Dima was my brother. Tall brunette with gray eyes, charming smile and two lovely dimples. However, we had been completely different from each other. I am of average height with straight red hair and bright green eyes, due to the thin body seem small and defenseless. None of the friends never gave me my age, say that I look at 15-17 years, although I had already at that time was 20. Dimka was older than me for 4 years.
At that time, he bought a car, a new "Mazda 6" It seemed like a dream come off the poster. From it immediately received a proposal to gather the people and go to the country to wash the purchase, since the idea was sound, we phoned some friends and invited them to this little party. The invitations were accepted with pleasure. After brother hung up the phone after talking with my friend, I grinned and said:
- Smoke, native, you have not noticed the trend, we have just been invited to his dacha four pairs, mind you, they have already found davolno long.
My brother smiled and jokingly said:
- And I, do not need anyone Koroma you.
Then, a couple weeks ago, I broke up with her boyfriend, and he was with his girlfriend, so that these words seemed a simple joke.
By the second half of the day we were all gathered and perched on two cars sent iron horses to our dacha.
By the way, my brother and I, we live separately from their parents, because they are constantly on the move and we see each other rarely davolno.
I left before anyone else, because for the last day and was very tired body demanded rest. After copious libations others went from room to room to sleep. I always sleep sensitively and in spite of the fatigue consciousness automatically observes what is happening around. I woke up on the door to the room quietly creaked and the room someone came. I opened my eyes and on the other hand, in the moonlight, saw his brother, he stood and looked out the window.
- Dime that you do not sleep?
- You know ... the night is so beautiful ...
- Brother, what are you doing, what happened?
- I'm sorry little sister, pulled on romance ... would now be somewhere to go, just go.
- So what's the problem, dear?
- Yes, everyone is sleeping, one we're awake.
I smiled.
- So what's the problem? I'll get dressed and we'll go.
- No, honey, I have drunk and behind the wheel will not sit ...
- And I tell you what is needed? Or we are not together right received?
- That's the idea, well dressed, I'm waiting in the yard.
- Well, - I said, and slipped out from under the blanket. I basically do not wear underwear when I sleep and Dima knew it, but then he paused, looked around my figure, whistled in surprise and said in a low voice:
- Your guy an idiot, that cast you from such bodies refuse to tear your head Vadim.
I snorted in annoyance.
- That's right, him I had only a body and nothing else ... Anyway, Olga your too stupid to throw such a treasure as you wait, the girls learn, with arms and legs torn off.
Brother shivered and left the room. I quickly wore a skirt and blouse, underwear, I decided not to wear. I pulled the shoes and ran to the verndu. Brother stood beside the car and smoked. I carefully approached him and vytashiv cigarette from his fingers made tightness while Swipe your hand down his neck. He winced, as if his current hit.
I thought it was funny, and I continued to touch his hair on his head, while dokurivaya cigarette. According to his body ran goose. I moved his hand lower and began to stroke his collarbone, the very neck, chin and lips. Dima looked at me in surprise.
- Face, what's wrong?
- And that? You do not like? - I reached out, slowly putting his hand on his stomach, making a circular motion, getting closer and closer to the edge priblezhayas pants.
- Lika, stop what you're doing!
- Just - there plunged my hand into his pants pocket, - take out the car keys! - I laughed.
- Devil - wheezed brother and quickly got into the car.
I walked around the car and when I sat down, my brother stared spellbound under my skirt.
- Lika, do not you wore underwear?
- And why do I need it - I reached out - and I so well.
- Crazy, though I am your brother, but I primarily muzhchiiina!
- You I still will not touch ...
- I'll think about it. Make and drove off.
Turning the key in the ignition, we drove out of the garage, and I sent the car to the track. Who is not drunk need for speed? when he wants to press the gas pedal to the floor and carried with all, the speed of which can give a car? Probably no such people ... I was no exception, night road, the steering wheel in his hands, no machinery, all intoxicating is not worse fortified wine caresses hot body. Dima saw my condition, I saw my shining eyes, bluzhdayuschuschyu smile on his face, and the speedometer was showing greater and greater speed.
- Lika, hush, dear, hush, you do not want to kill us?
- Dim, you do not understand, I'm drunk! For me it's like a drug!
- Lika, this is not the last time, to slow down a little speed!
- Smoke, give me your hand ...
- What?
- Hand forbid!
He gave me his hand and I sent the one hand it down ... where all the juices flowed. I was all wet.
Brother was surprised to look at me. His fingers gently walked through the crotch, made a circle around the clitoris and gently plunged into my pussy. I sobbed from the waves came at me fun and thrills of his fingers wander there. I was drawn to his own brother! But then, it seemed very important.
- Face, Slow down - gruffly probormatal brother.
- You chuvstvesh? Do you feel? - As I said hoarsely.
- Give me your palm, little sister.
I handed it to him alright without forgetting to keep his wheel and eyes on the road. Slightly leaned to the side to reach him and Kemeny felt the hardness of his flesh.
- And you chuvstvesh? If you do not stop the car you can lose a lot!
- You are my brother ... - I said in the same hoarse voice, trembling from the movements of his fingers on my holmikke.
- And you're my sister, and see what you have brought to me! - He began Gauvreau louder - stop the car, to whom I said!
I slowly began to slow down sliding down on obochiinu. The car stopped. Dima exhaled sharply and pulled me over ... I was uncomfortable to climb from the driver's seat to him, but he insisted overtighten me to his side. Pushing the seat and throwing it back, he pulled me down.
I understood his intentions, but I struggled in nursing blood and excitement of the March cats that want to have sex.
- Come on, Face, my girl, you know what I want ...- his deep voice fascinated - I have long dreamed about it ... for a long time, looking at your house when you go naked, you did not hold on to Man ... for you, I've always been brother, dear brother, come on, baby, my, you can, but I see that you still want to, she madly want it!
He was telling the truth, I wanted to take wildly in her mouth his cock. I knew that he was not a small size, and 18-19 centimeters davolno large.
In the mind flashed images of our past with him, everything quickly fell into place. I pulled his pants down. Member jumped like a spring.
- Brother, and in honor of what are we without panties?
- I forgot to put on ...
I slowly took his penis in his hand, gently held the tongue on the head. In the light of the moon flashed silver barbell my tongue. Brother moaned softly. I gradually began to immerse himself his cock in her mouth so big and hot, I madly wanted to take him completely. In millimeter, I began to swallow it. Yes! There is! I got it! I swallowed it completely and slowly began to pull back, creating the effect of full lips fit. He repeated several times I began to lick it.
Brother quietly moaned a little podvavayas forward with every movement of my tongue.
- Lika, my girl, come here, come here ... I can not anymore.
Dima potash me in and I was sitting not his instrument that throbbed incessantly. Sit on it, my lustful bitch, sit down.
From these words it, dizzy and breath away, I could not control whether their emotions. I thought at that moment why this has not happened before.
Sitting up, I began to sit down on his cock, which stood stake.
Dima moaned softly, I vskhlinula from coasting at me chills, muscle vlagalisha fell, clutching his penis a dense ring. I began to move slowly up and down, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment and him and myself.
Gradually speeding up the pace, I could hear his rapid breathing muffled, nasazhivayas stronger and stronger, and I delivered him myself and nemyslemmoe pleasure. Then he abruptly pushed on my shoulders, forcing zemedlit movement of the hips.
- Lika, and in the back you tried?
I grinned:
- Duamesh if I'm 20, I do not know how?
- Now, I doubt it! - He groaned, when I again took his dick muscles - then substitute the hole here, cup your ...
I began to carefully sit down on his cock anus, he came tight, then brother spat on his hand and smeared his saliva piston, again began to stick me on it. I diligently helped him in this. Planted on his number, I began to get used to his size. The anus is a little sore from the unaccustomed. After a few minutes, I began to slowly move there - here, forcing his brother to close his eyes in pleasure, then the speed was increased again and now I cry in an incredible orgasm, a second for me to be a brother. I clenched painfully, he twitched his shoulders and he moaned with pleasure.
I felt his sperm derived from me, it's dizzy.
we arrived at the cottage in the morning, tired and happy with each other. According to our satisfied persons nothing could be understood only fleeting strokes and brilliant views, reminiscent of the events of the night ... proshedshshey