, licking, taken with the same zeal for the vagina. At the same time two teachers fingers deftly dived into her hot vagina and emerges back, covered with sticky moisture. Alina often breathed, her cheeks flushed. From the soft, warm, wet, and most importantly good feeling it was so good that she forgot everything. Shmelev became sweet pokrikivat.Uchitel pulled off her treasured, wet with secretions panties. Now Lucinschi eyes appeared pussy Alina in all its glory. The lush bush of blond hair, the disclosure of swollen leaf shell itself pink pearl and aleyuschy narrow entrance to the underwater cave. Virtuoso proceeded to completion Svoge oral hairy pink solo on the flute. Fingers teachers divided their duties. Now one finger freely dive into the grotto scarlet, and the other, less freely - in brown and ... more narrow grotto. Alina tightened - and the teacher redoubled his efforts. Here it is stretched like a string, froze ... and shook convulsively in delightful orgazme.- A-ah! .. - Her triumphant cry filled all prostranstvo.Alina fell into happy oblivion. Spear teacher for a long time was running juices, flushed and wished with all his sweet stick in the target."Here we use the favorable moment".Luchinsky Playfully pulled the pants along with melting. His thirsty spear flew and became like clockwork in a hot, expiring moisture, elasticity and entrancing vagina. Overexcitation done its job: a few movements - and the teacher felt the approach of orgasm. He stopped, squeezed the muscles of the perineum. So the reception he delayed orgasm ... Lucinschi again rapidly moved his pelvis. But his plans interfered Shmelev. She became well supplied to meet him as their ancestor. Zaohala, she wailed. Lucinschi felt nice start to tickle the tip of his spear. Hell, anyway, but the finish is inevitable as well as the sunrise in the ...- you can finish? - Gasped, panting, uchitel.- No, you can not, please - half-closed eyes in the sweet bliss, whispered Alina.On pulled off her T-shirt. They jumped towards him suffused with ripe breasts of beautiful, exquisite forms. He rubbed his club between her breasts and began to simple dvizheniya.- Squeeze his arms. Help me - ordered Szmielew teacher, she implicitly obeyed emu.Vskore teacher violently ended, shooting bursts of pearl face and chest Szmielew .... go home happy Alina chided uchitelya.- Still, you have deceived me, Andrei Mikhailovich. About genital sex, we did not agree. I'm a hundred percent, you knew in advance that it happened, I soften, and you use me in their carnal purposes. So, you have deceived me, Andrei Mikhailovich? But ... I have to be honest, I do not regret it ... Lucinschi did not reply, but only smiled, his eyes jumped satisfied ogonki.Radostnaya cheerful smile lit up her pretty face. Miracles! From the haughty, lomlivoy swell that had invaded his home an hour ago, not a trace remains. Before a teacher now so normal, nice girl without any traces nadmennosti.- money I'll leave you to it for examination, you honestly earned them. And for the pleasure that you brought me, I am ready to pay another a certain number of dollars if you do not mind. Sderu grandmother with my friend, I will say that for the exam. He fork: he's rich. So what's so ... She paused. He took the doorknob and opened the door. Turned and threw a pleading look on the teacher ...- Can I to you I will come again, huh? .. Lucinschi grinned and nodded.