Toddlers (infantilism).

Life passes most people in a strict sequence. Nursery, kindergarten, school ... Then the army or institution. Course work. Certain steps may be missing: for example a nursery or with the institution of the army, but the sequence is usually never changes. And nursery and the school are in life only once. According to well-known song, wedding, too.
However, most of the rules have exceptions. One such exception-adventure happened to me at the age of seven. No, of course not a wedding, but this is incredible for my then age event.
Our school was unusual architecture resembles the letter "H". Of course, in the early school years I was not particularly worried. Until about the middle of the second grade, when some of my fellow classmates made an interesting discovery. They found a place on the third floor, where the ladies toilet viewed perfectly on the ground.
All windows of the school were divided into two parts, lower and upper. In the toilets the lower glass was painted over with white paint. But when viewed from above, even a narrow upper pane was enough to see what is happening in the toilet two floors down.
At first, we were very cautious and Sugar each appeared in the hallway girls., Not to mention the teachers. But after a couple of months, much bolder, feeling full impunity. I even began surreptitiously to carry to school my father's field glasses eightfold increase.
Savor the process gave an unofficial status of the toilet. He was considered a "teacher's" due to being next to the teacher's and the principal's office. The other female visitors toilet was a high school, as the entire ground floor was given to the senior classes. We were with the kids-first-graders went to the third floor. The situation was just perfect. The likelihood of a high school student on our floor was almost zero, as our own girls certainly nothing guessed.
Typically, monitoring of the female toilet was occupied by the collective - especially since, as I began to carry binoculars school. All of them wanted to say he borrowed. But on that day all the "partners" were busy with something, and I went to the coveted window one. As luck would have it, the toilet was empty. After standing for five minutes at the window, I was about to leave, when suddenly felt someone else's hand on his shoulder.
- Well, I told you, she asks! - I heard a strange voice behind him, - They peep from here, from the third floor. I do this with binoculars immediately recognized.
I turned and saw three girls. In view of all three studied at the last, eleventh grade. Instantly realizing what had happened, I jerked to escape, but one of the girls had time to grab my arm.
- Just look, Natasha, what his binoculars, - she said, turning to her friend.
- Now look - smiled at the girl, whose name was Natasha.
Putting my binoculars to her eyes, she looked down through the window and began to blush.
- Absolutely everything is clear! - She told her friends - and you do not want to believe me.
Suddenly Natasha laughed loudly.
- You should have seen someone go there now! - she said.
I was startled to hear the name of direktrissy.
- I imagine her face when we tell her everything - still laughing Natasha.
They all laughed.
- Well, then I went to tell, - said the girl who was holding my hand, - Let it decides what to do with the boy.
The girls took me to the principal's office. But we did not come down to the office, because direktrissu met in the corridor.
- Valentina S.! - Natasha called out to her, - behold, the word juvenile bully.
- And what he was guilty? - With a smile he asked direktrissa - Ran down the hall?
- Spy on us in the toilet, - resentfully said one of the girls.
- Like this? - Direktrissa surprised.
- On the third floor, - he explained the other girl, - That the binoculars.
- Ay-ay-ay, - she shook her head direktrissa - For such a course should be punished.
Direktrissa strictly asked my name. I anxiously replied, wondering what punishment awaits me. "Most likely cause parents to school" - I thought.
- And where is the toilet? - I asked direktrissa.
- Here it is - waved one of the girls at the door at the end of the corridor.
- This? - Direktrissa raised his voice and I noticed that her face is filled with paint - So there ... all the teachers go.
There was an awkward silence.
- We must take to the teachers - decided direktrissa - Once he spied for all, hence the decision on punishment should be collective.
All went to the teacher. Going after direktrissoy inside, I wondered how it was crowded.
- Please wait a minute attention! - Loudly announced to direktrissa threshold.
In the silence she quickly told everyone about my offense.
- Yes that is it! - Outraged elderly head teacher of primary school and all the teachers indignantly stared at me.
Only one teacher was smiling face. Of course it was a man. In came a ohah and ahah I distinctly heard him chuckle. Direktrissa teacher gave a withering glance, and he stopped.
- Well, how will be punished? - She asked, circling the eyes of all present.
- Parents to school tomorrow! - Said the head teacher elderly.
On all sides showered with offers of my punishment - one worse than the other.
- And I think the punishment should be the same as a misdemeanor - suddenly said one of the senior pupils.
- What do you mean? - Curiously I asked direktrissa.
- Well, that boy, too experienced, what going to the toilet in full view of other - explained the high school.
- Yeah, put him at all to the pot as a young, - laughed one of the teachers, and all laughed out loud.
- That would be the best punishment - said with a smile direktrissa - Just where our pots? There is a school, not a nursery.
- We can take the boy to kindergarten - suggested one of the senior pupils - when I go back next time to practice.
- Similarly, - I remembered direktrissa - We also have the sponsored children's garden, where high school have practice.
- Always in the nursery group - added with a laugh, high school student, whose name was Natasha, - Because there is no toilet. Only pots.
All laughed again.
- Very interesting offer - smiled direktrissa - Today I think about it and decide.
- I would still have caused the parents to school - grumbled old head teacher - to his father beat them at home with a belt.
- If once again, be sure to call, - said direktrissa - In the meantime, let's not involve parents. We ourselves are able to deal with our juvenile violators of discipline and order.
The bell rang was just what we needed.
- Run in the class - told me direktrissa.
- A pair of binoculars? - I asked.
- Will you come to my office after school - direktrissa said - At the same time talk about your punishment.
I do not need to be told twice, and I ran to my class.
When I went to the principal's office after school, she was, as promised, gave me a pair of binoculars.
- I do not want you home someone punished - told me Valentina S., - therefore up to you, to tell all parents or not. I have decided not to call them to school.
I expected direktrissa announce me of my punishment, but she just waved her hand, indicating that the conversation is over. My teacher also said nothing to me, only constantly askance at me with a sly smile. After a couple of days, and I understood why.
One day a month in the primary grades necessarily devoted to a cultural event. For our parallel it was the third Thursday of the month. All second class are sent to the Museum or to the cinema. Less common in the theater. Lessons that day certainly was not. And of course, you can sleep in ... it was because it did not have to shove the school to eight. Not to mention the fact that there was no need to wear a school uniform.
Arriving on Thursday in the school, I was looking forward to the promised trip to the cinema, but our teacher from the doorway sent me to the teachers. I froze, recalling a recent conversation in the same teacher's my punishment. Vpprochem choice I had and I trudged to the teachers.
To my surprise, in the staff room was empty.
Half a minute later there came a young girl. It was not like the teacher, not to mention the fact that I saw her in a school for the first time. "Trainee of the Pedagogical Institute" - I guessed.
- Sasha? - I asked the girl.
- Yes, - I replied.
- I'll take you in kindergarten, - smiled cute intern - Director asked. She'll come up with such a punishment. You have to spend all day in the nursery.
I imagine that I have to, I almost wept with resentment. However, the prospect of a call to parents the school was even worse, because in this case I would definitely hit by a strict father.
- Are you spying on girls in the toilet? - I laughed intern - They told me everything. By the way they are now in our garden the sponsored.
She took my hand and we went to the kindergarten.
- I also studied at your school - intern smiled - I'm all about the practice know. Did you know that in the nursery there is a toilet? For kids up to three years, it is not needed. They use pots. At least the ones who know how to ask.
I wondered why the intern tells me all this.
- Well, the rest is simply wet panties - she continued, - However, for such a big boy like you should not have problems with pot.
After the second mention of the pot before I finally realized that hinted at a girl and I blushed. It was so disappointing to hear how young intern laughed at my punishment. For the rest of the way she continued to talk about orders in the nursery, where I now had to spend the whole day.
We went into the building of the kindergarten and trainee immediately took me to the correct door. A loud roar of children behind a door left no doubt that it was a nursery group. Going inside, we found ourselves in a small room cluttered with typical kindergarten narrow lockers. I immediately thought of the senior group of kindergarten, where I went to school. However, there were differences - in the form of two large changing tables, as in the children's clinic. Through the wide-open door of a second large, bright room it was visible. Suddenly he appeared in the doorway of a very young girl in a white robe. Hearing it one of the senior pupils who are "caught me in the act," I blushed.
- Come here, girl! - Shouted the girl in the room - Look who came!
The room quickly ran two more senior pupils, and behind them the older girl. All, of course, were in white coats. I realized that they all worked babysitter.
- So this is your Sasha? - With a smile I asked the oldest girl.
- He is! - Confirmed one of the senior pupils.
- Then we met, - said the senior nurse - Kids call me Aunt Olya, but allow you to call by his first name, without the "aunts".
- The two of us it should be remembered - a smile from a high school student - but just in case it is necessary to formally introduce myself. My name is Natasha, and that Light.
- Masha, - humbly submit the third high school.
- You, girls, of what class? - I asked intern.
- 11th "A", - said Natasha.
- So the system has remained the same? - She smiled trainee, - Three high school student under the guidance of experienced nurses from the garden.
- How do you know? - Surprised Light.
- I also studied at your school - explained intern - and just went to the garden to practice. That was a long time ago. About five years ago.
- And I love you, Kate, still remember, - he said the woman entered the room thirty years.
- Nadezhda? - Surprised intern - you are still here in the nursery?
- And where I still have - with a smile, sigh Nadezhda - With them, kids. Better tell me what you're doing here today.
- It led to a new baby you - Kate laughed, waving his hand in my direction.
- Punish the boy? - Nadezhda remembered - I have already been warned about it.
The woman came closer to me.
- Welcome to the nursery - she smiled - I Nadezhda, nursery teacher. I hope you enjoy your visit.
- What must say a child brought up? - Strictly asked me Natasha.
- Hi - I'm embarrassed squeezed.
- And we are called? - With a smile he asked me teacher.
- Sasha - I replied.
- About age will not ask - Nadezhda laughed.
- Can not you see? - Laughingly said Natasha - Tiny two and a half years old.
They all laughed.
- Only dressed toddler reason for his age - to play on the Light - jeans with sneakers, some obscure T-shirt ...
- Nothing - Natasha laughed - We bought Sasha suitable clothing: T-shirt with tights.
- Three pairs of tights - added of Light - Just in case.
- Which is the case? - Kate asked slyly and laughed all over again.
- In the case described, - Natasha explained with a laugh, - As if not know that a two-year kids do not always get time to go to the potty.
- By the way, we have a pot for Sasha also found - Light smiled, - I'll show you.
- Bring clothes, too, - Natasha asked, - It is necessary to dress the boy.
Listening to talk about girls baby clothes and pot, I still refused to believe that I will spend the day deytstvitelno as baby nursery.
- Now I'll get - said Light and left the room.
A minute later she returned to the room with a neat pile of clothes in one hand and enamelled gorshokm child to another. Seeing in the pot was written in large letters of my name, I blushed.
- We have all the colors of the pots, - he explained Olga - Light yellow. Only of course I had to get the biggest for seven years.
- Thoroughly you to Sasha's coming prepared! - Kate laughed and followed her all the rest.
- Nadezhda! - Suddenly he came out of the hall and a young woman's voice behind him a loud roar of children.
- Come on, Olga, - he told the senior teacher nanny - girls Sasha and without us cope.
The teacher with the nurse left the room.
- Well, give the boy tights that changed? - Natasha said.
He sat down next to me on my heels, Natasha took Sveta light green children's tights and put them at my feet.
- How lovely - she smiled - Just in time for Sasha.
- I did not know that there is such a large malchukovye tights - Katya was surprised, - Boys at this age already do not wear.
- We, too, their first could not find in the store - Light smiled, - While Natasha has not offered to look into the department for girls.
- So what? - Said Natasha - Boys also wear light green tights. We bought two more pairs of light-yellow and white trim.
Mention white stockings was the last straw.
- I do not want pantyhose! - Roared loudly, I - I will not wear them !.
- We still ask you! - Natasha raised her voice, - We are here decide how to dress you!
Natasha again put me light green tights. I snatched them from her hands and threw on the floor and taking advantage of confusion in the girl, and ran toward the exit.
- Did you allow yourself? - Angrily asked the Light, overtaking me in the corridor.
She took me back to the locker room nursery.
- As you're acting, Sasha? - Immediately pounced on me Natasha, a plumb patients with a slap on the ass - Do not worry, I'll teach you to obey! ... I wanted to give you some new clothes that he had changed, but now there is nothing, as the disguise you as a kid.
I continued to sob quietly resentment.
- Help me raise the boy on the table? - Natasha asked Light.
The two girls had no difficulty to raise me on the changing table.
- Do you want us to tell about your behavior Valentina Stepanovna? - Strictly Natasha asked, starting to undress me, - She said that if you do not listen to us, it is you, and tomorrow in a manger send.
- You'll be here every day to go - now the Light - until you start to behave well.
- Now we can call her if you do not believe us, - said Natasha.
Feeling like Natasha unbuttons my jeans, I blushed. Light, meanwhile, began to untie my shoes. The two girls quickly stripped me down to my underpants. All red with embarrassment, I was waiting for me as soon as possible will put some pants: even light green children's tights. Instead Natasha pulled down my pants. After a moment of confusion, I grabbed the panties stranglehold.
- What's this? - Natasha raised her voice, - Come quickly removed his hand from there!
- Now I'll help you, Natasha, - said Sveta and forcibly lifted my hands up.
Natasha quickly took off my pants, leaving completely naked. Light still kept my hands stretched up - so that I could not even hide behind.
- I want shorts s-s! - Loudly demanded that I, almost weeping from resentment.
- Stop acting up! - He shouted at me Natasha, slapping bare ass.
- Do you think that we will allow you to wear tights under the shorts? - Light smiled, - We have in the nursery all children go without panties. Do you know why?
Of course I did not know and did not want to know.
- Because if you described, all limited to wet tights, - he explained the light, - at least not have to change her panties.
- Not to mention the fact that you do not have a spare panties, - Natasha said. - What are we going to do if you, Sasha, described? I am your wet panties'm not going to wash.
- It describes - that's nothing! - Masha laughed - I wonder what to do with Sasha's panties if he crap one's pants?
The girls laughed, drove me to paint. Feeling that the light is no longer holding my hands, I immediately covered himself with his hands between his legs.
- Just see the girls as shy! - Natasha laughed, pointing at me.
- Aha, so red - Light smiled.
- Toddlers should not be ashamed to stand naked, - he said Masha softly and forcibly spread my hands to the sides.
- Here and hold the handle! - Natasha told me - at the seams! If once again I see that the covers up, get to the pope.
- It was as if none of us had seen little boys naked! - Intern Kate laughed.
I again reached his hands to his groin to hide behind, but Natasha shook her finger at me.
- This said, do not hide behind! - Natasha raised her voice, - And when you, Sasha, you will start to listen to us?
- And you take him promise - laughingly suggested Katya.
- That's right, - I quickened Natasha - I'm not going to wear until the promise to obey.
Natasha expectantly staring at me.
- Well why are you quiet? - She said in half a minute, - Do not you want to be dressed? So it was going to be naked?
- Repeat after me, Sasha - I decided to help the Light - I promise to be a good boy and obey governess, nurses and other adults.
I sheepishly repeated Sveta words.
- That's not all - continued the Light - I promise to eat well.
- I promise to eat well - I said, even more blushing with embarrassment.
- And now the most important thing - Light smiled, - I promise not to wet panties and just ask for a pot is small and in the large.
The girls laughed together. Not knowing where to hide from the embarrassment, I had to repeat the promise of light.
- Now I'm calm for Sasha's tights, - he said Masha laughing - After his promises on time to go to the potty.
The girls laughed together.
- The boy so cute when standing naked - Light smiled, - Indeed a two-year.
- Enough to enjoy the naked toddler, - Natasha said, looking at his watch, - We're here for a long time with him vozimsya. Olya us probably already tired of waiting.
Natasha began to wear my jersey.
- T-shirt a little bit short - he smiled Natasha - Nothing spanned tights higher.
- Tot in this T-shirt is so funny, - said Masha, - She barely stomach it covers. How many of you chose a short?
- I chose - said World - We are all in short T-shirts kids go. I decided that Sasha should be such.
Natasha began putting my light green tights. She pulled them to his chest, as promised.
- That's it! - Declared Natasha, shoes in my brown Gym shoes - Fully dressed Sasha in our clothes.
- And Sasha's clothes until we pick - Light smiled, raking my clothes in a pile - and give the evening. If it is of course the whole day will be well behave.
- I Heard, Sasha? - Strictly Natasha asked me - if you will not listen to us, your jeans will not get back. So go back home in pantyhose.
- Just imagine what his mother would say if the boy come home in a way - Light laughed.
Light Natasha lifted me off the table. I certainly could not run away from home to kindergarten without her adult clothing. I could not even appear in this form into the street.
- Let's go to the gym, - said Sveta, taking my hand.
After visiting all the great hall, I began to study the situation. Immediately struck by three large changing table. One of them was busy with Olga naked infant. Looking closely, I noticed that she rubs baby baby cream.
- Oh! - Suddenly she cried Olya - see only what's doing!
- Again let a trickle? - Laughingly asked babysitter teacher.
- Yeah, arranged a fountain - podtverlila Olga - I just do not know what to do with Nicky. Constantly pees while caving.
The teacher came up to us.
- While you're in the locker room with Sasha were busy, already over breakfast - she said.
- Nothing, we are think of something - smiled Light - Do not leave the baby hungry.
Natasha leaned forward to light and something whispered in her ear, and then the two girls laughed loudly.
- Cool idea, - said Sveta, - A bottle of extra we have?
- Come, - said Natasha - and nipple too.
Noticing the hurt look Masha and Natasha with her about something pereshepnulas.
- I would still know what to do? - Masha smiled and whispered Natasha something in return.
Listening to the whisper of the girls, I was trying to understand what they are up to. But the only thing I heard was a strange word "diuretic."
- Go ask the nurse, - Natasha said, - And yet you place a child at the table and start to feed.
Sveta and Natasha have gone somewhere. Mary took me by the hand and led him to stand in the corner of the hall a small children's table with the same small chairs.
- Sit down, - she said, pointing to a low chair.
I obediently sat down. A few minutes later it came to light and put on the table two jars of baby food. I thought it was a joke, refusing to believe that I have to have it.
- Required Tie Bib - Light said softly, putting my blue bib, - That's it. In order not to stain the beautiful Sasha's T-shirt.
Light opened the first jar of baby purees.
- Open mouth - she commanded, lowering the bank in a small spoon.
Guessing that she was going to feed me with a spoon, I almost wept with resentment.
- What are you waiting for? - Light smiled, - Open mouth. This tasty fruit puree. I see the way you want it.
- Someone recently promised to obey, - reminded me of Mary.
- What does not feed herself? - He asked with a smile came up to us ... Olya, - Just like our kids.
Realizing that the girl from me will not lag behind, I obediently opened his mouth and gave the Light to stick to the spoon.
- So, well done! - Praised me Light - And now a second spoonful. We must eat well to grow faster and gain strength.
Quickly fed me my first jar of baby food, the Light began in the second.
- And here is the milk, - announced Natasha came up to the table.
Seeing Natasha in the hands of two children with milk bottle, I hurt I realized that I now also have their drink.
- Well, we drink milk? - Natasha smiled when the light has been feeding me.
I sighed and obediently opened his mouth, where Natasha immediately shoved a pacifier from a baby bottle. In the milk was barely discernible strange taste, which I quickly got used however.
- As a kid like jelly, - Natasha smiled sweetly, - So this sucks a pacifier. Already smacked his lips.
The girls laughed together.
- Well then I stop? - Strictly asked me Natasha - Quickly drink milk. You still waiting for the second bottle.
I started drinking again, although I have not climbed anything.
- What a fine fellow! - Natasha praised me when I emptied a second bottle - all drank.
- Well - Light smiled - Now our baby is not hungry.
- You have not forgotten that in fact you are supposed to help me - reminded secondary school students Olya - Instead of messing threesome with Sasha.
- And it can not be left alone - Natasha smiled - and strive to escape.
- Let's set aside the boy in a playpen for kids - with a laugh invited the Light - there just do not run away.
Everyone laughed.
- Such a larger arena through this ceremony perelezet, - said Masha.
- What are you, - Natasha smiled - He promised us to obey. You do not want to spend the next day and in the manger? However, Sasha?
The girls took me to the big playpen, in which the three-year-old kid sitting in the sliders. Miss me through a special gate, Natasha locked it on the latch.
- If you want to pot, just loud nurses call me - tell me girl.
Light threw me a few toy cars. The other toys in the arena were primitive cubes, balls and rings. I was glad that at least I can play with cars.
Gradually, I was so engrossed in the game that he forgot about his grievances. The only thing that bothered me was growing by the minute, the urge for a little. Remembering Natasha's words and presenting that to me now have to loudly ask for a pot, I blushed.
- I want to write! - Suddenly shouted, played alongside riding school boy of two.
- Faster on the pot! - Bustled chubby little boy ran up to the Light - By the way, Natasha, Sasha, too, it is time to go in a little.
- Now I'll take the boy, - said Natasha, coming to the arena.
- I do not want - I lied sheepishly as he saw Natasha unlocks the gate.
- Do you want to or not, we all in the manger who did not ask to go potty schedule, - Natasha said sternly, - Every two hours in a little, and after 15-20 minutes after the meal is great.
- I honestly do not want - I said, feeling myself blushing.
- Do not you understand? - Natasha raised her voice, - where, in the nursery, nurses decide when it is time for children to the potty.
Natasha came up to me and pulling the hand, lifted her off the floor.
- Come on, Sasha, - said the girl - now with Maxim pee in the potty.
We went behind the light.
- Toilets in the usual sense we do not have - Natasha explained to me, when we went into a small room - instead it's this room hygiene.
- Toilet nursery kids did not need it, - said Olga, - Because we all use pots.
- Those who are able - add light.
- Sasha must be able to accurately, - Natasha laughed and followed her the rest of the girls.
I looked around. Against one wall were two changing tables, one of which was occupied by Olya, vozivsheysya with a year-old baby. The rest of the room was a little bit similar to the regular bathroom. There was a sink with a tap, a small bath and shower. Nearby hung on the wall a few plastic baby baths. Finally, one wall was completely occupied with children's pots rack. They were all one color - bright yellow. Each pot was written the name of the child.
Light walked to the shelf with pots and took out a small pot with the words "Max D.". Seeing as she reached for the pot a little more, on which was written "Sasha," I blushed.
- Thank you - thank Natasha, when the light in front of me put the pot.
I did not have time to recover, Natasha abruptly pulled my tights to his knees. Turning my head, I noticed that the light in the same way strips Maxim.
- Come on one leg - gently asked Natasha, freeing my feet on the stockings - now another ...
Left in a short t-shirt, I struggled pulled her down, trying to hide behind.
- Look, she asks, as the boy hesitates, - Natasha laughed.
The girls laughed, making Olu turn.
- Quickly let T-shirt! - Natasha ordered, slapping my hand - You tear it now!
- And the cover is also not necessary - add light - You, Sasha, have said that young children should not be ashamed to stand naked.
- Do you want a child of seven years did not hesitate when he was left naked, - Olga laughed.
- How else will suffer, - said Natasha - By the way, he will get his tights back only after pee in the potty.
- Boys look so much fun together - with a smile, saw the Light - Both are without panties in front of pots. Only one, two, and seven to the second.
Light lifted a two-year toddler tiny pussy.
- Pis-pis-pis - the beginning of sentence and toddler girl at once, as if on cue, let trickle.
- What Maxim done! - Natasha smiled - Take his example, Sasha.
I very much like is a little, but still no idea how to do it for all to see, I continued to suffer.
- What are you waiting, Sasha? - Natasha shouted at me - and going to stand in front of a pot without panties?
- Now pee, - he smiled at me kindly Light - Sasha just need to ask for good. And then it happens all at once.
- Come on, Sasha, - Natasha said to me, - No need to endure. I see what you want in a little.
Suddenly I felt someone else's fingers unceremoniously lifted my pussy.
- Whose pisyunchik? - Jokingly asked me Natasha - Who let trickle out of here?
At the same time turning in my direction, Light and Olga laughed together. I wanted to sink into the ground with embarrassment.
- Pis-pis-pis - start gently impose Natasha, still holding the pussy to me, - Is Sasha does not want to show everyone how he is able to let a trickle?
Natasha continued to persuade me for a few minutes, but it never achieved. Light even have time for this time to put a two-year Maxim.
- This stubborn, - sigh Natasha - Well, Sasha. I'll give you three minutes. And if the pot then remains empty, I'll make you so!
- I do not want! - I cried, feeling that his eyes welling with tears.
- No I will not! - Natasha raised her voice - to three minutes later was a full pot! The clock is ticking!
Natasha Sveta approached the senior nanny and began to watch as she rubs her baby baby cream. I was glad that high school student temporarily left me alone.
- We must hold fast to the child when you smear it between the legs of baby cream - explained Olga secondary school students.
- Yeah, toddler so jerk feet and tries to escape, - agreed to the Light - especially when you started to smear his scrotum.
- How many times to contact me at "you" - muttered Olga.
- Sorry - Light smiled.
- I also noticed, - said Natasha - Boys always start to struggle ... one has only to touch the testicles.
- It tickled, - he explained Olga - Look.
Olya gently tickled her baby scrotum, making it even more zadrygat legs.
- Especially here, with the eggs, - he smiled Olya - In boys, there is the ticklish spot.
- And, all the boys react to tickling? - Light asked.
- Absolutely everything - said Olga - The boys can not tolerate it.
Natasha came up to me and looked into the pot.
- I do not know that now with Sasha to do, - she said.
- And from what you boys want? - With a smile I asked Olga - to just pee?
- Well, - Natasha nodded, - to go to the potty in a little.
- Everything you inexperienced, should be taught, - jokingly grumbled Olya - Wait till I'm done with Pavlik and I'll show you how to get the child to pee.
After finishing her baby smear baby cream, Olga began to rapidly put on it.
- I do not know how a seven-year, and the kids are very easy to make pee - she said - especially boys.
Olga passed year-old kid World.
- Take Pavlik in a playpen, - she said, - I'll just Sasha.
Hold-year-old Pavlik in his arms, with his free hand pushed two-year Maxim Light to the exit and went there myself.
- It is necessary to raise the child on the changing table, - said Olga Natasha.
Girls raised me on the table.
- Now he quickly my pee - confidently said Olya, putting me on the back.
Severe adult hand fell on my stomach.
- To invoke the right urge, simply massage the belly, - explained the senior nurse Natasha, take me stroking the lower abdomen, - That's right, in a clockwise direction.
- In the same way, as do massage from GAZ cars? - Natasha asked.
- Aha, - she nodded Olya - Only massiruesh not around the navel, and a little lower. Where the baby bladder.
Natasha began to press on my stomach is stronger, making the urge to write quite unbearable.
- And for a long time so it is necessary to massage the child? - Natasha asked.
- While not let a trickle! - Back in the room laughed Light.
- Normally, a minute or two is enough, - said Olga, continuing to massage my stomach.
Fighting a last effort with painfully sharp urge, I resentfully realized that an experienced nurse is now gets his.
- Massiruesh belly and carefully observe the baby, - Olga continued, - And as soon as you feel that is about to let a trickle, quickly turn up their legs up. Like this. To toddler currently do not splashed.
Olya one jerk lifted my legs up, pressing my knees to your chest.
- Give me Sasha pot - asked Olia Natasha - pose here, in priests. It would be nice to lay another piece of gauze under it thicker.
- And where did you get this confidence that let the boy is now a trickle? - With a smile he asked the Light, passing Ole gauze.
- In boys, it is very easy to determine - Olga smiled, pushing me under ass gauze - See how at the toddler pouted pisyunchik?
- I also noticed it - confirmed Natasha.
- Now what? - Asked the Light, - Wait until the writing begin?
- Let's wait - smiled Olga - Now he is a fountain of us want.
I shivered, feeling cold fingers lifted my pussy.
- Pis-pis-pis - start gently impose Olya - Who let a trickle?
- Such stubborn will to endure another half an hour, - Natasha sighed.
- An experienced nurse must know how to deal with children's stubbornness, - said Olga, slyly winking at secondary school students.
Other people's fingers quickly slid me by the balls.
- I know why Sasha can not pee - affectionately said Olga, - Because he lost scribble. we look for it now.
The nurse began unbearably ticklish fingering in my testicles. Involuntarily relaxing, I almost let a trickle.
- Where did Sasha's scribble? - Jokingly I asked Olga, still tickling touch between my legs - The pope is not. Maybe here, above? I hide behind the little pink bag the baby between the legs? It is necessary to feel it from all sides.
- So funny jerk legs - Light smiled, - And how fidgets and tries to dodge Olina fingers!
- Feet better hold, - said Olga, - To Sasha did not stop me from looking for him scribble.
Olga squeezed my legs. Unable to move, I almost cried from helplessness.
- Similarly, there is no Sasha's scribble? - Olya smiled again take tickle my testicles.
Shaking from the unbearable tickling, I broke down and started to write.
- Oh, Sasha found a scribble! - Olga laughed - He just let out a trickle. We direct this trickle down here, into the pot.
The nurse lifted me pussy with her cold fingers.
- Wow let the fountain! - Light laughed.
- Who recently shouted, he did not want in a little? - Natasha asked me, - And only now look at this trickle between the legs!
- No need to say! - I agreed with a laugh of Light - wrote as if the whole day endured.
Continuing in full to write, I did not know where to hide from embarrassment.
- Are you especially tickled the boy between the legs? - Natasha asked Olga.
- If a child wants is small, but trying to endure tickling causes it to relax and let a trickle - Olga explained.
- Now I know - Light smiled - that kids can make tickling write. Regardless of whether he wants on a pot or not.
- If you do not want, does not make, - said Olga, - Because tickling itself does not cause the urge is small. It simply does not tolerate his child.
- I thought so, - has agreed to Natasha - First kid doing massage to trigger the urge in a little, and then tickled if the child tries to terpet.Podozhdav until I finish writing, Olga pushed to the side pot and pulled me out from under priests gauze.
- It seems nothing does not splashed, - said Olga, lowering my legs down - You can wear tights boy.
I expected that Natasha will put me on my feet, but it started to wear me lying like small. Quickly pulling on my stockings, Natasha called Light and together they removed me from the table.
- Let them immediately runs to the educator, - said Olga, looking at the clock - it will now be read over the book.
I ran out of the room hated the room and immediately noticed a governess, around which sat on a small children's chairs kids.
- But Sasha - teacher smiled when I came closer, - Take a chair and sit down.
The teacher started to read all of the book. I barely sat through 15 minutes, listening for a long time known to me the tale of the three bears.
- Now tempering procedures, as usual? - Asked the educator Olga, when she finished reading the book.
- Yeah, tempering procedures - confirmed the teacher looked at his watch, - first air baths. Tell the girls to each selected child and put him naked on the changing table.
- Here, in the hall? - Explained Olga - Valya and I can still do the two of hygiene in the room. There are just two tables there.
- Valya I asked for leave home half an hour ago, - said the teacher - and your task now - to teach high school student. So stop by and supervised. After air baths will show them how to do exercises with the kids. Then massage. At the end of wet wiping.
- And Sasha what to do? - Asked Olga.
- Like what? - Teacher smiled - Too naked on the changing table. We have no one no exceptions
- Can I take Sasha? - Natasha suddenly asked, is not known as being close.
- I also like! - Resentfully said Light.
- You have a seven-year due to the boy's sake! - Laughed the teacher, - So: Light takes Kohl, Mary - Maxim and Natasha - Sasha. Put all ... on changing tables in the hall. Now Olga will explain what to do.
Natasha took me by the hand and led him to a series of three stoyashim in changing table.
- Stela diaper on the table - commanded Olga, when every high school student went to his desk, - That's it. Now raise the kids upstairs. Now I'll help Natasha.
Olia Natasha helped raise me on the table.
- Undressing kids, - she said.
- Naked? - Mary asked.
- Of course naked, - he smiled Olya - Air baths children supposed to take golennkimi.
Quickly stripped me naked, Natasha looked at older babysitter.
- Stacked on the back - prompted Olga.
Natasha gently laid me on my back. Turning my head, I noticed that the rest of the high school student just laid their babies.
- Let 'em naked two minutes, - said Olga, putting on my desk hourglass.
- Just look at this picture! - I laughed the Light - Seven year old boy lying on the table next to two toddlers kids. And all three of them naked.
They all laughed. Heavily blushing with embarrassment, I tried to hide behind between the legs.
- Again shy? - Natasha smiled, throwing my hands in the parties - usually young children love to be naked. See how the rest of the kids like.
- Sasha, too, should like it, - he said with a laugh of Light - all boys two years of love, when they are left naked.
- Ah, yes, - Natasha smiled - I forgot that he was not seven, but two.
They all laughed.
- Sasha is now really no different from a nine-month Kohli that lies to the right - with a smile remarked Masha - The same arms, legs, chubby tummy ...
- And between the legs they have all the same - with a laugh add light.
- I also noticed that Sasha pisyunchik exactly the same as in children, - has agreed to Natasha - Look what they Kolya Odinokova proboscis.
Natasha unceremoniously lifted her fingers my pussy. I wanted to sink into the ground with embarrassment.
- And the testes in boys a little bit different, - said Light.
- What are going to screw up both of them and compare the legs? - Olga asked sarcastically.
- Why not! - Natasha smiled and pulled me lifted up his feet.
Light just lifted his legs nursing baby.
- You see? - Said Light - In the nine-month boy sticking forward plump pouch, while the eight-year scrotum hangs down a little bit already.
- Do you know how to do to Sasha's scrotum become as thick as a baby? - Olga asked with a laugh.
- How? - Curiously looked at the older babysitter Natasha.
- Try to gently tickle the boy's testicles, - said Olga Natasha.
Feeling the touch of strangers fingers to the scrotum, I desperately zadrygal feet from the unbearable tickling.
- You see, like a toddler immediately tightened scrotum? - Olya showed finger - This boys a reflex. I once showed our nurse when I drove her to one of the kids on an enema.
- The boy is so funny legs jerk when you tickle his testes - Masha smiled.
- Stop messing! - Said Olga unhappy Natasha - Look, the child is already covered with goose bumps.
Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.
- Who is us breaking? - Surprised senior nurse and somewhere to run away.
A few minutes later I saw Olya briskly directed to the educator. For the nurse was a strange young woman.
- Nadezhda! - Loudly called Olya governess - This is for you.
- You probably have that same mother, which our head has promised a tour of the nursery, - smiled the teacher - she warned me about your ward.
- Yeah, it's me - with a smile confirmed the young woman - Vic.
- Nadia - presented in response to the teacher - although better call patronymic, like everyone else. And this is my senior nurse Olga.
- Very nice - Wick said.
- So, we decided to first get acquainted with our manger? - The teacher smiled, - Before you give a child here.
- Now we will show you everything - Olya said.
The teacher began with a nurse Vick led the room, excitedly discussing something. A few minutes later they came to my desk.
- And this is how we conduct tempering procedures, - explained the teacher Vick - Now the children take an air bath, and then the nurses will be engaged with them in gymnastics. Would you like to see?
- So that's why they are all naked! - Wick laughed, - And what, I wonder, such a big boy you doing?
- Like what? - Olga smiled, - taken together with all the air bath.
- It's a long story, - said the teacher - Sasha brought to us as a punishment for his misbehavior at school. He should spend one day in the manger, as a little.
- Interesting punishment - Vic smiled, looking at me attentively, - How old is he? Six?
- Seven - corrected Olya.
- So the boy in the second grade - Wick laughed, - And you're doing it the same procedures as the kids.
- And what did he have some kind of special? - Olya smiled - once brought in a manger, and then apply posited as a nursery.
Lying naked in front of all, I did not know where to hide from embarrassment.
- Show the girls how to do a children's gymnastics - asked Olga teacher.
- Then I'll take Sasha - decided Olya, - And they all let me repeat.
Leaning over me, Olga began to bend and unbend my arms. I wanted to scream from the insults that I was treated like a baby.
- Now breed pen in hand - announced Olya - That's it. And now rises and falls.
- With older children, you can do Okay, - he smiled the teacher.
- In infants, too, sometimes it turns out, - said Olga, - Come on, Alex! Okay, Okay! Where were my grandmother ...
- I'm going to die with laughter - Wick laughed, - naked seven-year boy lying on the back and plays Okay.
- How blushed! - Natasha smiled - so funny to watch Sasha shy.
Everyone laughed, making me even more embarrassed.
- Now the legs! - Olya said, take me to raise and lower legs.
All red with embarrassment, I waited until the girl finally leave me alone.
- Up and down, - Olga kept saying, - And now breed feet apart. Like this.
Turning my head, I began to see how Light and Mary are engaged with their kids exactly the same exercises.
- Now bend the legs at the knees and ride up to the full up - Olya announced.
The nurse lifted her legs much to me, clutching my knees to her chest. Suddenly I heard the kid next to me farted loudly.
- Kids are always in this position begin to fart - with a smile explained Vick teacher.
As if I could not resist and also farted in her words confirmed. Everyone laughed again drove me to paint.
- Well, I tell you! - Laughed the teacher, - See, even seven years doing it. I'll have two of them a good massage tummies when we come to the massage.
- So you also massage - surprised Vick.
- And how - confirmed the teacher - We always do four treatments: air bath, gym, massage and wet wiping.
Olga began to bend and unbend my legs.
- Well, what do you stand? - Annoyance she turned to secondary school students - Repeat after me.
- Bending and extending the legs? - Mary asked.
- Aha, - she nodded Olya - first together, and now so alternately.
- Show a "bicycle" - he asked the teacher.
Olga began popremenno bend my legs.
- "Bicycling" from our kids - this is the most favorite exercise - she smiled - By the way, two-year and older can do it yourself. Now Sasha will show us.
- What are you waiting for? - I asked the teacher after a short pause, - Do a bike!
- He does not want ... - Natasha smiled - Look how shy.
- And my immediately knew what he should do! - Masha laughed - See how Maxim jerk like legs.
- This is not a bike! - He said with a smile Wick - a pedal So not cool.
- Everyone turns as best he can - smiled Olya, - Come on, Sasha. Just podrygay for our feet.
Olya expectantly staring at me.
- I know how to get Sasha jerk legs - she said suddenly.
The nurse abruptly lifted my legs up and in the next second, someone else tickles your fingers touched my scrotum.
- Who would jerk feet? - Olya smiled gently, his fingers began to pick at my testicles.
Unable to endure the painfully sharp tickling, I desperately zadrygal feet.
- So, - Olga laughed, continuing to tickle me scrotum - How well do we get a "bicycle".
They all laughed.
- Here we have gymnastics, - said Olga - Now massage.
- Again going to Sasha all show? - Natasha asked.
- Yes, I need your boy! - Olga laughed - so offended look at me as if I took you to your favorite toy.
- Living Doll - said Vick and everyone laughed.
- I will show a massage on Cole - explained the senior nurse - I'm sorry, the Light, but the first time I'm so small I do not trust. From babies to be very careful.
- I just wanted to tell you to take Kohl, - said the teacher.
Olya Svetin took place at the changing table.
- Overturn baby on her stomach - she commanded, - Let us first back.
Natasha turned my stomach.
- Start stroking massage is always with - began to explain Olya - See, as I massaged the back of Cole? From yagodichek-to-head with the back of his hands, and back - the inside.
I felt like Natasha began to massage my back. Still offended by the whole world, I was surprised that the massage was quite a pleasant procedure.
- Now handles - asked Olga - also up and down. Like this. After handles buttocks and legs.
Natasha began to massage my feet.
- Slightly apart legs in hand - Olya said - to have access to the inner thighs.
Spreading my legs apart, Natasha continued to massage.
- Go to the rubbing, - said Olga, - It is done with fingertips. That such spiral movements. Also back, arms and legs. Make sure the foot.
Natasha began to massage me. When she took my feet, it was so tickled that I began to beat on the table legs.
- Do not tease the boy, - said Olga unhappy - I see that you simply tickle.
They all laughed.
- The next stage - raminanie - announced Olya, - It's just a slight tingling. So just massaged the back and buttocks.
I felt like Natasha began pinching me back.
- This funny plump ass - Natasha laughed, taking up my ass, - Now we pinched Sasha's plump halves.
- You, Natasha, well it turns out - praised the high school student Olga - All that's enough to do the kneading. Move to the last stage - the tapping.
- Tapping? - Masha said with a laugh, - It's like, fists?
- He not with fists and knuckles - explained Olga, - and of course lightly, not with full force. Like this. See how like Cole?
Natasha began gently pounding me on the back.
- All! - Said Olga, a minute - Overturn on the back.
Odinadtsatiklassnitsa quickly flipped me on my back. Remembering that I'm lying naked, I tried to hide behind between the legs, but Natasha did not let me do it.
- Until now we hesitate! - Natasha laughed.
- Of course, already shy of seven years, - said Vick - My elder six and just behaved. I remember that he recently gave to the children's clinic, the nurse attempted to remove his pants to make a smear.
- Too bad that the child itself is so, - said the teacher - you have to explain to him that children under ten years of age should not be shy when they are stripped naked.
- I Heard, Sasha? - Strictly said to me Natasha - These kids like you should not be shy of adults.
I said nothing hurt.
- Massage the front consists of the same steps - Olya began to explain - only instead of tapping shaking. We do everything in the same order: stroking, rubbing, kneading and shaking. Remember Me?
Olga bent over her baby and began to massage his pen.
- First, the handle, - she said, - Now the breast. Like this. After her tummy.
Natasha began to massage my stomach. Unable to stand, I farted loudly.
- Are not you ashamed! - Jokingly laughed Light.
- Then we'll do all the special massage from GAZ cars - decided Olya - particularly Sasha and Kolya.
- They just need to put the pots to get a good poop - Mary laughed.
There was a friendly laughter.
- After tummy massaging the legs, - said Olga - Right, Natasha. Slightly dissolve their chubby little boy in hand, to make it easier.
Natasha began to massage my feet. Noticing how Vick with a smile looked at me and I blushed again.
- Now, rubbing and kneading, - announced Olya - Do you remember how to do everything?
- Grinding - circular movements and kneading - schipatelnymi? - Mary asked uncertainly.
- That's right, - said Olga, - in the same order: pens, breast, stomach, legs.
A few minutes of silence Natasha made me a massage.
- And the last stage - shaking, - said Olga - Now I'll show you. Initially shaken handle. So we plant in hand, put the thumb of the child in the palm and clamping cam. Now lightly shaken.
Replays showed Natasha Olya procedure.
- Now the legs, - Olga continued, - You just have to pull lightly. Yeah, that's right.
- You still want to have a massage from GAZ cars - Ole reminded the teacher.
- Quite forgot - Olya smiled apologetically.
I felt like a heavy adult hand fell on my stomach.
- That's right, Natasha, - Olga nodded approvingly - It is necessary to massage the entire hand around the navel.
- Clockwise? - Mary asked.
- Aha, - she nodded Olga, - and do not be afraid to push harder.
- Like this? - Masha smiled.
Suddenly I heard a sonorous farts and everyone laughed.
- You see, Masha pressed harder and once achieved the desired result - Olya said laughing.
Feeling like Natasha strongly pressed on my stomach, I could not resist and farted too.
- Natasha seems to have understood what to do, - Olga smiled.
I could not resist and farted again, causing general laughter.
- The child GAZ cars - gently smiled at me Natasha - Now Sasha popukaet and at once it becomes easier.
Forced to listen to Natasha's baby talk, I almost wept at the insult, she talk to me like a baby.
- I'll bring water and a rag, - said Olga, - Let us wet wiping.
Olya has gone somewhere and returned a minute later with a blue plastic bowl. He handed each of the senior pupils on a rag, Olga began to tell them what to do.
- I took a bowl of water at room temperature, - she said - to dipping a cloth lightly squeeze and rub the baby.
- Kids like Kohl - only hands and feet, - explained the teacher - and children over two years - the whole body.
- In the front and in the back? - Light asked.
- Only the front - Olya said.
I shivered, feeling Natasha started to wipe my wet cloth.
- Do not stand directly in front of the baby, the Light - with a smile asked Olya - A little step aside.
- Why? - Surprised Light.
- Because such a small can easily let a trickle - laughingly explained Olga - Infants constantly is satisfied.
- Especially boys - added the teacher, - Kids react ... so the cold.
- I am a doctor in a children's clinic the same thing said - recalled Wick, - I'm used to, that he wrote at the time of cleaning the, but when he started to do this every time, panicked and ran to the doctor. And she immediately asked what I was tempted to water baby - hot or cold. Then we found out that I was a baby recently really started to wash away with cold water because hot we disconnected.
- I sympathize, - teacher sighed, - In our garden there is always hot water, because its boiler.
Natasha began tickling me a cold cloth to wipe the abdomen.
- Do not fidget! - He shouted at me odinadtsatiklassnitsa - Can a couple of minutes to lie down quietly?
- Sasha so ticklish - Light giggled.
Rubbing my cloth from head to toe, on the advice of Natasha Oli gave me half a minute to lie naked and began to rapidly wipe a large towel.
- I want to poo! - Suddenly shouted Maxim.
- Who'll take care of a baby in the room and will set it on the pot, - said Masha.
- No need to carry anywhere - smiled Olya - I'll Maksimkin pot here.
- Bring the same time Sasha - Natasha asked, - He, too, does not prevent to go in big.
- Sasha today we have yet to Cocoa? - I asked the teacher.
- Not yet, - Olga confirmed - once went in a little all.
- We try to make sure that the child had regular bowel movements, - explained the teacher Vick.
Olga brought two pots.
- Plant right there on the table - it Masha said, handing her Maksimkin pot - and Sasha too.
Masha landed a two-year baby on the pot, and he immediately began a loud crap.
- In time planted! - Olga laughed, - and now we also have Sasha poop.
Natasha put down my pot and helped me to get it.
- Well, I went - Vic smiled.
I watched as the teacher with Vika slowly headed for the exit. After the massage the belly a little bit like me in more, but I was determined to endure.
- What, Sasha? Before the evening was going to sit on the potty naked? - Natasha asked me unhappy, - I do not want you to wear until pokakaesh.
- Take an example from Maxim! - Said Masha, - They put on the pot and immediately pokakal.
- Do not you know that little boys are supposed to do when they are put on the pot? - He asked me to Light.
- He probably prefer to do everything themselves in panties - with a laugh said Natasha, - However, Sasha? Do you want to go with a bunch of pantyhose?
- Come on, Sasha, - I smiled sweetly Light - Be a good boy and poop in the potty.
Girls unsuccessfully tried to persuade me for several minutes.
- Listen, Olya - suddenly I asked older babysitter Natasha - And remember, you said that our nurse gave you a box of laxatives candles special?
- I'll get - smiled Olya - Since you need right now to get the boy to go in big.
Olia Natasha brought a small white box.
- You know how to put the baby candles? - I asked the senior nurse.
- In the ass! - Natasha laughed.
- Now I'll teach you, - said Olga - First of all it is necessary to put the child on the back.
Natasha had put me on my back.
- Now to failure DELAY legs up - he asked Olga.
- As for cleaning the? - Natasha asked, abruptly lifted up my legs.
- Even higher - asked Olga, - That's it. To make a child polnost decompress buttocks.
- The boy even a hole in the pope opened a little bit, - Light laughed, pointing between my legs.
- To us it is just necessary - with a smile, said Olga Natasha - Now he will not be able to stop you.
- Stick right two - Natasha decided, pulling out of the packaging the two white candles - just push their chubby little boy in the ass?
- Such a large force can just stuff, - said Olga, - and the baby during this unpleasant procedure must be something to distract.
- Rattle-that is shaking? - Light asked with a laugh.
- It is best to distract tickling - Olya said.
- Then I'm going to distract Sasha - Natasha zameyalas - It is necessary to do everything by the rules.
Suddenly, he felt someone else's fingers behind his testicles, I zadrygal feet from acute tickling. Olia Natasha barely perceptible nod and something quickly slipped into my ass. Guessing it was a laxative candle, I roared loudly of resentment. Not paying any attention to my roar, Natasha unceremoniously slipped me in the ass a second candle.
- Do not cry, honey, - affectionately said Masha, - all already behind. Natasha will no longer insert a candle to you. She's trying to help you to go in big, so that you are not sick tummy. Faster sit on the potty and cocoa.
- Here's another! - Indignantly said Natasha - I'm not going to plant it in the pot. Who will wear and take off the table. Want to himself asked for a pot is large.
- That's right - supported girlfriend Light - Ten minutes later, he asked for.
As promised, Natasha quickly dressed and took me to the table. Not knowing what to do, I went to the window and began to watch the busy street. Despite the unpleasant burning sensation in the pope on laxatives candles, I was glad that the girls finally left me alone.
- What are you doing, Alex? - Suddenly I heard the voice of educators - Come quickly run here!
I reluctantly trudged to the educator. Burning the pope changed so sharp urge is great, I had to go all out to squeeze her half, so as not to crap one's pants. I hurt realized that Natasha gets its way and very soon, I really have to ask for a pot.
- What are you so slow waddle? - Complained the teacher looked at me - all you have, Sasha, tired of waiting.
- You love action games? - He asked me standing near educator Olga - or going all day to sit by the window?
- Of course he loves - the teacher smiled and handed me a bright ball - All children love action games.
The teacher has divided all into two teams and we began to bandy balls. Continuing to fight the unbearable urge is great, I thought that at least I do not have to run. Otherwise, I would definitely crap one's pants.
- Now the baton! - The teacher announced.
Olga began to explain the rules of the game. We were still divided into two teams. We had to run with the ball from the nurses to the teacher and to transmit it to the next player to run back. The teacher waved his hand and the game began. I watched in horror as a reduced rank in front of me and the kids relentlessly suited my turn.
- Well, what are you standing, Sasha? - Gently pushed me teacher - Faster run here.
To me