The result of lust. Part 1

Ivan has worked for a long time in Western companies and reached the post of Director of Russian branch. His duties were very broad, but they were limited to a small financial dependence and the main personnel policy. We are hiring new people and approval of employees carried out by foreigners. And in accordance with the personnel policy one of the old leaders of the department was forced to retire by age, and in its place had to take someone else. Ivan did not have to do with it except that this man he had to work. And he soon learned that the position taken quite a young woman. He did not take it seriously from time to time.
When he showed the girl, he recognized it as his old friend Catherine. And what it was familiar! 5 years ago, Ivan wanted to get her, he was head over heels in love with her. But it still did not work. Then, to cool it, he found another girl, with whom he lived, and is now married. From memories now he has nothing left but anger and hostility.
Ivan did not want to have such an employee and then he almost felt sorry for the first time seriously, that he was powerless in the personnel policy. But there was nothing, had to accept, at least for a time. And then….
But these thoughts were interrupted Ivan discomfort in the groin, he found himself on the fact that his penis swells. And whether it's only clothes Katie (as she was wearing a tight-fitting her elegant and sexy ass black skirt above the knee, white, unbuttoned two buttons blouse, through an incision which were a little seen the roundness of her beautiful and a little dark chest - then Ivan remembered Katya never liked to wear bras and caught myself thinking that I asked myself whether he's wearing now - and elegant shoes) or in out of nowhere who took memories of his dreams that he would like to do with this body - no one He knows.
- ... Good employees in the company N, today decided to go ... - against the background of thought Ivan heard the voice of the head of the personnel department. But Ivan looked at her skirt and I thought, what is now the panties adhesive qualities delicious round ass Katina. And he was sorry now that he did not have to take them off! But then he thought of his wife - Natasha, who, by the way, was very fond of. Natasha was 4 years younger than him, and she was 25, and Kate 26. He was married to Natasha for love and has not lost anything! She was a faithful and beloved spouse, and what they had sex ... Vanya did not even think about what could have imagined Natasha!
After saying some words of farewell, HR director retired, leaving Ivan alone with Kate.
- Hello, long time no see - Katya said - glad that we had to meet again! I hope we'll be good here.
- Yes, we will work well. We have so accepted - said Ivan slightly strangled voice.
Katie Attention was drawn to his hand with the ring.
- Married?
- Yes, very happy.
The next day, Ivan felt that he wanted to see Kate. He called her to him. While he was waiting for her, he felt that somehow worried. His heart was pounding and jumping. He got up from the table and went to the window. At this time came Katya. She was wearing a short black dress, with a shallow neckline, but Ivan after a while I caught myself on the fact that looking through it at her breasts, which rose and fell beneath it, apparently, Kate walked quickly. Katya was a girl of medium height, with dark curly hair and a little baby-faced. Perhaps it made such a big mouth, a straight little nose and beautiful open brown eyes. Advantages figure Kati Ivan appreciated for a long time. Her small elastic round ass especially appetizing looked in tight pants or tight skirts above the knee, chest around the second size beautiful form (as I could see it, Ivan, often looking at her) with a bit spaced bright buds - all this made sometimes his friend just to break through the pants .
- Did you want something?
-Let's all the same to you - Ivan said. What did he want? Now he knew exactly what she wants! He wanted to make up for everything, he just had to fuck this bitch for him impregnable! Most of all he is now willing to go up to her and one `s lips to her lips, while tightly gripping her elastic ass! How he wanted her? In different ways, but he thought I should take her as a rebellious female male masters. Plugged her mouth with his hand, to push it to the table, tear off her dress and handed it to caress her breasts! And then, putting on the table, tear off her excited horny pussy panties and shove it in your mouth. Teased her vagina caressing the mouth and fingers, and then, putting on his knees and pulling panties get to ask him to fuck her! Yes, that's what he wanted!
Coughed, Ivan interrupted pause, prolonged for a few seconds.
- I wanted to devote you in some aspects of the company. Sit down.
Kate sat on a chair, her short dress ridden, and while she was tossing back his legs, Vanya saw that she was wearing no tights and stockings. Member and begged out. With some difficulty overcoming the tremor in his voice, he began to carry something about the company's activities. Having said so Katya 20 minutes, he said, that it may go. She took off her leg with his legs under the watchful gaze Vanin, who this time has opened a bright triangle of her panties, but he could not see him well. Katya came to Van. Close, perhaps too close ...
- I do not want anything to interfere with our good relationship ... I'm sorry - she told him almost in his ear.
Is he ready to forgive her? Now he was ready for anything, he barely restrained so as not to realize their fantasies and ... restrained.
Arriving home, John found Natasha preparations for the exit. Today they were going to the theater. Natasha was of medium height, with long brown hair and a very nice person. Her figure is strikingly different from the figure of Katie. She had a delicious booty, perfect shape and small breasts. Now she was dressed in an evening dress. And then Ivan understood where he will carry out their fantasies!
- Change clothes, we will soon go - say wife. But Ivan had other plans. He went to her and hugged her. Natasha leaned to kiss him, but Ivan instead of answering her sharply squeezed her ass hand and then pulled up the dress. It was so popular with his lace panties, which emphasized the roundness of her beautiful buttocks. His right hand dropped lower and lower in the ass Natasha made her way between her legs and felt cherished mound. With his left hand at the time he climbed to its small but very sexy chest, then squeezing it, then stroking her nipples. Push down on the mound, the right hand pushed the fabric of panties and began to caress the labia. He took his finger on it in a circular motion, carried out between them and, finally, abruptly put back two fingers. Natasha and went limp, but Ivan did not want to please her so quickly. Expensive evening dress was torn and Natasha appeared in front of him in a black lace bra. She was taken aback and a little with the fear of looking at Ivan. But he took her by the waist, pulled her to him and with the other hand and ripped the bra, breaking the lock on the straps.
Taking her hand by the hair, he is sharp and rough movement dropped on her knees beside him, so that Natasha screamed. But it did not stop. Ivan pulled out his penis and he rudely slapped her face, cheeks, nose and held pressed to his lips. She opened her mouth, and Vanya pressed on her lips, made it to his body swallowed. But he did not want her to fondle him as usual, setting the stage for a bit of cheek and tickling, drawing, language. He again took her head sharply and planted it on his penis! Natasha's lovely big eyes widened in surprise, but Ivan did not give her time to recover. He nachel fuck her mouth so he wanted to fuck pussy Katie, rude, disrespectful, inserting a member to the stop. His Eggs dolilis on chin girl she was breathing heavily, and several times she was sure to lose consciousness. But apparently ... Natasha liked it, after a few minutes, she, too, had worked hard member in this rhythm.
Ivan looked at his wife sucking his cock up and down. She's in a torn groin to an expensive gown hanging on the shoulders and opening Ivan opinion not only on her breast, but also on her belly and black lace panties, standing in front of him on his knees and swallowing his cock as deep as never done before. She was panting, puffing, it was all red, but everything in it betrayed that she likes such treatment. Her little mouth-watering breasts with pink nipples fun flew apart during its movements on the mouth member. Their movements are excited Ivan even more. And why he had not known that his wife such a bitch? He realized that now he just has to ...
He pulled out his cock from her mouth, put his hand on his neck and lifted her. Remains of the dresses were completely torn and thrown on the floor. She stood in front of him, so defenseless in some black panties, limp filaments excitement. He felt her scent and it gets even more! He put his hand into her panties, a little tickled labia why Natasha rolled her eyes and began to moan. Then he jerked his hand for himself, grasping thin lacy fabric. Briefs cracked at the seams, fabric broke and they were in the hand of Ivan. Ivan brought his them to him, her smell ... How is he always gets it!
Ivan brought his shorts to Natasha's face.
- Do you feel? You have already begun to flow, bitch!
He brought them all back to back, Natasha wanted to pull away, but she did not give! Clutching his right hand on her head to the remains of her panties, he drove left of her face.
- Open your mouth.
Natasha dutifully complied. And he stuck to her panties in her mouth! He had never handled so with his wife. But then he felt that he could do with this current depraved female whatever he wants! He literally threw it on the dining table, knocking him prepared to return from dinner theater. He did not want to excite her, and so she ran. He parted her legs and abruptly entered her current pussy. It was the pussy, and his wife, whom he loved and cherished, was today the latest horny bitch to him. His hands moved down to her small breasts, he decided to hurt udipnut her nipples. Natasha arched her back and moaned ... He fucked her roughly and unceremoniously, without worrying about her pleasure. But she's still got it. Natasha squirmed beneath him and her moans were talking about the fact that it will soon reach its peak.
But Ivan was not enough. Once his wife last bitch, let him ask of him to fuck her. Vanya pulled briefs breath and walked out of Natasha.
- Get up on your knees and beg me to fuck you on.
Natasha got off the table and knelt down. Her blissful large open eyes were fixed on Ivan.
- Fuck me, I beg you.
- You are my bitch and I will to fuck you like a dog.
Natasha she knew everything. She leaned on the table, legs spread, prepared a path of Van rear. He entered into it, and began to move very quickly ... Natasha's body wriggled with pleasure. Vanya took it with one hand by the hair and pulled over. blissful moan escaped from her lips. And then he realized that he needs to do more ... Gathering little finger of their secretions, he smeared them her anus. Fucking her from behind in the pussy, he inserted a finger into her ass. Usually, Natasha did not like anal sex, but now it has brought her. She could not hold back the moans and screaming ... When Ivan came, he pulled out a member of it and turned to face him, filled with sperm her lips and nose. A few drops fell on the little chest. They were immediately kissed and lapped Ivan.
In the theater, they have not had time. Natasha and Ivan fell asleep in his bedroom after a better orgasm. No one knows what thought Natasha, except her own. Ivan also admired a bitch was his wife. And I thought about how good it would be just to fuck Kate. If he only knew, that will result in their current discovery and dreams ...
To be continued.