Lord of the Rings: Galadriel and the captain of the elven guards

On Lorien quiet dusk fell. Slowly the dying sun, letting the last rays on the leaves of the trees reaching for him. Wood was preparing to go to sleep, as well as all his obitateli.Koroleve Galadriel could not sleep. Dropping weightless veil, she quietly, almost without touching the ground, fluttered out. She remembered that the scouts have repeatedly denounced her that the orcs were preparing a blow at night, and so I decided to check out the advanced secrets of his men .... And here already and the border of the forest. Around the small clearing were three mighty Malorne, and only the most watchful eye could notice the three hour, cleverly hiding among vetvey.Pervym his queen saw Ernal captain three razvedchikov.- My Queen. - He gave a respectful bow. - What brings you to our office at this hour - I'm just checking the vigilance of my warriors. They say Orcs soon hit nochyu.- Our vigilance does not weaken for a moment, my queen. The idea that we can lose you, unbearable torments our hearts - Thank you, brave Ernal. I do not doubt you nor mig.Galadriel turned from warriors and quick steps out into the middle polyany.A Ernal at this time froze, spellbound beauty of the Queen. In its air silver dress, she was like a beautiful spirit, who had returned from Valinor in their world. His eyes slowly slid the figure Galadriel. He saw a beautiful slender neck, with falling on her golden strand, narrow open shoulders, her beautiful full breasts, long chained to his gaze, soft waist, which was so anxious slowly lower the arms and forget until the morning ..."How can you think about it this way, it is your Queen!" - Flashed mysl.No elf could not cope with their feelings and stood, unable to take vzor.Galadriel why was the queen of the elves of Lorien that was able to understand the soul of its every citizen. And now, feeling the thoughts of the young by the standards of the elven warrior, she involuntarily turned pink. She was aware of her beauty and has long been accustomed to the admiring gaze, but now ... There was something unusual and romantic in this lonely clearing in the mighty Malorne, in the stars, is already beginning to shine all vlyublennym.I ... Queen herself did not I noticed it was on Malorne, face to face with blushing Ernalem. Her hands lay on the shoulders of a warrior, and his lips were already intertwined in a frenzied kiss of Galadriel does not let herself even in her first night with her husband Selebrenom. Two sentries were on two levels are gone, and could return soon, and it only adds sharpness feelings Galadriel.- My queen ?! - It was said in a whisper in the ear of Galadrieli.V Ernale struggled with a sudden sense of duty gripped his flaming passion. And he felt that passion has pobezhdaet.- Give me ... - barely whispered Galadriel. - I charge ... And once again her lips stroked her lips Captain strazhi.I Ernal, realizing that resistance is meaningless, ceased to resist gripping his flow. His hands lay themselves on the breasts Galadriel began to stroke them through the thin dress neckline. It seemed to him that he is in heaven. Nothing more beautiful than he had previously experienced. His hands felt under the skin a white velvet and solid seal nipple. Gently, almost without touching, he freed one of the first dresses marble chest, then the other. Galadriel and moaned, with extraordinary agility poured warrior on his back. Her delicate fingers cool rushed down, and to cope with the belt, finally released from captivity finest male treasure. Member of the elf for a long time was hard as a rock, and Galadriel, Dark Elf Queen of Lorien, caressed him with her full soft lips. A wave of pleasure, shaking, slowly lifted and carried the young elf further and further away from the simple earth zhizni.- Oh-oh-oh, my queen !!! - And the mouth of Galadriel poured the juice of love, which she has never tried to vkus.Etot blessed fountain was so strong that it has released Galadriel member immediately splashed her face. The elf lay on his back, unconscious, his head in his queen, erupting from itself last drops spermy.No it was not the end. After a few minutes the hand Galadriel again found the weapon of his faithful warrior. At the touch of gentle fingers cool elf moaned and leaned forward. His hands quickly touched the breast of the Queen, who was chained all his attention. Initially, he gingerly touched their hands, but then eagerly clung to it with his lips, letting out and taking in the mouth elastic pink nipples. His cock was ready for new feats. And now, his hand softly slid the hem of the dress of a long night, found it charming elastic ass queen. His fingers moved slightly to the side, feeling a little round peas, from touching to which Galadriel leaned forward and moaned: - Oh! Come on soldier! Come on! And, removing the silky folds of her dress, the warrior rose sharply and struck the bosom of his korolevy.- Oh! Yes! Yes! M-uh! - Just shocked and could speak the Queen, trembling under the blows of a member, like a young tree under winter vetrami.Ee beautiful breasts very exciting jumping, thick golden hair spilled over her shoulders, the dress fluttered in the wind, his head was thrown back. Pretty tight cave closely covers its vaults member elf again and again plunges into it. Ernal could not believe what he was captain of a simple watch, at night, on the branches of Malorne, makes love to his queen. This idea is completely captured him, he was even more excited, began to move faster and more furiously. His zeal gave the results: after a few minutes the vagina tightened Galadriel, the elf stiffened member and clinging to each other, the bosom of the queen to the brim filled with life-giving vlagoy.Obessilennaya, Galadriel fell to Ernalya passionately kissed his cock, taking in her mouth the precious drops of sperm . Elf embraced his queen, and they are tired, but still passionate, otdohnut.No lie down together, they were not going to waste time in such a marvelous moonlit night. Flick Ernalya fingers slid along the thighs of the Queen, moving towards an oasis at the bottom of the black triangle. And now they have reached the goal, finding the down black hair and pink lips secret. Galadriel hugged a soldier, her hands again soon hit upon the elastic flesh of the head of a long and thin elven member. So they were frozen in a lovely position, delivering unearthly pleasure each other. Ernal stroking soft labia and sensitive tubercle Queen, just getting into them with his finger, and Galadriel vengeance moved her palm along the cool and rebellious again requiring a female member of affection. Their lips have merged, they eagerly clung to each other, the elf to feel the taut breasts Galadriel. It was the most beautiful moment of his life. And then, he was under the pressure of raging passion, slowly lifted just three fingers into the narrow hole of his queen, gradually starting to move them. Galadriel started, let it out slowly and almost got up to Ernalyu it easier to realize their dreams. The very same captain felt the heat inside her beautiful narrow cave, along with increasing pleasure ... and falling abdomen. His thoughts are captured only one thought: "I give pleasure to their queen! Is it as good as me ?! O almighty Eru, how nice it is! "- Echoed in his pounding golove.No Galadriel that night wanted more, wanted to get away from the young Ernalya all that he could give her that they both fell to the ground exhausted and never forget about this truly wonderful night. Turning slowly, she looked in the half-dark eyes in pleasure elf, and became sharply bent in the exciting position by sliding the edge of the dress to the side and shamelessly revealing his beautiful view of its pescherki.- Come on, my warrior! Show what you're really capable for his Queen! - Rapid excited whisper said ona.I Ernal really showed itself. In his thin high forehead dripped sweat from the voltage cheekbones stood out sharply. And standing as a warrior, preparing to finish the defeated enemy long spear, he got up and barely audible whisper: - For you, my queen ... And abruptly straightened, made his cock between two fine legs korolevy.- Oh-oh-oh! M-uh! Oh! - Yes, yes, YES !!! - Resounded in unison their stony.Eroticheskoe action completely engulfed them both. Galadriel, forgetting himself, not controlling themselves, basking in the rays of pleasure, unconsciously moving in rhythm with Ernalem. Her beautiful golden hair hung down falls down, rustling dress, when his insatiable hands groped Queen beautiful body, chest moving with the body, swaying like an easy lodchonka during a storm. Groans, no matter how she tried to hold them themselves flew out of her mouth. Ernal moved in an alternating pace is speeding up, then slowing down their movement. Soon, unable to bear the sight of a semi-nude erotic moaning golden queen of the forest, he felt that the approaching climax. Accelerate the beating of his penis, which he kept incessantly attacked his beautiful lady, he expected kontsa.- Aa-aa-aahh! Stone queen break free and fly to the stars. Galadriel shook, the walls of her cave tense, as if not wanting to let go of the coveted prey, and, after a few moments, seemed to her an eternity, weakened. Elf, pouring himself out of a stormy fountain, finely screamed, pulled out a member, and held it above his queen, splashing the perfect dress, thigh, waist and hair. Galadriel fell in the face of tough bark Malorne, choking her feelings overflowed. The elf raised his beautiful face to the stars, it seemed that he was listening to something very distant, inaudible to others ...... Galadriel went back to his palace. It was, she knew that she would never forget this night and will definitely try to experience something like this, although it seemed to her almost impossible ... With feedback, comments and suggestions email me at [email protected]