Simply massage

She leaned forward to pour tea, and a sharp pain in his back forced her wrinkled and freeze.
- Again? - Maxim said.
The question did not require a response, she stood in an uncomfortable position and waited for the pain would go.
- So you can not anymore. Come on, I'll give you a massage. I learned. His wife is constantly doing. Come on. What are you stubborn?
She wanted to be a permanent guest, a longtime friend of the family, examined her body, caressed and squeezed back. From this innocent pleasure of anticipation bacon warm and fun.
- Well, let's see. Now, probably already depart.
She looked at his hands. That would really lie down and let yourself cuddle. For he raised a T-shirt, pulled the elastic pants, stroked and massaged. She loved when she massaged his back and shoulders. Maybe T zaderetsya well, and some will be visible chest. And on the lower back - a trace of gum. The decision was made as soon as the pain has departed. Talking over tea, she looked at him open, happy face, watched his hands, saw him watching her. Sniffs to the air waves of her gestures. He was in love and was not ashamed of it. As fleeting kiss on the cheek goodbye, she knew how gentle he can be and how nice it would be to touch her.
...And then, while explaining, very struck trembling hands. He went to massage aching spine forever when she was sitting at the computer - it was allowed - and could not hold hands. Fingers nervously scratched the neck to the chin. So gentle and warm that it was impossible to swear or drive. He changed his mind and tried to turn into a tickle. She played along, but he did not leave. I could not tear myself away and continued to twirl her hair and neck.
- Want to talk?
- Uh-huh.
By allowing him to kiss her face and a hug, she asked him a delicate passion.
…The decision was taken. Spine not let sit in a natural position, and Maxim has once again reminded about the massage.
- Yeah, I guess you have to still ask for a little massage. Come into the office.
She was curious as to how it will behave. Will a massage or go all-the same boundaries and, for example, gently pat or kiss her. What to do then? Ryknut or ignore?
- Lie down - gently and slyly he said.
She obediently lay down on his stomach and buried his head in the pillow to hide his laughter and fun. What will I do? Curious.
- Where exactly do you hurt?
On second thought, to spare or not. I decided not to spare.
- The neck, between the shoulder blades, and here - eye hand showed lumbar point very close to the buttocks. How will he massaged? Through the clothes or not?
- Clear.
He as something touched her back in indecision. She physically feel his tenderness and joy. Hands is convulsive movements chaotically crawling on clothes. Suddenly he began to gently straightening the shirt out of his pants, strongly raised it to his shoulder blades. Detainees.
- Raise-ka hands - a second shot t-shirt. - The clothes do not make a massage.
Before she could digest his decision is like crawling down pants and panties. He abruptly pulled something, and more. But how do masseurs and knees. At the moment, she was in front of him naked.
It was necessary to show that it would lie, and so infinitely happy to be overturned if she was asked. She shivered with pleasure when presented as he would be delighted if it is, naked, pat him between the legs and cling. He touches her with his tenderness, and she wanted him, wanted to make him happy and to make happy.
He massaged and caressed her, and could not hide the trembling. Hands could not get warm, and movements were confused and energetic. He has repeatedly touched her breasts but did not dare to touch the buttocks.
- Just not fast - she thought. - Stroke me yet.
- This is where it hurts? - He began to travel to the most painful point.
- No, closer to the spine, - she said quietly.
From her voice, he winced. He leaned over her back, she felt his breath. I kissed between the shoulder blades. The hands slipped on the buttocks, legs.
- I love you.
- I know.
- I am dreaming of you. I dream, I see you. Thank you.
- Thank you for the massage.
- But I'm not all.
- Massage, massage.
He really knew how to massage, he was prevented only tenderness. He was not embarrassed by stroking the buttocks. He kissed her neck, her back. She waited for him to kiss her ass, but he hesitated for a long time. Suddenly he completely removed her panties and pants.
- You're naked in front of me. I would have sat there and stroked your life. I love you.
He put his face on her back and lay exhausted, stroking the ass. God, Natasha, what you are. I can not live without you.
He was ten years older, and his emotion gave rise to her body in her thirty years, agility imp. She waited.
He kissed the top of his head and whispered:
- Sit on my handles well. Give me a hug. Turn around.
She turned, pulled his head movements and tried not to give out what decided. She sat on the couch, he stared into her eyes, well-groomed, nalaskannoe, slender body. It will allow him to enjoy himself and to lose consideration.
He hugged her and pressed to her, pressed her cheek to her body. At the same time the usual men's movement has moved apart her legs. But he still did not understand that this is possible.
He pulled her into his arms, she felt him shudder and felt like he was trying to calm down. She liked to be naked with him, sitting on his hands and teasing, to enjoy its warmth and tenderness.
- If you knew how much I want you.
- How?
He habitually tried to laugh, but instead he tears.
- You dream about me in bed? - She turned and stared into his eyes.
- Yes - he nodded obediently.
She liked that his movements were habitually rude.
- And what are you doing with me?
He was speechless and barely uttered:
- I undress you and take it.
- How?
Well, he was not in a daze. She would not have liked his indecision.
- I take you everywhere.
- Where first?
- First, in the mouth.
- Already naked?
- Yes.
- Do you often take in his mouth?
- Never ever.
- And I, therefore, take?
- Yes.
Finally, she did what she wanted. His legs were spread apart for a long time, and it was easy to squeeze in between the palm. She touched him and looked him in the eye. She clung to him.
- Good mine. Natasha. My naked. Darling.
- Come to me. Come to me, my good - she felt a surge of tenderness, I kissed him and felt his fingers already confident Teasing her clit. He laid her on the couch, one hand caressing her between the legs, and the other hand, tried to remove the pants.
- Come, I'll help you. She pulled down his pants, took off her sweater, and only when he was in shorts, began stroking his penis, feeling what it solid, wide and not very long. He thrusts his hand into her panties and took it in his hand.
The smell of clean laundry and deodorant granted her.
- So where do you get me first?
- In the mouth.
- You say something to me?
- Yes.
- What?
He was silent.
- What.
- Suck me.
She touched his lips with hot head, and he is spacey and it inflames it, he introduced a member of her mouth, gasped and resolutely began to move. She understood what he really does not fall, stroking the eggs, threw her arms, caressed and parted the buttocks. She got on her knees and lifted her face. The thought that her fuck in her mouth, she, as always, greatly excited and relaxed. Realizing that he is now over and guessing his desire to take out a member of her mouth, she hugged him so that he finished in the mouth. Judging by the groans, he has never finished in the woman's mouth. She did not know whether he will be able to continue, and so I just lay down on the sofa, corner of my eye looking at his penis. I gave him a little break and asked:
- What do you want?
- ...To fuck you.
- It's clear. And what else?
- That you fondled himself in front of me. I want to watch you onaniruesh.
He lost time and themselves and reality. He did not believe her and wanted.
- I want you.
- What to do? - She gladly opened her legs and masturbate. Member raised, she made it clear that looking at him. It is true that now it would prefer that it not be disturbed.
- You still suck?
- I want to fuck you.
- Fuck me.
He is now in no hurry.
- How long have I wanted to pull your pants and fuck.
He fucked her, and she liked that his movement powerful and gentle hands and lips.
- Natasha, I love you.
- You are my good. Love me.
He finished and lying on her cheek pressed against the barbed.
- How I feel good with you. You did not hurt that I said?
- And what did you say? - It felt like he was again shifted to it.
- I'm sorry, what…
- So what you said, she jerked against him.
- What I've been wanting to remove from your pants and fuck ...
- Yes?
- Yes.
- I liked it when you profile me today. I wanted you. I want you to lay down on me.
He fucked her again. Less powerful but quicker.
- Fuck me. Later in me - it felt like helping him in words.
Having waited until he rested, she asked him to sit next to the couch on her knees, turned on his stomach, arched, indecent stuck her ass, spread her legs and began to masturbate. I heard how he sniffs and felt his rhythmic movements. I thought that the woman and masturbate in front of it for the first time.
- What more do you want?
- Sit on my handles. Give me a hug.
Sitting in his arms, she stroked his hair and cheeks.
- You were okay? What more do you want?
- I want to live with you.
- You know it is wrong.
He nodded bitterly.
- You want me to walk you to the gate naked? And you once again take me on the street?
He perked up.
- Can I still come to you?
- You've already come to us. You mean, if you can to fuck me?
- Do not get me started. I can not do that from you unstick.
- I want you to fuck me. I feel good with you. You are very tender. You have soft hands. I want to do as you has never been done. More I can not do anything for you. You know. How do you want next?
- What does anything?
- So, within the course of some. And do you doubt? Do not be afraid, speak.
- ... I want you to meet me in trusikahh, I took them with me and got cancer. Without words. Con me ...
- 's Fuck me yet.
- And you pososesh me? Suck me again.
- Fuck me in the mouth.
She liked to feel what he is happy and exhausted. She really wanted him. He swallowed his semen, nice and deep cum several times, and he, as a boy, he could not believe his luck, and stroked her hair straightened, peridicheski making big eyes in surprise that all this is really happening.